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File 149841818126.jpg - (4.10MB , 1400x9587 , Summer.jpg )
28983 No. 28983 [Edit]
The next season is right around the corner!
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>> No. 28992 [Edit]
File 14984739153.jpg - (593.10KB , 1390x1250 , Personal.jpg )
- Digimon, Owari2 and Chorogon OVA due to continuation.
- Tsurezure Children appeals to my yandere sensibilities.
- Yami Shibai + Jigoku IV because "occult" entertains me.
- I want to believe Vatican, Abyss, 18if and Fate/Apoc will be decent.
- Clione seems it could be cute and interesting.

I don't plan to watch Shoukoku no Altair, but considering I live in Germany, I'll follow its airing to see if causes grievance. For the uninformed, there is a veiled disdain for Turkey and the turks here that is rarely outspoken due to political correctness and nazi stigma.
>> No. 28993 [Edit]
I'm going to watch for sure:
Centaur no Nayami
Isekai Shoukudou
Hell Girl 4
Made in Abyss
Mahoujin Guru Guru
Nana Maru San Batsu
New Game 2

I might also atch:
Clione no Akari
Knight's & Magic
Princess Principal
>> No. 28995 [Edit]
File 149851744043.png - (1.84MB , 1560x2024 , 1459550691680.png )
18if should be interesting. It's been a long time since something aired under the proper GONZO name.

The horse fucking show looks like somebody saw the sales of Demi-chan and wanted a slice of it. I doubt it will have as much charm, but it shouldn't be bad.

A Fate Series by not-UFOtable..... I can't say I am incredibly hyped for it, but it can't be as terrible as what DEEN pushed out.

Hina Logi should be good. A fantasy/school with magical girls, and fighting magical monsters and crap. And without all of the fucking angst that seems to plague the non-precure magical girl shows this decade. Hopefully.

>Hell Girl 4
>This season will have 6 episodes and 6 "reminiscence" episodes
All I have to say is Fuck You, studio DEEN, and burn in heck.

Isekai Shokudo might be interesting, or it might be garbage. Japan has a terrible track record with the "mystery" genre, but we'll have to see what the hell this is.

Katsugeki Ranbou should be entertaining, and with an UFOtable budget should have enough eye candy to keep one interested even if it's not.

Knight's and Magic looks like it will follow the SAO model with a Mecha replacing the MMO aspect. If they pull off a g-gundam hot blooded story, this will be quite good. I say it has a 5% chance of being good, and a 85% chance that I will regret watching this series.

Made in Abyss should be quite good, if I am to believe what I've heard about the source material, and assuming the production comittee doesn't butcher it.

Bakamonogatari (ge) and Symphgear - I really should just give in to the sunk cost fallacy and stop, but I've already invested too much time into this series to stop watching at this point.

NanaMaru Batsu has a cromartie high school sized cast, and might be amusing.

Saiyuki blast looks like an adaptation of the bhagavad gita in the same way Sengoku Basara did Japan's past. It will be amusing to see how badly the source material is butchered in making a fantasy anime story.

Tenshi no 3P will be K-on, but with more eccentric characters, more fan service, and shitty synthesized jpop instead of music. Not sure if I will watch this one to the end, but I will give it an episode or two.

Vatican Chousakan will be quite interesting. A BL story of a Catholic priest and a young altar boy, with the shojo-BL art style. I haven't even gotten to the story's synopsis and I can feel the story's undertones being the main draw to this series.

This might be a busy season for me. I doubt I will be able to watch all this shit airing this season.
>> No. 28996 [Edit]
>I doubt it will have as much charm
I take that you have only read/watched Demi-chan wa Kataritai and don't know anything about Centaur no Nayami.
If you're expecting some sort of comedy/coming of age anime like for Demi-chan you better be prepared because you've really got another thing coming.
You also make lots of assumptions, especially when you base them of just a few words from a chart.
I mean, this is what Isekai Shoukudou is all about:

"Youshoku no Nekoya" (Western Cuisine Cat Restaurant) is a 50-year old restaurant located underneath a building close to the office district, and has normal food offerings. Every Saturday however, the cafeteria closes down to its regular customers and serves the very same menu to a multitude of completely different beings from other worlds.
>> No. 28997 [Edit]
>You also make lots of assumptions, especially when you base them of just a few words from a chart.
It's labeled "comedy, slice of life". What else should one expect?

If it remotely looks like a drama involving the horse being bullied, I'll drop it and have one less show to bother with each week.

If the show labeled as a mystery turns out to be something entirely different (in a bad way), I will do the same.

While the information is certainly incomplete, the largest assumption I make is that the genre listing in the chart is correct. I hope you don't find that too far fetched of an idea.
>> No. 28998 [Edit]
Maybe tier
>jc staff shit show
>DEEN original garbage
>silver link shows

Why is this still fucking happening tier
>madhouse capshit adaption

3DCG tier
>i thought gonzo was dead

Shit tier
>everything else
>> No. 28999 [Edit]
Is there any indication Vaticon Chousekan is BL? or just your fujo/gay wishful thinking
>> No. 29000 [Edit]
this newschooler chart blows 3d cocks.
what the use of alphabetizing the shows by their english translated names?
>> No. 29001 [Edit]
OP here. It does blow, but I couldn't find one in the old style. Everyone's using the live charts these days.
>> No. 29002 [Edit]
>What else should one expect?
Not a horse fucking show in the vein of Demi-chan with less charm like you said?
>If it remotely looks like a drama involving the horse being bullied
But it's not even about that.
Same for 703X, how did you even come to conclusion that it has ''a cromartie high school sized cast''? There's absolutely nothing that indicates that, not even the picture used.
My point is that you shouldn't making all thosre assumptions based on those very few short synopses and genre tags because if you do that you will end doing a disservice to yourself.
>> No. 29003 [Edit]
I'd complain this season looks like ass, but last time I did people here tossed a fit about me saying so...
Anyways! I'm just going to watch whatever looks cute and take some wild shots in the dark with a few others that look/sound half way interesting. So far what I'll be checking out is Tenshi no 3p!, New game!!, Hina logi, Knight's & magic, Isekai Shokudou, 18if, Made in abyss, Fate/Apocrypha, Nora to Oujo, teekyuu.
>> No. 29004 [Edit]
i know, this is the first season without proper charts available since the start of the chart era, which was a long time ago (several years).
>> No. 29007 [Edit]
I really enjoyed the Centaur no Nayami manga, so I'll pick that up. I'm not sure if I'll watch anything else, but I'll see what kinds of threads go up here for anything else that could be worth watching.
>> No. 29009 [Edit]
They're outdated and a lot of work to make. It' s way easier to just have it as a webpage. Something like a wiki style would be even better, so more people can update the information. /tohnochart/ when?
>> No. 29519 [Edit]
File 150718758742.png - (198.60KB , 853x482 , anime screencap2017-10-05-00h06m20s326.png )
aho-girl was summer's top thrill
>> No. 29521 [Edit]
It's good, though sometimes it hits too close to home, me being a idiot like her, only not cute nor a girl.
>> No. 29564 [Edit]
i dropped urahara because the eyelash art was just hideous, its like that have moth wing coming out of their eyelids
>> No. 29865 [Edit]
File 151188644386.jpg - (608.22KB , 1280x2880 , vaticanime.jpg )
At the end, I only watched Vaticanime, Owari², Chorogon Special, and Made in Abyss. Shoukoku no Altair's second cour had a great OP song (, but otherwise it seems to have passed under the radar; haven't seen it discussed anywhere so no clue if it's decent or not. Tsurezure seems to be a little 2DPD but I'll watch anyway, as well as Yami, 18if and Jigoku IV. Apocrypha ended up being garbage, so I'll skip it. Since these three didn't get a thread made about them:

>Owarimonogatari Part II
It was great and a proper ending for this anime series. The animation was perfect, the puns and smut as funny as ever, all plot lines got resolved even for the less important characters (except Sodachi Oikura) and the story and resolution was perfectly written and delivered. I think basically everyone who was expecting this release was satisfied.

>Princess Principal
This anime had fantastic art (backgrounds), music and animation. It was a delight to watch it despite not being that much of a fan of all-girl ensemble cast. Along with Made in Abyss, I'd say it seems it was the anime with highest production values in that season. The plot is a little contrived though, so you might need suspension of disbelief.

>Vatican Kiseki Chousakan
Pic related. This is hands down my biggest anime guilty pleasure. It wasn't a particularly good series; I'd call it decent and above average, but only because of the amazing art and backgrounds. It's about two priests who work as miracle examiners, so they get a case, travel to a location and see if it's real deal or a scam. Unfortunately for them, all the cases they engage in are preposterously complicated, with an obnoxious plot line behind them, to the point it takes itself so seriously that it becomes hilarious to watch, in a good way. I saw it being compared often with Samurai Flamenco in its execution, but I didn't watch it so can't compare. This has no cute girls nor moe moments, so I recommend avoiding it unless you have some interest in catholic mythology or silly detective stories. I enjoyed it a lot, and I'll definitely watch it again before its OVA airs next year.
>> No. 30979 [Edit]
File 15207892238.png - (1.07MB , 848x480 , JS4_ED.png )
>>28992, >>29865
Continuing with this, I finished Yami Shibai last year, I think on December 30th, watched it in on go. It was a collection of picture drama shorts showing some "horror" stories that have little to not strength in the storytelling so it ends up feeling more like a weird silly documentary. I still enjoyed it, but I wouldn't recommend it even considering how little it takes to watch.

I also finished Jigoku Shoujo: Yoi no Togi (Season 4), which was a bittersweet experience overall. On one hand it has all the classic elements, and some SoL interactions from the "cast" in-between the exposition to the tear-jerking suffering-of-the-week stories but on the other hand, only 6 episodes are new, while the later 6 are copy-and-pasted from previous seasons' with this one's OP, ED and a short introduction to each episode by cardboard cut-outs of the cast interacting with each other, which I found somewhat cute. This is very likely the last season there'll be in this series, so it felt bitter going out with a the visual equivalent of a whimper (last episode gives you no send-off at all). I'd say that if you watched S3 then S4 is worth a watch, and you won't miss anything from the last 6 episodes if you only watch the cardboard intros. By the way, I really liked the ED (

I skipped 18if since it had reviews deeming it from awful to passable, so maybe in a few years one I have finished my backlog.
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