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File 151917175398.jpg - (1.31MB , 2100x2000 , haircuts.jpg )
30870 No. 30870 [Edit]
Which are the best anime girl hairstyles? Select your favourites.
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>> No. 30871 [Edit]
File 151917206767.jpg - (961.23KB , 2100x2000 , patricianselection.jpg )
Like this. I added a star for my Top3 as well.
>> No. 30873 [Edit]
File 151919314872.jpg - (896.60KB , 2100x2000 , 151917175398.jpg )
The haircut I like best isn't really on here, but the second is.

Post edited on 20th Feb 2018, 10:06pm
>> No. 31058 [Edit]
Like this anon said mine isn't on there. I'm a fan of neck lenth bob cuts in dark colors(black/blue/brown) Untrustworthy attendant is kind of close however, action girl also to an extent. I guess I'll go with those.
>> No. 31112 [Edit]
Just looking at the Onee-san makes my heart pound, so I guess that one.
>> No. 31115 [Edit]
I think I like The Grudge the most.

I wish I still felt things.
>> No. 31249 [Edit]
The long haircuts are the best!
Short -tomboy and trash haircuts like yanki mullet are PIG DISGUSTING
>> No. 31255 [Edit]
File 152621436351.jpg - (141.43KB , 670x1000 , 20180513.jpg )
Blue hair is best colour.
Undecided on style.
>> No. 31270 [Edit]
Different hair styles suit different girls. I'm a big fan of the occult club member, also like twintails in all flavours. The foreign exchange student is pretty nice too.
>> No. 31271 [Edit]
>>30870 Definitely the megane-ko style, they're the best students to sexually bully
>> No. 31335 [Edit]
File 152800058534.jpg - (123.72KB , 850x600 , 20180617.jpg )
No love for twin buns?
>> No. 31367 [Edit]
File 152851516637.jpg - (16.42KB , 481x318 , 20180618.jpg )
Level-fringe with twin-tail drills (brunette)
>> No. 31394 [Edit]
File 152932421726.jpg - (171.35KB , 717x911 , pVToXVU8AAZ0Cm.jpg )
How about twin horns?
>> No. 31433 [Edit]
File 15307003805.png - (1.31MB , 850x850 , 20160988.png )
Kyoani love ponytail
>> No. 31441 [Edit]
File 153118842481.jpg - (52.89KB , 1280x720 , [Doremi]_Happiness_Charge_Precure_25_[1280x720]_[F.jpg )
Are we limiting this to somewhat physically possible or anything goes?
>> No. 31442 [Edit]
I always wondered what's under her hats. Guess we'll never know...
>> No. 31447 [Edit]
File 153125485383.jpg - (923.62KB , 2100x2000 , 151917175398-2.jpg )
I'm quite a big fan of these kinds of hairstyles.
>> No. 31458 [Edit]
File 153147932276.jpg - (78.09KB , 850x934 , 20180722.jpg )
>anything goes
Anime needs more impossible hair.
>> No. 31480 [Edit]
File 153216710024.jpg - (109.94KB , 829x781 , 20180722.jpg )
I like Menat's hair-style; not sure of the name of it though.
>> No. 31481 [Edit]
File 153216834976.jpg - (148.67KB , 650x650 , 20180722.jpg )
I been told that this is a bob-cut
>> No. 31611 [Edit]
File 153563933218.jpg - (166.67KB , 850x591 , 20180826.jpg )
Twin-tail drills
>> No. 31640 [Edit]
File 15359782201.jpg - (106.19KB , 576x890 , 20180903.jpg )
Ryouko (Tenchi Muyou!)
>I love her hair!
>> No. 34563 [Edit]
File 159834730483.jpg - (85.67KB , 422x578 , 20200621.jpg )
Drill spirals.
>> No. 34567 [Edit]
File 159836594385.jpg - (295.34KB , 1206x1474 , 81282407_p0.jpg )
Double braids are the true power.
>> No. 34569 [Edit]
File 159840062819.png - (409.68KB , 644x802 , c82a93f22e0882ad36b503146716aa4b.png )
Your taste is appreciated.
>> No. 34913 [Edit]
File 160283652459.jpg - (691.73KB , 1062x1505 , 52b9d8e51f9ab424e3fae2710919bcbe.jpg )
Long messy hair covering one eye is my religion. It is everything I love in a hairstyle from a purely visual standpoint and I have felt this love since I was a young teenager. However, the personalities I've seen that are most likely to have such a hairstyle are ones I despise fully. In the rare instances, to my knowledge, that the holder of such divine hair is allowed to be anything more than some variation of a slut, be it powerful, mysterious, villainous, or some combination of the usual, is a breath of fresh air. I don't think I can overstate how much I adore such a hairstyle.
>> No. 34914 [Edit]
double braids are always sluts!
>> No. 34915 [Edit]
I think it's bad for your eyes.
>> No. 34918 [Edit]
File 160285791319.jpg - (0.96MB , 850x1090 , 1598822319204.jpg )
Don't say that.
>> No. 34919 [Edit]
File 160285801249.png - (310.89KB , 382x575 , 161c9311eec14129f2c997708ae9816a.png )
What if it's like that but short (usually)?
>> No. 34920 [Edit]
File 160286353230.jpg - (623.47KB , 2150x3035 , efb538c184c1aa6a1bb23fe6f775b41c.jpg )
My knowledge on this variation is much more limited. That aside, while certainly endearing, I don't like it anywhere near as much. I never liked short hair, it just doesn't have the same refined and classic beauty in my eyes instead feeling grounded in more modern and practical values, modern things being something I'm not fond of for reasons that may not be entirely related to this thread. I can certainly understand the appeal behind it and what an artist would want to convey with this kind of style but it feels as if it contradicts itself visually. From a practical standpoint, keeping your hair short can make sense. You don't to have long hair getting in the way of certain things you may have to do. But wouldn't growing your hair long enough to cover one eye go against the very motivations behind keeping your hair short? I don't understand what motivations the character would have behind such a hairstyle. Of course, this is fiction, and what matters is the idea the design conveys but these are my simple feelings on it. With that said, I think I have seen it on a few characters who, very thankfully, are not whores. It is certainly wonderful to see good personalities with a trait of my favorite hairstyle and I do appreciate it's existence, but it will always feel a little lacking of that same beauty and logic. If a character would want to keep their hair out of their way but also let their bangs cover their face for any reason beyond looking good, I think tying it up in a ponytail makes more sense even though it conveys a very different idea.
>> No. 34921 [Edit]
>but it will always feel a little lacking of that same beauty and logic
What logic? They're compromising their eye health, risking lazy eye and reducing their depth perception. I don't think the emo aesthetic is traditional either.
>> No. 34922 [Edit]
File 160288296877.png - (2.06MB , 1263x1663 , 5054684a526d1e3c3a60ddb137604fbf.png )
>What logic? They're compromising their eye health, risking lazy eye and reducing their depth perception.
But with all that in mind, isn't easier to believe that someone would let their hair get that way as a result of negligence or vanity instead of someone intentionally keeping their bangs long but the rest of their hair short? The type of person to keep their hair short would probably not see a good reason to half blind themselves.
>I don't think the emo aesthetic is traditional either.
I was referring to the length of the rest of the hair. Short hair is not as traditional on women as long hair.
>> No. 34932 [Edit]
File 160292159681.jpg - (68.08KB , 640x480 , 546fb6c5c5e35ebce816537c254dc5f5.jpg )
>I don't understand what motivations the character would have behind such a hairstyle.
First time I ever saw the single eye covering hairstyle was with a character who had Heterochromia.
>> No. 34933 [Edit]
Long hair makes me want to cuddle for some reason
>> No. 34945 [Edit]
File 160303206277.jpg - (145.77KB , 850x1190 , sample_58b84df8d53978a9a2f517d7626b43bc.jpg )
I like the faux cat-ear/hair flaps style.
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