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File 151646053456.jpg - (538.32KB , 841x1200 , 149644466642.jpg )
30465 No. 30465 [Edit]
I honestly believe that in the distant future the prevalence of anime and manga will be studied academically as an art form, and that it will define the cultural epoch that we find ourselves in now.

Anime and manga art can be considered analogous to prior artistic revolutions in the past. In the future, the proliferation of anime and manga will be viewed similarly to how we currently perceive the Renaissance or the rise of impressionism in art history.

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>> No. 30468 [Edit]
I doubt it. And comparing it to Renaissance is practically blasphemy, regardless of how much I enjoy anime and manga. Ultimately, specially with anime, they are forms or entertainment and that's how it will be considered. Exaltation of art forms is practically non-existent anymore. Maybe manga will be studied with more respect though.
>> No. 30810 [Edit]
Well, yeah, I said that as well.
This style is practically used everwhere in Asia, pretty much the same as how the rest of Europe followed Italian Renaissance art.
>> No. 30811 [Edit]
wtf is the X in her hair supposed to be? looks like nori strips
>> No. 30812 [Edit]
Hair pins. Western women don't take part in stuff like that, but in japan women wear bows, ribbons, pins and so on in their hair.
>> No. 30816 [Edit]
I have wondered this myself. If society in the next hundred years or more is peaceful, will anthropologists talk about the manga and anime boom?
>> No. 30817 [Edit]
File 15185012009.gif - (365.56KB , 432x240 , 1489130704542.gif )
>> No. 30823 [Edit]
Western women don't wear things in their hair.

>> No. 30824 [Edit]
What? They don't.
If you live somewhere where women don't do that sort of thing you might not understand what those accessories are. Such as Yuno's double Xs.
>> No. 30830 [Edit]
No clue where you're from, but even when I have the misfortune of having to go outside I will at least see a few women with hair accessories like hairpins, barrettes, headbands, scrunchies, those hair claw thingies, and even ribbons (although rare) and kerchiefs (although ugly)... and even more if you want to count practical tools like regular hair ties, alligator clips or bobby pins.
>> No. 30831 [Edit]
I never see them wear any for fashion, usually it's just a scrunchie to make a ponytail.
>> No. 30835 [Edit]
Same. Not unless they're kids being made to wear stuff like that by their parents. You never see it on tv or film here either.
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