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File 15276466236.jpg - (327.39KB , 1920x1080 , [HorribleSubs] Last Period - Owarinaki Rasen no Mo.jpg )
31318 No. 31318 [Edit]
Fantasy anime with a fair bit of meta themes and humor. It's from J.C. Staff
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>> No. 31319 [Edit]
File 152767944352.jpg - (164.03KB , 1920x1080 , [HorribleSubs] Last Period - Owarinaki Rasen no Mo.jpg )
Oh lord. Rather than an rpg this is more like the world of a mobile game.
>> No. 31322 [Edit]
File 152770830584.jpg - (106.73KB , 1920x1080 , [HorribleSubs] Last Period - Owarinaki Rasen no Mo.jpg )
What the fuck?
>> No. 31323 [Edit]
File 152770910611.jpg - (221.04KB , 1920x1080 , [HorribleSubs] Last Period - Owarinaki Rasen no Mo.jpg )
Mobile games gotta collab to keep people interested.
>> No. 31324 [Edit]
Lol, what the hell is this anime about?
>> No. 31325 [Edit]
File 152771247967.jpg - (192.38KB , 1920x1080 , just like TC.jpg )
A team of "periods" (adventurers for hire) find their branch office (guild) is nearly bankrupt and now have to take up whatever shitty jobs they can to keep the branch afloat. These jobs as far I've seen typically involve defeating Spirals (monsters) that are terrorizing local towns.
It's based on a mobile game and as such takes place in the world of one.
This brings about some self aware meta humor as things like needing the mysterious "yen" for calls(summonings) come into effect.
>> No. 31327 [Edit]
File 152774153443.jpg - (189.11KB , 1920x1080 , sbmQha5.jpg )
Can someone explain this to me because I'm failing to understand the situation. Since when does a business going bankrupt mean that the company will evict it's employees from their homes and sell all their stuff? I've gone over the scene twice and this makes no sense to me. Am I missing something?
>> No. 31328 [Edit]
If said stuff was somehow held as collateral by the company then it could presumably be seized in bankruptcy proceedings but I'm not a lawyer in the real world, let alone in fantasy anime worlds. Probably best to just assume there are reasons and roll with it.
>> No. 31330 [Edit]
File 152788372081.jpg - (425.73KB , 1920x1080 , [HorribleSubs] Last Period - Owarinaki Rasen no Mo.jpg )
Poor guy, fell head first into the trap. Kinda surprising too since he seemed really reasonable with his money in the last ep. It's like he did a full 180. I guess that sort of thing happens.
>> No. 31332 [Edit]
Just like my experience with F/GO
>> No. 31334 [Edit]
File 152797064695.jpg - (153.96KB , 1920x1080 , might.jpg )
F/GO is well known for having the worst odds.
>> No. 31344 [Edit]
File 152806903070.jpg - (327.35KB , 1920x1080 , HorribleSubs_Last_Period_Owarinaki.jpg )
Whelp I just saw ep7. For those who don't know this ep is what's been drawing a lot of people to this anime lately. The episode is heavily based around kemono friends and the controversy that surrounds it. While I went and watched the anime from the start, it's really not necessary because this works fine as a stand alone ep and draws very little from previous ep. Going into this ep I was curious how deep they've dive into the issue and if they'd have the balls to really call out Kadokawa on their bullshit. I mean fucking with them would probably be bad for business and maybe your health too. Well they sort of did tackle the backlash if nothing else pretty nicely.

I wouldn't want to spoil much but that ended felt like a bit of a copout. It would be nice if their explanation for the mayor's motivations was true or at all similar to actual events, but anyone who's knows anything about what happened with kemono friends knows full well what the reasons were for the firing. It was pure greed and pride, little more. To be fair I understand they want to give the story a happy ended, but something more bitter sweet might have been more appropriate. They could have had the dude move on to help other towns/regions and give tour guides with them instead. Much the same way tatsuki and the gang are gonna go on to work on other projects.
>> No. 31345 [Edit]
How in the hell can a company place it's employe's possessions as collateral? Imagine finding out the company you work for went bankrupt only to then have everything you own sold off because of it. Maybe laws are a bit different in japan, but I feel like this is just a case of writers lacking even the most basic understanding of ownership and property laws.
>> No. 31346 [Edit]
It probably is just a lack of understanding. But in a world based on mobile games, ultra predatory things like that would not surprise me.
>> No. 31347 [Edit]
While it may be true that the world has it's own rules and laws, I feel like that's just making excuses for poor writing.
>> No. 31348 [Edit]
Maybe they provided the housing and things as many companies do for their employees? I'm confused about you getting confused and upset about this when you yourself have implied you know little about laws anywhere else regarding this issue. Such things are common in countries like those in the Arabian peninsula and South Asia.
>> No. 31351 [Edit]
File 152814219928.jpg - (91.26KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Last Period - Owarinaki Rasen no Mo.jpg )
I know that feeling all too well.
>> No. 31352 [Edit]
File 152814539435.jpg - (82.02KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Last Period - Owarinaki Rasen no Mo.jpg )
This is true, a lot of larger companies are known to provide employees with housing and company cars and such. We're not talking about that sort of stuff here however. It was implied these things were the person's own property. Maybe the houses were provided by the company, but what guild is going to provide a room full of anime figures or a closet full of cloths for a girl
>when you yourself have implied you know little about laws anywhere else regarding this issue
Because this falls into the category of common sense and is a fairly universal concept. It's not just an issue with anime but also comes up a lot in western media as well. It almost always comes down to writers having no idea what happens when you go bankrupt and for some reason believing that "the bank" will come and take your house and everything you own, or in this case everything that your employees own too. This guild branch didn't even go bankrupt, they have their savings stolen (twice). In which case they should contact their insurance provider and local authorities and maybe take out a loan to pay their staff, or inform their staff of what happened and that they would be late on payroll. If the company's building was leased then the bank can repo it, if they owed a substantial amount to the bank then it's possible a lean might go into effect, but if they had a such a large savings it would make no sense to also have large amounts of debt. (because then this sort of thing can happen) that wouldn't effect the staff regardless. Movies might have you think that once you get robbed the power gets cut off and you get kicked out on the streets, but that's not how the real world works. It's a lengthy process which involves utilities being cut off if you can't make the regular payments, and rentals legally have to give notice and time to leave the grounds. If they're not rentals then at the worst you might have occasional property taxes to deal with before things get bad. The details change from one country to the next but the general concept stays the same no matter where you go. What's yours is yours, what's the the bank is the bank's, and what's your employer is your employer unless one party loans something to another party..
That all said, it does seem as of ep8 that one or more of the characters may have been buying personal items with company funds. This could however only be because they're now working for free after the branch's financial issues.
> I'm confused about you getting confused and upset
I'm not upset and I'm confused why you would think I am or why you would defend lazy writing in a show that admits in 4th wall breaks to having lazy writing.
>> No. 31353 [Edit]
>We're not talking about that sort of stuff here however
Have you considered this is an exaggeration of cases that happen IRL? If a company goes bankrupt and you're living in housing they provide, you'll get kicked out.
>Because this falls into the category of common sense
Please, if you were to tell anyone 20 years ago that in 2018 you could go to jail in Britain for stating in your private, personal, social media profile that Islam is a cancerous ideology, nobody would believe it because of how preposterously defiant of common sense it is. Yet it's real, and that's not even the most ridiculous example I could give. So while you might think such scenario might never happen IRL, my point is that you don't actually know, because you haven't looked for it to see if it has even ever happened. Who knows, maybe someone in Japan had a credit given by a bank for who they worked for and when they were fired or quit, the bank seized its assets as part of a contract breach.
>What's yours is yours
Only if you have finished paying it, paid it with your own money, or was gifted to you.
>I'm not upset
Fair enough. I was going by wording in >>31345 (e.g. "How in the hell") and by your subsequent replies challenging the notion that a silly idea in a fictitious fantasy anime is projection of lack of financial and economic understanding of the writers, however bad or good they are.
>why you would defend lazy writing
Just because I'm pointing out that you might be wrong doesn't mean I'm defending the show. You be wrong and the show being crap simultaneously.
>> No. 31354 [Edit]
I don't want to be the "lol it's just an anime, don't take it so serious" kind of guy but since the show is not even set in reality but in a fictional world based on a mobile game it's fair to assume that their laws don't have to be exactly the same or even be similar to that of the real world.
>> No. 31362 [Edit]
And this gentlemen is why you never try to have discussions about anime. Just post screen caps and recommendations like every other anime community.
>> No. 31364 [Edit]
File 152844972657.jpg - (176.53KB , 720x1280 , photo_2018-06-06_19-53-01.jpg )
I've been playing the game this is based on. combat is a bit generic and repetitive, but the game isn't without it's charm.
>> No. 31365 [Edit]
Two meganekko in one team? You shameless lecher.
>> No. 31388 [Edit]
File 152900602665.jpg - (106.03KB , 484x863 , tanoshi.jpg )
Oh neat, he was a pre-existing character in the game.
>> No. 31406 [Edit]
File 152952378846.jpg - (222.23KB , 1920x1080 , [HorribleSubs] Last Period - Owarinaki Rasen no Mo.jpg )
It's like they divided by zero!
>> No. 31407 [Edit]
File 152952443213.jpg - (172.58KB , 1920x1080 , [HorribleSubs] Last Period - Owarinaki Rasen no Mo.jpg )
What a mind fuck this must be.
>> No. 31411 [Edit]
File 152966505663.jpg - (347.46KB , 1920x1080 , [HorribleSubs] Last Period - Owarinaki Rasen no Mo.jpg )
What if we're all trapped in a shitty mobile game too?
>> No. 31427 [Edit]
File 153047494713.jpg - (165.57KB , 1920x1080 , [HorribleSubs] Last Period - Owarinaki Rasen no Mo.jpg )
Fuck you, I wanted to see how they were going to resolve this. The following ep goes on like none of that happened?! lame!
>> No. 31428 [Edit]
It would have been a fantastic way to end the series if the characters had an existential crisis while realizing they've been living inside of a game their whole life and at the same time trying to escape these other mobage they're now trapped in. Instead these cock teasing mother fuckers pull a reset and make the last two ep the same generic crap you'd expect from your typical anime. Talk about disappointing.
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