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File 145802745617.png - (431.89KB , 1640x2368 , mens rights.png )
7 No. 7 [Edit]
What are your thoughts on men's rights?
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>> No. 10 [Edit]
File 145805318475.png - (694.00KB , 559x813 , 1457678800178625.png )
Being a man isn't as easy as women think.
We're mistaken as savages, ruthless and rapists. A violent and unreasonable sex, we're always right and always get what we want by force, because we were priviledged by nature and by God himself.

Well, turns out we're fucking awesome indeed but we're fighting a constant battle since puberty. No man is complete without something only a woman could provide in his life. Be it in anime, music, art, etc.
Men need a bit of women as much as women need a bit of men. If not, we're only half-men, only violent and ruthless like some women like to portray us, and this is only true for these half-men.

A complete man must be hard as a rock while sensible as a flower.
Aaah~ being a man is so awesome.
>> No. 13 [Edit]
What should we do about the rampant gynocentrism on /an/?
>> No. 14 [Edit]
More like what should we do about the rampant gynocentrism on IRC
>> No. 16 [Edit]
It's something we inevitably have no control over as random 'nobodies', so I try not to fret about it.

Yes, women have easier lives in western culture (especially if you're introverted or a NEET). Yes, it's irritating to watch them dismiss mountains of rock-solid contrary evidence and statistics as "misogyny" or "mansplaining" in favor of promoting their own fallacious and frankly warped worldview in which they're eternal victims and men are eternal perpetrators. And it's definitely irritating to see their buzzwords being regurgitated all over every corner of the internet even when nobody even brought up gender politics (good luck finding video game articles or reviews that don't have feminist quips or commentary attached). But at the end of the day, there's not much we can do about it but try and avoid it.

Why, are there still histrionic 'femanons' on IRC? I haven't bothered to check for years.
>> No. 18 [Edit]
For as much as feminists bitch and moan against Capitalism and the right wing, they certainly are the most efficient tool the establishment has for distracting the public from the real oppression: class and income based.

Maybe it's because their "leaders" are from privileged upper class high income families, but want to take advantage of low-information 'oppressed' people.

Just look at Jonathan McIntosh and his dad's Puerto Rican private island with a yacht with "spotty wifi", his puppet Anita Sarkeesian who already was privileged enough to get shat through uni with a bogus major and gets $20,000 every time she trips and skins her knee and blames it on "teh ebil menzzz", Brianna Wu, whose dad paid her college debts and gave her an extra $200,000 to make her shitty game (which her husband basically did all the harder work, she just used her 7th grade doodles she made in tech ed as character designs) and even then she still gets thousands from a Kickstarter for the same game, and over $10,000 per month for sitting on her ass.
>> No. 20 [Edit]
>only violent and ruthless like some women like to portray us

Is anyone here violent and ruthless in their daily life?

I mean, I hear this argument from both sides, but by default the sum of my masculinity is just a passive stoicism. The last time someone gave me a black eye, I just kind of looked at them with a questioning look and shrugged.
>> No. 21 [Edit]
I think that was the point. Men aren't the savages that women have a tendency to portray them as. Quite the opposite, actually- they've been shown to have greater control of their emotions and inhibitions compared to their female peers. Males' comparatively greater ability to remain calm under pressure is an often cited (but not "socially acceptable") reason behind the discrepancy of "leader roles" between the two sexes.
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