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File 151125413161.jpg - (109.84KB , 1280x720 , [aniKoi] Yuusha ni Narenakatta Ore wa Shibushibu S.jpg )
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What are some thing you believe that most people wouldn't agree with, or would possibly get upset about if you told them how you really feel about it?
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>> No. 1349 [Edit]
I'm talking more along the lines of downs stuff, you know, non-verbal, unable to learn, deformed. That's not as much of a grey zone, I'm not talking about aspergers here.
>> No. 1350 [Edit]
It'd be better to screen for that during a pregnancy than euthanize somebody who's already been born. Somebody cares about them and I doubt they'd like your idea very much.
>> No. 1351 [Edit]
Sometimes it doesn't show up until later, but yeah abortion is better. I think the "people that care for them" thing is mostly cultural. A lot of people caring for them will say some dark stuff if you catch them in an honest moment.
>> No. 1352 [Edit]
>I think the "people that care for them" thing is mostly cultural. A lot of people caring for them will say some dark stuff if you catch them in an honest moment.
In such a moment, a caretaker might admit that their life would be better if such a crippled dependent weren't alive, but that would be merely stating a hypothetical: talking and doing are two very different things.

File 161854046863.png - (596.70KB , 714x528 , drinkinggas.png )
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Do you believe in the existence of non-material phenomenon (not necessary god but things like reincarnation, collective consciousness, astral/ethereal "bodies", etc.)? Or do you instead view the world only in strictly material terms? Or maybe there's a third option?

Note again that this question is not strictly speaking about any sort of god; (of course clearly if one existed then non-material phenomenon exist, but we can still have non-material phenomenon without needing to invoke a god).

I personally ascribe to a more materialist viewpoint since while it's true that our knowledge of the world is ultimately mediated by our senses (and hence potentially imperfect), most (all?) non-material phenomenon seem to implicitly mark humans as "different" from things like rocks or insects and this seems apriori unlikely.

On the flipside, I recently read about how one guy seemed to have documented cases of "reincarnation" [1] (but the fact that all of these rebirths seemed to have happened in a geographically close town seems quite suspicious).

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>> No. 1324 [Edit]
>it's not just a matter of doing the experiment but doing it with a credible witness
Most don't even attempt to get challenged or tested, they are very reserved and defensive. Even if the randi challenge didn't exist the lack of motivation to do demonstrations and tests would still be astounding, real discoveries spread faster than this even without the internet.
As for the randi thing: I don't know if he was dishonest with his testing, I do know that if your income depended on it, you'd have to claim that he was dishonest if you failed to meet the standards for the challenge.
I don't know what transpired between these two, vithoulkas seems to assume bad faith on behalf of randi. The "Another Withdrawal" thing could just have been a mistake and it was corrected with an apology:
As we can not get the whole story now, the important part is that it ends by saying they would complete the experiment with Hrasko Gabor as a witness. Where is that? Gabor still seems to be against homeopathy many years later and I cannot find the experiment. What happened?
>> No. 1337 [Edit]
Thanks for that follow up, for some reason I didn't find that. Still bit of a mystery what actually transpired since both parties claim the other one withdrew. And yet both parties end with a mention that the experiment would continue anyway, but there doesn't seem to be any follow up.

There have been some other RCTs, but all of them take the indirect approach of trying to compare the effectiveness versus a placebo for some non-distinct symptom like depression [1] or ADHD [2]. These are basically useless since the diagnosis is itself a subjective issue and probably could changes day-to-day, so you could easily get lucky on the day of the follow-up evaluation and find the treatment group did better than control (indeed, the effectiveness of conventional antidepressants is probably also questionable for this reason).

The protocol that seemed to been established for the Randi thing appeared to be a bit more solid
>An individualized remedy would be given to a number of patients in a double blind fashion and half of the patients would receive placebo the other half would get the real remedy. The Greek Homeopathic physicians that would participate in taking of the cases and prescribing the remedies should point out in the end of the experiment the ones that they had got the real remedy.

in that it shifts the criteria of success to something easily quantitatively verifiable (did the person do significantly better than guessing), but I wish they could have at least published the entire protocol for someone else to try since the definition of "point out" seems a bit vague (will they have access to the patients' reported symptoms for the days after treatment?) and the condition for selection of patients isn't provided. Maybe they meant this as a test of the concept of homeopathic "proving" [3] where a given remedy in ultra-high dilutions is supposed to reliably elicit "characteristic" symptoms?

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 1342 [Edit]
I think that the fact that they have to resort to something as vague as ADHD and depression in order to even attempt to find an effect says a lot, they can keep researching forever.
My main issue is that the charlatans know that they have no ground to stand on, and yet keep going.
Look at these "science papers" from this vithoulkas site
These on the surface look like research papers, but compare them to anything actually talking about electron spin or molecular memory and the difference is clear.
You don't do this kind of mockery unless you are trying to actively deceive people.
>> No. 1344 [Edit]
Yeah that vithoulkas guy is quacky in his own right (there are some quotes about him mentioning how aids is caused by overuse of antibiotics). Trying to come up with explanations by throwing out random theories that abuse quantum mechanics just alienates everyone else from even bothering with their claims (after "water memory" failed, it seems they've moved on to quantum mechanics, nanoparticles, and whatever).

At this point they've probably exhausted any good will, so if there is indeed any validity to be had behind claims of homeopathy working in any form, the onus is on them to arrange and fund a proper experiment.

File 158191476627.jpg - (329.98KB , 850x1253 , __drawn_by_xetton__sample-89209a457d712de5935253f0.jpg )
733 No. 733 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [Last 50 posts]
Can Nazis and fundamentalist Christians and Muslims be otaku? Iran is kind of like modern Nazi Germany. Look how that turned out.
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>> No. 1307 [Edit]
You realize that dumb cartoon tank manual was never issued, right.
>> No. 1308 [Edit]
Source? I am fairly sure it was and I also know they were both approved.
>> No. 1309 [Edit]
>It's not a myth. As I said however, It's a waste of effort searching for when you have no ability to even address the basis of this.
You have no ability to to understand what makes something obscene/vulgar/lewd because you're autistic and probably asexual, so you think it's just about nudity. Pose, style, detail, subject-matter and context don't register in your disabled mind. Otherwise you wouldn't have posted those manual images as if they prove something. Apparently you're a blatant hypocrite too.
>> No. 1310 [Edit]
I have told you so many times now, I never said it was just about nudity and in fact have said the opposite quite a few times, I even posted the definition that you constantly ignore. And AGAIN!!!!!! This is not even relevant it's arguing semantics and ignoring the actual point. I had said, right from the beginning that I was not using lewd in the literal definition yet you keep going on as if I was regardless of how many times I try to get through your thick head that I wasn't.

And again, it's just a slime sliming.

And also where is the source?

Post edited on 1st May 2021, 6:53pm

File 159155801130.jpg - (94.47KB , 960x720 , 1587223571480.jpg )
867 No. 867 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [Last 50 posts]
I'm worried. They're already here in Europe. It makes no sense.
How do you feel about it?
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>> No. 1051 [Edit]
>They're already here in Europe.
All it proved is that Belgians, Germans and English just copy whatever Americans do politically.
>> No. 1260 [Edit]
Are you watching the trial? They badly want that 2nd or 3rd degree murder conviction and they're going to get it, whatever it takes. It's bullshit but whatever, nothing can stop it. It's a spectacle, the anti-whites won and this is part of their victory lap.
>> No. 1264 [Edit]
Called it.
To be honest I lost the confidence they'd go with murder 2 and 3 as the trial went on because of how strong the evidence against it was. I still had no doubt they'd find him guilty of manslaughter no matter what. But damn, murder 2 and 3 plus manslaughter after a short deliberation after everything that was shown is just pure antifa level brutalism.
The jury were never there to do an honest impartial job. They were there to be a part of "the change." To make an "important" verdict, not a just one.
I should have never dismissed the gut feeling I got when I watched the jury being picked. It was obvious they were either ungovernable blax born anti-white or white lefty sycophants eager for trendy ideologues' approval. All wanted Chauvin dead from the moment they watched the news, no defense could ever change that.
America is not a serious country.
Their endless victory lap only intensifies and it's insufferable.
>> No. 1265 [Edit]
>America is not a serious country.
It has been dead with an albeit slow decline since Kennedy was killed. The Bushes just sped up the process.

File 160847195173.jpg - (304.27KB , 850x1173 , sample_37f96cf8ea528fd58c91cc6d9e508ef2.jpg )
1007 No. 1007 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
If China takes over the whole world, what do you think would change? Do you think there's anything that would be improved? What would it look like?
3 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 1011 [Edit]
>Would they stop putting effort into stuff that makes them seem more "normal" like anime related stuff
They'd probably continue to do it to make themselves more friendly and palatable. It's also a cheap method of exerting and maintaining soft power.

>forced into being less religious
They seem to hate falun gong and uighurs but I think that's because within China, they don't want any organized opposing force (not sure why they hate falun gong in particular since it just seems like a blend of taoism/buddhism). I don't they would particularly care about exerting control over religions in other regions since it really doesn't pose much of an issue to them.

Overall the changes would be done very slowly. E.g. rather than mandating Chinese from the start, they would first gradually increase foreigners' exposure to hanzi, and then slowly introduce it in the school curriculum, and so by two or three generations it would come to be ingrained in the culture as the defacto medium for communication. Although when we're speaking about that long of a timescale it really depends on how the successor of Xi will take things; because as I understand it there are various factions still trying to gain control.
>> No. 1025 [Edit]
>Also religion, would people be forced into being less religious
The Chinese today seem to be embracing traditional Chinese religions more and co-opting it to work with the already-existing Communist system, so as to fill the spiritual void of the modern Chinese. I think they may make some attempt to spread things like Confucianism and Taoism, as people will feel more intrigued by the more exotic aspects of their society than by the boring, soulless Marxist aspects. Xi Jinping
The Chinese governments is also attempting to forcefully reform other religions like Christianity or Islam, to make it work with the political system, by creating their own edited/censored versions of the Bible for example.
>> No. 1086 [Edit]
File 161305162338.jpg - (291.67KB , 1084x786 , qjpAta2L_o.jpg )
In my opinion, China "taking over the whole world" would be its undoing. Over-expansion, and an angry United States, Russia, surrounding Asian countries who dislike China like Taiwan and Japan and their allies would also not just let them take over unopposed. Especially since these countries have pretty nasty technology developed that they wouldn't be afraid to use when they're not intentionally prolonging war for profit. The Chinese do as well but we all know how they fare in open war.

People who support China because they dislike the powers that be in the west don't know what they're asking for either.
>> No. 1261 [Edit]
I kind of agree. It's my biggest criticism of their foreign policy right now. They keep pushing at other nations, bullying them and threatening them and claiming their lands. It's only making them enemies and even militarising the region against them. A good example of that would be the Quad alliance of Australia, Japan, India and the US. Australia actually dissolved that as they wanted to get on well with China and trade with them, now they have started it up again due to Chinese aggression.

If China had just waited, just bided their time, build up their navy in peace, build their defence industry up and set up their belt and road nobody would have bothered them about it indeed nobody was, as I mentioned Australia even dissolved an alliance against them but not only that some Australian politicians wanted to be part of the Belt and Road(they have changed their tune about that now). They could have waited until it was to late and then revealed themselves for that they are.

File 152796676011.png - (192.48KB , 800x1200 , index.png )
519 No. 519 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
So, what's your current political standing? Find out:
Mine, pic related and:
>Additional characteristics (textless icon at the bottom):
>Pragmatism : politics objectively boil down to looking at where the problems are and trying to solve them according to the means available.
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>> No. 1236 [Edit]
>Either you know what I meant and you're being a smartass, or your mental disability is showing again.

Well that is just it isn't it? I assume the other fellow here would think the exact same thing from you.

>Funny that somebody as pedantic as you would accept a label like white when even Irish people weren't included at one point.

That's actually true, I don't like the term but it is often necessary to simply things. Though it can be a problem because there are people like you that would include Slavs as being white and others that include Southern Italians, Southern French and Spaniards as being white and others that might not include one group or both. But then everybody agrees that the British, Germans and Northern French are white which is what usually the term refers too.

Celts are a funny odd thing, they once controlled basically the entirety of Europe yet they end up being pushed back by basically everybody as well, to the point of being confined to a tiny Island off of a small island. I think Germanic is a better term but that has Nazi connotations and also may be slightly misleading as the Angles, Saxons and Jutes bred with the Celts in Britain and the Franks bred with them in France and the Eastern Germanic Tribes bred with Slavic people. But all in all, it is agreed by everybody that when talking about Whites anything with a substantial Germanic admixture is to be included.

>If a slav like me isn't white, then white people can all go to hell, and they probably will which puts a smile on my face.

Ahh, this explains your bias and thus your view on this. Also you aren't even religious, idiot.
>> No. 1237 [Edit]
>> No. 1238 [Edit]
Yes but the context you used it in was different than that.

For example, I might be an atheist and tell somebody to got to hell but that really is me being angry with them and telling them to go away, leave me alone or that I don't care about them or what they think but in more hostile and forceful terms. So if you had said, 'If a slav like me isn't white, then white people can all go to hell' and left it at that then yes it could have meant that you were saying White people can all rot, they can all die for you all you care etc. Essentially you are saying you don't care about them or what they think and they can just go away.

However, you then added 'and they probably will which puts a smile on my face'. Which then brings it back to religious grounds or at least to the implication of some kind of deterioration in their situation(which given the context religious grounds would be more likely as there was nothing mentioned that would imply the deterioration of their situation in your post). You are now saying that they are actually going to go to a hell of some kind and not just telling them to bug off.
>> No. 1239 [Edit]
You know what, that's actually going just a little bit too far. I do actually understand your confusion at the contradiction of my ideologies and I understand why you think it's strange for me to be posting here if all you've seen is my opinions on governance and what is mostly just my assessment of things I like the least relative to things I dislike slightly less. I'm sorry to Tohno for being an asshole and potentially shitting up the board.

This post originally was a cheap ad hominem insult.

Post edited on 26th Mar 2021, 9:46am

File 149649185362.jpg - (105.40KB , 960x1248 , 1453721295848.jpg )
242 No. 242 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
>refers to a post-war council consisting of the Big Four that U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt proposed as a guarantor of world peace. The members of the Big Four, called the Four Powers during World War II, were the four major Allies of World War II: the United Kingdom, the United States, the Soviet Union and the Republic of China
>As a preventive measure against new wars, countries other than the Four Policemen were to be disarmed. Only the Four Policemen would be allowed to possess any weapons more powerful than a rifle.[2]

'Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.'
- Benjamin Franklin

'In America everybody is of opinion that he has no social superiors, since all men are equal, but he does not admit that he has no social inferiors, for, from the time of Jefferson onward, the doctrine that all men are equal applies only upwards, not downwards.'
- Bertrand Russell
3 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 247 [Edit]
File 149650605785.png - (267.25KB , 596x761 , CBRtmC_UwAAy1T7.png )
>That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among men, deriving their powers from the consent of the governed.

Citizens of foreign nations didn't consent to US rule. Maybe in some exceptions, don't nitpick me.
>> No. 248 [Edit]
The Declaration of Independence is different from the Constitution. The Constitution is an agreement between the Federal Government and the people. Even state governments aren't held to the Constitution in the same way that the Feds are. The point of the document was to establish the Union out of the then independent colonies.

I agree with your point that the very notion of such a thing as the Four Policemen is very hypocritical, but it does need to be said regardless.

Post edited on 3rd Jun 2017, 10:29am
>> No. 1124 [Edit]
>>As a preventive measure against new wars, countries other than the Four Policemen were to be disarmed. Only the Four Policemen would be allowed to possess any weapons more powerful than a rifle.[2]
Isn't this exactly what the NPT does? I find it really fucking funny that the only country to actually use a nuclear weapon in combat, against civilians no less, makes the claim that they, yes THEY in particular need to keep those weapons out of the hands of everyone else, including their allies. I guess they're smart about one thing; being a U.S. citizen would suddenly become very unpleasant, if the U.S. military lost a war hard enough to lose its place as a superpower, after all the enemies we've made in the last century.
>> No. 1131 [Edit]
But US militia only get rifles as well.

File 161030320961.jpg - (121.87KB , 850x1105 , sample_76423cdfac4f98149d553e9da8f5fcf8.jpg )
1036 No. 1036 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Over the last two weeks I've had an inordinate amount of free-time, a lot of which I wasted torturing myself by exposing my mind to normalfag neurotoxins because I'm masochistic, self-destructive and frustrated by my complete inability to control the enviroment around me. The result of all this was a list I made about feminism. So lets talk about it to heal our addled minds and restore a bit of sanity.

Feminism, regardless of whatever someone's nonsensical personal interpretation of it, tends to have a few common tenets:

1. There is a patriarchy, a society-wide, concerted effort to keep woman down. Every man who does not "fight it" is part of the patriarchy.

2. Promoting feminism is the way to promote general equality. If society reached "peak feminism" there would be no issues that disproportionately affect either sex. Quality of life and happiness will also certainly be higher for everybody.

3. Women are a victimized class of people today and in the western first world. They are victimized more so than men. Feminism cannot exist unless woman are "the victims" and will never become obsolete because the goalposts will be perpetually changing.

4. Human beings are born blank slates. There are no innate psychological differences between men and women that tend to occur. If there are any exceptions to a potential trend, that proves that the trend does not exist. (extension of Marxism)

5. Feminism cannot be characterized by the words and actions of individuals or groups with money and power who identify as feminist. It is only characterized by vague, theoretical ideas.

6. Women are not a hive mind and are all unique individuals who can not be generalized in any way, but they should have a strong sense of group identity and work towards common interests. "Sisterhood" and individualism are somehow not contradictory. A shared victimhood should be the unifying factor among women.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
18 posts and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 1103 [Edit]
There's nothing contradictory about people being conservative and doing their neighbors favors though. If anything, that's the stereotype. People write stupid articles like that to gets clicks and ad revenue. Clearly it worked.
>> No. 1104 [Edit]
According to the radio program I was listening to she bitched about her neighbours on Twitter for weeks before writing the article. She seemed genuinely bothered by it. I think it was more craziness than clickbaiting.
>> No. 1105 [Edit]
Its bizarre that extremist politics which used to be a hallmark of imageboard types are now universally despised outside of the remaining /pol/s and /int/s.
>> No. 1106 [Edit]
File 16135274233.png - (15.17KB , 300x300 , 1612382542809.png )
I don't know what you mean by this. Despised on imageboards? If that's what you meant there's nothing bizarre about it. Over time they kill discussion and move onto to greener recruitment pastures. They weren't always around either, they invaded during the 2010s.

File 161155521916.jpg - (68.58KB , 750x739 , 1611372849646.jpg )
1059 No. 1059 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Do you guys believe in anything that might be called a conspiracy?
Pic might be related
I think a global Orwellian state is coming into existence
20 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 1080 [Edit]
Not the most political of theories but I think the Age of Empires remakes are anti-consumer scams meant to pray on casuals because everyone good plays the original.
>> No. 1081 [Edit]
I feel like AOE2DE is worth it, and as far as I know, the best players have been moving to it.
>> No. 1092 [Edit]
There's a conspiracy theory that headphone manufacturers have silently released update that reduce the strength of the active noise canceling after they found that strong ANC has the potential to damage hearing. If you look online you can see a multitude of anecdotal reports of sony, bose, apple, etc. updates to their headphones where people claim that the ANC efficacy was reduced (and yet the companies deny it).

I'm not sure how true this is, but it seems plausible at least. The destructive interference of a wave has to be matched by constructive interference somewhere else for conservation of energy to work out. Even if the constructive part of the wavefront isn't audible, maybe it has an impact. Although a doubling of amplitude isn't really a significant jump in terms of decibels so unless you're trying to cancel out a jet engine this probably isn't too bad. The other alternative is that long-term use of noise canceling can cause changes in the brain's auditory processing (ANC changes the "neutral" frequency distribution by removing low-end. This is related to how some people feel a "pressure" when using ANC).

Either way an interesting conspiracy.
>> No. 1123 [Edit]
I have no sympathy for modern Indian Muslims, the animosity between Islamic amd Dharmic followers goes back to ancient times and is not going to be suddenly solved by debate or democracy. This was the only way.
Despite the unfortunate circumstances that happened, Muslims who knowingly stayed in India post-Pakistan are either not as serious about their faith as they would have you believe and use it as a political affliation more than anything or are simply agitators. Communists often push the blame onto them when terrorism happens so that may be something to consider as well.
This sounds very familiar to mainland Chinese communists trying to change opinion regarding their party by moving populations to Taiwan, dont you think?

File 161305221970.jpg - (350.65KB , 1200x800 , heron.jpg )
1087 No. 1087 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Do you like ancient Egypt?
>> No. 1088 [Edit]
File 161305357013.jpg - (377.87KB , 787x822 , Toho Remilia 137.jpg )
Hittites are better.

File 146084405649.png - (386.19KB , 720x540 , dc3wxFo.png )
85 No. 85 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
In your own words; what makes women today unbearable?
24 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 1023 [Edit]
File 160944669445.jpg - (203.07KB , 850x531 , sample_6047dc2eac019c7a37fa306752c258a8.jpg )
It's not them but society that's unbearable. Men and women are both terrible, but in different, distinct ways. Women however are legally and culturally enabled to be monstrously selfish in their manner, but nobody will ever be honest about this in a public space. Ever. It's frustrating when the only thing you can do about the giant wasps surrounding you is try to ignore them. I really wish there was something I could do about it. I want to be a space alien free from all this shit on Earth.
>> No. 1024 [Edit]
They act like their shit don't stink, and everyone else has to pretend it don't too.
>> No. 1026 [Edit]
>impossibly expensive
I don't see how wearing a simple skirt and boots would be more expensive than wearing big brand sneakers and a hoodie.
>guys can wear pretty clothes too, but almost none of them do either
I do. Plus maybe a lot of guys want to dress more formal or whatever but are afraid to get made fun of women, who generally care more about what's 'fashionable' than what actually looks good so they'll just go with whatever is the safest option. No one will make fun of a woman dressing feminine.
>> No. 1259 [Edit]
Very vain and also them being sluts. I hate impurity.

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