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File 140519099195.jpg - (149.83KB , 500x500 , d4b7c8bbb15e9a7b94f91b47d2efa6d3.jpg )
19969 No. 19969 [Edit]
In this thread we come up with our own ideas for anime.
what would you like to see get made?
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>> No. 19970 [Edit]
Cute astronauts doing cute outer space things.
>> No. 19972 [Edit]
planetes & twin spica, noob
>> No. 19974 [Edit]
No, I mean every day live on the ISS or something like that. And planetes is not cute. Don't misuse the spoiler function, that's some /b/-tier shit.
>> No. 19975 [Edit]
File 140519504226.png - (443.94KB , 850x435 , 25a83a3358f4fa236c06ae627c598a2dba4a904.png )
I had an interesting idea for an anime recently, let me know what you think.

Five high school girls who don't know each other wake up in a school club room. They soon find the door is locked and the windows are fake. The entire show is seen from the perspective of the many cameras placed around the room. A tv is left in the room with a videotape that reads "play me" and on it hidden figure explains that they have 13 days to escape, if after 13 days they fail to leave the room they'll 'graduate from life'. Each and every day a paper with a test, challenge, or riddle written on it is deposited into the room that they must complete should they have any hope to leave. During their time together in the room they'll struggle and fight, learn about each other and in the end become close friends. It doesn't take long for them to realize each of the five girls were specially selected due to their personality. One is shy and cute, another is smart and seemingly perfect, the third is strong willed and reliable, the forth is dimwitted but energetic and friendly, the fifth is level headed with no special traits. In time they come to find out the person who brought them together was a crazed otaku who's constantly watching them trapped in the room together for his own sick demented pleasure.
>> No. 19976 [Edit]
First ep of IM
>> No. 20382 [Edit]
Sounds like a toned-down RED GARDEN
>> No. 20439 [Edit]
NHK but people give up and die.
>> No. 20486 [Edit]
File 140885418553.jpg - (239.92KB , 550x2473 , rrrr.jpg )
Chinese restaurant anime
>> No. 20487 [Edit]
Working is probably the closet we'll get.
>> No. 20489 [Edit]
Well, to start it off, how about an anime about a guy that starts thinking that he's hallucinating when he starts seeing weird things in a mirror. Eventually he starts seeing his reflection differently, like with slight variations, until his reflection starts looking back at him and he realizes that his reflection isn't just his reflection but another him. I'm thinking of making the whole 'reflection' thing as a way so that he sees different versions of himself, so that he isn't stuck with only one other static personality, in which would enable him to eventually meets versions of himself that lie to him or try to kill him or something. Like looking at different dimensions of himself. Maybe starting off as horror with psychological elements until it becomes more than that would be the best way to start it off.

I'm still trying to come up with a good explanation for this sudden situation for this guy, but it'll have to be a prequel that features a different protagonist/antagonist as the lead and whether that character inadvertently causes this or something.

The entire thing is kind of rough since I kind of just thought this up an hour ago, but I kind of mixed it up with some older ideas and stuffs. I'm gonna guess it either probably has been done before or just sounds terrible.
>> No. 20495 [Edit]
Seconding this one. It would be a very refreshing change from the "miracles happen" NEET-oriented plots.
>> No. 20503 [Edit]
Naruto except set in England with witches and everyone is a girl and its actually good like the first two arcs and nothing like the rest of the story.
>> No. 20504 [Edit]
I like how the blonde girl looks so traumatised.
>> No. 20613 [Edit]
Let's call it The (Doctor) Who.
>> No. 20625 [Edit]
I don't even know if they've tried that before. I just thought that a bunch of versions of a single guy trying to force themselves as the 'main character' of themself while the real main character finds out that he isn't the main character but a version of him and just runs from the ones that are trying to legitimize themselves as the true 'main line'. It obviously deals with string theory stuff, but I would like it to expand outside of that a little to keep it fresh with concepts, even if mine aren't.

It could be interesting maybe, but I doubt I could make something that people would like. I have very shite story telling skills, even when I try to describe things it sounds boring and uninteresting, even if the main thing isn't.
>> No. 21784 [Edit]
A WW2 anime focused on properly showing how hard war is on civilians and soldiers alike, "now and then here and there" did this pretty well imo, and the crazy bloodbath of battles.
Set on the eastern front.
>> No. 21785 [Edit]
>> No. 21786 [Edit]
File 142135970757.jpg - (1.24MB , 1167x1000 , cd16f5b472a26f9b2bf9e1e4ae192d5c.jpg )

I would like to see some Pixiv Fantasia ideas get animated. Just seem like some really cool concepts that (most of the time) just don't end up going anywhere.

That or I wouldn't mind a second season of Guin Saga, Oda Nabuna, or 12 Kingdoms.
>> No. 21987 [Edit]
File 142252921515.gif - (173.92KB , 257x312 , yFlame.gif )
Burn it with fire.
>> No. 22035 [Edit]
File 142304073530.jpg - (8.79KB , 214x235 , z20150202.jpg )
Scary catgirl doing random things; also she fights crime.
>> No. 22040 [Edit]
File 142312359258.gif - (1.65MB , 400x550 , tumblr_n9r15nlR4K1rsdpaso1_400.gif )
Some kind of magic power source in an interstellar empire breaks apart into 12 pieces, so the military of that empire finds 6 cute girls throughout various branches and trains them into supersoldiers under the command of a deposed general who needs to regain his honour. During the training they form a close bond and the girls as well as the general are very close, so the general volunteers to go with them. They then set out across the universe in a space ship, to collect all the pieces and restore peace. The girls do their best to overcome the challenges of space and collect the fragments while the general does his best to lead them and care for them. It will be like one of those shounen series that never ends, except this will be moe and fun, and it will have a happy ending where they return home and restore peace, allowing the general to retire in honour someplace in seclusion with all the girls.
I know this is probably a dumb idea because I'm just slapping together my favourite genres of epic magical adventure, cute girls, and harem, but I think it's a really fun idea.
>> No. 22419 [Edit]
File 14262488117.jpg - (361.34KB , 800x654 , z20150313.jpg )
A swords&sorcery anime focusing on the first contact between elves & humans
>> No. 22425 [Edit]
i'd like to see kyoani do a non-gay hard ecchi slice of life high school comedy. also someone should animate GTO shonan 14 days
>> No. 27001 [Edit]
File 147496649143.jpg - (139.53KB , 739x1150 , 20160927.jpg )
That can work...
>> No. 27002 [Edit]
mORE cute girls doing cute things.
>> No. 29575 [Edit]
>what would you like to see get made?
They could make new seasons for all manga and light novels that got anime adaptations that didn't cover all of their core material. Gekan Shoujo, Haganai, etc. I wonder why they don't? I'm sure there's audience so why?
>> No. 29576 [Edit]
>> No. 29578 [Edit]
I would like to see the fantasy/adventure genre brought back, but without the "MC gets transported from our world" aspect added to it.
>> No. 29585 [Edit]
Sadly, because usually the deal is made as a way to increase the sales for the source material. Afterwards the legal partnerships fade and maybe the studio, representative or copyright owner want a bigger cut or something like that and the future deal goes nowhere.
>> No. 29592 [Edit]
Seat Wars.

This is an anime with no clear cut main character. The focus would be evenly spread out among a small group of students who find themselves fighting their classmates for control of the seat at the back of the class in a free for all that has them using every trick in their sleeves to reach the end of this competition and be proclaimed "the protagonist".
>> No. 29675 [Edit]
File 151015501754.jpg - (1.07MB , 1069x1575 , __original_drawn_by_karo_chan__a95e13cc8b742a840f4.jpg )
That sounds awesome. I'd watch it.

For me, I would make a WWI CGDCT. Cute girls digging cute trenches.
>> No. 29777 [Edit]
File 15109323033.jpg - (186.29KB , 853x853 , 36e3e2131f2940e8574f5f87b03b67a698a5bbaa.jpg )
I want to see an anime be made about people with waifus or husbandos but it's actually 100% accurate.
>> No. 29781 [Edit]
Well you've got chaos;head with it's stuttering internet addicted 3D rejecting MC who hallucinates about his waifu being with him in the real world.
>> No. 29788 [Edit]
File 151097976623.jpg - (71.89KB , 600x599 , 1477764771726.jpg )

that only works for the B end.

I'd take a nanoha series following Vita life prior to being sucked into the book.
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