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File 147823833245.png - (781.67KB , 1280x738 , horny anime girl screencap2016-10-31-03h15m05s004.png )
27288 No. 27288 [Edit]
Okusama ga is really pushing the envelope this season. I'm pretty sure we'll get to see the two leading charters have sex before the season is over.
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>> No. 27326 [Edit]
File 147851811646.png - (789.52KB , 1280x738 , anime screencap2016-11-07-03h27m17s922.png )
classic anime
>> No. 27347 [Edit]
File 147866059072.png - (614.76KB , 915x768 , homer wah.png )

hahaha sex? sex!? when have you ever seen sex in an anime!? what kind of delusional world are you living in?

in anime the most closest thing you will ever get to sex... ever, is bouncing cleavage, pantie shots, and over the top flirtation that goes NO WHERE. EVER.

you think an anime will show sex? sex? the fantasy world you are living in is so delusional that it's adorable.

(i'm sure my pic will get me some hate for not being anime, but its the only appropriate image i have for this post. fuck this)
>> No. 27348 [Edit]
File 147866089161.png - (2.10MB , 1920x1080 , Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 5_45_32 PM (2).png )
main characters in anime never have sex! ever! even off screen it never happens!

reminding me of the horrendous absurdities of the medium that i do everything to ignore. fuck you op, you just had to bring all my anger at anime to the surface didnt you!?


>> No. 27349 [Edit]
It really depends on the type of anime you watch. Brighter more innocent stuff will rarely have that kind of thing incorporated, but darker anime with more serious/gritty tones might.
>> No. 27351 [Edit]
responding more seriously, actual sex and sexual relationships aren't unheard of in anime, but they are an extreme oddity.

romance is the most underwhelming aspect of anime; anime is almost incapable of dealing with romance with maturity and always devolves to the most juvenile representation of romantic relationships.

i love anime, but i will say that anime's universal failure to seriously explore adult romance, or to even have its juvenile romantic plot lines lead to any kind of sexual realization is one of the things i absolutely hate about anime.

the only anime that i have EVER seen address romance and sexuality on an adult level is legend of the galactic heroes.

if you could direct me to anime, not manga, that has deals with romance in an adult light, or has sexual realization, i would truly fascinated to see them. i would be in your debt friend.
>> No. 27352 [Edit]
File 147868373565.png - (1.05MB , 1683x1041 , 1438512640729.png )
You just don't get it.
>> No. 27355 [Edit]
File 147869243459.png - (7.33KB , 299x276 , Konata_Fsjal_by_PlatinumGlitchMint.png )
Koi Kaze, School Days & Detroit Metal City (when Kaiser rapes the police officer by accident)
what do i win?
>> No. 27357 [Edit]
Yosuga no Sora, e.f., and valvrave, Also aku no hana (I think, never saw it myself)

I agree the way anime represents romance is generally juvenile by typical standards. That said I personally like the innocent and pure nature of it. Romance in western live action media sickens me the way people use and abuse each other, play mind games, and treat each other like disposable sex toys. It does bother me how relationships often don't go anywhere in anime, often ending on ambiguous notes. That and how people tend to beat around the bush endlessly, but it's also cute and kind of nice.

"Mature" adult romance means throwing yourself at countless random people till one agrees to let you buy them food, watch a shitty movie together, then stick your dick in them after hanging out for a day or two. All while lying your ass off to them to make yourself seem more interesting than you really are, just so you got someone(anyone) to stick your dick in for another night. Then you keep doing that until you find a more appealing sex toy willing to let you fuck them too, at which point you may or may not tell your current fuck toy you're not gonna fuck it anymore, and upgrade to the slightly better fuck toy.
Anime romance is good honest strong slow building real love. It involves people who like and care for each other being close, enjoying their time with eacother in an innocent platonic way, and not rushing anything. Sex in relationships like that has actual meaning, it's making love with someone you love, not ramming your junk in a random person. That's something I find far more mature than mindlessly fucking like animals.
>> No. 27359 [Edit]
aku no hana does have actual sex and sexual relations, at least in the manga. i think the anime covers up till the point at which two characters have sex, but i havent watched it myself.
>> No. 27360 [Edit]
if your pic had featured a similar argument with pics of Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka or Non Non Biyori you would have had me by the throat. but K-on? ha! i can blow you off.

thanks, i'll check those out.

agree on some points, disagree on others.

to address your second to last paragraph:

your perception of romance and sexuality in the
west is pretty spot on. unfortunately, the west does treat sex too casually, as a throw away commodity. like sex, romance has devolved as well, and past what you have said, i would argue that the fall out is the subversion of the nuclear family (very much to our determent).

to address your final paragraph:

though i'd like to, i cant argue against anime more often than not, slowly building to a relationship founded through and on love. however, these depictions of romance are almost always too juvenile for any adult to enjoy. though it may be predicated on love, anime romance is as banal and immature as the romance from the twilight franchise in the west. sure its based on love, but its so fucking stupid that its utterly absurd and meaningless. even the thousands of moronic rom-coms adult women enjoy here in the west always lead to a man and woman entering a monogamous relationship predicated on true love.

as a general response to you, id clarify that i didn't mean to imply that anime was unique in doing a shitty job handling romance. most romance stories, anime, western, or otherwise, are myopic. that being said, though western romance has a licentious identity, at least it explores the substance of ADULT romance, and isn't limited immature, angsty, teen/highschool romance (anime romance is usually predicated on love, but it is predicated on a child's understanding of what love is).

you posters who have listed anime's that feature more adult romance (thank you by the way, i will be looking into all of them) are merely a handful of animes, out numbered by the thousands that have juvenile, no-sex romance. they are the exceptions that prove the rule, just like good western romance like BBC's pride and prejudice or the movie adaptation of persuasion are exceptions to the rule of moronic rom-coms in the west.
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