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File 146951248646.jpg - (75.54KB , 332x450 , 80258l.jpg )
26652 No. 26652 [Edit]
Kyoani sure is in the shitter. Remember when they were the anime kings with the best shows every season? They went on like that for years, but that was a while ago and now Kyoani is some of the worst shit the Japanese have perpetrated on this planet since Unit 731 stopped doing business.
I wonder what changed
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>> No. 26653 [Edit]
>Remember when they were the anime kings with the best shows every season?
No. I don't remember them producing a single great show since FMP.
>I wonder what changed
Your taste probably. Hibike is your average KyoAni show.
>> No. 26655 [Edit]
They really were pretty huge and well loved back in the day. In such a short time frame they made some of the biggest and most popular at the time. Haruhi, luckystar, k-on, and their key adaptations were pretty well received too. Shame about nichijou... things really went down hill after that. Even the popularity of Chuunibyou wasn't enough to save them...
>> No. 26656 [Edit]
Help out an old /a/non with shit memory. What did they make that was good? Not joking, I legit cannot remember for the life of me.
>> No. 26657 [Edit]
I'd rank Euphonium above K-on. Better source material, better direction, and a LOT better sound engineering. Chuuni was pretty bad, especially the second one. I think Nichijou is great at what it does. But yeah, where'd the definitive stuff go?
>> No. 26658 [Edit]
How do you people define a show as good? Your personal opinions, or something more objective?
>> No. 26659 [Edit]
Objectivity is a lie. Or rather, humans are incapable of being so.
>> No. 26660 [Edit]
That's already a subject that I think is more complex than I want to discuss, but I guess that answers it.
>> No. 26661 [Edit]
File 146954748323.png - (1.70MB , 1581x1080 , tmp_17164-Lucky_Star_JP_SCR_10_bd-1-544402504.png )
Lucky Star is my favorite anime, but it is great because the manga is great. The manga is better actually. Then the Lucky Star OVA was entirely KyoAni's thing and it was a fucking stupid mess. Their own ideas are awful.

I think everyone can agree a show with dislikable characters or characters that act out of character a lot is bad.
>> No. 26662 [Edit]
File 146955202084.jpg - (140.42KB , 1280x720 , p7K88TS.jpg )
Maybe Yutaka Yamamoto leaving to Kyoani to go make Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens was the death blow
>> No. 26663 [Edit]
Debatable. A lot of comedies, like Nichijou for example, draw much of their jokes out of having their characters constantly act in ways they wouldn't for comedic effect, and unlikable is more of a personal opinion than anything else.
>> No. 26665 [Edit]
You'll have to expect missing details, but you can probably add them yourself.

Fully objective criticism is impossible. Fully subjective criticism is useless. The middle road is: "objectively, subjective assessments will be as follows..." The success of this formula is guaranteed by how similar we are. At the bottom level we like the same things. In art, we prefer what "makes sense". Aesthetically pleasing is "makes sense" for our senses. Emotionally pleasing is "makes sense" for our subconscious. Intellectually pleasing is just "makes sense". The different opinions stem from different understanding. There is correct understanding and stupidity. Correct understanding is seeing where there is structure and what it communicates. Stupidity is not seeing structure. Correct understanding agrees on anime quality, and thus decides it.

>I think everyone can agree a show with [...] characters that act out of character a lot is bad.
This guy is right and gives a good example here.
>> No. 26666 [Edit]
File 146956708389.jpg - (223.56KB , 1313x667 , ☆Haruhi☆Suzuimya☆.jpg )
>draw much of their jokes out of having their characters constantly act in ways they wouldn't for comedic effect
I wonder how many episodes it takes to establish the character's characteristics so that they can start to violate those characteristics for comedic effect?

KyoAni could be back on top at any time by doing another season of Haruhi.
>> No. 26667 [Edit]
File 146956719074.jpg - (138.64KB , 1600x1200 , Haruhi-Suzumiya-haruhi-suzumiya-character-15680219.jpg )
Haruhi has the best ass in the history of anime.
>> No. 26668 [Edit]
File 146956734021.jpg - (77.95KB , 1600x900 , xjyRn.jpg )
You'd watch another season of this girl's genki butt, wouldn't you?
>> No. 26669 [Edit]
Didn't kyoani loose the rights to adapt more of haruhi or something like that?
>> No. 26677 [Edit]
According to Kyoanus nobody in Japan has enough money to pay what the author is asking, which I think means that K-oani wants the rights cheap & nobody see offered xim any money for it.
>> No. 26678 [Edit]
What about Satelight who did The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan?
>> No. 26681 [Edit]
i don't think a non-canon side story compares
>> No. 26682 [Edit]
Side story or not they still need to get the rights to use the characters.
>> No. 26683 [Edit]
That's the guy that hates anime, isn't it?

He's a good director, Kannagi adaptation was well directed.
Though Kannagi is really the only work of his I've seen; his other works don't interest me in concept.
>> No. 26687 [Edit]
It's like I'm really on /a/. Or any other anime community, since they're all identical. Same meme whining everywhere I go to. Suddenly everyone decided that Kyoani is shit, and it's shit because everyone decided it is. No reasons required. Many (most?) people have never even seen any of their shows yet they constantly talk about how bad they are.
>> No. 26688 [Edit]
For a while I was trying to watch every show they ever produced, but lost interest because I genuinely haven't care much for their stuff after Nichijou. I thought tamako was very generic and forgettable, Chuunibyou was mediocre and uninterested, and I thought Amagi unfunny, moronic, and felt like wasted potential.

>Same meme whining
>Many (most?) people have never even seen any of their shows yet they constantly talk about how bad they are.
Sounds a lot like what you're doing. You don't know the people here or what they've seen yet you're criticizing them only on your assumptions. Sounds pretty hypocritical.
>> No. 26695 [Edit]
They're definitely shittier than before.
And I was never a core fan of them anyway.
>> No. 26703 [Edit]
I've never seen him make any non crap anime, which is funny, considering he criticizes everything else. Before doing that he should try to make something worthwhile instead. Well, I'm saying that but I know it's impossible for him.

It's basically the same thing people have been doing about them for about a decade, expect for the first half of said decade they said they're geniuses, for whatever reason, and for the second that they're awful, for whatever reason.
Personally I think all of their shows have been equally subpar all this time and I don't think Hibike is much worse than, say, Haruhi or something. Not that it's good either. I think people are just that fickle.
>> No. 26707 [Edit]
>You don't know the people here or what they've seen yet you're criticizing them only on your assumptions.
I've seen this shit enough times already to know what's up. It's very common for people to complain about Kyoani's shows without having seen them. It's common for people to complain about a lot things in anime without having any first hand or even solid second hand knowledge. Actually watching anime has become totally optional in the Western anime community. Perhaps even passé. I don't know how streaming services make any money.
>> No. 26709 [Edit]
>Actually watching anime has become totally optional in the Western anime community.

In most of them sure, but why assume that of people here of all places?

>I don't know how streaming services make any money.
It's like a gym membership. You pay a monthly fee regardless of how much you use their service. In fact they prefer you not use them as it means less strain on their equipment.
>> No. 26710 [Edit]
OK, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt that you've been consistently watching Kyoani since they started regularly producing their own material and that you genuinely feel that Lucky☆Star, Haruhi, Clannad & Kanon are shit when compared to Chunimoe, Free! & Amagi Merchandise Park.
Virtually everyone disagrees with you & its not because they know little about anime when compared to you, its because you have very bad taste in shows.
>> No. 26711 [Edit]
>Virtually everyone disagrees with you
Where did you get these numbers from? What are your sources?

>its because you have very bad taste in shows
What are your definitions of a good show? List shows you think of as good, and compare them to the shows you think are bad. I'm honestly curious.
>> No. 26712 [Edit]
>Virtually everyone
>these numbers
I don't think they dropped any numbers?
>> No. 26713 [Edit]
Saying "virtually everyone" implies believing that at least, let's say, 80% of people share the same opinion. What poll or research was that referring to, or was that simply calling as base of an argument the projection of a personal opinion to everybody else as something meaningful?
>> No. 26736 [Edit]
He's saying anyone who
a) has watched anime for long enough
b) is smart enough
would disagree with you. In a normal conversation his history of good choices in taste would back up his claim of being one of the qualified anime connoisseurs. He's anonymous here, but we can expect everyone here to have the life experience to qualify or know someone who qualifies, and by that virtue, to understand the legitimacy of his argument. You lack that understanding, and that's why you need "proof".

You're thinking of popularity polls when it's about top percentile critical consensus.
>> No. 30100 [Edit]
KyoAni is about the fangirls now. eg. FREE!
>> No. 30103 [Edit]
Wasn't Free ages ago? What have they done for 'fangirls' since then?
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