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File 148213513289.jpg - (224.70KB , 600x849 , 20161223.jpg )
27525 No. 27525 [Edit]
What does tohno think of sports anime (that isn't fighting related)?
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>> No. 27526 [Edit]
File 148213523658.jpg - (90.34KB , 362x500 , 20161221.jpg )
The shonen version of sports anime feels like a fighting anime but without the chance of dying. Haha
>> No. 27528 [Edit]
I don't keep up with them much, but off the top of my head I thought one outs was fantastic.
>> No. 27531 [Edit]
I don't really see the appeal. It's a kind of vicarious experience I don't want to engage on, so I end up finding it boring, even with racing ones (where racing is a main appeal instead of secondary, e.g. Mach GoGoGo [Speed Racer] vs. Freedom).

From the conventional mainstream sports the only one I find somewhat entertaining is hockey (I watch every now and then if I'm bored)... and more because I have an undying love for cold, ice, winter, etc.
>> No. 27533 [Edit]
Air hockey anime when?
You know you want to.
'Conventional' sports anime are dull because they're scripted. They are much more fun when they're silly like Saki or Keijo.
>> No. 27550 [Edit]
I believe both Saki and Keijo are scripted, actually.
>> No. 27571 [Edit]
File 148279305683.jpg - (129.44KB , 465x800 , 20161228.jpg )
Does an Iron Chef style cooking anime count as sport?
>> No. 27573 [Edit]
yakitate japan is the best shonen fighter i've ever seen
>> No. 27604 [Edit]
If you liked that, check out Shokugeki no SOMA.
>> No. 27616 [Edit]
I've liked every Mitsuru Adachi adaptation I've seen. They don't go beyond simple drama but simple drama done well is really nice. Ping pong the animation was also good for a short story.
>> No. 27788 [Edit]
File 148541663825.jpg - (56.32KB , 225x321 , Griffiths.jpg )
I'll give any anime a go..
>> No. 27857 [Edit]
File 148625310954.jpg - (186.29KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Long Riders! - 01 [720p]_mkv_snapsh.jpg )
I decided to give this a go per a buddy's recommendation. I was hesitant because I was really put off by biKe-ON, but this is actually pretty decent so far.
>> No. 27871 [Edit]
File 148662636272.jpg - (112.57KB , 1280x720 , yurixvitya.jpg )
yuri on ice was the best anime of 2016 tbh
>> No. 27872 [Edit]
File 148665011962.png - (885.33KB , 1049x553 , cum.png )
It was pretty good especially for an original series. The staff worked really hard on it and I'm glad Yamamoto finally had a hit. Shame a lot of people won't watch it because of the "Yaoi" but they're missing out.

I want more anime like Yuri on Ice. I'm tired of high school sports anime because it's just starting from square one and the same story even if characters are different. Which sure it's mostly about characters and how much you enjoy the but in anime in general I find myself bored of high school drama unless its really well written. Ping Pong the Animation was in high school but had the same set up as Yuri on Ice. It's about professionals, not kids going to high school and playing for something that doesn't matter too much. The characters start when they're already amazing. Yuuri is the top skater in Japan from the start even if he chokes, he was the best of the best.
>> No. 27889 [Edit]
File 148678585787.jpg - (144.07KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Long Riders! - 02 [720p]_mkv_snapsh.jpg )
So the main character in Long Riders apparently has little to no experience with bikes and has horrible balance problems causing her to fall over a lot. Yet her friend who's an experienced cyclist thinks eating properly before going on a ride is more important than wearing a helmet, which she doesn't get till the second ep.
>> No. 27890 [Edit]
Watching something with Yuri in the tittle and getting Yaoi? Yeah I can't see why people would have a problem with that.
>> No. 27924 [Edit]
Describing my reaction perfectly.
>> No. 28028 [Edit]
File 14880625806.jpg - (104.71KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Long Riders! - 03 [720p]_mkv_snapsh.jpg )
Having a dog that attacks customers doesn't seem like it'd be good for business.
>> No. 28097 [Edit]
File 148889197682.jpg - (107.44KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Long Riders! - 04 [720p]_mkv_snapsh.jpg )
The quality of long ridders really took a dive in ep4 while at the same time pushing bikes to the background and focusing on the characters in cute outfits. I wonder if those two things are related...
>> No. 28206 [Edit]
File 149040407942.jpg - (136.75KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Long Riders! - 08 [720p]_mkv_snapsh.jpg )
It's a bit weird watching a slice of life sort of anime with all the characters being grown up college students who have jobs and can drive and stuff, but not weird in a bad way.
>> No. 28231 [Edit]
File 149101508221.jpg - (181.64KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Long Riders! - 09 [720p]_mkv_snapsh.jpg )
So much QUALITY in this anime.
>> No. 28237 [Edit]
File 149117029885.jpg - (182.09KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Long Riders! - 09 [720p]_mkv_snapsh.jpg )
That staff member was a real bitch. What would it have hurt to let them ride with the rest of their group?
>> No. 28654 [Edit]
File 149370342575.jpg - (128.43KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs]_Long_Riders!_-_12_[720p]_mkv_snapsh.jpg )
...and there goes their hymen.
>> No. 28660 [Edit]
Is there really any reason to be using "they" when that's clearly a girl? I've noticed it pretty often here.

Post edited on 2nd May 2017, 2:12pm
>> No. 28671 [Edit]
I've noticed it too. Maybe English isn't that Anon's first language.
>> No. 28672 [Edit]
File 149384875763.gif - (724.96KB , 500x450 , 1493317859083.gif )

Is there something wrong with using non-gender specific pronouns for non-living, fictional objects?

Or are you one of those people who refer to objects they own, such as a vehicle, as 'she' and complain when others refer to the vehicle as 'it'?
>> No. 28673 [Edit]
Comparing a machine to a fictional female is a pretty terrible analogy to say the least. Why would you even comment on her hymen if you hadn't assumed her to be a female?

Nobody is impressed by meaningless semantics and pseudo-philosophies. I personally don't care if you use gender-neutral pronouns and I'm not the person that brought it up originally, but don't be a cunt.
>> No. 28675 [Edit]
See, I assumed you just weren't familiar with English. But now I know you're a pseudo-intellectual douche desperate for attention.
>> No. 28676 [Edit]
File 149386362697.jpg - (124.67KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs]_Long_Riders!_-_11_[720p]_mkv_snapsh.jpg )
I'm >>28654, but not >>28672. They're (he is) someone else.
I was under the impression both "her" or "they/them/their" were acceptable in these sort of situations. I wasn't aware that "him & her" was required once gender was established. Sorry if I was incorrect and for any trouble I might have caused. English is essentially my third language.
>> No. 28677 [Edit]
no, he/her is not always needed, they is always fine. some people are just anal about that. your english seems fine
>> No. 28678 [Edit]
Ah, I'm sorry I assumed you were an attention whore. I think it's technically correct to say "they" if you want, but it looks really awkward, at least to me. You do you, dude.
>> No. 30637 [Edit]
I like Hill CLimb Girl...
>> No. 30641 [Edit]
Since this got bumped recently and as such I'll feel less guilty about necroing it just to ask a question...

Has anybody seen both Long Riders and Minami Kamakura High? Obviously the premise is extremely similar, with 5 girls forming a bicycle club and whatnot. What would you say differentiates the two? Which one do you consider better?

I'm probably only ever going to watch one so I was hoping for some opinions.
>> No. 30673 [Edit]
Any reason why you can't watch both?!?
>> No. 30675 [Edit]
I've seen long riders but not Minami Kamakura High. The latter looks like it might be better quality if nothing else, maybe I'll give it a shot and report back. long riders was very QUALITY I should say. Some of the caps posted here should make that much obvious. Not particular memorable but if you have any interest in biking it's worth checking out.
>> No. 30740 [Edit]
I've seen both. Neither of them is particularly good or memorable, but they're both cute.
>> No. 30758 [Edit]
Possibly same as yours.

>if you have any interest in biking it's worth checking out.
Truth to be told I don't have that much of an interest in biking. But hey, it's one theme I haven't gone through with cute girls doing cute things shows so I might as well give it a go. One go preferably.

Care to say anything more? I mean obviously they're very similar but they're not the exact same show. What would you say differentiates them?
>> No. 31073 [Edit]
Ice-skating needs more anime
>> No. 31339 [Edit]
How about a FREE bishonen swimming club?
>> No. 31508 [Edit]
File 153305850191.jpg - (157.72KB , 1280x720 , Designs.jpg )
It took me a while but I finally caved in and watched Minami Kamakura.
I've got to say this first, surprisingly this was a really decent show. I can hardly believe it but it was among the best I've watched in July, though that's more reflective of just how bad my July selection was.

I expected this to be a little more on the cute girls doing cute things side I guess but it's more like a watered down sports anime.
The first episode was pretty bad - the worst in the show, so don't get turned off - and more or less what I actually believed I'd get: we started all the way from the protagonist basically learning how to ride a bike. But it kept getting better from there and the pace felt nice - midway through the season, after learning some cycling basics and forming a bicycle club we already got the first small race (among students from the school only). First and last I guess but yeah. There was still time for some more SoLesque stuff afterwards with a couple of long distance bicycle outings.
The show moved along at a good pace that actually kept things interesting. There's no cliffhanger type suspense obviously but somehow you end up feeling curious what's next on the agenda. Maybe because it's actually relatively varied and not the same thing every week.

The series is surprisingly devoid of modern moe tropes or sexualization even (though all the girls are pretty uhm, well endowed for first year high school students), which feels mentionworthy considering how fetishized bike shorts and bike suits in general seem to be. We did eng up getting one obligatory fanservice bath scene very late in the show but it wasn't graphic.
The characterization isn't particularly strong, but then again the other side of the coin are anime which rely on same old overcharacterized tropes like tsundere and whatnot. The girls feel pretty 'human' all things considered. There's an American transfer student who joins later and is your stereotype loud blound using broken Japanese but even that feels like a trope from mid 00s.

Which brings me to this point, the entire anime really is like that. The character designs (pic related) use simple hairstyles and realistc hair colors and only add a little of flair through minor hair accessories. Even the eyes are mostly blue. The artstyle itself is extremely dated look at those eyes and the 'shine' effect on the hair. There's even a girl - well, more like a woman considering she's an adult - who has a fang and wears cat ears. A fang and cat ears! All of this combined makes you feel like the show was made good 15 years ago. It's not a bad thing though, just odd I guess. A bit refreshing all things considered.

You can feel the show didn't have much in the way of budget but it's not that bad. There's some CGI used for some bike riding scenes, be warned if that rubs you the wrong way. I dislike that kind of thing but it was kept to reasonable amounts here so it didn't bother me.

All things considered this was a nice watch and I certainly did not feel like I want a refund on my time after finishing it. If anything I would actually watch S2 of this, though that will be never made cause the show sold horribly.
Since S2 is not happening and I'm actually still in the mood for more I'll give Long Riders a go next.

If you were on the fence about watching this do give it a go. If the topic sounds the least bit interesting to you you will probably like it.
And if you weren't you won't find anything here that will change your mind about school club anime so there's that. This one isn't a groundbreaking genre-shaking classic that will be remembered for years to come, but it's decent quality and it didn't deserve to fly completely below the radar.

WARNING! There are 2-3 min 3DPD segments at the end, after ED. They are actually educational and explain what you should keep in mind when buying your own bike and the like. I had no interest in that but I can't say I mind the show having that to promote the hobby. Just felt like mentioning it though cause others might be more bothered. They're entirely skippable and have basically nothing to do with the anime itself.
>> No. 31528 [Edit]
File 153363833594.jpg - (232.28KB , 1920x1080 , NotMio.jpg )
It's time to answer the question on everyone's mind - how does Long Riders stack up against Minami Kamakura?
Let me just begin by stating I believe Minami Kamakura is the better anime. But surprsingly they're pretty different so not everybody will like Minami Kamakura more.

The are a couple of very important differences that set these two apart. The most notable one is this: the protagonist of Long Riders takes a very very deep plunge. It's hard to understate and this experience gap will be a thing that will set the tone for the entire series. She's a newbie who teams up with really experienced cyclists by ep 2. They start throwing complex cycling lingo at her and talking about 360km courses. For the record, 60km is the last trip in Minami Kamakura and while nobody considers it to be a Herculean effort completing it is somewhat of an accomplishment. The mini race is 10km.
In Minami Kamakura all the girls are new to cycling and they just take it easy. In Long Riders you see a drive to improve and challenge yourself. At a fast pace.

Unsurprisingly this one fits more with modern anime. You get all sorts of unnatural hair and eye colors and a pretty typical artstyle. The author made sure to to pander to everyone: you get a tiny flat blond twintails 'loli', whose best friend is a sensibly tall ara ara cowtits onee-san type character. Touyama Nao voices the protag and it's a very typical Touyama role, which should tell you that this is much higher on the 'moe' scale.
Speaking of character designs, there's this girl <- and I couldn't help thinking she looks quite a bit like Akiyama Mio from K-On, and at first it was hard to adjust to her not being voiced by Hikasa Youko. Somebody had a good sense of humour though cause Hikasa IS a regular in the anime (though she joins a bit later so when I was thinking that I didn't know she'd actually appear in this). And does a very good job at her role - these silly high energy characters fit her much better to be honest.

The last big difference is the mood of the two series. Long Riders has its ups and downs, it never goes all out with drama but it has some drama. Minami Kamakura does. There are moments of disappointment and defeat in Long Riders, and the joy of accomplishing a goal is that muchg greater too. Minami Kamakura is much more subdued and on the calm iyashi side. This mood curve is directly tied to the 'progression' on the path of cycling if you will: things generally go well in Minami Kamakura and it feels like the characters get a wee bit better with each episode, it's a gentle upwards curve. In Long Riders the road ahead is much more jagged. Getting better at cycling is a legit goal here. Minami Kamakura is just having fun with friends in the same club.

One other thing, though this is not a big deal: Long Riders doesn't beat around the bush and reminds everyone regularly that cycling is a really really expensive hobby.

Now the similarities. Remember how I mentioned the 60km course at the end of Minami Kamakura. Long Riders does the EXACT same coastline curse to Enoshima (though in like ep 2). Hell, they even eat ice cream at the same place (real location). Several other developments are repeated almost 100% - in both anime during the Enoshima ride the protag hops on bike without eating breakfast, and hits a hunger knock at some point. Then some more experienced cyclist stop to share one of those super sweet nutritional food pouch thingies.

As for the production values. Let me note I watched the improved reair version of Long Riders - apparently the first one was kinda QUALITY. This looked good, it was better than Minami Kamakura in this aspect. There's some hideous CGI in ep 1 but that's it. Why they put it there you'll never know I guess.

In conclusion - Minami Kamakura is the slow feel good anime, Long Riders is more about serious cycling and challenging yourself. They are different enough to watch both if you have some interest in the subject matter. If you want cycling you're probably better off with Long Riders, if you want SoL/school club anime Minami Kamakura is the way to go and that's what I recommend.
>> No. 31547 [Edit]
Some are good
>> No. 31641 [Edit]
Thanks. <3 Girls on bicycles
>> No. 31643 [Edit]
i'm surprised nobody mentioned loli basketball yet, it was pretty popular when it was out.
>> No. 31645 [Edit]
Are you saying it doesn't hold up? It hasn't been that long and would surely be just as popular if it aired today.
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