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File 154616619573.png - (1.29MB , 1280x738 , anime flipflap2016-10-14-02h01m55s627.png )
32045 No. 32045 [Edit]
interseason doldrums
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>> No. 32061 [Edit]
I'm convinced the makers of flip flappers were on drugs. Prove me wrong.
>> No. 32064 [Edit]
File 154682294010.jpg - (118.18KB , 1100x698 , chewingsmug.jpg )
Not drugs, Amorphous.
>> No. 32067 [Edit]
Japan does not do drugs.
>> No. 32100 [Edit]
Yes, they do. It's just publicly shamed, so it's not talked about openly.
>> No. 32101 [Edit]
If it isn't talked about openly yet it is highly shamed what makes you think they do? Certainly it would not be common.
>> No. 32114 [Edit]
The guy who draws Yotsuba keeps on getting stopped for inebriated driving and theres pills in the car every time. Psychedelic mushrooms were legal in Japan until about 15 years ago. The purple smoke hoozuki blows from his pipe is meant to imply opium smoke, but someone noticed and thats why it was removed in later seasons. There are still people who will insist that hemp has been cultivated in Japan for 10000 years strictly as a source of fiber and nutrition, but they're lying
All of this in country of people who go outside looking and behaving completely normally but when they're behind closed doors they're jacking it to the weirdest /h/ they can lay their hands on.
>> No. 32146 [Edit]
You also have Takabe Ai, who was caught with drugs (rumor was cocaine). She was known for voicing Agiri Goshiki from Kill Me baby, a character who funny enough looked and acted like she was on drugs (probably weed).
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