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File 139942159981.jpg - (11.45KB , 184x184 , 74467352264cfb59a5279023701a37308c104eaa_full.jpg )
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Let's play some games together already!
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>> No. 13691 [Edit]
File 157382639044.png - (174.21KB , 358x358 , KF Serval 034.png )
I didn't know that 325 people posted here, amazing.
>> No. 13692 [Edit]
They don't. Maybe some of them actively lurk, but as with the case of any imagboard, branch-off community on a more polular "platform", it's mostly made up of people who maybe visted the original a few times.
>> No. 13693 [Edit]
you would like this then:

File 130181861477.jpg - (53.12KB , 575x323 , ezio.jpg )
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ITT, what you're curently playing for the time being, or just finished, new or old games alike.

As is, I'm on assassin's creed brotherhood myself after having finally gotten around to playing killzone 2, which was a tad bit on the disappointing side, but works fine for a mindless shooter I guess.
AC:B on the other hand is pretty good so far I think.
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>> No. 14232 [Edit]
I've recently finished Yakuza 5 and 6 as well, finally completing the mainline series featuring Kiryu. 0 is undoubtedly the best game in the series. It's probably the only game in the series where I bothered to finish up all the side stories/mini games. The yakuza series' plot are always outrageous, if you're planning on continuing on with the rest of the series just wait until you reach 3 and 4. It's the first two games I completed so I don't mind it much but those two are infamous amongst fans of the series. The progression of time and seeing recurring characters with the passage of time is certainly one of the best things about the series, for that reason alone I would encourage you to play the other games.
>> No. 14233 [Edit]
Yeah I fully intend to. I haven't really heard much about them, so it'd mostly be a clean slate. I've got kiwami 2 ready to be installed once I'm done with this one. I kinda hope the pocket racer makes another appearance, but if he does I guess it'd mean things didn't work out with him.
You mentioned the main line games, but one I was curious about was the dead souls entry. Is that even canon? Seemed pretty odd to take the series in a zombie horror direction.
>> No. 14234 [Edit]
Yeah, it's difficult to avoid spoilers nowadays but fortunately Yakuza spoilers aren't too common on the net unlike for example, Persona. Kiwami 2 is great and I hope you will enjoy it, it uses the new dragon engine which is different from most of the series however and some people don't really like how it feels. Pocket Circuit Fighter and the Tamiya mini-game is definitely one of the more memorable side stories but it wasn't a thing until 0 which was only released after 3, 4 and 5. Dead Souls is a spin-off and isn't canon.
>> No. 14256 [Edit]
File 162069337794.jpg - (199.14KB , 400x960 , hector.jpg )
Decided to pick up where I left off in the last entry of the 3DS Story of Seasons games. Given this guy's background, I shouldn't be (pleasantly) surprised that he said this. Love when there's dialogue like this that contrasts with the generally positive, relaxing, and cute atmosphere; really helps bridge a connection with the characters.

File 131709344090.png - (3.60KB , 480x320 , ziggy.png )
4807 No. 4807 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I searched every board and could not find a thread for this. Either I am blind or there is not one. Yes, I know there's a Dwarf Fortress thread, but that is not the same thing.

My favorite game is Nethack and I never get a chance to talk about it. I suppose I sometimes do in the IRC, but IRC is too fast for me.

Anyone here play Nethack?
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>> No. 11453 [Edit]
You really have to read the help section. Otherwise the game will be a pain in the ass to play.
>> No. 11493 [Edit]
File 143082720411.png - (167.41KB , 600x450 , amecha.png )
Does Path of Exile count as a roguelike; especially with the extra difficulty of connection lag? XD
>> No. 11496 [Edit]
File 143119018070.jpg - (45.47KB , 809x530 , Dorf Halls.jpg )

sir, please take your non-ascii bullshit back to its proper containment thread
>> No. 14255 [Edit]

File 134462727919.jpg - (1.59MB , 1750x1441 , welcome to report world.jpg )
7066 No. 7066 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Thread for random video game-related news, so we don't have a bunch of small dead threads
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>> No. 14230 [Edit]
It really is, the last time I tried using Yuzu was a little less than a year ago and nothing worked then.

>In your opinion, is the dialogue simply too bland?
Yeah, I can't quite put my finger on it but it's really bland and felt off. I understand that dialogue in the SoS series have never really been exceptional but I really don't know if it's down to poor localization or simply bad writing. This also applies to the design in general, it lacks the cozy and unique charm that older SoS games exhibits that we've talked about before. To be honest if I didn't know better I would've thought it was a western game or even a HM entry. Don't know if these are exclusive to PoOT or are the previous SoS games also the same, design-wise? I might wait for the latest update to become available before trying it again and speaking of which it seems like there was an announcement about a new DLC. One other thing that really bugs me is the lack of character portraits. The camera doesn't really change or focus onto the characters you are speaking to either, this makes it difficult to recognize the characters in my opinion.

Personally I would like to see more "Japanese" video games being developed like Sakuna. In my opinion Japanese video game industry have always been influenced by the west more so than it hasn't. A lot of "Japanese" genres are basically Japanese reinterpretation of western games anyway, for example early JRPGs like DQ and FF are influenced by games like Wizardry and Ultima. Outside of genres, even design choices have a higher tendency to reflect the west such as the prevalence of western fantasy. Then there are obviously games like Resident Evil and you could argue even games like SoS are fundamentally "western" in its setting.
>> No. 14248 [Edit]
>I really don't know if it's down to poor localization or simply bad writing.
Localization probably didn't help, but considering the feedback from the Japanese audience, it's probably more of the latter, maybe.

>This also applies to the design in general, it lacks the cozy and unique charm that older SoS games exhibits that we've talked about before.
From the screenshots and videos I've seen, the game appears to be "slicker" and more "futuristic", for the lack of better words. So at least graphics-wise, this could have an affect on one's perception. Further, possibly because there's no character portraits, there's a less personable and immersive feeling present.

>Don't know if these are exclusive to PoOT or are the previous SoS games also the same, design-wise?
I've only played Trio of Towns, and while it looked like ass color-wise, I believe it still had that cozy atmosphere. So this is a little disturbing to learn.

>One other thing that really bugs me is the lack of character portraits. The camera doesn't really change or focus onto the characters you are speaking to either, this makes it difficult to recognize the characters in my opinion.
It's funny you mentioned that issue because, and I could be mistaken, the 3D models' expressions were a reason for not including portraits. Even assuming this gets fixed, the absence of portraits will still be felt since they will almost certainly better convey a character's emotions.

>Personally I would like to see more "Japanese" video games being developed like Sakuna.
I was strictly speaking in the realm of genres, but more games that are influenced by aspects of Japanese culture would be appreciated.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 14253 [Edit]
File 162017957349.jpg - (116.27KB , 1000x563 , Made-in-Abyss-Binary-Star-Falling-into-Darkness_20.jpg )

I wonder how much of the gore and dark elements will they be able to maintain. At least it's Spike Chunsoft and officially supervised by Akihito, I've always thought that the series might make for an interesting game although I have no idea how it should play out. Playing as a new and unnamed character will be interesting.

Post edited on 4th May 2021, 6:57pm
>> No. 14254 [Edit]
>I have no idea how it should play out
Dungeon crawler seems like a natural pick.

File 132933931891.png - (406.09KB , 1286x900 , 8387665.png )
6105 No. 6105 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Hello /vg/.

I come to you today with a request.

Do you know of any genuinely scary games?

I've wanted to be scared for a while now, but nothing seems to do it, so I'm turning to games for another try.

Any recommendations?

Also, Horror general, because this genre as a whole is great.

Post edited on 15th Feb 2012, 1:40pm
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>> No. 11220 [Edit]
I played a little of 5 Days a Stranger. The graphics are obviously terrible, but I remember it being genuinely tense. It's been a few years since I played the little amount I did, though.

While Demon's Souls and Dark Souls 1 are very atmospheric, I disagree that they are scary. Although, maybe it's because I played them so much. I think I might have been tense my first time through the Tower of Latria and New Londo. The groaning in the tower, while annoying, is unsettling when you don't know the source. And the ghosts I remember being being scary when I didn't know their mechanics.
>> No. 11358 [Edit]
File 142304045851.jpg - (8.79KB , 214x235 , z20150202.jpg )
Play-to-win micro-transcation games.
The amount of money you lose to those games are truly scary.
>> No. 11363 [Edit]
File 142321894231.jpg - (14.49KB , 300x225 , Forbidden-Siren-PS2-Shibito-300x225.jpg )
Siren series.
Roam around Japanese rural cult villages where you play as multiple characters that need to escape and use a power called sightjacking to see from the POV of the Shibito, corpses reanimated by supernatural forces. Unlike normal zombies Shibito retain a sense of intelligence and personality. They are immortal as well so make use of that sightjacking. There's a bunch of other monster types but I won't spoil them.

In the second game they ramp it up by having you play as a blind character, that has to use his sightjacking on his trusty German Shepherd and the Shibito as well in order to navigate. This was my favorite part in the series.

There's three games, two on PS2 and a reimagining of the first with American reporters and a transfer student as main characters on the PS3. The PS3 entry is also structured like a TV series with a linear story while the PS2 games requires a bit of backtracking to unlock the true ending.
>> No. 14252 [Edit]
BIOHAZARD/Resident Evil isn't scary at all...

File 134672626020.jpg - (172.88KB , 1024x768 , gta3pc_001.jpg )
7269 No. 7269 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
If real life was like videogames...
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>> No. 11191 [Edit]
It could be enjoyable
>> No. 11193 [Edit]
I'd be able to get 100k dollars just by calling a number on my phone and live the neet dream
>> No. 11208 [Edit]
..only the good parts will be in the trailer;
>> No. 14251 [Edit]
I would get all the chicks.
Cheep cheep.

File 161997166232.png - (555.18KB , 550x925 , 3562debe8ea6cb3dc7333c01ed88b35d.png )
14235 No. 14235 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I feel like playing something, like an rpg. I don't know where to look or who to trust when it comes to recommendations since out there it's a flood of garbage and ulterior motives.

Strategically focused and good aesthetics are mainly what I'm looking for. A good story is preferable. Something with a pc version too. Even better if it has risque elements. The last game I played was Monster Girl Quest Paradox, so something in that vein would be nice.

Post edited on 2nd May 2021, 9:08am
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>> No. 14245 [Edit]
File 161999747419.png - (414.54KB , 550x925 , 86f93e770cb861a777b48998fbc98e9f.png )
>Ulterior motives?
Friends with the creators, something political causing/preventing a recommendation. The usual. I don't feel like people are honest or well-informed in most places.
>You could emulate it.
Which is always slow and annoying.
>unless you want typical JRPG
Why can't a mostly typical JRPG be challenging in some way that doesn't have to do with a lot of grinding? I didn't mean the genre "SRPG", I just meant an rpg where you have to think.

Post edited on 2nd May 2021, 4:19pm
>> No. 14246 [Edit]
I don't know if it's going to fit your criteria but the Saga Frontier Remaster was released on PC recently, other than that there's Persona 4 and if you want something more recent there's DQ11. Those are the only few RPGs I've played in recent times that I can think of at the moment. If you want translated eroge you could try here
>> No. 14247 [Edit]
>Saga Frontier Remaster
Looks interesting. Thanks.
>> No. 14249 [Edit]
It doesn't imply anything, I don't play games in order or particularly care if a game is old or not, Soul Nomad just happens to be one of my favourite RPG's ever and it fits the criteria. And obviously I don't play all games and PC isn't even a platform I use for most of the year, so extrapolating my recommendation to a supposedly terrible situation of the RPG genre is just an awful idea.
If you were asking for newer games then I guess Valkyria Chronicles would also fit, IV is relatively new, though I can't say too much about the story.

File 151426142985.jpg - (71.03KB , 850x908 , K9q8rVG.jpg )
12807 No. 12807 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]

20. Cuphead
Studio MDHR, Xbox One/Windows

19. Statik: Institute of Retention
Tarsier Studios, PSVR

18. RiME
Tequila Works, PC/PS4/Xbox One/Switch

17. Night in the Woods
Infinite Fall/Finja, Windows/Mac/Linux/PS4/Xbox One/iOS/Android

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 14163 [Edit]
File 161204948289.gif - (2.49MB , 758x1000 , f2.gif )
Nioh 2 was fun & a good sequel gameplay-wise.
>> No. 14242 [Edit]
File 161999456659.jpg - (160.18KB , 987x768 , 20210509.jpg )
2017 was a good year
>> No. 14243 [Edit]
Funny how things just keep getting worse and worse, so people take a step forward as a good sign, even after taking 20 steps back.
>> No. 14250 [Edit]
All this tells me is that either people are making poorer choices with their money, or people have more money to blow on stupid shit. Hell, it's probably not an exclusive-or situation.

File 159191019387.png - (259.51KB , 1284x719 , ps5.png )
13797 No. 13797 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [Last 50 posts]
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>> No. 14143 [Edit]
The concept of what constitutes a game has changed a lot in the last 20 years. I think that's kind of funny. To me a VN is as much a game as Street Fighter is, same with a simulation. When people make a distinction between them ("VNs and truck simulators are not games") it confuses me. But, I didn't grow up with consoles at all so maybe that influenced my perspective of what a "video game" is. For one, I never played games on a TV.
>> No. 14206 [Edit]
File 161615131615.jpg - (83.55KB , 564x1193 , 20210321.jpg )
I'll buy it... and mod the heck out of it.
>> No. 14221 [Edit]
It's funny to think that I was nuts about PlayStation back during the 1-3rd gens, like -crazy- about them. So much so I bought the ps3 at launch after preordering it. I've even owned dozens of psps over the years. but the 4th and now 5th have left a real bad taste in my mouth. Call me petty but stuff like replacing the select button with a "share" button made me not want to buy a ps4. Xbox was the system for social normalfags who played with friends and did online crap. Playstation was for the single player nerds who played in their dark rooms alone every night, like me. Their move to more online and social interactions have been alienating to say the least. I'd rather just stick with PC gaming and probably wont pick up a ps5 until years from now when they're being sold at half the price second hand, maybe by then the system will have a few appealing games. As it is, it doesn't have any, not for me anyway.
>> No. 14223 [Edit]
I don't quite have the same brand loyalty as you do but I'm quite similar. I grew up with both the PS1 and 2 and still emulate both from time to time. For a long time the idea of owning a different console was just never a possibility. The direction they are going now feels like a "betrayal" for a lack of better word. I still like and prefer consoles but frankly nothing in the market appeals to me. I never really think too much over it but it's funny how important a brand's image is in relation to its consumers, as you've said xbox always has this sporty, extroverted personality to it for example.

No. 12251 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Watcha playing?

Anyone else playing Granblue Fantasy? You can collect waifus and aidorus.

Mod edit: Do not make a mockery of waifuism like this here.
21 posts and 13 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 13854 [Edit]
Didn't want to create a new thread for this, but apparently microsoft's new flight simulator released and it looks quite amazing [1, 2]. Of course I probably won't be able to play it for several years considering I have an underpowered laptop and no other reason to build a PC (For those who can, it seems to require a gtx 970 – seems like that was released in 2014 so not terribly demanding I think; at least not on the level of the recent behemoths that have been used for ml training. It does use up all 100GB of disk space though).

[1] MSFS Tokyo 東京 夜 Night:
[2] Tokyo (Japan) in Microsoft Flight Simulator:

Post edited on 19th Aug 2020, 1:52am
>> No. 14087 [Edit]
File 160542109743.jpg - (37.63KB , 474x897 , ELBn23JUUAEkeTB.jpg )
Playing Team Fortress 2 again; better than Overwatch imo
>> No. 14117 [Edit]
File 160680800392.jpg - (79.93KB , 500x500 , 66292546919d1fbcdeabee1ad40cf241.jpg )
Despite the sale price for the full game being $1.99 at the time I'm making this post I decided to play the demo for Chantelise: A Tale of Two Sisters.
The story, as far as I got, was that a red moon shone and turned Chante, the eldest of the two, into a fairy and the two need to find the witch who did this and revert the spell.
As for character actions, it's pretty basic so far in what Elise and Chante themselves can do. Enemies drop crystals of different colors which can be used in the order you picked them up so Chante can perform spells. Elise herself can move in eight directions, jump, do a basic combo attack, a jump attack, lock-on, and do a sliding dodge in any of the eight directions she can move in. Sometimes she gets what looks like a critical hit as well though I don't know if that's random or if there is a certain trick to doing it on-command. I don't know if there is more they can do later but that is what is available so far.
The game is quite dated in more than just the way it looks but I'll start with the graphics first. To me, it looks kind of like N64 graphics in it's environments. The environments are often rather barren with grass and trees scattered here and there and a grass texture put on a lot of land to travel if you're in a grassy area. It's a nostalgic look and one that I really miss.
The characters have sprites instead of 3d models which is something that I found myself liking. I think the intention by the devs was for it to look like an actual anime that tends to feature detailed backgrounds but the characters having the simple and classic anime art style and I feel that it works well.
The camera is at a set level and can only be moved left or right. No zooming, panning, first-person, or anything like that. This is the first of the conveniences that I miss and have gotten used to because I like being able to look at all of my surroundings, high and low. I can't change around controls so I have to go without inverted camera controls. A minor inconvenience but something I feel is worth stating.
The voice acting is alright. I was never very good at gauging the quality of Japanese voice acting but I think it does it's job well-enough. It doesn't sound any different from the usual Jap voice work I hear in anime, at least.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 14219 [Edit]
File 161753770646.jpg - (37.82KB , 611x610 , 1DnD.jpg )
Dee Jay execution grinding in SSF2X

Bonus: Zangief whiff-punish on Guile's 2hk

File 161686278459.jpg - (506.17KB , 566x800 , 5ee362b998c856ccc3479eb2af48ce5e.jpg )
14214 No. 14214 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
This thread is for the sharing and discussion of unreported bizarre bugs that you've come to encounter during your time playing videogames.
I'll start with this one from Fallout New Vegas:
I was at the Freeside entrance to the Strip, when one of those random maniac vagrants appeared. I used VATS to kill him. But VATS was very slow, even more so than normal, much slower than usual. It took almost a minute to the bullet to hit the guy. I tried it again, same result. I went to pip-boy to see if there was something wrong, so I pressed B and pip-boy opened, when I pressed B again, the pip-boy closed but at the same time, I fired my weapon. I tried this one more time, same result. I tried to shoot normally, it would work only with the B button, and it seemed slower, I couldn't connect two shots very fast, with semi-automatic and fully auto weapons, the weapon fired only once, then a pause and I could fire again. Knifes and similar hand-to-hand combat weapons also worked like this. But they would respond to the normal RT trigger, to attack. The knife wouldn't connect the slashing attacks like it should, but only slash once, return to initial position and then I could slash again. I tried loading another save, but nothing worked. I exited the game and removed the CD, it was very hot, VERY hot, almost burning. I left it outside to cool down, and next time I played everything went to normal again.

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