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File 158262778178.png - (1.96MB , 950x1337 , 15589c000f48ba0e702502d7339cbb77.png )
798 No. 798 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
What do you think japan and it's culture would be like today if it stayed out of WW2?
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>> No. 969 [Edit]
People seem to forget that Japan was culturally genociding the Koreans and really killing others at the time.
>> No. 1004 [Edit]
That's simply impossible since the state ideology of Imperial Japan, State-Shinto, was religious in nature. Japan staying out the war or winning the war would have meant a strengthening of its native religious traditions (Shinto) and a weakening of all foreign doctrines, including Buddhism, which wass already happening prior to the war.
That and the fact that Christianity had already been present in Japan for centuries and never managed to spread outside of these obscure little communities.
>> No. 1005 [Edit]
Korean culture is shit so that's okay.
Chinese killed more of each other during their civil war than Japan did in their war against them.
>> No. 1006 [Edit]
>Age is irrelevant
'They cannot believe that there are cultural values that are the result of centuries of historical development, which cannot simply be bought. It was no bad joke when, after the war, they bought the ruins of German castles and moved them stone by stone to the U.S.A. They really thought that they had purchased a piece of national history embodied in stone, and were naive enough to think that mocking laughter from Europe was respect for the wealth that enabled them to buy what their own tradition and culture lacked'.

'Although we affirm the technical achievements of our age, we see behind them an intellectual strength that grows from the roots of our people. Machines are a means to an end, not an end in themselves. As much as we appreciate the achievements of modern civilization and use them to improve life, we know that they are not the sole meaning of life. There are national values that are the result of centuries of history and tradition. They cannot be purchased, only built by the labor of generations'.

File 160704961167.png - (15.66KB , 400x500 , 52c886572060ed562bf26db48ab39d5e.png )
986 No. 986 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
This thread is for talking about the general trend of certain fields of science becoming more focused on supporting pre-existing, politically correct ideas than observing reality.

Today I looked at the wikipedia article on Mongoloid and noticed how bereft of information it is. Then I looked at the talk page and I think I finally get why some people hate wikipedia.

The Japanese version of the article on the other hand is still full of infoモンゴロイド
The Chinese version is sparse, but based on my translator, the opening paragraph mentions higher IQs in East Asian children than European and African ones. It also links to this
>Using improved methods and public data, we have revisited human evolution and found sharing of genetic variations among racial groups to be largely a result of parallel mutations rather than recent common ancestry and admixture as commonly assumed.

The Japanese race article人種 has a section about dna which includes charts and plenty of references to Chinese and Japanese studies. There is no Chinese or Japanese version of the Scientific racism article.
>> No. 987 [Edit]
Social sciences always had an undertone of politics. Sadly even biology/medicine is starting to fall under its sway.

File 151084937447.jpg - (385.48KB , 1291x650 , 1391169946941.jpg )
374 No. 374 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Did you know that, ever since the US forced Japan to do Democracy, the Japanese have elected the Liberal Democratic Party 95% of the time?
That means the LDP has been in government ever since 1945, with only maybe two exceptions.

What ever the Americans had hoped Democracy would do, I don't think they achieved it.
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>> No. 983 [Edit]
File 160670962532.jpg - (363.20KB , 800x735 , anime vs cartoon templates.jpg )
historically Japan likes cute from the start which is why Bokko will always be better received than garbage like Minnie Mouse and the only reason westerners complained over Minnie looking sexy in that fashion commercial is because the west is a mentally ill culture, after all the west celebrates fat women.
>> No. 984 [Edit]
>the west celebrates fat women.
I'd say it's something that a lot of people here are reluctantly forced to live with. Yes there are some people who claim to like it, but for every one who does I think there's another who's only saying as much to hopefully win some favor. I refuse to believe everyone here is okay with it. I see average sized men with women twice their size all the time, and I wonder to myself how these guys don't mind that. Call me vain but I think physical attraction is half of a relationship, and you can't have a healthy relationship if the sight of your partner naked makes you want to vomit.
I think it's something men here accept because there's not much choice. They want companionship, but they can't be picky. When most of the women are like this and complaining would get you ostracized, they must feel like there's no alternative.
Ironically, these same men would consider someone like me pathetic for not giving in and taking whatever I can get.
>> No. 985 [Edit]
>Yes there are some people who claim to like it, but for every one who does I think there's another who's only saying as much to hopefully win some favor.
It seems like it's a commitment thing. Very few guys actually prefer fat girls and if you dig down into those who claim to it's because "they try harder" or "are more loyal". I've seen women use the same logic to justify dating someone far larger than them. I can understand the visual appeal of chubby but these people try to talk people who are downright obese into being sexy when fat fetishism is really rare. Just look at porn and then look at the amount of self proclaimed "chubby chasers". It's gross that people view a partner fatter than them as a plus because they "try harder" and "won't leave". The extreme of this is feederism but you see the same thing play out in a much lighter way all the time.

Polite sage for off topic.
>> No. 1085 [Edit]
File 161305051951.png - (638.10KB , 921x894 , XPSM8205.png )
Fat acceptance is widely mocked even by progressive types, the only celebration of that is by fat fetishists and that happens in the east too if you dare to brave certain tags on Pixiv.

File 151410356384.jpg - (124.92KB , 1280x720 , [BakedFish] Ai Mai Mii Surgical Friends - 08 [720p.jpg )
409 No. 409 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Is earth flat, round, or upside down?
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>> No. 483 [Edit]
File 152313339021.jpg - (301.92KB , 1600x791 , 18419d520064b996d93d1874989a61c9a1bd906a5b299dfe87.jpg )
the earth is round and hollow
>> No. 966 [Edit]
Earth in Chinese and Japanese is written as 地球. The characters are ground and ball. It was coined by somebody who lived in the sixteenth century. Irrefutable proof that it's round.
>> No. 967 [Edit]
They must be part of the conspiracy as well then.
>> No. 1108 [Edit]
File 161371906788.jpg - (731.82KB , 750x1059 , 19348a427cc25070c2186c84ff77b2e1.jpg )
It's inside out.

File 156476312094.jpg - (27.02KB , 480x240 , 499c52fcc578e5c237b53d923816d3c58efcde311d9ae8978b.jpg )
660 No. 660 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Regardless of :



-skin colour

-political views



Most people in every country in the world is just uninteresting and boring .
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 943 [Edit]
Apparently you yourself did not understand what I meant in my post, so I'll spell it out for you: I'm under no delusion of my self worth, I am among or indeed even am the most worthless of humans to ever live in history. Wow, holy shit, what a big fucking ego, that's definitely what I said or suggested in any way in the slightest in any of my posts. Because I hate normal people that must mean I think I'm better than them, right? Even though that's the metric by which I hate them? Bottom line is either kill me so I don't have to live in the same world as them or kill all of them.
>> No. 945 [Edit]
Yes, i didn't understand what you meant in your post, it had seemed as if you mockingly quoted my post when actually you were quoting yourself. We'll forget about those two posts and continue with the discussion. Still you did not understand my post about vanity which meant that all pursuits and interests are vanity. Throwing a ball around and thinking about philosophy are the same at the end of the day because both are vanity. What does it matter if someone is extraordinary or normal? Both of them will die in the end. Unless you have included yourself in the category of boring uninteresting people, which you have definitely implied you aren't in, then yes you do think you're better than other people. Your interests are no better than anyone elses because interest is subjective. If someone likes football trivia and talks to another person with the same interest, then that is an interesting conversation (relative to the participants), regardless of whether you are interested or not.
>> No. 946 [Edit]
There's nothing wrong with vanity. There's also other metrics to compare one interest to another, like how mentally strenuous it is, or how disconnected it is from reality. It seems like you're trying to make some nihilistic point about equality. I don't really buy it.
>> No. 950 [Edit]
>which meant that all pursuits and interests are vanity.
in the abstract yes, but it is the nature of groups that I in the group that hates football will also be seen as similarly dull and uninteresting by those who play football, the point ultimately is that from the point of view of those in the same group as me there is no purpose to interacting with a foreign and hostile group.
>What does it matter if someone is extraordinary or normal? Both of them will die in the end.
The purpose is self-determined, just as you determined to spend time making the post. All choices in this regard are objectively equal, I agree, but very little of human existence is governed by consideration of the objective.
>Both of them will die in the end. Unless you have included yourself in the category of boring uninteresting people, which you have definitely implied you aren't in
The point I meant to imply is that I am not in the category of people who are exciting and interesting to other people, which is to say that they are the opposite to me just as I am boring and uninteresting to them. Because they hate me I hate them, that's the crux of the matter, and I wouldn't have it any other way, I'd sooner die than be one of them.
>If someone likes football trivia and talks to another person with the same interest, then that is an interesting conversation (relative to the participants), regardless of whether you are interested or not.
Objectively, sure. Subjectively, I'd wish they'd die so they'd leave me alone.

File 157054465064.jpg - (221.78KB , 850x1202 , __original_drawn_by_tori_qqqt__sample-fcb58474267f.jpg )
691 No. 691 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I made a thread on a Christian forum for fun. I don't have any problem with them, it's just interesting, but you can see how anything you say to them rolls off like water on a leaf. They can't seem to accept human similarities with animals. They're really convinced we're the most important thing in the universe. It's like they're stuck in this little box. They know a lot about the bible and that's about it. I'm not "debating" them or anything. Why do you think people get stuck in these bubbles?
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>> No. 722 [Edit]
You're acting like an animal right now, whether you like it or not. In any social situation you may find yourself in, everyone acts like an animal. We are animals. There is no distancing yourself from it. You don't even know what acting like an animal means.

Post edited on 3rd Dec 2019, 12:25pm
>> No. 723 [Edit]
>In any social situation you may find yourself in, everyone acts like an animal
I tend to act like a plant: a wallflower.
>> No. 788 [Edit]
>Why do you think people get stuck in these bubbles?
Because Christians are stupid.
>> No. 917 [Edit]

File 158517622035.jpg - (560.10KB , 777x1036 , 4c8cce9d75465e93817d979a89b26a2eddad25af25bcc0f39f.jpg )
826 No. 826 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I'll start with mine

It would be nice if the majority of the boomer, 60's counterculture, TV generation all just croak from this virus.
But it would be equally nice if this virus distrupted the public schooling system so that everything moves online.
The government then finds it an effective means of cutting costs as they don't have to payroll as many teachers, supply facilities, equipment, etc.
What this would mean is that a whole generation would not be socially conditioned
1. by their parents who are too busy with work to have time to babysit
2. from school which only consists of online courses rather than irl social pressuring/indoctrination

Without any social setting they would end up shaped by the non-conformist online community at large.
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>> No. 912 [Edit]
>If it doesn't personally affect you too much, why care?

Everyone is affected by the economy. Everyone, including you and I can die from the virus. If you disagree, consider that the current death toll of the virus already spawned a global recession that dwarfs the one that began in 2008.

>Things needed a change for the better. Something drastic. Break a few eggs.

The fallout from COVID-19 is not society in the process of changing for the better. Anyone who thinks otherwise is deluded. You may not be aware of it, but there is a world that exists outside of your college campus.
>> No. 913 [Edit]
>consider that the current death toll of the virus already spawned a global recession that dwarfs the one that began in 2008.
Not really. It was the response to the virus that spawned this recession. Sweden knows what's up.
>> No. 914 [Edit]
I'm surprised that I have to clarify this, but it isn't a literal statement. The fallout is from the response to the deaths, not from the deceased no longer contributing to the economy. I don't know why someone would interpret it as that.
>> No. 919 [Edit]
>I don't know why someone would interpret it as that.
I want the distinction to be made because seemingly many people have this idea that the virus is an autonomous being who's mankind's archenemy. The anthropomorphism allows a warlike response and the vindication of the people who fucked up during this shitstorm.

File 159211572178.png - (598.18KB , 895x637 , Michiko_ep_2_part_2.png )
878 No. 878 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
any brazilian who smokes Paraguayan malboro and drinks "brahma" to debate animes and video games?
>> No. 879 [Edit]
Oh god no, don't attract others.
>> No. 899 [Edit]
File 159701492621.png - (223.67KB , 399x485 , 15640247185.png )
Usually i smoke paraguayan marlboro and drink vodka to debate animes and videogames, but just on the internet.
Also, brahma tastes like piss, i wouldn't recommend.

File 156387472268.jpg - (231.72KB , 640x480 , lonely-house-in-the-meadow-4608x3456_30362.jpg )
657 No. 657 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Less noise, less congestion, less corporations, less rules, less taxes, less concrete... maybe not quite a world of hunter-gatherers and stone huts, just a simpler and more free one.
3 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 716 [Edit]
I dont mind primitive living, I go camping/hunting all the time. Some people dont care that its gross or dirty, they prefer the simplicity and connection to nature.
>> No. 718 [Edit]
You always have a comfortable house to return to though, right? Camping and sleeping in a tent is different from actually permanently living in a filthy shack.
>> No. 750 [Edit]
Barring internet connection, a lot of the pleasantries of a home in the city can be recreated small-scale in the country. At the risk of blogposting, my mom moved from the city into a trailer in the middle of fuckall about 2 years ago with no money and very few working faculties (like a decent toilet or consistent electricity). And as of posting this, she's dug up underground and set up the pipes, gotten a generator for electricity, built a chicken coop, and revamped the shed into a studio.

Not to mention that well water is, at least in my opinion, a lot nicer than the bitter city water. I would never personally be willing to forgo an internet connection for the other niceties, but you can live an incredibly comfy life provided you put in the initial efforts to recreate it, with the added benefit of near complete independence. But of course a lot of it comes to personal preferences and what trade-offs someone is willing to make.
>> No. 751 [Edit]
Yes, it would also be nice if the country was less populated and more wild in general, the problem now is that all land is owned by somebody and used for something.

Maybe, you could opt for a middle ground and live in the middle of nowhere but in a developed country where you will have all that anyway. Basically what we have now but with less people.

File 153108960040.jpg - (51.07KB , 1024x819 , 1524791284_84038297.jpg )
533 No. 533 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
/tat/ do you feel that anime artists depict females with unreasonably outsized and protruding genitals in order to appeal to homosexual, bisexual and other cock-hungry viewers?
10 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 638 [Edit]
Also it's Taihou from kantai collection.
>> No. 643 [Edit]
>unreasonably outsized and protruding genitals
If one give a damn about unreasonably sized or uncharacteristically drawn body parts, I don't think that image would be appealing to one regardless.

I like both!
>> No. 687 [Edit]
According to my understanding, I think it's either baboons or chimpanzees for whom, when in heat, the genitalia of the females swells to an enormous size so I don't think the people who have the puffy vulva fetish are closeted gays. I think they're just more animalistic than normal. Just out of curiosity, has anyone here ever been aroused at the sight of a mare's genitalia? I know I have. It's like regular genitalia, but larger.
>> No. 729 [Edit]
That's actually how they look on younger girls though, particularly 10-14(maybe later as well). I think it grows out of proportion to the hips and the hips catch up later.

I'm not a paedophile or anything I just have three younger sisters who were not always that shy about the way they dressed or acted at home.

It's their arse that gets bigger.

File 156878376362.jpg - (57.45KB , 300x300 , threadmill.jpg )
684 No. 684 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Psychiatry only exists as a means for charlatans posing as doctors to trick individuals into forking over large amounts of cash in exchange for complicated excuses for their terrible behavior as well as access to otherwise illegal addictive feel-good pills.
Agree or disagree and also would an airplane be able to take off from a treadmill or not?
>> No. 685 [Edit]
What do you mean by terrible behavior?
>> No. 686 [Edit]
Oh no not this stupid airplane question again (>>/navi/1012). I'm also not sure why it needed to be posted since it's probably going to derail any discussion towards your main point.

I think that the field of psychology and psychiatrists in particular are mostly ineffective. That being said for a large majority of normal people's problems (hypothetically sadness due to a breakup or some other surface-level trivial issue) it's possible that just having someone to "talk it out" with and being patted on the back with platitudes is sufficient to re-patch their facade of life. But psychiatrists are pretty much ineffective for anything else, and any advice they give is vastly overpriced for what amounts to items found in self-help books.
>> No. 837 [Edit]
Mental illness is real. People who deny this are honestly the far worse version of flat earthers and anti vaxxers. I'm not really sure how you can deny the existence of mental illness unless you think brain scans and measures of chemical balances in the body are all faked by aliens. The way I see it, it's just another way for people to replace complex reality (mental illnesses exist and each one requires special treatment) with a simple fake reality (mentally ill are just lazy and should be put in work camps, maybe not what YOU personally believe but where the movement is headed) that allows them to remove inconvenient people without having moral qualms.

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