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File 146770495070.jpg - (214.30KB , 1920x1080 , maxresdefault.jpg )
26478 No. 26478 [Edit]
Anyone check this out here?
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>> No. 26479 [Edit]
File 146778736535.jpg - (116.05KB , 1280x720 , [gg]_Kuromukuro_-_04_[F4085CC5]_mkv_snapshot_08_46.jpg )
The thing that bugs me about fish out of water stories like this is the character is from the past, not a retard. People around him also do really shitty jobs of explaining anything to him. Just because he's never seen a TV or a cellphone before I would think he shouldn't jump to the conclusion that someone is in the devices. It would make more sense if he assumed it was magic. Why would you think tiny people are in the tv when their size is always changing with close ups and zoom outs, or the lack of depth to what you're seeing? Why would it be so hard to explain what a communication device is? All you gotta say is something like "she's not in the box, she's very far away and this device allows us to speak with them, they're using one too and we look the same way on theirs to them."
>> No. 26490 [Edit]

but then the other characters, who also have no goddamn clue how any of the stuff actually works, can't give horribly incorrect explanations that the guy from the past will misunderstand and lead to hilarity later on.
>> No. 26497 [Edit]
File 146796378232.jpg - (79.02KB , 1280x720 , [gg]_Kuromukuro_-_05_[A3D6E7D0]_mkv_snapshot_03_10.jpg )
Oh fuck right off with this shit. As soon as the teacher announced a new transfer student I was saying to myself "you mother fucking faggots, you didn't just go there." and sure as shit they did. Not that I expected any different from this show but thanks for taking a slightly interesting concept and driving it into the same direction as hundreds of other anime have done before.
>> No. 26499 [Edit]
It's a reference.
>> No. 26502 [Edit]
To what?
>> No. 26507 [Edit]
Are you saying you have never seen it happen in another show?
>> No. 26508 [Edit]
>> No. 26622 [Edit]
File 146924131049.jpg - (141.13KB , 1280x720 , [gg]_Kuromukuro_-_08_[EC5F9ED9]_mkv_snapshot_05_04.jpg )
Looks like we finally found the one person out there who liked Tari tari.
>> No. 26626 [Edit]
Lots of people like TariTari.
>> No. 26640 [Edit]
Shut up wien!
>> No. 26761 [Edit]
File 147029370087.jpg - (166.45KB , 1280x720 , [gg]_Kuromukuro_-_10_[01D8CE38]_mkv_snapshot_12_16.jpg )
A villain who lets themselves get captured so they can infiltrate the good guy's base... yeah never seen that one before.
>> No. 26777 [Edit]
File 147052027452.jpg - (138.44KB , 1280x720 , [gg]_Kuromukuro_-_11_[1083C6B1]_mkv_snapshot_07_32.jpg )
I love how they didn't seem the least bit concerned about the guy waving a gun at them.
>> No. 26826 [Edit]
File 147126252947.jpg - (70.64KB , 1280x720 , [gg]_Kuromukuro_-_12_[0AF96A46]_mkv_snapshot_09_21.jpg )
Jesus this anime sure got dark. Last thing I want to see in my mecha anime is cute girls getting raped. Fucking DROPPED!

Kidding aside it really seems like they were just begging for this whole scene to be taken out of context.
>> No. 26847 [Edit]
File 147173992590.jpg - (161.48KB , 1280x720 , Kuromukuro - 14 (BS11 1280x720 x264 AAC)_mkv_snaps.jpg )
This guy really deserved to get a knuckle sandwich for that shit. It's bad enough he was standing there recording the alien like a mindless idiot, but then after that he really didn't seem to give two shits about the guy that risked their life to save him.
>> No. 26870 [Edit]
File 147208645795.jpg - (83.85KB , 1280x720 , Kuromukuro - 16 (BS11 1280x720 x264 AAC)_mkv_snaps.jpg )
"The guy did a Peter Pan right off of this dam, right here!"
>> No. 26871 [Edit]
And of course there were no repercussions for that, he didn't learn anything, and no one brought it up again.
>> No. 26990 [Edit]
File 147471149223.jpg - (83.17KB , 1280x720 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
If you were to fuck your clone, would it be incest, masturbation, or what?
>> No. 27147 [Edit]
This sure had an anticlimactic ending. With how it ended I'm curious if they're going to have another season, but don't know if I'd care enough to watch it. In a way it ended kind of the same way that Independence day movie ended with them deciding to take the fight to the enimey, which might be neat.
>> No. 27154 [Edit]
Awful awful.

Why can't they just do mecha like Gundamn Unicorn? That's a masterpiece.
>> No. 33641 [Edit]
Don't mind me. I just want to see if it's possible at all to play embedded YouTube videos.
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