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File 149380297187.jpg - (487.35KB , 600x855 , 038c51e4d6c5f7ba096470e16d889f47.jpg )
28663 No. 28663 [Edit]
For those who haven't already noticed, Nyaa is down and they say it's for good this time. Apparently it has something to do with recently changes to EU laws.
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>> No. 28664 [Edit]
>and they say it's for good this time
They say the same thing every time it happens, and it happens multiple times every year.
If it comes back like usual then good, if not whatever.
>> No. 28668 [Edit]
Nyaa back-up project: #nyaapantsu ( ;
>> No. 28669 [Edit]
I noticed immediately because I was there when it happened.

Thank you very much!
>> No. 28670 [Edit]
Just when I started getting back into the mood for watching regularly.
>> No. 28682 [Edit]
damn i was hoping commie shitsubs was finally dead forever
here is a reminder than if you patronize nyaa then you're giving tacit approval to commie shitsubs
>> No. 28688 [Edit]
>> No. 28694 [Edit]
Great, now everything is in disarray. I do not like this, not one bit.
>> No. 28695 [Edit]
Uploading is busted and torrents only go up to may first it seems.

No one is enjoying this.
>> No. 28703 [Edit]
Things are definitely difficult for us all at the moment.
>> No. 28710 [Edit]
May 3, 2017

On May 1, 2017, NyaaTorrents officially ceased operations.
At time of this writing, nothing remains of the site. These are actions taken by the owner of the site and not a result of some form of internal subversion or engagement by government or legal entities.
The exact reasons for shutdown remain a mystery to all but the anonymous owner, but remaining former NT associates are led to believe that based on the circumstances surrounding closure, it was in response to recent court rulings that had the potential to affect site operations in the future. Rather than face this possibility, and any repercussions it would have on all parties involved, the owner decided to bring everything to a complete end. Based on operating principles, nothing will remain of the original site and all content, to include back-end, front-end, and all databases, has likely been purged.

There are no plans to continue any activity under the NyaaTorrents banner.
Any projects that occur from here on out are not associated with the original site.

The above serves as an official statement by what remains of the site.
Further questions can be directed via IRC to those remaining in #NyaaTorrents on

- The (former) NyaaTorrents moderation staff

seems cat is dead, too.
>> No. 28715 [Edit]

Wow, a website that big basically goes poof in smoke over the owner getting paranoid of potential liability. This is what moot meant by having a website built on a single point of failure is bad. I had actually assumed before this that nyaa was a co-owned project, actually.

At least there's still good guys out there trying to keep the smoldering embers alight.
>> No. 28717 [Edit]
Like I said about Bakabt going private, this is good in a way. You can still go to the fansubbers website itself anyway.
The bigger they are, the harder they fall.
>> No. 28718 [Edit]
>this is good in a way
Do elaborate.

>You can still go to the fansubbers website itself anyway.
This only applies to newly released anime subs. What if you're looking raws, or anime from previous seasons? Non-anime torrents (ie: visual novels)? Some of them are still out there, but you have to wade through a lot more trash to find them now.
>> No. 28719 [Edit]
>Do elaborate.
Separate the wheat from the chaff. If this is enough to make one stop, then that is that, that person was only that dedicated.
The community had become bloated with fakers and try-hards, this is the great purge.

>What if you're looking raws, or anime from previous seasons et cetera
Oh, I have an account with a private tracker. You can make one, you know? Just because Bakabt is private now does not mean they no longer exist.
>> No. 28721 [Edit]
Bakabt is cancer, as are the rest of the (pseudo-)private anime trackers. Being forced to use them is no blessing.
>> No. 28722 [Edit]
Cat seems to be up right now, but who knows for how long.
>> No. 28724 [Edit]
File 149446544479.png - (946.17KB , 1100x1300 , 1417393953281.png )

Apparantly jap traffic skyrocketed to cat and crashed the server, so they migrated to one that can handle more traffic.


cat FAQ and info:
>> No. 28725 [Edit]

>The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

I wonder if this can finally kill the cartel's domination on subbing via Nyaa, and one day give rise to a cool fansubbing scene again.

Wishful thinking probably...
>> No. 28726 [Edit]
I believe it's 'mostly' crunchy roll and the like that have killed fansubbing with C&Ds, and buying up all the translators. I don't see fansubbing ever making a comeback with them around. Not unless anime looses it's popularity in the west and CR goes out of business or something similar happens.
>> No. 28727 [Edit]
Nobody forced you to do anything. Stop watching then.
Next thing you will say is the King of England should be removed from the Americas.
>> No. 28728 [Edit]
The real problem is HorribleSubs. People go to fansubs for 720p but HorribleSubs takes from CruncyRoll and releases in 720p.
>> No. 28731 [Edit]
I don't follow here. From what I recall HS rips Crunchyroll's stuff to piss them off, and even if they were gone, CR would still remain. If anything, there might even be more CR subscribers without HS giving it all for free.

Is there something i'm missing?
>> No. 28732 [Edit]
>Is there something i'm missing?
I literally typed it out.
>> No. 28734 [Edit]
Apparently, is a thing.

I just ran into it when getting the new Hinako Note ep.
>> No. 28735 [Edit]
Saw that too. also >>28688 is working now for uploads and has accounts now.
>> No. 34775 [Edit]
Torrents? Everyone is streaming now.
>> No. 34780 [Edit]
A blatant lie to bump a three years old thread. I wonder why.
>> No. 34791 [Edit]
It's true for the more casual anime fans. None of them download anything anymore. I've talked to some newer anime fans and the idea of keeping anime seems bizarre to them, and truth be told even as a hoarder myself it's a bit hard to explain why they should.
>> No. 34792 [Edit]
Data hoarders prepare for the worst.
>> No. 34794 [Edit]
I think these people have never had to face any problems with accessing anime and as such take it for granted.
>> No. 34795 [Edit]
>it's a bit hard to explain why they should
Why's that hard? The versions of shows on streaming services are often botched. Several shows this season got an early print sent to streaming sites, and they never update to the BD versions.
>> No. 34796 [Edit]
Because these people don't care.
>> No. 35075 [Edit]
They're gunning for nyaa now:
>> No. 35083 [Edit]
Two more will take it's place.
>> No. 35090 [Edit]
Looks like they failed, for now, since this happened in September. If this were to happen, however, then pantsu or similar will probably be used at least on a provisional basis. I think they've been mirroring's database.
It's amusing TorrentFreak references HorribleSubs' ceasing their operation as if it were important.
>> No. 35153 [Edit]
File 160587446113.jpg - (166.36KB , 840x801 , 20201206.jpg )
Oh noes!
>> No. 35342 [Edit]
A DCMA request to take down the repo. Well that's a maneuver I wouldn't have expected.
>> No. 35347 [Edit]
That's pretty amusing and stupid.
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