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30 No. 30 [Edit]
What's your stance on abortion?
>> No. 31 [Edit]
Abortion is a difficult topic.

On the one hand it kills kids which is something I support. On the other hand it gives women a choice.
>> No. 32 [Edit]
I really don't care. I don't consider it murder, but I definitely don't think it's a "human rights issue" either. It's just another convenient excuse for western women to start up their tired "MUH BODY" tirades, showing everyone once again that they egotistically believe themselves to be the only person involved in the creation and nurturing of life.

It slows population growth a bit, and the genes it removes from the gene pool are always very low quality, so that's a plus.
>> No. 33 [Edit]
In my opinion, abortion should be law for prostitutes.

I've seen a couple of sad things thus far in life but nothing compares to the sight of a crackhead prostitute with a ballon-belly.

It's like i can predict, feel the suffering and pain of this chis child, even before being born.
>> No. 40 [Edit]
Glad it exists. Those who abort don't want their child. If they couldn't abort that child most likely wouldn't have a good life. Also there would be even more humans on earth. I don't agree with it being murder since it isn't a person yet.

Of course those children who aren't wanted would probably like to stay alive once they have a life, same with the disabled, they want to stay alive because that's the only chance they got regardless of how bad it is but the possible future doesn't really matter in my opinion, a fetus doesn't know what it'll lose if it gets aborted and we don't have any obligations to a thing with the potential of becoming a person, if we had, we'd be pretty fucked because we would have obligations to our sperm and we'd be killing a fuck ton of potential persons by not impregnating a woman every minute.

My mother didn't want me either by the way. She just has a moral problem with abortion.
>> No. 333 [Edit]
Cult of Moloch, keeping their child-sacrifice rituals alive and well in [current year]
>> No. 509 [Edit]
Legal, mandatory for handicapped fetuses or signs of (hereditary, chronic, ...) illness.
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