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File 151463516220.png - (513.95KB , 560x994 , anime screencap2017-12-30-03h27m11s252.png )
30133 No. 30133 [Edit]
nine year old girl run a restaurant by herself with predictable results
produced in iphone format
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>> No. 30138 [Edit]
Is that really the aspect ratio?
>> No. 30140 [Edit]
don't take my word for it, see for yourself
plus its an interesting show, depressingly realistic. a nine year old girl cannot effectively run an eatery on her own, not even a simple on and this series of shorts depicts that reality.
>> No. 30147 [Edit]
File 151484046416.jpg - (109.99KB , 720x1280 , photo_2018-01-01_12-02-20.jpg )
Watched the first 2ep on my phone since that seemed to be the intended way to view this. Thought it was a bit odd and even a little dumb. Pandering to people who watch everything on their phones seemed bad enough without them encouraging people who take and watch videos vertically rather than horizontally. It then dawned on me during these panel scenes that it essentially acts like a manga page. They're still limiting the field of view by a large margin but at least it 'kind of' makes sense when seen that way.
>> No. 30148 [Edit]
>depressingly realistic.
I can't help but think in the real world this would go one of two ways; A large chunk of the town would visit the shop regularly out of pity/charity, or social services would step in and dump her off in a foster home if they couldn't find a relative to leave her with.
>> No. 30178 [Edit]
Although I don't think it works that well, I'm glad to see any innovation in an industry that is often so stagnant.
It seems that clearly this show had a very low budget, so it probably would have been downright bad anyway. At least this format allows them to stand out and also save money. As for the content of the show itself, it's better than I expected. The jokes sometimes fall flat but it's not exactly trying to be some revolutionary commentary on the human condition, it's just a light hearted show to watch on your phone while you're on the train going to your depressing office job. Overall, I think it's good that this show exists.
>> No. 30189 [Edit]
I agree. While the format designed for phones doesn't entirely work, it isn't something I've seen before and even though it doesn't entirely work, at least it is trying to do something.

And honestly, while the format isn't great for watching in the way that I watch anime, as a format for as you say
>to watch on your phone while you're on the train going to your depressing office job
it does make a lot of sense to have something like this designed for small screens. It could be a niche product designed for that market in Japan going forward.

I probably won't watch the rest of this myself but it is an interesting development, even though I highly doubt that the concept will go much further if this show flops.
>> No. 30191 [Edit]
I found while watching this that it worked and looked okay on my cell. The thing is I watch a lot of video on my phone and this is why the gimmick is a double edged sword. Sure it's unique and stands out, but it's redundant because -ANY- video can be watched on a smart phone by simply turn the phone on it's side and it'll take up the full screen, meanwhile this video format limits them to mainly just smart phones held in the vertical position. There's tons of anime made for watching on your phone, or in short bursts while waiting on ramen to cook. The reason no one has done this before is because it isn't very practical.
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