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File 153516720562.jpg - (248.44KB , 640x985 , HighGuardianSpice-Crunchyroll-Official-Visual.jpg )
31581 No. 31581 [Edit]
I don't know about you guys, but I'm proud to say I hated Crunchy roll BEFORE it was cool. To all the people who have backed crunchy roll, good job "supporting" the industry, -this- is where your money went.
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>> No. 31582 [Edit]
>>Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme
>Not calling it Scarborough fair

Also who cares? There've been plenty of shitty tumblr cartoons recently, even if some animu streaming site is funding this I don't see how it's going to "ruin anime". Even if it's a completely retarded waste of money. It's a shame they didn't bother to take advantage of their distribution model to commission actual anime. You know like WoWoW satellite network used to.
>> No. 31583 [Edit]
Ain't gonna watch it, don't give a fug.
>> No. 31585 [Edit]
I'm 99% sure I acquired pancreatic cancer just from looking at the cover.
>> No. 31591 [Edit]
File 153523686764.jpg - (247.15KB , 1300x1009 , A_Chronicle_of_England_-_Page_173_-_Murder_of_the_.jpg )
yeah, i got that and i got cancer of the soul from OP's politics crusader bullshit. is there anywhere that we can be free of motherfuckers who watch cabletv news and then think that they need to go out and sanctimoniously save the world from people who believe in a different brand of politics? even on an anime discussion board for neets this douchebag prophet feel entitled to try and convert us to his political beliefs.
will nobody rid us of these meddlesome evangelists?

>> No. 31592 [Edit]
File 153523824475.jpg - (463.57KB , 1280x978 , This is bad.jpg )
Unfortunately this kind of shit is just the reality of the net these days. Nowhere is safe.
>> No. 31593 [Edit]

Villager: "Hey! bandits are burning your crops and poisoning your well!"

Farmer: "Fuck you don't tell us how to run our farm! who gives a shit what they do?! leave me the fuck alone you son of a bitch!!"
>> No. 31598 [Edit]
It's not an anime.
>> No. 31601 [Edit]
File 153533896066.jpg - (29.32KB , 330x327 , 1497753259946.jpg )
It is quite unusual for shitkaku to not take the sjw side of things, but all they are doing is documenting the community outrage and taking credit for the language that was likely deleted from the CR forum messages, so I guess it's par the course for them.

it's anime news combined with a rather pointed opinion on the subject. We all know that CR is trying to take the little witch academia bandwagon and make a womyn version made by womyn and demonstrate how successful womyn are in the male oriented market, and it is highly likely that it will fail on a simialr scale as what ghost buster's did.

The real question is about the people supporting it.
How many of them are happy to have the opportunity to goad CR into jumping off a cliff VS the ones who thought it was a genuinely good idea?

That latter group theoretically exists, but my gut tells me that if/when they released information about the series and it's "creators" on twitter, they were flooded with praise by the former, trying to make sure the planes are loaded to the brim with fuel and explosives so it makes the biggest crater in the ground.

That was a jackass whose entire post is a combination of a strawman with a bunch of ad hominem. Perhaps if he/xer/thi or whatever its preferred pronoun is used real man logic instead of correct the record shit he/xer/thi wouldn't have been banned.
>> No. 31602 [Edit]
That analogy is incredibly bad. I hope for your sake you were pretending to be retarded.

>complaining about ad-hominem strawman
>entire next part of the post is nothing but ad-hominem strawman
Those that live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.
>> No. 31603 [Edit]
There's a thread on /tat/ for this. This is not anime, and as such does not belong on the anime board.
>> No. 31617 [Edit]
Consider spending your time more wisely, OP. This is 4chan-tier whining.

Anyway I couldn't care less about some show they want to make, good for the team behind it, even, I'm more concerned about the shitty pays the translators at Crunchyroll have or the merging with Funi to avoid having to pay more for royalties.
>> No. 31618 [Edit]
>Consider spending your time more wisely, OP.
You're posting in an obscure imageboard, you have no high ground to be telling others how to spend their time. Alternatively, take your own advice.
>> No. 31620 [Edit]
Because complaining about the evil s-jay-ws is so much fun, right?
>> No. 31621 [Edit]
This sucks but it's the kind of thing I come here to avoid being reminded of.
>> No. 31622 [Edit]
Because complaining about complaints is so much fun, right?
>> No. 31625 [Edit]
Fair enough.
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