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File 142808355189.jpg - (145.01KB , 1280x720 , tennis boys.jpg )
22648 No. 22648 [Edit]
tennis boy is back!
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>> No. 22651 [Edit]
What the hell is wrong with 8 guy's face on the right?
It looks like from one of those yaoi shoujo comics
>> No. 22652 [Edit]
>Caring about anyone other than Tennis Boy
post reported, i hope you get permbarned
>> No. 22744 [Edit]
File 142869001913.png - (88.66KB , 899x571 , [FFF] Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatt.png )
>> No. 22746 [Edit]
Tennis trap guy was the only thing I liked about the 1st season, it was shit at everything else.
I would watch it if it was only about tennis trap guy.
>> No. 22747 [Edit]
Tennis Boy isn't a tarp, he's just a cute boy and there is a big difference between that and trapping.
He can't help it if he's cute, but traps go out and actively attempt to deceive people.
>> No. 22749 [Edit]
Traps are boys that can be easily mistaken to be a girl, doesn't matter if they're trying to. tennis guy is definitely one of those. I forget his name
>> No. 22825 [Edit]
not quite hadena tier shit, but not good
>> No. 23277 [Edit]
this has turned into like the shittiest anime ever.
prob no coincidence that tennis boy hasn't been seen in weeks
>> No. 27437 [Edit]
File 148006075373.png - (960.30KB , 1280x738 , anime screencap2016-11-23-23h14m16s328.png )
there was one of those ovas with anime girls bobbing their heads and making delighted slurping noises because the ramen is irresistably fantastic.
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