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File 154137241778.jpg - (86.47KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume - 08 [.jpg )
31801 No. 31801 [Edit]
What is the most silly or petty reason that made you drop an anime?
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>> No. 31802 [Edit]
File 154137796470.jpg - (62.40KB , 250x350 , C3-bU_Yura-Yamato_INFO_01.jpg )
Here's a somewhat trivial one. I admit I dropped C3-BU when the main character hacked off all her hair.
She did this in order to prove how serious she was about the airsoft club she just joined. This when she had absolutely no interest in the airsoft club to begin with and wanted to join a tea club or something of that sorts. Some of the other members in the club had much longer hair than she did anyway. The other members essentially harassed and stalked her and pressured her to join. The way I saw it, their indoctrination ruined a nice girl and warped her mind. This while being under the guise of a typical cute and fun school club anime.

Post edited on 4th Nov 2018, 6:58pm
>> No. 31803 [Edit]
this reminds me of how I had to struggle through the early episodes of girls und panzer. for a show that got so light-hearted later on, it's weird it starts out with a bunch of characters trying to force the main character to relive a traumatic experience against her will
>> No. 31804 [Edit]
Yeah that was pretty fucked up.
>> No. 31805 [Edit]
Now that you mention it, it is a little weird. I had forgotten about how traumatic that event was for her because of how fun it gets later. All's well that ends well though, right?
>> No. 31806 [Edit]
Isn't it better that she moved on with her life and learned to enjoy something she's good at once again, rather than dwell on the past?
>> No. 31807 [Edit]
yes but that doesn't change the fact that it was all kinds of messed up to blackmail her into doing it.
>> No. 31813 [Edit]
As for silly/petty reasons for dropping a show, I dropped Omamori Himari part way through the first episode because I didn't like the voice actors/actresses. Can't remember who of, but that's the reason. I dropped Denpa Kyoushi because I was looking at the character pages and saw a trap character, along with finding the younger sister character obnoxious. I dropped Hyouka because I couldn't be bothered to care about it. Probably more, if I bothered to remember.
>> No. 31814 [Edit]
I dropped Hakumei to Mikochi because it was too good a slice of life. I was going through a rough patch when I watched it, and just couldn't stomach something really upbeat and happy. I'll get round to watching it again someday.
>> No. 31815 [Edit]
I dropped Eromanga-sensei the moment I realized it was related to orimo.
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