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File 151753580351.png - (23.26KB , 260x260 , logo.png )
30646 No. 30646 [Edit]
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>> No. 30648 [Edit]
Talk about reboots/sequels of older shows, god damn.
>> No. 30649 [Edit]
>Alice or Alice
>two twin sisters both named Alice
The fuck is wrong with their parents?
>> No. 30650 [Edit]
You know things are bad when there's 20 Pokemon movies and the latest one is nothing but a remake of the original first few episodes from the tv series.
>> No. 30652 [Edit]
Suprised to see Amanchu getting a sequel as I don't really remember hearing much about the first season. Do remember seeing the first ep and thinking "meh" only to forget and never pick it back up.

Boku no Hero Academia: something I've been meaning to pick up but have yet to.

The Caligula Effect seems like I'd be worth picking up at the very least for the original concept, but
>its god-like overseer program, a vocal program called "μ".

>Dorei-ku The Animation
How 'bout NOPE.

Did not expect to see more FMP, Galactic Heroes, DxD, or Inazuma Eleven.

Fumikiri Jikan and Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro might be worth checking out as shorts, possibly.

>Mahou Shoujo Ore
welp... might be interesting I guess?

Not sure which of these I'll consider picking, but as I've been focused with backlog stuff for the last while I doubt I'll get around to it near the beginning.
>> No. 30657 [Edit]
File 151754909954.jpg - (119.35KB , 1280x720 , comic%2Bgirls_mp4_snapshot_00_43.jpg )
i want to be anticipating comic girls but i'm really starting to get sick of anime about making anime anime about making anime about making anime about making anime about making anime about making anime about making anime.
like could the writers get any more self-centered and uncreative.
is fuwa from imotou sea ireba il. writing this one?
>> No. 30662 [Edit]
Things get old after they've been done a few times. It is what it is... that's the problem with the majority of shows after all.
>> No. 30663 [Edit]
yeah but a stereotypical harem show in MMO setting or whatever at least doesn't have the stench of their self-reverential anime about anime makers attached
>> No. 30666 [Edit]
>Lupin the III: Part V
>Souten no Ken: Regenesis
Neato potato.
>Steins;Gate 0
Only real must-watch of the season and probably the only want I won't be able to resist waiting until it finishes airing.
>Boku no Hero Academia, Season 3
It's shounenshit, but it's extremely heartful at it, so it's definitely worth a watch.
>Galactic Empire
Seems like nostalgia-leeching. Will wait until it's over to see what's the consensus.
>Vaticanime OVA
What would Jesus do? Watch this, of course.
Yeah. Not even nostalgia will make me watch a Captain Tsubasa remake.
Sometimes parents name their kids the same, but add a second name to differentiate. e.g. Marie Antoniette, Marie Therese.
>> No. 30667 [Edit]
Yeah but twins?
>> No. 30677 [Edit]
It even makes more sense for twins, since they are clones. I've seen/read it IRL with male twins who were firstborn and inherited the father's name.
>> No. 30679 [Edit]
more sense?
It's completely impractical though. What if you need to call over one and not the other?
>> No. 30680 [Edit]
It's also impractical to name your son with your same name, but people have been doing it for like eight thousand years.
>> No. 30685 [Edit]
In the case of giving your son the same name as the father, there's usually a Jr or number attached to it such as James the second or jack jr. Are these girls named alice 1 and alice 2 or something?
>> No. 30687 [Edit]
Maybe they didn't know they were getting twins and since they only had one name prepared they stuck with that for both.
>> No. 30691 [Edit]
Fumikiri Jikan, Gurazeni, Rokuhoudou Yotsuiro Biyori look interesting enough, Oshiri Tantei might be good as well. I hope they do justice to Gegege, the manga is REALLY good. And Sakura of course.
>> No. 31097 [Edit]
What I'll be watching:

Comic Girls
full metal panic
Last Period: Owarinaki Rasen no Monogatari
Steins;Gate 0
Uma Musume Pretty Derby

I'm not really feeling this season. There's sequels out the ass from the looks of things. what isn't a squeal or spin off sounds dumb and or unoriginal. Some of them sound like crap I've seen a million times before. First anime on the list for example; 3D girl, that sounds like Kono Bijutsubu, Kami nomi, net juu, and probably others I haven't seen or can remeber. Meanwhile I can't help but sigh a bit every time I see an anime with "virtual reality" in the description. I don't know if I've seen too much anime, anime is going to shit, or if I'm just getting too old for this crap.
>> No. 31098 [Edit]
I'm on the same boat. Will watch the new S;G but otherwise I'm sticking with older shows.
>> No. 31117 [Edit]
File 152325366217.png - (836.80KB , 1280x738 , anime screencap2018-04-08-01h03m52s745.png )
Hinamatsuri had a good vibe, I'll be checking out the 2nd ep for sure

>> No. 31118 [Edit]
That's a rude thing to say. What gives you that impression?
>> No. 31123 [Edit]
These thread always brings out the normies.

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