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File 151527364287.jpg - (159.93KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Hoshiiro Girldrop - 01 [720p]_mkv_s.jpg )
30203 No. 30203 [Edit]
Anyone else here watching this? It's about a generic high school boy finding out that he's engaged to the leader of a hit idol group.
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>> No. 30204 [Edit]
File 151527382085.jpg - (210.81KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Hoshiiro Girldrop - 01 [720p]_mkv_s.jpg )
I liked the first ep and thought it was pretty cute. The music was really catchy and the animation was better than I expected. I just hope they can keep up those production values.
>> No. 30205 [Edit]
File 151527456642.jpg - (96.69KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Hoshiiro Girldrop - 01 [720p]_mkv_s.jpg )
I watched about ten minutes of this and... yeah no fuck that. The MC is an insufferable piece of shit. Maybe he'll grow and change over the course of the anime but I don't care. Every minute he was on screen made me want to kill myself. How someone can treat cute girls that poorly and still get his own harem boggles my mind. More like HoSHITro GirlDROPED amIright?
>> No. 30211 [Edit]
File 15152759585.png - (1.35MB , 1060x600 , mpc-hc64_2018-01-06_14-53-12.png )
Predictions for next weeks episode?? Do you think Daichi-san is going to lewd the loli? The rating on MAL is PG-13 so could be...!

Post edited on 6th Jan 2018, 2:09pm
>> No. 30212 [Edit]
File 151527599153.jpg - (210.04KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Hoshiiro Girldrop - 01 [720p]_mkv_s.jpg )
I don't understand how her classmates don't know. It's not like she looks any different on stage. Are they pretending not to know so she can have a normal school life? The way that one group of girls acted when she walked into the classroom makes me think that surely they must know.

Live and learn. I think you're exaggerating a bit, but all the same everyone's an idiot when they're young. He'll get over it I'm sure.
>> No. 30213 [Edit]
He better!
>> No. 30214 [Edit]
I'm sure they'll probably introduce the blue haired girl who will fight pink for MC's cock, then the blond girl on the third ep. That's how these things usually go.
>> No. 30215 [Edit]
It's kind of a shame they did the "parents going overseas" cliche because the parents could have been a good opportunity to have some episodes serious in tone to encourage family values and the return of the arranged marriage.
I'm sure whatever serious episodes they do do will be centered around the red haired succubus girl with the doll. Her name is clever wordplay on succubus, by the way. I was impressed the translators didn't fuck that one up. I watched the hardsub version on nyaa and it was fine.

Oh? I've never actually watched an idol anime before.
I hope the slutty teacher is part of the harem, too. She's the cutest imo.
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