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Recent News Post: chrome and spam bot errors by Tohno - 23rd May 2018
File 152533352676.jpg - (47.41KB , 586x304 , 1348076866940.jpg )
31215 No. 31215 [Edit]
just skimming it so far, but high score girl caught my eye already because i've been a fan of the street fighter franchise since forever
>> No. 31216 [Edit]
I watched all the available previews. Is it just me or a lot of this season's anime seem more girl-oriented than usual? Lots of romance and fujobait. Anyway, in order of what I'm most likely to watch:

- Penguin Highway seems like a must, because pengis.
- Non Non Biyori: Vacation as well, you know it to be true.
- Hataraku Saibou looks very fun and entertaining, with things to appeal to everyone and a great concept. I will definitely watch it.
- Tenrou: Sirius the Jaeger looks fantastically animate.
- Shingei no Kyojin 3, specially since Isayama stated it "fixing" issues from the respective manga arcs.
- Banana Fish seems promising, don't know much about it though.
- Tonegawa looks decent enough to give it a shot. It's Madhouse once more, so no reason to think they won't deliver like the last times.
- Tsukumogami Kashimasu seems a mystical SoL but could be boring.
- I'll likely watch FLCL2 just out of completion, but might avoid if consensus is bad.
- Senjuushi could be interesting, but I get a Fujobait vibe out of it.

There's also Sunoharasou for you ara-ara and /ss/ enthusiasts; I'll admit it looks moe and funny, so who knows, maybe I'll watch it. Also, once again a season with a red-flag anime with Happy Sugar Life, a gift for the otaku so we can identify who's scum of the earth when they invariably out themselves by praising this series, changing their FotM anime avatars, and so on; hopefully, I'm wrong about this series.
>> No. 31223 [Edit]
The Hi Score Girl manga is pretty great. I'm glad it's come this far, given that it was close to cancellation a while back.
>> No. 31230 [Edit]
Three (technically 4) shows about otaku/generic nerd protagonist getting whisked away to a fantasy world/MMORPG setting where they're THE HERO. Three shows that share plot elements with countless others. Getting real tired of this shit.

High Score Girl looks cute though.
>> No. 31237 [Edit]
ep 5 of gurazeni was about a mangaka who was doing research for a series about relief pitchers. at then end of the ep the mangaka gives up on his unique piece about unexplored topics and goes back to drawing his bankable fantasy/adventure shonen fighter with an MMO tie-in.
of course gurazeni is an anime about relief pitching, but the ep still got the point across.

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