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File 155390286740.jpg - (176.05KB , 1136x640 , Kkk.jpg )
32666 No. 32666 [Edit]
According to Anime Japan 2019, these are the most recognisable anime characters here.
How many do you recognise?
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>> No. 32668 [Edit]
I would think Naruto and Dragonball and such would have the most recognisable characters.

Out of those I recognise Miho, Megumi, SAO man, an Id*l from something and somebody from the Lupin anime.
>> No. 32669 [Edit]
>I would think Naruto and Dragonball and such would have the most recognisable characters.
Don't forget one piss, blach, bobo, and Mai herjo acadamy.
>> No. 32670 [Edit]
TL:note; "most recognisable anime characters" means "Characters the commissioner of the image knows and asked to have included."
>> No. 32672 [Edit]
I see lupin, pizza butt, miho, What I think is the prince of tennis? Megumin, Kirito or something, what's his face from gegege no kitaro, and what's his face from case closed.
I've seen a decent amount of anime but I'm drawing a blank on the rest. Also, what in the name of fuck is that thing in the bottom left?

Post edited on 29th Mar 2019, 8:05pm
>> No. 32673 [Edit]
>Also, what in the name of fuck is that thing in the bottom left?
Exactly what I was thinking.
>> No. 32675 [Edit]
>>32672 here.

I feel a bit ashamed of myself for not being able to name the two generic looking anime girls and I'm wracking my brain. One looks like a recolor/edit of love live's yohane, but that's obviously not the case. Meanwhile the other looks a lot like Kobeni Yonomori, but just slightly off. The guy on the right with the red and white T looks extremely familiar but I can't put my finger on it. I think he's probably from some shoujo manga/anime but which one exactly beats me. Also that red head in the middle looks like it's possibly related to that anime with the five twin brothers, never saw it myself though so I can't say for sure.
>> No. 32677 [Edit]
Yuigahama Yui and Aijou Karen?
>> No. 32691 [Edit]
I am by no means a casual but I can't name most of these characters for the life of me. I do recognize a lot of them but I can't name most of them. The only ones I can name for certain are Lupin the 3rd, Megumin and Kirito. I do recognize the black haired kid in the bottom left hand corner because I remember all of the niggers in middle school were obsessed with that anime, I recognize that orange cat in the bottom right because she is in the anime all of the NORPS love, I believe the green haired chick is from Code Geass if I'm not mistaken, and I think one of those generic anime girls is from Love Live. Other than that, I can't help you.
Right. I was genuinely shocked Goku and/or Vegeta weren't on here. And I'm assuming why OPM or Jojo isn't on here is because those shows are bigger in the west than in Japan.
>> No. 32693 [Edit]
Good one anon.
>> No. 32694 [Edit]
>because those shows are bigger in the west than in Japan.
See if this was going off Japanese popularity, you'd think some characters from, sazae san, one piece, and fate/go would be on it.
>> No. 32695 [Edit]
Is it just me, or does it feel like this thread was made as an advert for whatever anime japan 2019 is?
>> No. 32696 [Edit]
Honestly, same here desu
Although they look really cool here
>> No. 32697 [Edit]
File 155404939541.png - (154.04KB , 833x888 , __yuigahama_yui_yahari_ore_no_seishun_lovecome_wa_.png )
The explosion girl, the pizza girl, and that one guy from that old thing. But seriously, I never even watched any of the stuff they were in.

The generic pink haired girl made me feel a little tingle in my needy heart so I did some searching.
Yep, never heard of her. It's Yuigahama Yui. I don't think I'll watch whatever animu she's from, I'll stick to looking at cute pictures.
No idea why she's being drawn with many different eye colours.
She's pretty though. Looking at pretty girls makes me sad.
>> No. 32698 [Edit]
I imagine Sazae has a different audience than those who would go to an anime convention
>> No. 32699 [Edit]
File 15540661886.png - (950.50KB , 1280x720 , [FlySubs]Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight - 11[Lyrics.png )
You guys are really bad at this. The ones I recognize are Lupin, Rock, C.C, Aijou Karen, Yuigahama Yui, Megumin, Kirito, Miho Nishizumi, Kitaro and Conan. That thing in the middle looks like a crossdressing Osomatsu but I feel like that's not it.
>I think one of those generic anime girls is from Love Live
I'm insulted by this.
>> No. 32736 [Edit]
I only got 6 of them...
>> No. 32756 [Edit]
Only Lupin.
>> No. 32765 [Edit]
File 155490031176.jpg - (63.09KB , 720x710 , 20190414.jpg )
No ONE PUNCH MAN characters?
>> No. 32812 [Edit]
File 155565661377.jpg - (122.95KB , 1200x500 , 20190421.jpg )
Twin Tail CC or TTCC? Hngggg...
>> No. 32871 [Edit]
File 155661875624.jpg - (34.27KB , 433x650 , 20190512.jpg )
Did anyone get them all?
>> No. 32924 [Edit]
File 155823260295.jpg - (213.89KB , 1000x991 , Ravenacolor.jpg )
>> No. 32926 [Edit]
You ever notice how popular Darjeeling is despite being minor in the series ?
>> No. 32928 [Edit]
File 15582488124.jpg - (499.16KB , 2268x1818 , Darjeeling 010.jpg )
She's not really that minor though, I would say she is the third most major school captain after Maho and Miho. Because they face her early on and then she appears numerous times through the rest of the show as a spectator or talking to other captains.
>> No. 32943 [Edit]
File 155869930861.jpg - (597.44KB , 800x1131 , Kkk.jpg )
Darjeeling is nothing without Orange Pekoe.
>> No. 32998 [Edit]
File 156068387622.jpg - (216.67KB , 850x1203 , 20190623.jpg )
Redcoat Darjeeling is superior.
>> No. 33127 [Edit]
File 156397772268.jpg - (97.62KB , 888x431 , 6.jpg )
Wintercoat Darjeeling
>> No. 33194 [Edit]
File 15653472572.jpg - (102.49KB , 544x767 , ly.jpg )
SS reporting that someone here hates Girls und Panzer. Is this true?
>> No. 33464 [Edit]
File 156888617253.jpg - (141.74KB , 750x600 , blade.jpg )
Demon Slayer!
Kimetsu no Yaiba
>> No. 33465 [Edit]
only one I recognize is Detective Conan. idk about anyone else.
>> No. 33468 [Edit]
Me. It's shit.
>> No. 33474 [Edit]
Problem is that they aren't wearing their regular recognisable clothes like Lupin III and CC (Code Geas) in the upper right corner.
>> No. 33493 [Edit]
needs more BORUTO
>> No. 33596 [Edit]
File 157111603569.jpg - (154.82KB , 1005x773 , 20191010.jpg )
Anime is from Japan.
>> No. 33661 [Edit]
File 15722596625.jpg - (96.60KB , 800x560 , 20191027.jpg )
What's going on here?
>> No. 33851 [Edit]
Updated for 2020
Dragonball's Goku gonna host the Tokyo 2020 Olympics?
>> No. 33885 [Edit]
How is Miho more popular than Yukari?
>> No. 33887 [Edit]
Just going off the main character I would assume.
>> No. 34241 [Edit]
File 158511648879.jpg - (100.28KB , 600x600 , FIGURE-057488.jpg )

Saw this and remembered this weird thread.

I still have no idea what the hell this is.
>> No. 34453 [Edit]
BOOM BOOM. Explode that keyboard!
>> No. 34613 [Edit]
File 159990065958.jpg - (11.78KB , 640x343 , 20200913.jpg )
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