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File 157104136415.jpg - (129.19KB , 424x600 , 100747l.jpg )
33591 No. 33591 [Edit]
Is your rifle beautiful too?
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>> No. 33592 [Edit]
The girl on the bottom right has a really weird face.
>> No. 33597 [Edit]
Girls based on guns? Isn't this already an anime?
>> No. 33600 [Edit]
Upotte!!? That was quite a good anime, a shame it never got the following that other military anime/games did or even that Girls Front-line which is the same premise did. I guess that's the thing, you can make a good anime/manga and leave it at that and people will forget about it but if you keep pushing it people will built a fandom around it.

Anyway I think this anime is about sport shooting not girls being guns.
>> No. 33611 [Edit]
File 157117593141.jpg - (249.70KB , 1920x1080 , [HorribleSubs] Rifle is Beautiful - 01 [1080p]_mkv.jpg )
They're not based on guns, this is competitive sports shooting. It's a -very- typical and by the numbers 'cute girls do xyz sport/club' type of anime.
>> No. 33612 [Edit]
File 157117700811.jpg - (1.39MB , 1920x2160 , [HorribleSubs] Rifle is Beautiful - 01 [1080p]_mkv.jpg )
These are some amazingly blatant Asuka and Rei clones.
>> No. 33614 [Edit]
How many animes have you seen? 3? Hair colour is a common trope used to display characteristics in all anime, in fact EVA copies from that itself.
>> No. 33622 [Edit]
Probably more than you.
>> No. 33623 [Edit]
File 157125316462.jpg - (206.98KB , 1920x1080 , [HorribleSubs] Rifle is Beautiful - 01 [1080p]_mkv.jpg )
I found it bizarre how quickly and lazily they set up and concluded the "Club doesn't have enough members." trope. It only took 7 minutes to effortlessly gather the required members in the very first ep.
>> No. 33629 [Edit]
Yeah, it really looks like it with a post like >>33612 and a defence like >>33622
>> No. 33630 [Edit]
If you can't be bothered to watch the anime I'm not going to bother explaing it to you.
>> No. 33631 [Edit]
Not a defense either, as I said, that is what the industry does.
>> No. 33632 [Edit]
It wasint meant to be a defence, it's meant to be a dismissal. As in I'm not going to argue with you about this, think whatever you want.
>> No. 33633 [Edit]
Well it didn't do a good job as a dismissal either. This only reflects on ignorance on your behalf.
>> No. 33634 [Edit]
File 157131195572.png - (6.42MB , 2539x3498 , download.png )
Everybody here knows that, anon. Not every blue/purple haired kuundere needs to be a carbon copy of Rei though. Nagato didn't have the exact same hairstyle and had a few unique quirks. Characters similar to Asuka have all sorts of different appearaces too, so having one with the same hair style in the same place as a character with the exact same hairstyle as Rei does make them seem like eva clones.
>> No. 33647 [Edit]
File 157202805196.jpg - (247.07KB , 1920x1080 , [HorribleSubs] Rifle is Beautiful - 02 [1080p]_mkv.jpg )
I feel like this anime is little more than a sports promo to help raise awareness before the coming 2020 Olympics.
>> No. 33666 [Edit]
File 157271910866.jpg - (15.06KB , 242x223 , wow.jpg )
>> No. 33667 [Edit]
Being meguca is suffering
>> No. 33674 [Edit]
File 157308106640.jpg - (187.32KB , 1920x1080 , [HorribleSubs] Rifle is Beautiful - 04 [1080p]_mkv.jpg )
Oh cool, Umi and Maki showed up to watch the them practice.
>> No. 33714 [Edit]
File 157412906371.jpg - (129.54KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Rifle is Beautiful - 05 [720p]_mkv_.jpg )
As if that wasn't blatant enough as it! Holy fuck!

Of course I'm sure this prick >>33614 would still deny the eva reference.
>> No. 33715 [Edit]
File 157412962772.jpg - (210.25KB , 1920x1080 , [HorribleSubs] Rifle is Beautiful - 04 [1080p]_mkv.jpg )
< this is probably why this was made into an anime.
>> No. 33716 [Edit]
File 157412966370.jpg - (219.95KB , 1920x1080 , [HorribleSubs] Rifle is Beautiful - 04 [1080p]_mkv.jpg )
< and this is why it shouldn't have been made into an anime.
>> No. 33717 [Edit]
File 15741302853.jpg - (763.76KB , 1280x1440 , yup.jpg )
I like the teacher.
>> No. 33727 [Edit]
I dropped it because it wasn't about real guns, 3d was also used which I didn't like. Might pick it up sometime later.
>> No. 33728 [Edit]
File 157499245838.jpg - (211.23KB , 1920x1080 , [HorribleSubs] Rifle is Beautiful - 01 [1080p]_mkv.jpg )
>3d was also used
Sometimes 3D can be justified. From unfortunate time constraints and budget issues to the complexity of a particular scene I can at least understand why they would use 3D. When they're discreet about it and use it for inanimate objects and hard to see background characters out of focus I don't personally mind so much.
...But these are characters literally standing still in center frame! Why the hell would you need 3D for still scenes like this?
>> No. 33738 [Edit]
I think it's because that's all they can do. There just aren't enough people capable of non-3D animation left. That's just a guess pulled out of my ass, though.
>> No. 33740 [Edit]
Why isn't all of the show in 3D then?
>> No. 33741 [Edit]
What a dumb question. "Not enough people capable of non-3D animation" is not the same as "no people capable of non-3D animation", and I really can't see how you were capable of reading it that way.
>> No. 33742 [Edit]
More and more anime are becoming all 3D
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