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File 148413709922.png - (1.17MB , 1280x738 , anime screencap2017-01-11-03h47m21s280.png )
27679 No. 27679 [Edit]
ACCA 13 ku Kansatsu ka doesn't really have much of anything to fap to, the OP is pretty kewl though.
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>> No. 27682 [Edit]
Thanks for the warning.

Preemptively dropped.
>> No. 29866 [Edit]
I'm reviving this because this series deserves more attention. Will post at least once per episode.

From the get go, you get a great opening that sets the tone. So far the series has been exactly what I expected if I were to set my idea of it solely on the OP: Stylish, Cute, Suave, Complex Plot and/or Complex World to learn about.
>> No. 29867 [Edit]
File 15119098118.jpg - (248.78KB , 1920x1080 , 01_03_28.jpg )
Series start with the protagonist leaving for work and her super cute imouto being a typical good sister. Thanks to the morning news, you can see this land is ruled by a King. Jean Otus, the MC, works at the ACCA Headquarters, as a Vice-chairman of the Inspection Department (Kansatsuka), surrounded by cheerful and gluttonous co-workers.

Then it's revealed that they live in Dowa Federation / Kingdom, composed of 13 districts. The shape of this land looks like a bird, although so far I assume it's a complete coincidence and not a man-made shape. ACCA works as management, making sure all 13 districts work properly and collaborate with each other to secure peace and a good standard of living for all the nation.
>> No. 29869 [Edit]
File 15119105136.jpg - (662.04KB , 1920x2160 , 01_03_05+04_37.jpg )
These are the aforementioned gluttons who engage daily on a 10 o'clock snack without fault. In their defence, I can't blame them. All the food shown so far is drawn to look utterly delicious. Moving on, every district has its own inspection department (if I understood correctly, 14 total: 13 for each district + headquarters), which oversees data output and investigates any arising issues in their jurisdictions. The HQ branch is tasked with auditing the other branches, which falls on the MC's responsibility.
>> No. 29870 [Edit]
File 151191266445.jpg - (352.46KB , 2125x540 , Bossu.jpg )
This five visibly distinguished gentlemen are the Five Chief Officers of ACCA, with Grossular seeming to be their leader, based on a comment made in the episode. With ACCA being a 100-year-old agency, I assume Spade might be the second in command due to his apparent age.
>> No. 30963 [Edit]
I was going to keep making posts in this thread but a hit a wall and couldn't figure out a way to keep exposing this anime without giving away tons of spoilers (albeit minor). Just watch it.
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