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File 147867759198.jpg - (116.70KB , 1280x720 , Kuma Miko - 11 [720p]_mkv_snapshot_22_17_[2016_07_.jpg )
27350 No. 27350 [Edit]
There are a ton of misconceptions among people who don't know a lot about anime. Obvious ones are that it's all smut/gore, or that anime is all "weird". What are some misconceptions you feel should be cleared up?
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>> No. 27353 [Edit]
To those who don't know about Japanese culture anime would be understandably weird to them.

The one that has been prevalent in my observations is that anime is for kids. Again, understandable how that came about since most localised anime is indeed for shounen.
>> No. 27356 [Edit]
i like weird smut and gore
>> No. 27358 [Edit]
I always found it funny how some people assume anime is just for kids, while others see it all as sick and perverted porn cartoons.
>> No. 27363 [Edit]

Anime and cartoons have NOTHING in common, are they stupid?
>> No. 27364 [Edit]
I really hope your post is satire.
>> No. 27365 [Edit]
To people who don't watch the stuff it can easily appear to be all the same shit.
>> No. 27369 [Edit]
>anime is all "weird"
This is not really a misconception. It is weird, and if you watch it you are a little weird.
>people assume anime is just for kids
Isn't it? Even seinen stuff primarily appeals to college kids. Just because you're an adult, however, doesn't mean you can't appreciate that The Lion King is a good movie.

I believe the biggest misconception about anime of all is that I would willingly watch any of that garbage. Shit sucks, senpai.
>> No. 27372 [Edit]
University students are adults, matey.
>> No. 27374 [Edit]
Then they should act like them, kid.
>> No. 27378 [Edit]
Not mentally.
>> No. 27379 [Edit]
That's a nice opinion but adult is adult, set by your government, and differences in adults ,of the same culture, is merely due to time and the inherent social change proceeding it.
>> No. 27380 [Edit]
Whatever you say kid, now run of to school.
>> No. 27382 [Edit]
The most common misconception I've seen is just assuming all fans are either shut-ins or cringy middle-school Naruto weaboos. Which is, for the most part, true.
>> No. 27389 [Edit]
Glad to see you know when to submit to a persons superior.
>> No. 27392 [Edit]
By "weird" I meant in the way people stereotypically consider Japanese media to be crazy random nonesense, as if it were created by madmen on drugs. I'm sure you've seen the "wtf japan" phrase being used around the internet before right?
>> No. 27397 [Edit]
File 147940881661.jpg - (105.24KB , 1280x720 , [KiteSeekers-Wasurenai] Tantei Opera Milky Holmes .jpg )
Imagine if they did do drugs, shit would be so cash.
>> No. 27398 [Edit]
psychedelic mushrooms were still sold legally in japan until about 10 years ago.
>> No. 27404 [Edit]
i dont think the lion king is a good movie

the characters are shallow, the music is cringey, and the story is transparent.

also wwhats with that art lol? And they ripped off a play? Big, Fat, F.
>> No. 27467 [Edit]
They're still somewhat legal to pick/grow in most places.
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