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File 147298180759.jpg - (11.21KB , 259x194 , Rozen Maiden.jpg )
26902 No. 26902 [Edit]
What episode of the original Rozen Maiden is your favorite /an/??.
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>> No. 26903 [Edit]
I cannot remember it by episode. That is abnormal behavior.
>> No. 26904 [Edit]
Understandable i guess.
>> No. 26905 [Edit]
Staircase fight. without a doubt best ep. (and only one I can even remember really)
>> No. 26907 [Edit]
I agree that one was the best one.
>> No. 26930 [Edit]
File 147335585095.jpg - (303.03KB , 777x1761 , RMnew_zps8ee9a589_jpg~original.jpg )
I don't remember but I liked the last season a lot more. I was putting together my Dollfie Dream those days.
>> No. 26931 [Edit]
The picture that you show is not from the original Rozen Maiden its from Rozen Maiden zurückspulen also that version wasn't liked by many people personally i thought it was just okay.
>> No. 26932 [Edit]
Really? I heard nothing but good things and rather enjoyed it myself too.
>> No. 26933 [Edit]
Same here anon although i hated the ending in the final episode.
>> No. 26937 [Edit]
If you want to discuss RM check out desuchan. The people on this site are just casuals
>> No. 26941 [Edit]
I been there before anon its a nice site.
>> No. 26942 [Edit]
I know. That's what I meant -probably incorrectly- by 'last season'. I also meant it when I said I much prefered it over the original series (both art and plot wise), but that's just me.
>> No. 26943 [Edit]
Personally i hated the ending in the final episode and i also wasn't a huge fan with them changing Suiseisekis personality but other then all that the rest of it was all good.
>> No. 26944 [Edit]
File 147346497545.jpg - (97.41KB , 632x900 , 20160910.jpg )
Any ep with Suigintou
>> No. 26946 [Edit]
Is she your favorite character anon?.
>> No. 26947 [Edit]
Isn't she everyone's?
>> No. 26949 [Edit]
I thought that was Suiseiseki.
>> No. 26951 [Edit]
gin is only popular with they type of /pol/ tier edgykids who think posting hitler pics is shocking & offensive
>> No. 26959 [Edit]
Not sure what you are getting at anon.
>> No. 26975 [Edit]
Best cosplay is Rie Tanaka as Suigintou.
>> No. 29028 [Edit]
I couldn't agree more anon.
>> No. 29029 [Edit]
File 149894686893.jpg - (15.78KB , 300x225 , 300.jpg )
When they befriend kanaria
>> No. 29031 [Edit]
File 149895584445.gif - (329.28KB , 200x200 , shinkuani1.gif )
thats in träumend, not in the original RM (as stated in OP). Sorry to be a stickler about these things (not on your account, but on account of that ep, which I agree is very good), but that post shouldn't be in this thread, it should be in the träumend thread


fukkin plebs u can't hang with me - i'm getting out of this thread
>> No. 29056 [Edit]
Kanaria is a great character.
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