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File 152426907862.jpg - (53.02KB , 960x720 , 15242540461.jpg )
31166 No. 31166 [Edit]
The reboot just landed, so why not share some thoughts on it and the original?
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>> No. 31176 [Edit]
File 152437071762.jpg - (48.47KB , 1280x720 , FLCL Alternative - 01 [720p]_mp4_snapshot_07_25_[2.jpg )
When I first heard about this anime I wasn't too hopeful. I know everyone loved the original, I did too, but you can't force these sort of things. It came and went, and that's that. Why can't people just enjoy the original for what it is instead of trying to retroactively rape it with squeals prequels and other garbage? You're not going to recapture the magic that brought us the original, especially not when you're using staff that as far as I can tell wasn't involved with the original anime and trying to force more out of the IP by tossing money at it. Sure enough flcl alternative ep1 felt very forced.
To be fair it's not impossible to make something great with an old property, but honestly how often are remakes or reboots better than the original?
>> No. 31177 [Edit]
File 152437749452.jpg - (14.82KB , 452x102 , nonaddictive banner.jpg )
>> No. 31183 [Edit]
Correct me if I'm wrong, but "never knows best" is part of a sentience with it's beginning cut off right? like "___ never knows best". I just assume the blank part was burned away. "never knows best" on it's own doesn't make any sense. It always raised the question of who it is that doesn't know best in the original flcl. Was it her parents, her former boyfriend, teachers, adults? Am I to understand it was none of the above and the first part of the sentience isn't missing? Am I wrong here or are the creators of FLCL Alternative a bunch of morons?
>> No. 31185 [Edit]
>who it is that doesn't know best
>first part of the sentience isn't missing?
No way of knowing for sure. It's just one of those things lost in translation both ways.
>> No. 31209 [Edit]
I think that that was the entire sentence. As to who it referred to, it referred to herself, which is why it was written on a cigarette which she knows is bad for her, but she smokes either way.
>> No. 31210 [Edit]
So why do you suppose Alternative put it on a jenga piece?
>> No. 31219 [Edit]
2017 is a different world compared to 2001.
>> No. 31220 [Edit]
You're saying the world doesn't know best? I don't follow.
>> No. 31254 [Edit]
Or left intentionally ambiguious.
>> No. 31395 [Edit]
Is FLCL Progressive english dub only?
>> No. 31396 [Edit]
I sure as hell hope not.
>> No. 31399 [Edit]
From what I've heard the JP version broadcast is delayed.
>> No. 31401 [Edit]
The Japanese broadcast is scheduled to happen a few months after the American one, and Adult Swim agreed not to release the Japanese audio track unti then.
>> No. 31402 [Edit]
That is disgusting on so many levels.
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