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File 161058147643.jpg - (591.74KB , 1820x2650 , 1607658232267100.jpg )
26312 No. 26312 [Edit]
Last one (>>23024) hit the bump limit.
It was nice having a thread to casually express those somber thoughts.
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>> No. 26328 [Edit]
Back in the day they used to use Adachis to keep track of time.
>> No. 26348 [Edit]
File 161121778786.jpg - (296.66KB , 923x1200 , __tsurumaki_kokoro_bang_dream_drawn_by_43_pon__0e1.jpg )
>> No. 26349 [Edit]
File 161133610529.png - (176.96KB , 457x377 , 1520638892721.png )
>> No. 26356 [Edit]
File 161279960655.jpg - (442.20KB , 1448x2048 , __ooto_ai_wonder_egg_priority_drawn_by_wakame_pixi.jpg )
I've been feeling really odd lately, I can't seem to make sense of my own state of mind.
>> No. 26365 [Edit]
File 161368131433.jpg - (606.02KB , 1824x1717 , 87847227_p0.jpg )
>> No. 26368 [Edit]
File 16142320734.jpg - (304.03KB , 614x904 , __inose_mai_koisuru_asteroid_drawn_by_ixy__371472d.jpg )
>> No. 26370 [Edit]
File 161443475066.jpg - (485.77KB , 1000x627 , __yoshida_yuuko_and_kagamihara_nadeshiko_yurucamp_.jpg )
>> No. 26377 [Edit]
File 161475191413.jpg - (449.39KB , 689x915 , __shima_rin_yurucamp_drawn_by_ixy__9cc286558d741d1.jpg )
>> No. 26378 [Edit]
File 161493471450.jpg - (291.33KB , 1295x1812 , __hi_no_tori_kemono_friends_drawn_by_mifu_b24vc1__.jpg )
>> No. 26385 [Edit]
File 161504874312.jpg - (742.98KB , 1241x1358 , 2419604_p0.jpg )
>> No. 26387 [Edit]
File 161536607053.png - (945.91KB , 720x910 , 79044359_p3.png )
Another year, another downward spiral. I don't have the energy for this anymore.
>> No. 26389 [Edit]
File 161549980773.jpg - (4.95MB , 2456x4256 , __yamamura_sadako_the_ring_drawn_by_pentagon_railg.jpg )
>> No. 26390 [Edit]
File 161556678038.png - (2.25MB , 1280x1790 , OCPT9039.png )
I got too reliant on cheating in academia and was caught plagiarizing. I got off with a warning I think but a "see your advisor for your grade email".
I'm sorry for failing all of you if I am expelled.
>> No. 26391 [Edit]
Just try harder next time not to get caught. change more things around a bit more and try to make sure what you're using isn't easy to find.
>> No. 26392 [Edit]
Plagiarizing is the dumbest form of cheating.
>> No. 26393 [Edit]
Not dumb, just lazy. Everyone rips everyone else off in this world.
>> No. 26394 [Edit]
Ripping of and using as a source of information are two completely different things.


>and try to make sure what you're using isn't easy to find.

That's not really possible now, there are programs that Universities use that simply analyse the work and see if it has strings of words that match other papers or references.
>> No. 26398 [Edit]
The trick is to aggregate multiple sources and rephrase it in your own words. Of course, that's just called "research." Throw in a citation and that's how you academia.
>> No. 26399 [Edit]
Funny how academia works, I was in the past reprimanded for coming up with new theoretical postulations because I did not have any references.
>> No. 26412 [Edit]
How can you be reprimanded for a new hypothesis? Why would you need references besides the as-taught understandings of the field?
>> No. 26414 [Edit]
File 161583071942.jpg - (572.27KB , 1000x909 , 41633241_p0.jpg )
Because they said so.
>> No. 26418 [Edit]
I don't know which field he was in but usually new ideas aren't born in a vacuum so you're expected to do due diligence to find related work then cite that. Unless it's a really obscure/niche topic that doesn't have much to go off of, I'd find it hard to believe that one couldn't find other papers that have tried to tackle a similar issue.

And this is especially important for theoretical things since in those cases more important than the result is its relation to other work. E.g. the new theorem you proved on size complexity lower-bounds for some wacky class of circuits may not be immediately useful, if you explain how it fits within the work of things other people did it helps people understand the context and helps people discover it, so that it may eventually end up being used as a lemma in someone else's paper.
>> No. 26419 [Edit]
What if there is no related work? I thought the purpose of a hypothesis was to propose a hypothetical model and then attempt to disprove it. Did my highschool science teachers lie to me?
>> No. 26420 [Edit]
>I thought the purpose of a hypothesis was to propose a hypothetical model and then attempt to disprove it.
No, a hypothesis is basically an educated guess based on something like passive-observation or deduction. Then you test the hypothesis in an as unbiased way as possible. You're not supposed to try reaching any specific conclusion.
>> No. 26425 [Edit]
Unless you're inventing a new field there's almost always related work. Remember that related work doesn't necessarily mean "someone else who has worked on the same thing" it is more generally just talking about how your paper relates to other papers. If no one else has tackled the problem before, the related work section is your opportunity to stake your claim – you could say something like "while foo et al. posed this question as an open problem in the 1968 annals of underwater basket weaving, there has been little progress on it since then" and then discuss the context of why the problem was posed. Unfortunately people often don't publish papers on what failed to work, so you kind of have to read between the lines a little when searching for those things.

If it's a very short self-contained result (< 2 pager) or self-published thing then most people don't bother with the related work – but those are the exception rather than the rule. Conventions for related work might also vary across fields; I can only speak from what I'm familiar with CS IEEE-style conference/journal papers.
>> No. 26437 [Edit]
File 161606593618.jpg - (6.03MB , 5412x2682 , __original_drawn_by_geki_dan__f4db2c8d2cac21355aea.jpg )
>> No. 26438 [Edit]
File 16160678343.png - (364.65KB , 700x357 , 1603949634258.png )
>> No. 26439 [Edit]
Oh, that makes sense. I thought references in the context he posted meant "someone else already proposed this theory and I'm just parroting what he said".
>> No. 26442 [Edit]
File 161614941388.jpg - (1.46MB , 1480x1500 , __original_drawn_by_unagi189__8fb1ce77e5cac2e823d7.jpg )
>> No. 26443 [Edit]
File 16163139131.jpg - (5.79MB , 6595x4650 , 008.jpg )
>> No. 26446 [Edit]
File 161644669917.jpg - (0.96MB , 768x1024 , __hatsune_miku_vocaloid_drawn_by_3ricorugo3__22bf0.jpg )
Can't take it.
>> No. 26451 [Edit]
File 161686417195.jpg - (193.28KB , 600x847 , 2263680_p0.jpg )
>> No. 26452 [Edit]
File 161691163485.jpg - (1.59MB , 2400x1350 , 53988984_p0.jpg )
>> No. 26463 [Edit]
File 161760833270.png - (2.87MB , 1200x1448 , __yui_tensui_no_sakuna_hime_drawn_by_kuro_kosyou__.png )
>> No. 26464 [Edit]
File 161760917270.jpg - (187.30KB , 728x800 , 5927fa603c9f5242602bdbed3870e61e9be28529.jpg )
>> No. 26468 [Edit]
File 161789382163.jpg - (295.05KB , 1000x1226 , 562d9ab3bca6bf39bfb6340aa79829eb.jpg )
>> No. 26480 [Edit]
File 161861323775.png - (2.26MB , 1920x1080 , 161377523841.png )
I've been unable to sleep properly for the past several months. I wake up from nightmares covered in sweat. The one thing I could look forward to each day is thus gone.
>> No. 26481 [Edit]
Having similar problems. I started to listen to chill music and audiobooks and I manage to fall back to sleep eventually.
>> No. 26482 [Edit]
For me it keeps repeating, such that even if I go back to sleep I end up waking up ~90min later. I go to sleep around 11pm, wake up around 4am, take an hour to go back to sleep, wake up around 6am, take an hour to go back to sleep, rinse and repeat until 12pm. My hunch is that the wake up cycles are somehow related to REM sleep (which alternates with non-rem in 90 minute cycles); the nightmares are related to a disruption in rem sleep, which then causes the sweating. Now the question is what the cause of the sleep disruption is. I wish I knew.
>> No. 26483 [Edit]
Sleeping in bursts like that isn't actually bad. We're led to believe people should sleep in one continuous stretch by culture, but in actuality it's perfectly natural to do it in short cycles. Sleep and anxiety should be kept as far away from each other as possible. As long as you feel well-rested, there's no problem.
>> No. 26484 [Edit]
File 16186968194.png - (700.03KB , 840x952 , mew.png )
Right I've heard that we're naturally inclined to sleep in two halves (i.e. sleeping for 4 hours, waking for 2, then sleeping again) [1]. What bothers me though is that in the second half I keep waking up every 90 minutes, usually covered in sweat – which most probably is not normal.

I feel normal-ish the morning, but considering that this has only started happening for the past month or so any long-term effects of the disrupted rem sleep might not have manifested yet.

>> No. 26488 [Edit]
For me this has been going on for almost 2 years. I fall asleep easily and sleep like for 3-4 hours nicely, then I keep waking up and fall back to sleep regularly. I don't like to check the clock but it might be 90ish minutes. Might be anxiety-related.
I only have the nightmares / covered in sweat when I'm dehydrated or I'm hot.
>> No. 26489 [Edit]
Hm maybe the waking up cycles are indeed normal [1]
>number of awakenings hovers around six times per night. As the body cycles through various stages of sleep, including deep sleep and REM sleep, it dips from shallower to deeper states.
But I think most people get back to sleep quickly enough that they essentially don't remember being awake. So perhaps longer durations of awakenings are indeed anxiety related.

Post edited on 17th Apr 2021, 11:05pm
>> No. 26490 [Edit]
I think part of this is the expectation that you won't be able to sleep properly. In my own experience, at least, the suggestion that "I'll probably get woken up and won't be able to sleep the whole night" reiterated in the back of my mind before going to sleep, only for that to bear out exactly as I foretold. It's unsatisfying to say so, but what helped me was just putting my mind at ease and trying not to think about the fact that my sleep had so often gotten interrupted, and as the thought that I wouldn't be able to sleep properly faded away, I was able to sleep properly again.

As far as nightmares go, I can't help you there... But, I do think you're right about REM sleep being interrupted. Whenever I wake up after napping or from interrupted sleep, I remember my dreams more vividly than from a full night's rest. I think it's probably to do with waking up mid-dream I think. So, whether in your case that's because the nightmares themselves woke you up or otherwise, I can't much say.
>> No. 26491 [Edit]
File 161873438713.png - (185.73KB , 502x374 , 1509435658695.png )
Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night, feeling not too well and with an only thought that feels like a crushing revelation; I'm not in my 20's anymore, I'm old, I'll be in my 40's soon, I don't know what happened with time. I'm still, basically, the same 15 yo that played videogames and watched anime all time but suddenly 20 years have passed, I have the age my father had when I was that teenager.
It's scary.
>> No. 26492 [Edit]
File 161874023731.jpg - (549.85KB , 1100x1200 , __kemomimi_chan_original_drawn_by_naga_u__69c01b71.jpg )
>the same 15 yo that played videogames and watched anime all time but suddenly 20 years have passed
I feel the same way. Up until recently I've been constantly filled with dread, there is a feeling as if I'm running out of time and anxiety of an uncertain future. I'm slowly coming to terms with it in some way, I take solace in the fact that there is at least a certainty in death.
>> No. 26512 [Edit]
File 161907863919.jpg - (321.17KB , 2048x1546 , __oomuro_sakurako_oomuro_hanako_and_oomuro_nadeshi.jpg )
>> No. 26523 [Edit]
File 16191441243.jpg - (428.03KB , 1280x1196 , 11A2C807-2A7A-48F4-AC7A-4134674438FF.jpg )
>> No. 26524 [Edit]
File 161917829822.jpg - (66.38KB , 458x567 , shinobuden.jpg )
It's interesting how obvious it is, and yet it takes so long to understand, the simple fact that if you do nothing then nothing happens. When I was a kid and teenager I had this impression that things in life just kinda progresses by itself and that the passage of time is strongly connected to progress. I think at least partially, this is an impression ingrained by the way school works. As time goes on, you go from first grade to second grade, then third grade and so forth. It gives this idea of progress. That you're going somewhere. Once you're an adult however things change. Life becomes routine and time flies by.

Then you realize time is precious and begin to wonder what should you do with the little time you have. But then, if you're unlucky, you don't know what you want to do. It can also happen you don't want to do anything. For those people time goes even faster.
>> No. 26529 [Edit]
>things in life just kinda progresses by itself
For most normal people that's literally how it works though. EZ mode autopilot to unearned success.
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