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File 156014126414.jpg - (61.83KB , 848x480 , arashi04.jpg )
32964 No. 32964 [Edit]

Looks like this is finally the season that Japan is going to allow real 2D penis in vagina sex on live television.
Araburu Kisetsu no Otomedomo yo - The girls in a high school literature club do a little icebreaker to get to know each other: answering the question, "What's one thing you want to do before you die?" One of the girls blurts out, "Sex." Little do they know, the whirlwind unleashed by that word pushes each of these girls, with different backgrounds and personalities, onto their own clumsy, funny, painful, and emotional paths toward adulthood.

also Vinland Saga and some other shit
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>> No. 32965 [Edit]
Hasn’t full blown hentai aired on television for a while?
>> No. 32966 [Edit]
Wow, that upset me. I need a drink.

Sounds like having sex turns you into a valuable human being, am I right guys? Super serious adult stuff for respected adults such as myself. Is there going to be a "let's bully worthless undesirable virgins" episode?

Normalfags took over 2D. I can't relate to anything anymore.
>> No. 32967 [Edit]
It's just one anime calm down.
>> No. 32968 [Edit]
Translated: Oh no! An anime containing sexual innuendos without opportunities for me to self-insert into! Unlike the twenty anime a year which I can self-insert into just fine!
>> No. 32969 [Edit]
Is it any worse than the insect rape anime coming up? Purity fans need to calm down and focus on things they like rather than throwing the baby out with the bathwater because one series they dislike comes out!
>> No. 32970 [Edit]
>Is it any worse than the insect rape anime coming up?
Or the gory goblin rape anime we just had?
>> No. 32971 [Edit]
I can't self insert into anything.
>> No. 32972 [Edit]
File 156019983356.jpg - (112.51KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Ky.jpg )
While I'm no fan of smut and degeneracy in this medium, I have to agree with others here who say it's no big deal. Insect rape, goblin rape, anime about a girl trying to fuck 100 guy. They're nothing new, and they come and go. It's nothing to get too worked up about. By the season after this everyone will have forgotten about it.

This isn't much different than when normals complain about moe ruining anime. We get 1-3 cute and moe slice of life shows per seasons, but to them it's cancer destroying the industry. When that happens I say to them the same thing I say to you, just watch some of the other 30-40 anime that air each season. Chances are you're not going to watch all of them, probably not even half of them. So why should it matter if a couple aren't to your liking?
>> No. 32973 [Edit]
File 156021971128.jpg - (94.93KB , 869x1024 , 1559954309956.jpg )
Could it be that Japan is trying to get teenagers horned up so their population stops dropping so much? Seems like Darling in the Franxx was all about that. That anime was like subliminal Abe looking at me with a disappointed face.
>> No. 32974 [Edit]
Population decline is not a problem.
It is a solution to a problem.
>> No. 32975 [Edit]
File 156025429049.gif - (377.93KB , 480x270 , 1414658280245878682.gif )
If so I'm ok with that. More cute preg animey girls for me.
>> No. 32976 [Edit]
This. Pregnancy can be kinda hot
>> No. 32977 [Edit]
Real antinatalist hours
>> No. 32978 [Edit]
It's sad to see this sort of stuff slowly infect Japan. They've always had their own problems and were never exactly the prudish type but there always seemed to be a separation between fantasy and reality. Or at the very least an acknowledgement that certain things are taboo, and that they're taboo for good reason.

Simply making people horny doesn't make babies. People are hornier than ever in the west and our birthrate is also at its lowest in history.
>> No. 32979 [Edit]
Abe's been pushing this agenda hard, but there's nothing new about selling sex. Nudity and sex have been in anime since anime has been around.
>> No. 32984 [Edit]
This is such a bizarre discussion for a new season thread, does anyone care about anything else airing? Hestia is back, and Takagi is getting an S2. It looks okay. I cannot wait for the anger about DogaKobo making a het anime.

Depressingly, hardly anyone I know cares about airing anime anymore, I wonder why people get tired of them.
>> No. 32985 [Edit]
I dislike the topic of this thread so I am not interested in posting in it, that is all. There are anime that I am interested in.
>> No. 32986 [Edit]
30 days, 9 hours is bit of a strange name for an anime, isn't it?
>> No. 32987 [Edit]
This thread was made with a seriously opinionated and debate baiting OP post. You expect people not to debate about it?
>> No. 32988 [Edit]
When this thread was made last season most of the replies were (justly) pointing out how terrible anichart's website is from ux, ui, and performance perspective.
>> No. 32989 [Edit]
Most of the things I look forward to from next season are films, so I won't be able to watch them until months from now.
>> No. 32990 [Edit]
>a seriously opinionated and debate baiting OP post.
I didn't mean it like that, I was just enjoying an opportunity to highlight the total absurdity of censoring cartoons, which is something I find humor in because its like canceling the magician's act because it looked like the lady got cut in half. Mass hysteria and inability to separate imagination from reality are funny.
>> No. 32992 [Edit]
Well I certainly won't be watching that garbage.

So far the only two animes that take my interest are Doctor Stone and Vinland Saga. I read the Manga of Doctor Stone because I though it was something that was unlikely to get animated.
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