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File 151152543648.jpg - (390.59KB , 914x1300 , MR-28867-497311-7.jpg )
29828 No. 29828 [Edit] <----there it is
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>> No. 29829 [Edit]
Obligatory to watch:
>Pop Team Epic
>Mazinger Z Movie
>Violet Evergarden
>Pingu in the City
>Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card-hen

Don't judge me tier:
>Devilman crybaby
>Mob Psycho 100 OVA
>Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!: Take on Me

The Rest:
>Ito Junji: Collection
I tend to avoid watching anime while it airs, but since this is episodic, then I might give it a go from the start.
>Fate/EXTRA Last Encore
I'm eternally annoyed by the blatant fan service Fate provides, but Shaft has not failed me yet, so I might watch it anyway.
>Dagashi Kashi 2
I'll wait until it's over and the verdict is positive before giving it a shot. The design changes seem ominous to me.
>Hakyuu Houshin Engi
Hadn't thought about Soul Hunter in over a decade. I read the description but am still confused if this is a remake, a sequel or an alternate universe.

Forgot to mention Hakumei to Mikochi. It looks extremely cozy. The PV reminded me of the non-anime David the Gnome.

Post edited on 24th Nov 2017, 4:44am
>> No. 30112 [Edit]
I just finished the last ep of what i was following this season
time to start anticipating the next one.
interseason break is way way too long this time around. where were the 13 ep shows?
>> No. 30113 [Edit]
I couldn't believe it when I saw that CCS is getting a remake/reboot. That's what I get for living under a rock I guess. I'll be looking forward to it, hopefully.
>> No. 30118 [Edit]
>> No. 30169 [Edit]
Death March Kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku
>The story of the light novel series and manga follows a 29-year-old programmer who is on a "death march," but one day he wakes up in another world after a nap
Good god why can't they give it a rest already?
If they want the story to be set in a fantasy world then just fucking do it. Why do we need ties to the real world? Why does the main character have to be some nerd/otaku blatant self insert? WHY?!
>> No. 30172 [Edit]
I have very mixed feelings about fate/extra.
On the one hand I've seen almost everything related to the franchise so far good and bad so it makes sense to keep going, on the other hand I hate Shaft and swore I'd never watch anything from them again. On the one hand fate/extra has my favorite servant of the series, on the other hand she probably going to have a minor role in this series and will likely get violently murdered along the way since they're not the main character's servant here. On the one hand I'm curious to see how they adapt the story when there wasn't much of a story in the first place from what I remember, on the other hand the game was pretty shit and would probably make for a shitty anime, from a studio I hate no less. It would be funny to see if the servants play rock paper scissors with each other, but I think I'll pass.
>> No. 30173 [Edit]
Madhouse wont do another season of one punch man, but they do another for overlord. The fuck?
>> No. 30174 [Edit]
Madhouse is not the one with the rights to the series.
>> No. 30175 [Edit]
What I heard was they didn't want to do it, I could be wrong.
>> No. 30177 [Edit]
What act of malice did they perform to you exactly?
>> No. 30194 [Edit]
Don't ask.
>> No. 30196 [Edit]
I guess I wasn't really, it was more a rhetorical one to point out the silliness that you hold enmity towards a business that draws cute girls.
>> No. 30434 [Edit]
File 151627234984.jpg - (102.89KB , 1280x720 , [Anime Land] gdMen 01 (MX 720p Hi10P AAC) RAW [E08.jpg )
Watched the first ep of gdmen and I don't really think it deserves it's own thread (no one else here is going to watch it after all) All I can say is it was kind of bland. Not horrible, but certainly not good. None of the fun or charm of gdgd fairies. Really don't know why it exists, fujoshi pandering I guess? Even so why attach the name when it can just be it's own thing? Whatever the case may be I doubt I'll watch past ep1.
>> No. 30632 [Edit]
File 151745656351.png - (835.23KB , 1280x720 , Crybaby.png )
I watched Devilman Crybaby. Before anything, I don't recommend anyone watch this unless you have read and finished the manga, it's not meant for you otherwise. If you haven't proceed with it at your own risk.

Despite having watched and read almost all related content over the years, this was still disgustingly degenerate, brutal, tragic, bleak and even horrifying. Even when knowing what was coming, it still hit me like a truck. Hiring Yuasa (Tamami Galaxy) to direct it along with Okouchi (writer, Code Geass) was a great idea, but in retrospective the partnership with Netflix does seem to have affected certain inclusions, for the worse. Some claim the gratuitous degeneracy was Yuasa's fault, but upon closer inspection seems too loaded to be true.

Being an adaptation, they took some liberties from the manga, and overall it suffered from being rush in parts that needed to be longer and more developed, while it lengthen things that weren't necessary and took turns toward plot points that even feel nonsensical. Anyway, it's a decent anime if you have the stomach for the brutality and 2DPD scenes. If you don't, avoid like the plague.
>> No. 30634 [Edit]
>why attach the name when it can just be it's own thing?
it got you to watch the first ep
>> No. 30635 [Edit]
heh, fair point. I might have watched it anyway as someone who has checked out most of those mmd style anime so far. I can't imagine many others would say the same however.
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