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File 159191019387.png - (259.51KB , 1284x719 , ps5.png )
13797 No. 13797 [Edit]
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>> No. 13805 [Edit]
I think this might be the first time they or anyone really had done a console that can't be kept horizontal. At least it doesn't look like It's designed that way anyway. Not that it would stop people from keeping it sideways.
>> No. 13806 [Edit]
You know, the ps2 had an official horizontal stand. The console that was shaped like a brick. I wouldn't be surprised if they released a horizontal stand for this. If Apple can charge $1000 for a monitor stand, why not?
>> No. 13807 [Edit]
Well that was disappointing, seems like they are ditching their japanese identity for something more global. Ironically, the only ones remotely interesting are the two titles from Capcom and DS. The design of the PS5 looks a little similar to the Asus ROG G20, not very original.

Care to elaborate?
>> No. 13808 [Edit]
File 159194498170.jpg - (210.37KB , 1280x720 , maxresdefault.jpg )
The console is ugly but it's not like Sony have made beautiful consoles in the last decades.
I find the games more interesting, considering the first year of any console is usually shit I can already see a few titles that have awakened my interest. Along with retrocompatibility it could make me thing about buying it if my Ps4 broke or something.
>> No. 13809 [Edit]
Why not just buy a PC with the money you'd put into it? Assuming you don't already have a good one. That game you posted is a multiplat too.
>> No. 13810 [Edit]
I don't like playing PC. I'm technologically illiterate, also I only buy physical releases.
>> No. 13811 [Edit]
I think the design doesn't look bad. But who cares, you are supposed to look at the screen not the console.
Most of the games didn't look that much better than the good PS4 (Pro) titles but that's also because the steam was in 1080p 30fps. With the PS5 hardware you should be able to run a game that used to be 1080p 30 fps in 4K 60fps but I'm afraid that we will end up with 1440p 30fps in a lot of games. I can't even play shooters on a 60Hz monitor anymore (I wouldn't want to play them on console anyway).
I'm curious if they will do anything to improve PS4 games on the PS5 like the Xbox promises.
I never owned any console besides Nintendo handhelds and I've been thinking about getting a PS4 (Pro) but than rumours about the PS5 having backwards comparability come up so I decided to wait.

Probably every one will hate me but I'll likely get the Digital Edition (unless it has less performance like the rumoured cheaper Xbox). I didn't have a optical drive in my computer in a decade and I don't even own one anymore. All my games are digital.
Also I consider buying the new high end AMD GPU before the PS5 comes out so even on release it will be not as powerful as my PC.

Even if I decide to not buy the PS5 I'll likely get the controller. Seems like a better DS4 to me and that is my favourite controller of those that I tried.
>> No. 13812 [Edit]
While I prefer pc gaming myself, I also prefer physical copies. Paying nearly full price for a digital copy of a game you don't actually own and can be taken from you, just feels wrong.
That said, I wouldn't be surprised if physical copies mean little to nothing in this new generation. With the ps4 we already hit the limit of how quickly data could be realistically streamed off a disk, requiring large game installs to HDD/SSD, and on top of that we've already seen some games that are released incomplete on disk and require internet downloads to acquire the rest of the game. In the years to come we'll probably be seeing a lot more of this as disks on their own essentially become demos. Space on disks can also be an issue for AAA games, which could easily hit the limits of what a disk can hold with these new games. The industry also really really hates used game sales, as they don't get a cent from that. The market is trying to shift over to digital only, and the fact they've released a digital only version of the console is clear evidence of this. It might not be this gen, but I'm sure the day is coming when disks vanish from the market.
>> No. 13813 [Edit]
I'm afraid about that but it have to be said that things somehow improved in current generation.
Ps360 gen seemed to be the last properly physical gen but at the end this gen has proved there's a market for physical editions, suddenly even indies and old ports were published (indies almost never went physical in Ps360), big boxes returned (even if most special ed. are an overpriced joke), tons of metal cases if you dislike the plastic, GOTY's if you want to have all in disc, etc.
Bad things are huge patches and some games not having the whole content in disc but things went a lot better than I expected. Now I need to do research before buying anything but at least there's the option of having a nice physical collection.
>> No. 13814 [Edit]
File 159199614217.png - (47.46KB , 750x547 , silverino trinity.png )
Surprised you haven't heard about it. There's a lot of gaslighting going on about the subject but there's some clear proof that it's happening.
>> No. 13815 [Edit]
Remember when god of war, a play station exclusive, had HD tits?
>> No. 13816 [Edit]
Jesus Christ. I think Nintendo is less strict nowadays.
>> No. 13817 [Edit]
I think Sony's bad moviegames by western devs can still get away with whatever. It's the smaller devs that pay the price.
>> No. 13818 [Edit]
File 159201849370.jpg - (149.96KB , 600x800 , eeb7ccabe82e7b019c32a4ab650b6def.jpg )
Aren't consoles kind of a shitty format to begin with in terms of having freedom and getting exactly what you want? The parts are standard and chosen for you, they're not upgradable, you're not free to make and distribute your own software for them, professional developers are limited in what of content they're allowed to "release for the platform", and you can't use them for most things. They're literally just more limited computers. As general purpose computers become more and more accessible, I don't see the point in buying slightly cheaper(not necessarily even), more specialized in theory, but highly limited hardware.

Owning a physical disc is also just an illusion of ownership. It's software. It's literally just data. You should be able to put anything you download on a disc or a usb if you feel like. "Owning data" is a complete fabrication and can only be done through secrecy. Why would you buy that? Why would you support the worst type of software ecosystem possible? Consoles should die
>> No. 13819 [Edit]
I have a gaming PC but I still prefer to play what I can on PS4, it's simply comfort. I prefer to play certain types of games on a lounge in front of a TV. Yes there are ways that I could facilitate this with a PC but it's a lot of work and comes across many issues, which is the way playing games on a PC is in general. I never have to worry about any software issues on a PS4 or that the latest Grachics card update doesn't like the latest windows update and so now the PC crashes once a day or wherever other issue that comes up randomly. The PS4 never has any problems at all, I don;t need to put any effort into fixing or upgrading it at all.
>> No. 13820 [Edit]
I wouldn't know about any of those issues. I only read vns, so a pc is the vastly superior option for me. Do you at least "jail break" your consoles?
>> No. 13821 [Edit]
VNs aren't even games...

No I don't.
>> No. 13822 [Edit]
They're both interactive, entertainment software. You can find both on "game platforms" like steam. Some get a butchered console release.
>> No. 13823 [Edit]
700-fucking-dollars. Better of just having a gaming PC and a Switch.

>VNs aren't even games...
That depends. A "pure" VN, where the only interaction is choosing something, isn't a game in my opinion. However, there are many VNs that are blended with SRPGs/TBS and other types of actual gameplay.
>> No. 13824 [Edit]
Uninteresting event with mostly uninteresting games. Demon's Souls was the highlight, but that's a remake.
If the PS5 is backwards compatible with more than just a selection of PS4 games I might wait for a price drop or a slim version. Otherwise I might skip it entirely. Between everything they've done the past decade, from shit like this >>13814 to all the recent stuff like their patents (e.g., AI listening, heart rate and sweat monitoring or whatever), BLM pandering and the Naughty Dog situation, I just don't feel like giving Sony any money.

Not that I care about Naughty Dog or anything they've made since Druckmann joined, but they still suck and Druckmann is a huge fag.

Plus the fact that the Switch gets the RPGs and all these games now, without the Sony censor, so the only reason to own a Playstation nnow is for their first party titles and any exclusives they get.

It also has to be the ugliest console ever made. Looks like a fake render of the Xbox 720 from 2008 or something.
>> No. 13825 [Edit]
Playing PC it's a pain if you're not particularly interested in messing with hardware and software.
You want to play X game? There's chances it will not work, because whatever reason (PC master race they tell you this never happens, but it does). Then you have to configure the controls. Then it goes slow because your graphic card isn't XXX and you're an awful poorfag but truth is the optimization isn't good and ports from console are usually shit, if they exist at all. Sure, if you know about it and like to build machines most of it will be fine but if you don't care about that and just want to play I don't see why consoles are a bad alternative.
For me, PC gaming of today that consists of Steam-like services, no physical games and mostly multiplatform stuff doesn't awake me the slightest interest.
>> No. 13826 [Edit]
File 159203249011.jpg - (208.03KB , 1920x1080 , EaREkLsXkAguSWy.jpg )
This is something people forget at the beginning of every gen but the first 1-2 years of almost every console are usually shit. Ps3 was atrocious(has no gaems meme) and even Ps2 was remarkably bad.
Considering that, I don't think it was that bad, at least there's some games that aren't generic shit or ports. For me Ghostwire, Stray and new Horizon seemed interesting.
>> No. 13827 [Edit]
If you want to play x game, there's also a chance it wasn't released for whichever console you bought, and you can't buy them all if you're a poorfag. There's no way of predicting the future "lineup" of any particular console. Consoles ports would also probably not be as bad if the software was written for standard personal computers in the first place. In fact, there probably are games like that being made. They have freedom in what kind of content they can put in their software too. The "traditional" console war thing were people argue about which walled garden they prefer because company number 1 has this sort of "image", which means these types of games, while company number 2 has that image, looks really stupid from an outsider's perspective. Which jailer is more benevolent. Imagine if hp told people what they were allowed to program for their computers. Why can't anybody just write whatever they want for the play station, put it on a disc, and sell it to people with no approval process? If it's still more convenient to be worth it though...

Post edited on 13th Jun 2020, 4:30am
>> No. 13828 [Edit]
>There's no way of predicting the future "lineup" of any particular console.

Of course there is. You know PlayStation is going to be a better platform for JRPG's than Xbox, Xbox for certain western games, Nintendo for Nintendos. You know what kind of exclusives each console will have and what public they are aiming for, lots of things like that. It's not rocket science.

>Why can't anybody just write whatever they want for the play station, put it on a disc, and sell it to people with no approval process?

Console market was like that before, and the market got flooded by trash causing the biggest crisis in the history of the industry. Not saying it would be particularly bad or good with today's industry, maybe if we start to get censorship and other bullshit then it will be another thing though.
>> No. 13829 [Edit]
None of that is specific. You don't know what specific games will come out for sure before it's announced. Your purchase could hypothetically become a total waste because of some corporate decisions and you wont know exactly how much value you got until it's obsolete. 70s video games as a whole weren't particulary engaging and there was no easy way of researching them, while now finding what you want would be far easier. Even if the advantage of consoles is a convenient standard, everybody should have access to it. It already has censorship. The model has censorship built into it. Otherwise full-blown eroges would be readily available for them.
>> No. 13830 [Edit]
>Your purchase could hypothetically become a total waste because of some corporate decisions and you wont know exactly how much value you got until it's obsolete.

I don't think that ever happened to me. It could only happen if you bought day 1 something that actually had chances to fail, last case could have been the WiiU. A portable by Nintendo or a desktop by Sony aren't going to be a massive failure without games in any gen, and if it's something that bothers you, you can wait a couple of years to see how things are going.
If I had this trouble of buying a console then not finding the games I want on it you should understand I wouldn't be a console player, if I'm one is because it's the platform that better fits my interests, even just taking catalogue into account.
Like, I'm really into Ryu Ga Gotoku games, and PC gamers, after years, now can say that the new one will come to PC along the remakes of 1 & 2 and Zero. And that's fantastic, but I can't play Judgment, the HnK spin-off or 3,4,5 and 6. Why I should choose a platform that doesn't have all the games I would like to play while a shitty cheap Ps4 has them all?

To play eroges, VN's, Touhou, porn games, I will obviously use the PC, but I don't need a turbo gamer PC for that, anything works.
>> No. 13831 [Edit]
Fuck consoles. Disgusting.
>> No. 13832 [Edit]
I for one think fucking a console is disgusting, but whatever gets you off bro.
>> No. 13833 [Edit]
>You don't know what specific games will come out for sure before it's announced.
The new xbox will have a new halo, a new gears of war, a new forza, and a new version of minecraft. I'd bet good money on this.
>> No. 13834 [Edit]
File 159213744678.jpg - (574.61KB , 1500x1348 , 9f1a21b4e4d0adcb3ff85ba187f6a275.jpg )
Ironically this kind of picture wouldn't be allowed in their games now. At least nobody here is planning on buying the thing, right?
>> No. 13835 [Edit]
Sure, I'm going to.
>> No. 13846 [Edit]
PSV is tight!
>> No. 14062 [Edit]
The PS5 was officially released today.

...does anyone here care?

I don't.
>> No. 14063 [Edit]
I do because Ps4 releases will be slowly drecreasing from now on. But maybe the games will be cheaper too.
>> No. 14064 [Edit]
yeah I think they'll be a hell of a lot cheaper now.
>> No. 14065 [Edit]
I hate it, if that counts as caring.
>> No. 14066 [Edit]
File 160521181132.jpg - (3.42MB , 4096x3069 , 30ca037ec494a91d4f2059f773fff3db.jpg )
I'm not sure if I care. I want to keep my eyes peeled for funny failures from them but I know even that will disappoint. I also think PS5 looks better as a character than as a console. If PS5-chan were a Japanese made character then (hopefully) she wouldn't shame you for liking video game girl butts and expect you to download the BurnLootMurder theme, at least.

Post edited on 12th Nov 2020, 12:10pm
>> No. 14068 [Edit]
It's sad how playstation went from being the weeb console to the AAA million dollar budget movie like ""mature"" game console.
>> No. 14074 [Edit]
I argue PS was never going to remain a weeb console; not with might of SONY behind it.
>> No. 14080 [Edit]
So which one is that kind of console now, the switch? Ps4 still had most of the catalogue but Ps5 censorship and things like NIS publishing Disgaea exclusively for Switch in the west are sign of dark times for Sony.
>> No. 14085 [Edit]
Maybe, they seem less hard on Japanese games than Sony and do have a fair amount of jrpg. It's the console everyone turns to for their fire emblem needs at least. I feel like steam might be filling that gap and then some. Years ago they didn't have anything weeb like, now they've got floods of Japanese games, games consoles would never allow, and many of which aren't even translated.
>> No. 14099 [Edit]
Not interested in any console ever but I have a question for those who follow the news on this thing. Do people take them apart to mount the hardware in homemade cases? I don't think any self respecting DIYer would even bother to plug the damn thing in before doing something about its stupid looks.
>> No. 14100 [Edit]
People often slap stickers and decals on consoles. "skins", which are large stickers designed specifically for consoles are common place and cheap. Actual modding on cases with custom shells is certainly a thing, but I think the average consumer would be too worried about voiding a warranty to do something like that.
>> No. 14105 [Edit]
Demon Souls on PS5 is so nostalgic.
>> No. 14106 [Edit]
>I feel like steam might be filling that gap and then some.
Even GOG is getting on this action.
>> No. 14142 [Edit]
Years ago on 4Chan's /v/, I remember this joke-image somebody made of the Steam Store and it was filled with Japanese VNs. I remember how we all laughed at it on site, as if it were in any way a possible future.
It's beginning to actually seem plausible though.
>> No. 14143 [Edit]
The concept of what constitutes a game has changed a lot in the last 20 years. I think that's kind of funny. To me a VN is as much a game as Street Fighter is, same with a simulation. When people make a distinction between them ("VNs and truck simulators are not games") it confuses me. But, I didn't grow up with consoles at all so maybe that influenced my perspective of what a "video game" is. For one, I never played games on a TV.
>> No. 14206 [Edit]
File 161615131615.jpg - (83.55KB , 564x1193 , 20210321.jpg )
I'll buy it... and mod the heck out of it.
>> No. 14221 [Edit]
It's funny to think that I was nuts about PlayStation back during the 1-3rd gens, like -crazy- about them. So much so I bought the ps3 at launch after preordering it. I've even owned dozens of psps over the years. but the 4th and now 5th have left a real bad taste in my mouth. Call me petty but stuff like replacing the select button with a "share" button made me not want to buy a ps4. Xbox was the system for social normalfags who played with friends and did online crap. Playstation was for the single player nerds who played in their dark rooms alone every night, like me. Their move to more online and social interactions have been alienating to say the least. I'd rather just stick with PC gaming and probably wont pick up a ps5 until years from now when they're being sold at half the price second hand, maybe by then the system will have a few appealing games. As it is, it doesn't have any, not for me anyway.
>> No. 14223 [Edit]
I don't quite have the same brand loyalty as you do but I'm quite similar. I grew up with both the PS1 and 2 and still emulate both from time to time. For a long time the idea of owning a different console was just never a possibility. The direction they are going now feels like a "betrayal" for a lack of better word. I still like and prefer consoles but frankly nothing in the market appeals to me. I never really think too much over it but it's funny how important a brand's image is in relation to its consumers, as you've said xbox always has this sporty, extroverted personality to it for example.
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