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File 148411312335.png - (2.29MB , 1920x1080 , Mayoi_Hachikuji.png )
27674 No. 27674 [Edit]
Which of the Monogatari series has the most Mayoi screentime? I'm far from a fan of supernatural anime, but this girl looks too interesting to just cast Monogatari aside.
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>> No. 27691 [Edit]
The first one I guess?
>> No. 27698 [Edit]
The first one has her arc as well as a bunch of other stories she makes an appearance in. Her arc is really good, actually, it's like one of the few parts that is truly cohesive as a story.

Overall it's not that great an anime though, seriously. I'd say watch the first series and get a feel for it if you've never watched the show before.

The characters are moe and alluring but the dialogue is really stilted and the jokes will go over your head because you're not Japanese/the translation is inadequate. The end result is this weird disjointed story that makes very little sense because it relies HEAVILY on Japanese puns. You constantly feel like you should be laughing but you don't get the jokes because they're not even lost, but abandoned in translation. It really doesn't help that they use a non-linear chronology (not that Isin considering some weeb basement dwellers in America when creating the story).

And then they all have the classic SHAFT infocards, except unlike a show such as SZS they actually say things that are relevant to the story instead of witticisms and in-jokes.

They all look amazing though, invariably they have the best use of limited animation I've seen in my life. Like just thinking about it makes me want to dive back in. There's genuine subtlety there and they do it using the same techniques that give anime a lack of subtlety if that makes sense. SHAFT at it's finest.

Medaka Box is better.
>> No. 30669 [Edit]
Man, the monogatari girls get cuter the longer the show goes on for...
>> No. 30676 [Edit]
File 151756417355.jpg - (130.16KB , 565x800 , ZokuowariAnime.jpg )
>the monogatari girls get cuter the longer the show goes on for
Yes... until NISIOOOOOOOO!!!!! pulls his anti-ace and cuts their hair. Only Hachikuji has been safe from it, for now. They even cut best-girl Oikura-sama's glorious twin tails for the poster of the upcoming anime.
>> No. 30678 [Edit]
I'm with this anon.
They look okay at first but all get ruined. It's almost comical how bad some of them look after their haircuts.
>> No. 30683 [Edit]
>for now
She'll be fine, I think. She's had what, 3 arcs now with a primary focus and escaped a haircut? Even her aged-up alternate timeline version kept the long hair.
>> No. 30684 [Edit]
Hey, nobody expected snake getting NISIO'd (although there were jokes about it), but Sodachi getting the scissors as well was unthinkable. Everyone thought if someone was going to spared was her. Even Araragi had more chance of going bald... and then Sodachi got NISIO'd as well.

Maybe Hachikuji and Yotsugi will be spare of such atrocious fate, but we're talking about Nisio, so it's just by posting we're jinxing the chances of hair survival.
>> No. 30686 [Edit]
I don't much care for the Monogatari series and haven't watched past the first season but I'm curious. Are the creators trying to troll fans by fucking up their favorite girls or something?
>> No. 30688 [Edit]
I don't think the haircuttening is made of ill will, no.
>> No. 30689 [Edit]
But surely they must realize how much it bothers people? Sure a few guys might prefer it, but the vast majority would obviously hate it. It would be the same as making them all gain 75 kgs each to satisfy the fetish of a couple chubby chasers at the expense of everyone else.
>> No. 30692 [Edit]
as far as I can tell the hair cutting (as well as being metaphorical) helps to tell where in the timeline you are.
Also I would like to say that I think the monogatari series is amazing and worth watching all the way through. Although it has its flaws, overall I think it would be one of my favourite shows
>> No. 30695 [Edit]
You absolutely have to watch the second season, to get her ending.

It's totally worth it (unlike Hanekawa's).
>> No. 30697 [Edit]
File 151762719848.jpg - (207.07KB , 1920x1080 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
That's not her ending, though.
>> No. 30698 [Edit]
I smiled ear to ear when I saw that pun. Owari2 was great.
>> No. 30754 [Edit]
File 151791593274.jpg - (112.45KB , 800x650 , 20180207.jpg )
Mayoi is kawaii
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