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File 147671937287.jpg - (144.85KB , 1024x609 , 8467626af4b3252d97fe6c966ce1a4d9.jpg )
27170 No. 27170 [Edit]
List your top 5 anime. They can include movies and ova's.

Mine are:

5)Kaze to Ki no Uta SANCTUS
4)Revolutionary Girl Utena
3)Fullmetal Alchemist (2003)
2)The Rose of Versailles
1) Berserk (1997)

Btw, no need to mention Cory in the House, It's such a good anime that there is just no need to state the obvious.
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>> No. 27172 [Edit]
File 147673732567.jpg - (225.04KB , 500x496 , Kaguya Eating Petal.jpg )
In no particular order:

Kokoro Library
Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu Ka
Cardcaptor Sakura
Rozen Maiden
>> No. 27175 [Edit]
ichigo mashimaro
little witch academy
>> No. 27178 [Edit]
1. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai
2. Azumanga Daioh
3. Aria
4. She and Her Cat
5. Genshiken
>> No. 27179 [Edit]
1. Utena
2. Evangelion
3. Sailor Moon
4. Genocyber
5. Gurren Lagann
>> No. 27390 [Edit]
1. Azumanga Daioh
2. Kill la Kill
3. Kaiji
4. Paranoia Agent
5. Monster
>> No. 27402 [Edit]
This is always hard but if i must to choose five

4)Sket Dance
3)Fate stay/night
2)Azumanga Daioh
1)Gundam (original, Z, ZZ)
>> No. 27406 [Edit]
In no order:

Code Geass
Banner of the Stars
School Rumble
Lucky Star
>> No. 27410 [Edit]
kiss x sis
green green
hyouge mono
b gata h kei
yurikuma arashi
           …and anything with "ichigo" or "strawberry" in the title
>> No. 27431 [Edit]
File 147989525073.gif - (291.25KB , 450x666 , 20161128Fell.gif )
Only five allowed?
>> No. 30755 [Edit]
File 151791637215.gif - (571.01KB , 316x200 , 20171298white.gif )
Too many to narrow it down to five...
>> No. 30757 [Edit]
in no particular order:
>Serial experiments lain
>the Monogatari series
>yuru yuri
it's very hard to narrow it down.
>> No. 30774 [Edit]
Making a top 10 would be much easier but narrowing it down to 5 is quite difficult. No specific order:
Haruhi series (can't choose between the second season or the film)
Yuru Yuri♪♪
Welcome to the NHK
Sora no Woto
Clannad series (I always considered them to be one show rather than two different seasons anyway)
>Hyouge Mono
Great taste, probably the most underrated anime of at least this decade.
>> No. 30782 [Edit]
Yuru Yuri
Shojo Shumatsu Ryoko
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Samurai Flamenco
Cardcaptor Sakura

I have no idea why I liked Samurai Flamenco so much because its the only somewhat obscure one in my ten or twenty and I know a lot of people hated it.
>> No. 30820 [Edit]
>Shojo Shumatsu Ryoko
Kind of strange to consider a show that just aired one of your all-time favourites, I assume you haven't seen many anime yet?
>> No. 30821 [Edit]
>Kind of strange to consider a show that just aired one of your all-time favourites
Not them, but why is it strange?
>> No. 30822 [Edit]
Modern seasonal shows lack quality and the type of shows that tend to stand out the most to people are often one of the earlier ones they watched.
>> No. 30825 [Edit]
I learned Japanese mostly for anime and have watched hundreds of them. I have been following the manga since the start. Honestly I don't think shows I watched when I first got into it had more of an influence on me.
Saying modern shows lack quality is an unfair blanket statement. Have you watched SSR and if so what did you think of it?
>> No. 30828 [Edit]
No idea what this refers to.
>> No. 30829 [Edit]
(S)hojo (S)humatsu (R)yoko
>> No. 30832 [Edit]
I would have thought this was obvious because you specifically replied to me asking about Shojo Shumatsu Ryoko. My mistake.
>> No. 30847 [Edit]
No, that's alright, I thought you were reffering to some other show. I did watch it but I didn't like it at all, the CG at the start already made me sick of it because I can't stand it when that is used in anime regardless of the reason for it or how it used.
>> No. 31463 [Edit]
File 153165963540.png - (1.04MB , 1366x768 , Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 10_46_26 PM.png )
people like you are the reason i come here. i'm giving you both high-fives via the internet.

totally agree. hyouge mono is incredibly underrated. yuri kuma arashi is another seriously underrated anime; its more flawed than hyouge mono , but truly unique (which is a rare quality in the anime world...)

in no particular order

1. is the order a rabbit (first season)
2. legend of the galactic heroes
3. ghost in the shell movie
4. yurikuma arashi

are my "tier one" favorites

i have a bunch of other favs like kaiji, hyouge mono , and sakura trick, but they aren't on my top list because i don't treasure them the same way. the four i mention are my absolute favorites, and all the other animes i love can't compare to these four for me, which is why i don't have a fifth on my top five animes list lol
>> No. 31639 [Edit]
File 153597804998.jpg - (46.87KB , 510x688 , 20180902.jpg )
Gurren Lagann
Princess Mononoke
Spirited Away
>> No. 31646 [Edit]
The first that come to mind in no particular order

Cat Soup OVA
Serial Experiments Lain
yokohama kaidashi kikou
Castle in the Sky
>> No. 31647 [Edit]
File 153626060077.jpg - (395.54KB , 776x1102 , b28a8e544abb076e940e80bebe0dbd7c.jpg )
5. Violet Evergarden
4. C******
3. Koe no Katachi
2. Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?
1. Kill la Kill

This is definitely going to change. I do have to rewatch some anime to really be able to decide on a top 5 or top 10.

btw. If you don't count Koe no Katachi because it's a film, my place 6 is Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.
>> No. 31648 [Edit]
I'm gonna spice mine up a bit by adding some flavor text/ mini reviews

5) Fune wo Amu
very unusual subject matter (it's about a team making a japanese dictionary), handles its characters beautifully, and avoids my most hated kind of epilogue ending (everyone has kids, I HATE that trope). only reason it's not higher is that the subject matter and relatively realistic presentation can easily bore people if the characters dont resonate with them

4)scorching ping pong girls
this got overlooked during the season it's in for having a more moe-looking art style, but it's more like a hype sports anime than a slice of life based on ping pong, and is probably my favorite one in spite of the fact that it's an incomplete adaptation because I loved the soundtrack and direction so much. highly underrated.

3) Sega Hard Girls
it's hard to find a "fanservice in the non-ecchi sense of the word" show than this one. it's 12 episodes of pure sega goodness with a ton of fun easter eggs and actual sega characters along with a genuinely emotional ending. bonus points for how the more I learn about sega the more fun it is to watch, leading me to watch it more than once.

2) New Game!
this one's about a bunch of cute girls working to make video games, but every once in a while it ditches the fun humor for a more serious take and it usually does so quite well. helps that the guy making it used to work in video games.

1) No Game No Life
it's funny how this show is the embodiment of what a lot of people hate about anime (wish fulfillment, isekai, ecchi, the list goes on) but for my money it's one of the most well directed and well written of these isekai shows with a whole cast of characters that I enjoy. I can't think of a single one that got on my nerves that much, even the "annoying little girl" ended up being more endearing than annoying in the end, with her subtle misunderstandings of social norms. and the shiritori battle is one of the best things committed to TV Animation to me.
>> No. 31649 [Edit]
>4. C******
What's this?
I actually didn't like Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume BECAUSE it was too much of a SOL show. The ping pong matches were a lot of fun to watch but the show only had a few of them and most of the show is just the characters standing around and talking to each other about either technique or trivial things. It's the sports equivalent of a shounen series; the pay-off battles at the end of an arc is the only thing that makes it worth watching but to get there you need to sit trough a lot of boring shit.
God-tier OST though.
>> No. 31652 [Edit]
Not them, but "Clannad" fits.
>> No. 31658 [Edit]
it probably helps a lot that I actually liked the characters and their struggles (especially Desu/Death and scorpion girl)
>> No. 31665 [Edit]
>Sega Hard Girls
Never thought I'd see this on anyone's list. One would think most people would have hated it if they didn't completely overlook it due to it coming across as a low budget advert for sega and it's games. If I remember correctly, weren't those "actual sega characters" completely silent due aside from some stock audio clips due to having no VAs? Or was that just sonic and eggman?
>> No. 31666 [Edit]
from what I can recall, the only character a voice actor would have even made sense for outside of sonic and eggman is maybe lala. the rest never speak, even in their own games, outside of stock audio clips. I actually thought it added to the humor when jeffrey showed up and *still* only said "I win" all the time.
>> No. 31724 [Edit]
File 153839138822.jpg - (92.10KB , 624x1200 , 20181001.jpg )
Is he embarrased that he likes Clannad as his top 5? Haha
>> No. 31726 [Edit]
>mononoke no hime
>shinsekai yori
>nagi no asukara
>ghost in the shell (1st ver)
>tamako market

I can't really think of an exact top5, some are completely different genres and I like them for different reasons, so it doesn't make sense to say one's better than the other.
>> No. 34452 [Edit]
How about your fave per genre?
>> No. 34470 [Edit]
File 159534966133.jpg - (338.49KB , 1228x1740 , yande_re 117764 filicia_heideman jpeg_artifacts ka.jpg )
In no particular order.
K-on S2
Sora no woto
Haibane Renmei
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