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File 156087913476.png - (56.83KB , 250x188 , if only you listen.png )
33001 No. 33001 [Edit]
Believe me you will be like god
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>> No. 33013 [Edit]
File 156146826438.png - (450.62KB , 384x960 , y1.png )
Nice nose
>> No. 33063 [Edit]
File 15623271712.jpg - (189.81KB , 1280x1689 , blue.jpg )
Muscle Maidens
>> No. 33064 [Edit]
I rate it ford/ford.
>> No. 33065 [Edit]
File 156235729558.jpg - (116.00KB , 580x444 , 6edfd3f5beef0d5dc4b6d1774d984f33.jpg )
What kind of state-mandated propaganda is this? I miss Hinako. Also the animation feels weird.
>> No. 33066 [Edit]
Is this the het anime DogaKobo made that everyone is whining about
>> No. 33067 [Edit]
I wasn’t aware Hinako was a thing people actually liked. It always seemed like a gag gift you’d give to a friend who likes anime to tease them rather than something people actually watched.
>> No. 33068 [Edit]
I appreciate Hinako for what it is. If someone's gonna try to get me to excerise with sex appeal, i'd rather they do it with as little beating around the bush as possible.
>> No. 33069 [Edit]
It has been over a decade since I've seen anything related to that, but I remember Sleeping With Hinako more, which was literally like 5 minutes of repeated animation. Hope the exercise ones were better.
>> No. 33070 [Edit]
Huge asses should be a more common character “type” like tittie monsters.
>> No. 33071 [Edit]
File 156246252970.jpg - (302.37KB , 850x860 , sample_33a0d521f23c75a74efd718774b46abf.jpg )
Agreed. It's probably harder to draw ass since you have to take legs and the front side of the character into account. With tits, you can just attach as large, fat filled balloons as you like without thinking too hard.
>> No. 33072 [Edit]
Breasts have to act according to gravity, the rear doesn't, for the rear all you would need to do is draw it larger.
>> No. 33073 [Edit]
Well there's bras, and it's not like boob physics are realistic in anime. It's unnecessary work. Plus the walk cycle is probably tricker with a large ass.

Post edited on 6th Jul 2019, 7:54pm
>> No. 33074 [Edit]
Bras still act on gravity, there is the matter of construction of the character as well. Generally to draw a character you will start with a sketch of the framework of it including a circle for the head, a block for the torso and a block for the hips. To make the rear larger all you do is enlarge the block you drew for the hips. To add breasts you then are adding two completely new entities that act in their own way, have there own shadows and effect on the cloths and must be symmetrical to each other. Enlarging the rear is just a matter of scale. Breast are much harder to draw than many people realise and the larger and more detailed they get the harder this becomes.
>> No. 33075 [Edit]
File 156247255670.jpg - (205.95KB , 1902x1080 , 8A884EF5-9B05-42F7-BCB3-7698E6377E3F-31280-00002A9.jpg )
Well, I suppose you're right that doing large breasts well is more difficult. If we're talking about something mediocre to completely horrible, breasts take less effort, in my opinion. I think large breasts are more common on the completely horrible side of the scale. Pic is my counterpoint.
>> No. 33510 [Edit]
File 157000194026.jpg - (79.52KB , 720x540 , cap_[A-FanRips]_Apocalypse_of_Devilman_(2000)_[H26.jpg )
I don't know if you're still here but this was a very strange OVA.
Interesting adaptation of Devilman but strange execution of certain things.
Very good production values, animation and sound though.
>> No. 33511 [Edit]
File 157000206987.jpg - (15.32KB , 720x540 , cap_[A-FanRips]_Apocalypse_of_Devilman_(2000)_[H26.jpg )
Very strange way to end it too. An OVA that should be a movie.
>> No. 33520 [Edit]
Since some time ago I wanted to get into this, what would you recommend to start with?
Manga, this OVA?
>> No. 33548 [Edit]
That's a lot of ketchup
>> No. 33550 [Edit]
Read the original Devilman manga before anything else. Then watch/read whatever you want, most are meant to be sequels anyway.
>> No. 33678 [Edit]
File 157320823467.jpg - (61.30KB , 640x716 , 20191103.jpg )
The nose knows
>> No. 33773 [Edit]
Have you heard the story of Darth Plagueis the Wise?
>> No. 34028 [Edit]
File 158054194333.jpg - (64.61KB , 750x400 , blade.jpg )
痛いのは嫌なので防御力に極振りしたいと思います(Itai no wa Iya nano de Bougyoryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu)。
>> No. 34520 [Edit]
Remember when anime characters had noses?
>> No. 34522 [Edit]
File 159744628566.jpg - (130.78KB , 1280x720 , download (1).jpg )
They still do.
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