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File 156352788984.jpg - (155.12KB , 850x789 , 9E7DB614-A1E1-46E7-B454-99E611DB0294-39734-000032C.jpg )
33103 No. 33103 [Edit]
Cromartie High School was one of the first anime I watched and dubbed happened to be the thing most readily available at the time. I enjoyed it a lot. Soon after that I started avoiding dubs altogether for pretty much the same reasons as everybody else, but over the years I always rewatched Cromartie dubbed. I'm not here to debate or anything, and I apologize if this is inappropriate, but is it possible that there's something special about Chromartie's dub?

When it comes to comedy, I'm tempted to say dubs are least bad, but I wouldn't really know for sure and I imagine they have a lot of the same problems as others like added vulgarity to emulate American "adult cartoons". Crayon Shin Chan is another show I watched dubbed and I know they changed cultural references so as to not confuse American audiences, so if I ever rewatch that, i'd like to see it subbed. Then there's the case of Ghost Stories, which was too vulgar for my taste and pretty much the same as "abridged" shit. What do you think about these outliers?

Post edited on 19th Jul 2019, 2:20am
>> No. 33104 [Edit]
I'm not quite sure what question you are asking. Are you asking about our thoughts on dubs?
Anyways, as far Cromartie High School, I would say give the subs a shot. Since I am not familiar with the series, I'm not sure how much they left out (if anything) but I can say I have seen quite a few anime series that left out certain themes in the dubs (Cardcaptor Sakura comes to mind).
Also, thanks to you I know what series to watch after I finish the one I'm watching now. Many thanks!
>> No. 33106 [Edit]
Well, i'm asking more about these specific dubs and others which might break from the mold a bit.
>> No. 33107 [Edit]
Dubs are all awful, never watch them.
>> No. 34224 [Edit]
A point I never see get brought up is va interaction with the director. Aside from dub voice actors tending to be of less skill in general, they don't have the benefit of the director telling them how to emote in detail, so some of the artistic intent gets lost. All they have to go off of is the original audio, so it's like a game of telephone. Anno discussing and getting direct input from Asuka's va for that last line in EOE for example is the kind of thing that just can't happen with a dub.
>> No. 34225 [Edit]
I often bring this up when I do talk about dubs, and it's the exact reason I avoid them. It basically removes a whole aspect of the anime (sound) from the director's intent entirely.
>> No. 34226 [Edit]
Having to watch subs itself is bad enough (with localization and loss of nuances); I can't see why someone would want to further ruin the experience with dubs.
>> No. 34227 [Edit]
I can understand dubbing a kid's show because I'm not sure how well reading subtitles would go, but the uber localization is what kills me. Are parents so afraid of kids learning of another culture?
Of course, localization for media that is aimed at teenagers and above is even dumber.
>> No. 34228 [Edit]
>Are parents so afraid of kids learning of another culture?
Soccer moms are most certainly worried about that. It's not just stuff like calling rice balls jelly doughnuts either. Any scene which includes some kind of subtext is changed to be as on the nose as possible. I've been reading subtitles only a few years after I could read, so I don't think it's actually an issue.

Post edited on 20th Mar 2020, 12:54pm
>> No. 34229 [Edit]
Horrible dubs in the west is not something new.In the 80's and the 90's a lot of bottom of-the-barrel series that could be had on the cheap received horrible dubs and marketed as kids shows.Its not that they did it intentionally its that they simply didnt care and wanted to fill the respective timeslots with cheap imports.
Some series i remember from back then i rewatch in dubs purely out of nostalgia and because the original vo wasnt that good to begin with.Others i have rewatched in the original vo and they are actually better.Its a case by case situation actually and in most cases its a personal/subjective issue.In general i dont think that there is even a doubt that dubs are trash.If native english speakers want to know how bad most eng dubs sound to the rest of us you can look at russian dubs.Thats how most of them sound to me at least.
There are some accidental successes but the rule is that they are trash.Ghost stories is an interesting case.It wasnt good to begin with and the dub had some fun in it but the thematic that they chose as "comedic" illustates perfectly the difference between the west and the eas he one time that they received full creative liberty to redo the show and what do they do?The fill it with political jokes.Oh yeah how progressive and original!I could go on about how this case shines on the general state of western entertainment media and how it is literally used for for the vanity and activism of its creators but w/e.
>> No. 34230 [Edit]
>Ghost stories is an interesting case.It wasnt good to begin with
Even that isn't true, really. ADV lied about it being poorly received because they couldn't simply admit that they couldn't market a show about youkai to the west genuinely.
>> No. 34231 [Edit]
The one i downloaded back when i saw it included the original jap track and legit english subs.
It wasnt good.Its true though that they couldnt market easily shows other than school adventures/space operas/action-adventures and most of us had to find the good series later on when internet came along.
But i dont see why they would care about being able to market it.
In europe there were numerous channels that bought the cheapest and lowest budget series from Japan, gave them horrible localizations and broadcasted them en mass.Its a matter of economics really.The fact that they ignored other more serious series has to do with the fact that they were targeted only at kids as "jap cartoons" thats why the adult ovas never made it here.And to a great degree this is still the case.Hence the self-censor of most series that are being imported in the west.Not to mention general censorship in all jap media intended for the wes hey are still considered to be targeted at younger audiences and only them.
>> No. 34232 [Edit]
Yeah I saw the original version without a single clue the dub was famous, and I actually kinda liked it.
>> No. 34233 [Edit]
I saw a lot of old OVAs that I thoroughly enjoyed only to find western anime journalists or dubbing companies made everyone hate it.
>> No. 34234 [Edit]
I, too, enjoyed it to some extent. The OP is now nostalgic.
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