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File 15175478501.jpg - (114.85KB , 1280x720 , maxresdefault (1).jpg )
30656 No. 30656 [Edit]
To be teased by a girl with a good heart sounds really nice
>> No. 30658 [Edit]
she is awful and sadistic
she hates all males
many women are like this, they see that men are larger, stronger more athletic & more intelligent and they get jealous as all hell. i recognized that in her almost immediately, but watched the whole of ep1 just to make sure then dropped.
if you took this anime, removed the MC and the girl and replaced them with a black man and a klansman thenit would probably become the most popular cartoon in america pretty quick.
sorry about getting /tat/ in /an/, but sadistic man-hating females are something you need to watch out for in life, they are extremely common
>> No. 30722 [Edit]
>> No. 30724 [Edit]
>they see that men are larger, stronger more athletic & more intelligent and they get jealous as all hell.
I thought this is what women found attractive about men? Aside from that intelligent part anyway. With the exception of tamed house wives and stereotypical dumb blonds, I've only ever seen women act like they're smarter than men.
>> No. 30729 [Edit]
Where are any of you getting any of this? I'm talking about an anime about a girl playing practical jokes on her crush because she likes his reactions, she's not malicious about any of it.

I mean she's not carving shit into his desk and filling his shoe locker with cow shit.
>> No. 30730 [Edit]
Hey anon, is this also you?

If so, chill the fuck out bro.
>> No. 30732 [Edit]
Fuck off Tokiko
>> No. 30738 [Edit]
In personal life, many women like those qualities in men. In the workplace, insane jealousy and subsequently petty behavior are common from them.

Women in the workplace was a mistake.
>> No. 30742 [Edit]
according to sigmund freud's penis envy theory a girl who exhibits such a sadistic attitude towards men is likely to be strongly sexually attracted to her father.
>> No. 30746 [Edit]
That guy is crazy.
Seems to flip his shit at anything above complete obedience.

All people are (even if slightly) attracted to others who display qualities of their Mother/Father.
>> No. 30751 [Edit]
>All people are (even if slightly)
Untrue, that's just being reductive. And easy to defend because you can boil it down to most common characteristics.
>> No. 30761 [Edit]
It's called generalisation, a scientific process. Of course outliers exist but I don't give a fuck about them.
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