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File 134990898786.jpg - (123.50KB , 1280x720 , [Commie] Girls und Panzer - 01v2 [00B0DB16]_mkv_sn.jpg )
11753 No. 11753 [Edit]
165 posts omitted. Last 50 shown. Expand all images
>> No. 33305 [Edit]
File 156681377985.jpg - (126.74KB , 1920x1080 , [AK] Girls und Panzer - 07 (BDRip 1920x1080 x264 A.jpg )
What REALLY bothers me about that event is how Miho gets the blame for throwing the match by abandoning her tank, right where the enimey could easily shoot it. This while an ally tank attempts to move around Miho's tank and block it from enemy fire. First problem here is that Miho is just a tank commander. Her tank would undoubtedly have a crew along side her (something this series sometimes forgets is a thing) That crew can and should by accounts be able to continue the majority of tank operations without her. Miho has already proven she's not much of a driver(but can do it if need be). yet they act like the tank was dead in the water the moment she left it. Her's is one of the top schools, tournament champions nine years in a row, and she was one of the two most important people on the team. There's no way in hell her crew would just freeze up and not have any idea what to do if she jumped ship.

but that's not all. I feel they should not have been in that predicament in the first place. They were driving down a bottle neck directly towards the enemy with the flag tank being second in line (behind the one that fell off the cliff). It should have been better protected and further back in the formation if they were charging at the enemy. If it was an ambush, they shouldn't have allowed themselves to get ambushed in such a horrible spot which is barely wide enough for one tank to drive over. One could also argue that do to how clearly muddy and slippery the terrain was, the third tank in line trying to drive over and around Miho's tank could have just as easily lost traction and pushed Miho's tank into the river too, maybe even sending it right over Miho crushing her in the process.

Disclaimer: I'm not picking at this anime because I hate the series, but rather because I love it and care enough to pay more attention to details like this.
>> No. 33306 [Edit]
File 156681525128.jpg - (282.92KB , 1920x1080 , [AK] Girls und Panzer - 08 (BDRip 1920x1080 x264 A.jpg )
>When is this?
EP08 - 07:44
>> No. 33307 [Edit]
>There's no way in hell her crew would just freeze up and not have any idea what to do if she jumped ship.

They probably would not freeze up but they would be severely affected. The commander is the brains of the tank, she is the one spotting targets and directing the driver. The rest of the crew can only actually see very little.
>> No. 33308 [Edit]
File 156681742518.jpg - (149.14KB , 1920x1080 , [AK] Girls und Panzer - 07 (BDRip 1920x1080 x264 A.jpg )
See the problem with that is tank crews are supposed to know how to take over for other members at a moment's notice when one becomes incapacitated. We see this in action early on when Hana is knocked out as the driver, Miho was about to take over but Mako decides to instead. Before Mako joined, the Anglerfish Team was having members do double duty for their first battle. This was a crew that had no idea what they were even doing yet. So when Miho jumped ship, her crew should have been able to compensate even if she left without saying a word, but for that matter I like to think her being the great commander she is, she would have given 'some' instructions before she jumped out, if not during. Something like "I'm going to go help them, pop this bitch into reverse while the tank behind us moves in to provide cover. Radio girl, you take command."
>> No. 33309 [Edit]
It's hard to tell in the flashback how many tanks they had, but if the battle left her with only three tanks then it would make sense to travel in a formation where the flag tank was in the middle.

>It's anime, don't think too much into it.
But then where's the fun in that?
>> No. 33310 [Edit]
It's not really that simple. They are never going to be able do the job as well. The driver can't really reverse by herself on a precarious ledge like that either, she can barely even see in front of her, much less what is behind her. She needs a commander to guide her, the radio operator may be able to do it but even then she won't do it well(and thus would risk throwing the tank of the ledge just as much as it would be risked without any guidance) and that in turn will effect radio communication.
>> No. 33311 [Edit]
This is fair, but I would say that not doing to job well would be better than doing nothing. It 'could' of course be that the crew had this very same debate and decided it wasn't worth the risk of falling like you said. At the same time, I couldn't help but notice the tank behind Miho's did not hesitate one bit to start driving up and around. They can be seen driving towards Miho's tank while she's climbing out, and going around the second miho hits the ground. This without a commander on top watching what's going on. This leads me to believe Miho must have said something over the radio before getting out. If she can tell the tank behind to drive around, she can tell her own crew what to do.
>> No. 33312 [Edit]
>This without a commander on top watching what's going on.

The Commander does not have to be out of the tank to get 360 vision, that is what the cupola is for. They have the best observation of anybody in the tank, being out just improves visibility.
>> No. 33314 [Edit]
Wouldn't they need the extra visibility in this case? It was dark and raining.
>> No. 33315 [Edit]
I like to think because this takes place in the future, the tanks are fitted with space age armor under the original armor which both protects the crew and measures damage input, calculating when to raise the flag. I also imagine this to be the reason why none of these tanks get permanently destroyed beyond repair.
>> No. 33316 [Edit]
Maybe. I think Miho and Maho are the only ones that really do that in combat situations though. That is one of the unrealistic things about GuP, a sporting body would never allow them to expose themselves too so much danger I don't think they would be allowed to have any body part outside of the tank at anytime. They would risk instant death, not just from the round itself but if it hit a ledge it could easily hurl debris at them or even if it hit the tank shards of metal could break of from the round or the tank.
>> No. 33317 [Edit]
File 156682312531.jpg - (265.60KB , 1920x1080 , [AK] Girls und Panzer - 01 (BDRip 1920x1080 x264 A.jpg )
Absolutely! Miho is very nonchalant about it and in their first real battle, Saori has to tell Miho to get her ass back in the tank after she almost gets hit by a tank shell, and after having tons of explosions going off all around her with debris flying all over the place too. The very first ep implies she gets hit by one at the 3:40 mark. How she didn't take a few rocks to the head is beyond me. It's not just those sisters, Alice is shown ridding on the top of her tank too. I imagine these characters are just very over confident, which causes people to get careless. oh and god were those tiny Anzio tanks were nerve-wracking to watch get tossed around too.
>> No. 33355 [Edit]
File 156747794280.jpg - (139.36KB , 1280x720 , [Commie] Girls und Panzer der Film [BD 720p AAC] [.jpg )
I like the concept of the vollyball club team and how they only took part in the tank battles in hopes of gaining favor from the school and funding to reinstate their club.
I can't help but think though, wouldn't a vollyball club practically cost nothing at all to maintain compared to the tank group? What's the cost of a few balls and nets next to repeatedly restoring and arming war machines?
And shouldn't they already have their team back after winning the finals, and helping to prevent the school from being shut down? It's 'almost' as if there's a missing OVA that shows the team being offered their club back, and turning down the offer because they grew to prefer tanks, which would certainly make more sense.
>> No. 33357 [Edit]
It's probably more a matter of numbers, 4 people might not be enough to make a volleyball club.
>> No. 33692 [Edit]
File 157345432337.png - (3.24MB , 3840x2160 , Screenshot_20191110-223454.png )
For anyone that cares, the mobile game is about to close it's servers by the end of this month.
>> No. 33693 [Edit]
I wasn't aware there was one. Are there any illustrations from it that have to be saved or something?
>> No. 33694 [Edit]
File 157345568033.png - (3.11MB , 3840x2160 , Screenshot_20191110-225827.png )
It's mostly a 3d game but there are some nice cards.
>> No. 33695 [Edit]
Sad. I never played it because my Japanese isn't good enough but I wanted too...

I'm sure they are around somewhere, I know I saw a book of illustrations of character costumes from the game.
>> No. 33696 [Edit]
You don't really need to know any Japanese to play it, I don't. Long as you have some common sense and a basic understanding of how most games usually work, you should be fine.

There's also this other GuP game too
>> No. 33697 [Edit]
Thanks, not that there is much point though considering it's about to close... Still I can use that program for other games.
>> No. 33698 [Edit]
Yeah not much. You'd think they'd have a huge blow out and give out tons of in game currency before the close but nope, instead it's just be stagnating for many months with no new content.
>> No. 34144 [Edit]
File 158299777039.webm - (2.92MB , 1582991371714.webm )
Hey, Finale 2 is out and subbed, after 2 fucking years.
>> No. 34145 [Edit]
Finally! It feels twice that long.
>> No. 34146 [Edit]
File 158300437713.jpg - (148.66KB , 1920x1080 , 1583001103475.jpg )
The pace is atrocious and makes no sense, they will end at 2027 or so and having doubts about being alive when it ends it's not a joke but a serious concern for many. But at least it's really good. But so many things could happen in the almost a decade they are taking, the studio could disappear, the interest could fad away, Oarai could be affected by a tsunami or something like that and everything canceled.
>> No. 34151 [Edit]
File 158304119385.jpg - (290.45KB , 1920x1080 , [ReMux] Girls und Panzer Das Finale - 02 (BDRip 19.jpg )
They have an australian team...
...and they didn't make any jokes about being considered CP for having small chests. What a missed opportunity.
>> No. 34152 [Edit]
File 158304718021.jpg - (533.69KB , 1200x1175 , GuP movies.jpg )
No kidding. I hate it when anime release OVA/Films like episodes in a series but spread them out over years. These could work fine as stand alone movies if the editing wasn't ass backwards. The least they could do is not leave every movie with a poorly placed cliffhanger. BC should have been the soul focus of the first movie/OVA. The run time of that felt too short anyway. This one feels longer while only being ten minutes more because it's like two movies gutted and smashed together. Each movie should really focus on a different team. Start by building up to the new team, introduce them, have the battle, and finish that battle by the end of the episode/movie. You'd think that'd be common sense? Instead it seems what they're doing will just deflate the tension/build up from the previous movie, while giving each movie itself a disappointing and abrupt non-ending. Part 2 seemed like it'd focus on BC, but they're out about a quarter in.

It was nice how in the first movie, BC caught onto Ooarai's intel gathering and used that against them. I thought that was a clever and well done twist. BC acted to be a shitty team full of in-fighting that could very well take themselves out, but we find out it was just a ruse to screw with Ooarai's tactics. We then wait years to find out BC is a shitty team full of in-fighting that could very well take themselves out... Okay.
With part 2 meanwhile it's pretty obvious Ooarai will beat Chi-Ha-Tan by charging at them, and make Chi-Ha-Tan feel like fools for not being true to their charging obsessed nature. But god forbid they put the climax and resolution at the end of the movie!

Girls und Panzer Das Finale part 02, essentially puts the second act first, the third act in the middle, and ends with the first act of what should be a different movie/ep. This can work if you're watching all of these back to back, but not when they're years apart in a film like format in theaters and everything. It's like watching OVA that want to be films but act like OVA.
That said, There's no shortage of fun action, it sounds fantastic in 5.1, it's very well animated and choreographed, and I thought the segment that showed the other team's battles was great. The plot could use some work and felt lacking in part2, but it's not exactly the plot that people are lining up to see here anyway. I just wish these were properly edited with actual starts and ends.
>> No. 34153 [Edit]
Regardless of the pacing they aren't actually movies so they aren't going to follow the conventions of movies. I prefer it this way, it will create a better product in the end rather than having to adapt each episode to being a micro-film.
>> No. 34154 [Edit]
File 158306225980.jpg - (152.60KB , 702x1024 , EGmItn9UEAIxeNo.jpg )
Wow, they aren't movies?! Someone should really inform theaters across japan!
>> No. 34155 [Edit]
Why? They probably actually know this already.
>> No. 34302 [Edit]
File 158780367937.jpg - (135.75KB , 850x1083 , 20200503.jpg )
Platypus & Wallaby are their (nick?)names;
>> No. 34304 [Edit]
File 158782699750.png - (372.08KB , 518x640 , __wallaby_and_kamonohashi_girls_und_panzer_drawn_b.png )
They do such amazing designs for characters that will only appear for a few seconds, it's like they have a magic machine that creates great anime girls for free.
>> No. 34838 [Edit]
File 160223262037.jpg - (1.10MB , 4096x1812 , nz.jpg )
Should have ended at Der Film.
>> No. 34842 [Edit]
That certainly would have been a good send off, but I think it's a fun series that still has plenty of potential, even if the latest installments were poorly handled.
>> No. 35142 [Edit]
File 160562491363.jpg - (824.01KB , 2048x1536 , Eln0B4hVkAAJDIL.jpg )
>> No. 35357 [Edit]
File 161125028498.jpg - (362.65KB , 688x1000 , EsGm__kVQAEGbf1.jpg )
>> No. 35364 [Edit]
Why isn't there a Chinese themed team?
>> No. 35365 [Edit]
>> No. 35366 [Edit]
I don't think they produced tanks during WW2. A cursory glance showed me they used by-then obsolete Soviet ones.
>> No. 35743 [Edit]
File 162254700917.jpg - (80.63KB , 850x1050 , 20210530.jpg )
When's the next episode?
>> No. 35745 [Edit]
1.5 - 2y since part 3 jsut released
>> No. 35769 [Edit]
Kouya no Kotobuki Hikoutai is better.
>> No. 36481 [Edit]
File 166217841439.jpg - (2.13MB , 2652x1762 , A10.jpg )
Ha ha. Nope.
>> No. 37082 [Edit]
File 168034021892.jpg - (283.86KB , 1146x1080 , 20230301.jpg )
『ガールズ&パンツァー 最終章』第4話
2023年10月6日(金) 劇場上映
>> No. 37567 [Edit]
File 170038939144.jpg - (244.07KB , 1500x1000 , 20231117.jpg )
Das Finale 4 is out in japanese movie theatres! Here is a preview.

『ガールズ&パンツァー 最終章』第4話 本編冒頭映像
EMOTION Label Channel
>> No. 37680 [Edit]
File 170321689013.jpg - (171.77KB , 850x1174 , Clipboard01.jpg )
>> No. 37724 [Edit]
File 170434282587.jpg - (58.32KB , 608x562 , 20240104.jpg )
>> No. 37759 [Edit]
File 170451694284.jpg - (179.55KB , 1000x932 , 20240105.jpg )
>> No. 37873 [Edit]
File 170691778727.webm - (275.85KB , WhiteWitch.webm )
Reminder that Das Finale 4 will be out in a matter of weeks.
Panzer Vor!
>> No. 37951 [Edit]
File 171003627642.jpg - (51.96KB , 518x550 , GZ.jpg )
Das Finale 4 blue-ray disc will have ova with the tankery captains of each school.
>> No. 37984 [Edit]
File 171185959928.jpg - (1.37MB , 1800x1699 , 20240404.jpg )
Waiting for Das Finale 5
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