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File 15155750088.jpg - (126.37KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Overlord II - 01 [720p]_mkv_snapsho.jpg )
30275 No. 30275 [Edit]
Skeletor is back to play more MMOs!
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>> No. 30276 [Edit]
I find it interesting that the first season was a whole lot of nothing happening for the first half with an overall focus on mystery and setting up the world. They never showed who the main antagonist was behind the events of the second half or even gave a single detail about them. Then right off the bat season2 starts with the guys behind the attacks in season1 chating about it from their perspective. I really can't imagine a more lack luster and anticlimactic way to reveal the antagonists.
>> No. 30279 [Edit]
>I really can't imagine a more lack luster and anticlimactic way to reveal the antagonists
Haven't seen it, do you think it could be a jab to lackluster and anticlimactic MMOs?
>> No. 30312 [Edit]
Nah, I guess they probably thought it would be a cool surprise reveal. I don't think it works though when it's been so long since the first season that most people probably have no clue what anyone's talking about.
>> No. 30418 [Edit]
File 151614950282.jpg - (21.08KB , 225x350 , 280034.jpg )
So where was Beelzebub hiding during season1?
>> No. 30424 [Edit]
File 151615981183.jpg - (103.33KB , 1440x810 , Overlord2-Episode2-30.jpg )
This feels like bigger trolling than pop team epic's stuff.
>> No. 30435 [Edit]
So is all of season2 going to focus on these lizard people then? Was this a big part of the LN?
>> No. 30442 [Edit]
File 151630439092.jpg - (119.77KB , 1280x720 , yawn.jpg )
Season 2 in a nutshell

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