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File 161030320961.jpg - (121.87KB , 850x1105 , sample_76423cdfac4f98149d553e9da8f5fcf8.jpg )
1036 No. 1036 [Edit]
Over the last two weeks I've had an inordinate amount of free-time, a lot of which I wasted torturing myself by exposing my mind to normalfag neurotoxins because I'm masochistic, self-destructive and frustrated by my complete inability to control the enviroment around me. The result of all this was a list I made about feminism. So lets talk about it to heal our addled minds and restore a bit of sanity.

Feminism, regardless of whatever someone's nonsensical personal interpretation of it, tends to have a few common tenets:

1. There is a patriarchy, a society-wide, concerted effort to keep woman down. Every man who does not "fight it" is part of the patriarchy.

2. Promoting feminism is the way to promote general equality. If society reached "peak feminism" there would be no issues that disproportionately affect either sex. Quality of life and happiness will also certainly be higher for everybody.

3. Women are a victimized class of people today and in the western first world. They are victimized more so than men. Feminism cannot exist unless woman are "the victims" and will never become obsolete because the goalposts will be perpetually changing.

4. Human beings are born blank slates. There are no innate psychological differences between men and women that tend to occur. If there are any exceptions to a potential trend, that proves that the trend does not exist. (extension of Marxism)

5. Feminism cannot be characterized by the words and actions of individuals or groups with money and power who identify as feminist. It is only characterized by vague, theoretical ideas.

6. Women are not a hive mind and are all unique individuals who can not be generalized in any way, but they should have a strong sense of group identity and work towards common interests. "Sisterhood" and individualism are somehow not contradictory. A shared victimhood should be the unifying factor among women.

7.Social norms and trends are not an inevitability and can somehow be removed from society so that "everybody just does what they feel like". Feminism removes social norms rather than replacing them.

8. All media portrays of women have a direct effect on how they are treated in real life(people will copy what they see), which justifies restricting what artists are and are not allowed to create.

Post edited on 10th Jan 2021, 10:32am
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>> No. 1037 [Edit]
>5. Feminism cannot be characterized by the words and actions of individuals or groups with money and power who identify as feminist. It is only characterized by vague, theoretical ideas.
This seems to apply to communism as well. In the real world, communists define what communism it to the world, not vague and ever shifting true scotsmen.
>> No. 1048 [Edit]
Happy birthday Kei!
>> No. 1049 [Edit]
People seem to like to be victims.
I have noticed feminism, at least radical types, kinda died off after it came out the women's marches were for Sharia law or whatever.
I think it will eventually become one of those obscure internet ideologies because even women seem to be alienated by the "not-real-feminism stuff".
>> No. 1082 [Edit]
File 161267819476.jpg - (455.50KB , 1280x720 , 018b3714f5fbc04b8ab726a1f2699a93177056b2.jpg )
I don't know if feminism is still popular among normalfags, it seems to have kind of fallen from relevancy in lieu of more trendy causes.
The only people who still care are twitter nobodies and youtube personalities with troll's remorse or are trying to impress legbearded women.
Regardless, "true" feminism won't ever reach mainstream acceptance because most people dislike most "tell how me to think" ideologies, or at least ones that are straightfoward.
Feminism also doesn't have the cool aesthetics that attract young people to extremism.
>> No. 1083 [Edit]
Openly identifying as a feminist has certainly died off because it's no longer 'cool'. But that doesn't change that nearly all women still follow and believe in the tenets of (radical) feminism, even if unconsciously.
>> No. 1084 [Edit]
File 161305041636.png - (130.48KB , 255x192 , TSEV9254.png )
You could say that about any extremism related to identity. People even 3DPD deserve the benefit of the doubt because most people don't give that much thought to it.
>> No. 1089 [Edit]
Until something comes up which offends their sensibilities. Bears don't become something else when they sleep, so what do you mean by give the benefit of the doubt?
>> No. 1090 [Edit]
I agree with >>1089, I don't believe that people who act unconsciously deserve greater patience. If anything, someone who is unaware of the ideology they've adopted is more sickening to me than an espoused radical activist. At least there's something I can respect, even if only a little bit, in someone who knows what they're doing. There's nothing to respect in a dumb animal.
>> No. 1091 [Edit]
I disagree, everybody has an ideology. It doesn't mean they have to shout it out to the world or that they even acknowledge it. People that unaware of it are unaware because they aren't screaming on the streets for the internet for attention, they have a set of beliefs and they just continue to live their lives. The most annoying people I know are people with awareness of their ideologies.
>> No. 1093 [Edit]
I'm getting the feeling you have no idea what "awareness" means in this context. I'm having a hard time understanding why someone who was unaware of their own beliefs would be less annoying then someone who was self-aware, unless for some bizarre, unimaginable reason, you took "awareness" to mean "spreading awareness loudly and everywhere". People who are not self-aware are pretty obvious, and pretty annoying, so it's not like they're somehow silent people that don't talk about shit that betrays their unconscious bias. They just do it without knowing that some teacher with who espoused feminism or communism grafted those ideals into them through some mediocre anecdotes and narratives in a college social sciences class. In fact people who are self-aware don't tend to make a big scene of themselves and are often, in my experience, a lot less outspoken because they are aware of the natural contention between different schools of thought and watch their words when trying to hold polite company. Just from people I've known, self-aware otaku are pretty hard to discern and don't come off as a big anime fan at all until you mention something yourself that might be related to anime or VNs or whatnot.

To put it more simply, consider the concept of "hiding your powerlevel". Someone who isn't aware won't even try to do this.

Post edited on 14th Feb 2021, 3:10pm
>> No. 1094 [Edit]
Well simply put if you are not aware of your identity you cannot play identity politics now can you? So any opinions these people have are only going to come out in a semi-relevant context(in which they would anyway), they are not going to loudly proclaim that they are an anarchist and challenge people to argue with them if they don't know they are an anarchist. And that is the thing here, most politics these days are identity politics.
>> No. 1095 [Edit]
File 161339469618.jpg - (407.40KB , 850x1254 , sample_2e77c6a4817d27f19e13e10efb954314.jpg )
That's a naive outlook. People will do all kinds of things without thinking too hard about it. They just assume their way of thinking is the only proper one and argue with anyone who expresses something that opposes that view point. They don't like to identify as some specific school of thought because that would imply there are any other schools of thought. One of their favorite lines is "there is no such thing as an sjw".

In their world, there is only a correct way of thinking and aberrant ways of thinking. They think "normal thoughts". Identity politics are all about things a person can't control, not what their ideology is. I've unintentionally ended up, or almost ended up getting into arguments with average people who otherwise don't express much of any opinions far more, online and in real life.

So yeah, they wont go on their soap box, but that's because they assume everyone "normal" and "decent" already agrees with them. They will attack and shout down anybody who reveals that they don't though. Here's an example of that happening

Post edited on 15th Feb 2021, 5:20am
>> No. 1096 [Edit]
Even were that to be true which I don't think it is as a great majority of people don't actually care much for politics. It would just make them the same as people with set ideologies, only the problem with set Ideologies is that they are set. People identify with them and are thus far more involved and attached to them and far more likely to argue for it and defend it even in situations where an individual with similar views but what had not labeled himself as part of that group might admit that there was a flaw and concede. Because it is now part of their identity any attack on it is an attack on them.

Most normal people don't assume anything of the sort and I don;t think that thread backs anything up either.
>> No. 1097 [Edit]
>a great majority of people don't actually care much for politics
So they don't care much for it, but that's most of what they talk about along with finances. That's what they choose to drag into every situation. Saying people don't have a set ideology also implies their way of thinking can easily change.
>I don;t think that thread backs anything up either
Alright, I see that you're determined to be obtuse about this.

Post edited on 15th Feb 2021, 6:12am
>> No. 1098 [Edit]
I forgot to mention I'm not American, I know things are a bit weird there and people take politics more seriously. In my country and indeed most developed nations attachment to a party is kind of cringey. Most nations don't have anywhere near as much personality cult type politics as the US has recently, to us most politicians are a bunch of suits.

Barely anybody talks politics here, hell the only people that do are Trump supporters and Vegans and they don't shut up about it(and they each identify with their position). I'm nut sure about your situation and where you are and who you hang around with but you must remember that certain groups gravitate towards political discussion to begin with, image boards certainly do and I can belive that anime would consedring how horrid the western fanbase is. But it's generally not something you find in normal society.
>> No. 1099 [Edit]
File 161342977867.png - (97.92KB , 241x257 , PHDC6523.png )
>In my country and indeed most developed nations attachment to a party is kind of cringey

Sort off topic, and this might be a weird thing to say, but as someone who grew up mostly an observer to western/northern hemisphere politics, this seems to mostly be in countries that were founded by the English because they are definitely guilty of this also and it sort of just bleeds into their cultures.
2 things, 1. when you're talking with western anime fans about these things, you're not curbing it, you're just swallowing it and internalizing it. 2. the "decent" rhetoric is becoming the new "current year" in that "decent human bean" is becoming mocked, people are starting to see through this shit.

I will add, as someone who has lived in both US and South Africa, even in countries with polemic, identity-heavy climate the average person doesn't give two shits about politics and the US can easily observe this with how many non-voters they have, the argument you are making is when coloured get up in arms about how most whites secretly or subconsciously believe in white supremacy because they don't constantly bitch about it.
>> No. 1100 [Edit]
I feel kind of bad for playing devils advocate now.
>> No. 1102 [Edit]
File 16135176698.png - (2.03MB , 1365x768 , RVKY8548.png )
I was listening to political talk out of curiosity. There was an article in the LA times about "aggressive niceness" because her white, republican neighbors are doing her favours like plowing the snow in front of her home.
It reminded me of this thread, and how peoples nearly religious treatment of politics causes people to make assumptions of character and motives simply on identity and political allegiance.
>the argument you are making is when coloured get up in arms about how most whites secretly or subconsciously believe in white supremacy because they don't constantly bitch about it.
Just replace, whites or 3D with like muslim and hindu.
>> No. 1103 [Edit]
There's nothing contradictory about people being conservative and doing their neighbors favors though. If anything, that's the stereotype. People write stupid articles like that to gets clicks and ad revenue. Clearly it worked.
>> No. 1104 [Edit]
According to the radio program I was listening to she bitched about her neighbours on Twitter for weeks before writing the article. She seemed genuinely bothered by it. I think it was more craziness than clickbaiting.
>> No. 1105 [Edit]
Its bizarre that extremist politics which used to be a hallmark of imageboard types are now universally despised outside of the remaining /pol/s and /int/s.
>> No. 1106 [Edit]
File 16135274233.png - (15.17KB , 300x300 , 1612382542809.png )
I don't know what you mean by this. Despised on imageboards? If that's what you meant there's nothing bizarre about it. Over time they kill discussion and move onto to greener recruitment pastures. They weren't always around either, they invaded during the 2010s.

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