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File 156789639619.jpg - (44.39KB , 704x396 , onimageboard.jpg )
24601 No. 24601 [Edit]
What happened to all the people who used to inhabit imageboards ~10 years ago? Given how poor the quality of most are now, I find it hard to believe that they are still active in those same places. Did they simply accept the inevitability of change and abandon imageboards for good? (While I find it hard to believe that they'd switch to something like Facebook, it's not unprobable that many just joined discord groups, also simultaneously resulting in the gradual decline of irc). Are they still there in small numbers but just drowned out by the influx of newcomers and low-quality posts? Did they escape to some uber-secret sanctuary?

The recent 8ch exodus led me to browse some of their various spinoff boards; I thought that at least one might recapture the same spirit of old but unfortunately none really come close. Tohno-chan is still perhaps the only place I've found where where post quality remains relatively high and discussion is thoughtful.
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>> No. 25169 [Edit]
File 157877619990.jpg - (348.60KB , 850x1133 , __moth_original_drawn_by_diddms1999__sample-9414f1.jpg )
Losers, huh? Last time I checked, the acrnoym is: True Otaku Hikikomori Neet Organization Channel
Hmmm, I don't see loser there. Your mindest is the core of the problem. You don't understand, and you can't understand. If you want a site for "losers", go to wizardchan.

Post edited on 11th Jan 2020, 12:58pm
>> No. 25171 [Edit]
I don't see any point in trying to reason with someone when they resort to name calling. Like the other anon said this person is best ignored.
>> No. 25173 [Edit]
File 157877837361.jpg - (18.12KB , 406x406 , 609fddd2115be9250bc6c6395c64222d49951cf3_hq.jpg )
>Do you have anything to back up the claim that

What claim specifically? that Tohno can't take criticism? anon it is all in his actions and how he responds to certain users basically calling anyone who criticize him and how he runs the site a backseat driver and deleting /fb/ because he wants to silence his critics. He also contrdicts himself a lot and also comes off as very narcissistic as well. A lot of the board rules on here are also very inconsistent contradict each other and are not even serious rules but instead sarcastic fake rules as well for example shitposting is against the rules but Tohno has an entire /b/ like board dedicated to it called /lol/ it is almost like this website is a joke.

>I've not once seen mention of clubbing or any other "hyper social" activities. At best (worst?) there are occasional mentions of having online friends.

Go on /ot/ and look at the normalfag bingo thread many anons admit to being married going to parties and being hyper social in that thread i already exposed this months ago and when i created a thread about it Tohno shut it down because he knows i'm right it is still in the catalog you can take a look for yourself these normalfags think being a normalfag is just a way of thinking (Mindset) and not a word that describes a specific type of person when in reality it is both a mindset and a word to describe a person. Being a social outcast doesn't mean you're a non-conformist who goes his/her own way no a social outcast is someone who is excluded from social life or society as a whole like the quiet weird kid in class who gets bullied and becomes a school shooter.
>> No. 25174 [Edit]

NEETs Hikikomori and real Otaku are losers you dumbfuck.
>> No. 25175 [Edit]
I may be wrong but I don't think I've ever used the term "backseat driver", and if I silenced people who criticize me why are your posts still up?
>> No. 25176 [Edit]
File 15787792125.png - (157.29KB , 1296x609 , Screenshot_1.png )

Okay i will give you that but didn't you lock the thread? also pic related to refresh your memory.
>> No. 25177 [Edit]
Fair enough.
>> No. 25178 [Edit]
No, we are biwinners!
>> No. 25179 [Edit]

Is that supposed to be some stupid Charlie Sheen reference or something? one of the most normalfag things ever.
>> No. 25180 [Edit]
Reminder that Satou had sex in the novel and Tomoko eventually gets friends in the manga.
>> No. 25181 [Edit]
>Satou had sex in the novel

Satou lost his virginity at 18 not while he was underage and i have said this before and i will say it again normalfags and failed normalfags are both different Satou is a failed normalfag also reminder in the original novel Satou was a pedophile who got into collecting 3D child porn because of Yamazaki novel Satou is way more realistic and relatable than the anime or manga version to be honest.

>Tomoko eventually gets friends in the manga.

To be fair there is nothing wrong with a person wanting to or trying to change their life and if they want to get out of that state of being an outcast and live a more normal life then that's great more power to them.
>> No. 25182 [Edit]
>Satou lost his virginity at 18 not while he was underage

So? Is that meant to prove he isn't that normal because it's normal to lose it younger than that? In the west maybe but in Japan the average age is mid 20's so it would actually run counter to your point.
>> No. 25184 [Edit]
> in Japan the average age is mid 20's so it would actually run counter to your point.

Not really the majority of the current generation of young people in Japan aren't even interested in having sex in the first place which has contributed to the country's population decline the herbivore men are literally just Japanese MGTOW and the himono onna or dried-fish women are just the female version of that.
>> No. 25185 [Edit]
No, they just don't have the western dating culture that we do, the age they lose their virginity most often coincides with the age they get married.
>> No. 25186 [Edit]
What the fuck does any of this have to do with the subject of the thread.
>> No. 25187 [Edit]
>No, they just don't have the western dating culture that we do, the age they lose their virginity most often coincides with the age they get married.

We are pretty much both right.
>> No. 25188 [Edit]
Wasn't that scene also in the anime? I think it was lightened up but I'm sure the core idea was there.
>> No. 25189 [Edit]

In the anime and manga they changed it from being actual CP to lolicon but it is still implied that it is pedo content.
>> No. 25190 [Edit]
Not really, I don't see where you get the idea for it considering the amount of smut that Japan still produces. The population decline thing isn't actually unique to Japan, the reason it's declining is because it's both first world and with a relatively small immigration rate. The Native populations of most western nations are also in decline and when it's not in decline it's because it's in a large nation that has room to expand into as with Australia and the US.
>> No. 25191 [Edit]
Another likely reason is that Japan has been going in and out of recession for most of the last 30 years. If you can only barely find a crap job that let's you afford a shitty 10 tatami apartment you'll have a hard time attracting a partner, let alone having kids. AFAIK the correlation of the economic situation and births is pretty robust. I think the western media promotes the "Japan is so weird XD" angle because they know that the west is due for a similar, or likely much worse, reckoning soon.
>> No. 25192 [Edit]
Yes, this is another reason, the economy hasn't grown since the 90s. There is also the crowded nature of Japan at 334.62 people per square kilometre and another factor could be the world wide trend of an increasingly professional female population. Regardless the common narrative has little to do with it and makes little sense to begin with, after all how much s*x people have doesn't actually correlate to the fertility rate, it's possible to do it a million times and have no children or 10 times and have 10 children, it's only a very superficial connection.
>> No. 25193 [Edit]

Of course population decline is not specifically unique to Japan i never said it was. That being said however Japan is nothing like America at all with only a few pocket similarities and in countries that have a declining population it effects each country differently and there are also things unique to that specific culture that play a part in the country's population decline things like karoshi are unique to Japan and don't happen anywhere else also don't pretend that herbivore men and himono onna or dried-fish women do not exist or simply don't make up a large amount of the young people in Japan because they actually do if you read news articles or read or listen to interviews by young Japanese people. Although not all a lot of them seem to have given up on the idea of relationships and sex plus Japan has a huge old population and when it comes to dating most Asian women go for white western men anyway instead of full blooded Japanese men if more and more foreigners keep going to Japan and destroying the country and Americanizing it in years time there will be an entire generation of hapas (Half white Half Asian people) in Japan instead of pure Japanese and they will become extinct Japan needs to stop kissing America's ass and kick all the weebs and niggers out of the country multiculturalism is only good in moderation only let people in who will respect your culture people like those cringey Youtubers need to be kicked out of the country.
>> No. 25194 [Edit]

Almost everyone fights for the top level office jobs there is a lot of competition for them. If you dropout of school in Japan or even become a NEET you're basically fucked. It is not like the west where you can just go back and get back into things the only jobs you could get if you can't get a office job are basically Freeter type jobs.
>> No. 25196 [Edit]
Getting that feeling again. I don't feel at home anywhere on the internet these days and it's so suffocating. There's places like these but they're all so slow that I post something, go away for months at a time and come back to the same threads. It's like physically mailing letters. There's nowhere left to go but ghost towns and hives of normalfags. Even if I found some like minded people to talk to on a private discord or something like that it wouldn't be the same. Posters being totally anon is such a liberating thing that even having a fake identity feels gay now. Everywhere else feels so ego driven and it makes me sick
>> No. 25197 [Edit]
I don't think you can have both quality and speed. The faster it gets in a place like this the less time people will spend on posts. I think you eventually get people developing a mindset of "why should I bother putting effort into my post if it's going to be gone in a few hours anyway?"
>> No. 25297 [Edit]
Please, for the love of God, say you're still here mages. I've wondered where we were scattered to and I'm glad to find so many of us here. A /tower/ replacement was created sometime last year on, but as luck would have it the site was taken down this week due to a spammer attacking the site. Luckily we had a bunker at the ready this time and we're currently located on Normally I wouldn't post a full link but I doubt that there's any risk of posting it here. I hope you make it there.
>> No. 25298 [Edit]
I was on the OG wiz from the beginning to the end. I never used any of the offshoots. I don't know what your community looks like now but I'm a permanently /so/ ronery feeler of that feel so I don't think I'm the kind of user you're looking for.
>> No. 25299 [Edit]
I'm still here.
I didn't know there was a replacement! The place seems kinda dead though.
>> No. 25301 [Edit]
Truth be told I think we're just trying to find our lost fellows, but if you're an OG wiz then I don't think you'd have much trouble fitting in.

Yeah 8chan went down so quickly we didn't have time to co-ordinate anything so we were scattered. As for it seeming dead, that's because it's the bunker board and we only started using this week. Our main board is back up now though.

>>still on a rickety multi board site instead of being on it's own domain
I waited a while before creating /tower/ because the original /tower/ BO said he had plans in the works for our own imageboard. He's disappeared since 8chan went down and nothing has surfaced. Creating an imageboard takes time and I've been looking into it but I'm a complete novice when it comes to it so it is taking a while.
>>talk in the meta thread about advertising on /r9k/
1 post suggested it, but the reply to the post is clearly against it and /tower/ was never advertised on /r9k/.
>there's no reviving that last vestige of comfy wiz culture. It's dead and gone as far as I'm concerned, sorry mate.
I beg to differ - we have all the same posters, so why won't it still have the same culture? Magicchan took a while to build up that culture, and we haven't been on /tower/ long.

I can't force you to go anon and I understand if you don't join the rest of us. Whatever you do, I wish you the best, from one mage to another.
>> No. 25303 [Edit]
I don't personally like being a board on a bigger site either but I'll go just because it's one more place in the tiny pool of places to refresh every day I have left, I sometimes think of leaving the internet altogether. But if I leave the internet altogether in theory where would I go? Nowhere, what's even left besides mindlessly wandering around outside or staring at a wall? I need a new planet.
>> No. 25308 [Edit]
I ditched 4chan when memes and 4chan stuff started becoming mainstream and exploding all over mainstream sites like reddit and stuff. 2010 or 2011 I think.

I remember being a shy, introverted, friendless loser nobody in middle/highschool. As the 2010s came into fruition I realized that I was foolish to build my identity around anime, video games, internet forums, as I saw all of these things beginning to get the Big Bang Theory treatment, as they have today.

I started browsing 4chan/ED etc in 2007, I was never an SA goon or a cool guy like a pirate/cracker/hacker but I hit the 10+ mark.

I even browsed PSL forums and have day 1 accounts the forums, I became disillusioned with that also.

All I can say is that I am just a ghost, a zombie of a man. True virgin, loner, creep, friendless, jobless, alcoholic, nobody. If Im some rare breed of internet veteran no-lifers, my suicide is overdue by a long shot.
>> No. 25322 [Edit]
Yeah I remember it was 2011 too when something about the internet altogether started shifting for the worst. 2012 was meh and then it all just tanked from there as the internet started catering less overall to desktop users and more to the internet of things smart zombies, now we're left with this dystopian shell of an internet with a lot more content but a lot less human.

Before that though I realize I didn't even have much of an identity. I had a nickname I went by for a longer time than I do now but I was always on the sidelines cause I didn't have much to draw from especially back then. I wish to do it again sometimes and this time though I was born to be a screw up anyways not be quite as much as one with a second chance. I'm going to wake up tomorrow, it'll be the first day of school again , all this was just some weird nightmare, and I'll have what I learned from it to try again with.
>> No. 25372 [Edit]
File 158391953222.jpg - (113.69KB , 992x1200 , flower.jpg )
>All I can say is that I am just a ghost, a zombie of a man. True virgin, loner, creep, friendless, jobless, alcoholic, nobody. If Im some rare breed of internet veteran no-lifers, my suicide is overdue by a long shot.
I honestly cant help but feel this is where I am to head no matter what I do. More so a life without any real drive, self-pride, or aspirations than one resentful of social alienation. If I do reach this point, I honestly cant really forsee a positive outcome. I would no longer be able to use forums, IBs, whatever to get rid of that essential social interaction itch, since I might as well be in another galaxy in terms of age and/or experiences with posters.

If whatever reason I finally decide to make full-fledged effort to make my life worthwhile, it would be very difficult to do so soo late, since thoughts of diminishing returns would dampen any progress I make if I dont manage to develop a paradigm shift I can believe in(and for WHAT at that point). It is an excruciating "future" to think about.
Took me a lot longer than it should have to think of a response for this but really, I am just not feeling it. I dont know.
I still think its funny how shitposts from raiders would be left for up to several days(weeks a few times) yet something like all 6 of us regulars would often collectively ignore them until modmin finally showed up or decided to delete them.

To be honest, there were times on magicchan I was paranoid whether modmin was really someone to trust. He would show up very rarely and usually when he was discussed or directly referred. I just wondered what the point in investing time & money hosting an imageboard was for a sole administrator who rarely posted anything not related to upkeep of the site. I am just glad I got to take part in that forum. Special thanks to the fellow stragglers, Favela-poster, and Master of Debate.
>> No. 25374 [Edit]
I'm still here and check on my old haunts sometimes. I often feel guilty about not posting but I don't have the time or energy a lot, that happens as you get older or you just lose interest.
>> No. 25918 [Edit]
>a reality that is mere months away
>Suuuure. I'll be back in a couple of months to ask if we're dead yet. I'm willing to bet we'll be stuck in the same old pile of shit with none of that occult technobabble coming true.
It's been more than a year now~
>> No. 26214 [Edit]
How active is usenet? Looking at rec.arts.anime in particular [1], it seems to at least have some long-form conversation, albeit mostly from the same two or three people. Given that usenet in general (outside of piracy) has been mostly forgotten about and the eternal september has probably long since passed, might good snr still be found there?

>> No. 26215 [Edit]
It's dead outside of binary groups (aka downloads), and even those are more dying flops than anything else.
There's a couple BBSs that have a bit of a userbase though, if you're willing to comb through them.
>> No. 26216 [Edit]
File 160803999241.png - (1.65MB , 1312x1500 , GFEQ5895.png )
The only alive ones are the tech-related ones, and even then it's textboard pace.
Talking through the spam is shitty.
>> No. 26350 [Edit]
I just started crying actual tears while listening to some stupid fucking song that used to play all the time on youtube 15 years ago. I can't believe I miss those days.
>> No. 26351 [Edit]
Was it Caramelldansen or Levan Polka?
>> No. 26352 [Edit]
I was doing the same thing last night, with various NND mixes.
>> No. 26379 [Edit]
File 16150116272.jpg - (68.26KB , 890x839 , why-cat-scream.jpg )
Mostly we've all moved on I imagine. Although some like me regularly get the nostalgia bug and come back to quickly scan what has become of our old hangouts. It certainly isn't pretty.

For the sake of fairness just wanted to say even those of us that seem to "blend" into the mainstream it may only be surface deep. As you get more school/work experience and generally wiser it happens even if you were dropping spaghetti from the start. I recall reading some articles about how your brain's executive is the last to fully form and only does so in the mid-late 20's.

At the risk of sounding really corny it does feel like a little piece of you was left back in those days and will always be there.

Bottoms up to the anons that have actually departed this crazy world for good. See you around another time another place lads.
>> No. 26459 [Edit]
>Ievan Polka
I get this song stuck in my head every six months or so despite not having listened to it in years.
>> No. 26494 [Edit]
The majority of them became normalfags. They grew up, lost interest in anime and stopped pretending to be losers. They got married, had kids etc. These days it's very common to see someone on 4chan refer to their kids or wife.

As for me, I assimilated. I don't have any interest in joining discord servers, I never used IRC, Reddit is cancer and so all I have left is 4chan and other imageboards. I act and post like kids half my age.
>> No. 26495 [Edit]
Why they were pretending to be losers in the first place though? I don't understand what kind of weird roleplaying shit most of them were doing for years, but makes me feel stupid to think I was the only one that was for real, like a joke I took seriously for more than a decade.

>These days it's very common to see someone on 4chan refer to their kids or wife.

This still freaks me out when I see it.
>> No. 26496 [Edit]
File 161885454377.jpg - (254.75KB , 1680x1180 , 393f3f21de2d602fa8353fede5cd3e10.jpg )
My guess is that it's the public school effect, where social stratification is more in your face and isn't based on money. They didn't feel "normal" or "popular" in that environment, when in actuality there was nothing wrong with them. They had friends and cared enough about their reputation to conform in many ways, but still felt alienated, and maybe took pride in that as compensation, and went out of their way to like "loser things". That says more about the place they were in than it does them.

After graduating, the illusion is broken, but some of them might still use the same online hangouts they did in school without realizing any of this and think they really belong there. If you call them out, they'll insist they really are one of you and have the oldfag status to prove it.

Post edited on 19th Apr 2021, 10:54am
>> No. 26497 [Edit]
Well, that's a really good explanation.
In the other hand when I was young I thought I couldn't be that much of a loser and it was the environment that made me one, but I turned out to be the real thing. There's some irony there, it's like everyone wants to be and pose as something different even if it's not necessarily a good thing.
>> No. 26500 [Edit]
It's like chuunibyou in a way.
>> No. 26501 [Edit]
That would explain their cluelessness when it comes to bullying. All the retarded self satisfied stories of fighting back. "I just punched the meanie one day and then it stopped and then I was friends with everyone and then the bully actually turned out to be a pretty cool guy."
Truth is they were never bullied. They were probably being lightly teased by 1 slightly mean person, not consistently stomped into the ground every day for years by a class of >30 people while the school staff liked the normies and couldn't give less of a shit about you.
The basic fact of bullying is, if you're allowed to fight back you're not being bullied.
>> No. 26530 [Edit]
File 161948171510.jpg - (45.72KB , 500x500 , abcdef.jpg )
I'm 25 and I'm not really sure if I'm too young to be in the examples, but I was neet for years then joined school. Hard to be motivated studying in COVID but all I want to do is try get a job outside where I don't have to interact with people too much.

I'm less depressed than the NEET days (I live like one as everything is closed) but a lot of that was due to physical chronic pain as much as mental (though I was a shutin throughout high school prior to my health declining at 16). I assume the effects of anxiety and avoiding everything in life is probably more severe than a multitude of physical problems though. A lot of my hobbies (piano mainly) were killed as university takes up a lot of time and mental energy because it never feels like I've 'finished' and I also drag my heels with motivation, which is significantly worse in COVID as it's literally how I lived as a NEET minus the job centre. I sorta still would rather dying though and my goals are to try study in Japan just to at leaast have tried a new environment. Websites like this I don't want to bloat if I'm not a NEET as it seems unfair to the proper users, but I still feel it's fine posting here occasionally as I spent 4 years full on NEET and my entire adolesence as a shut-in.

For school it sorta surprised me though, initially I was anxious about things but now I just don't give a hoot anymore, which sucks for my grades and removes any intensity or consequences to my actions almost so there's no genuine motivation. I think living a life of misoortune and then having chronic pain from 16 onwards while NEET and while completely socially retarded is a depth pretty difficult to return to unless I just let my self stagnate entirely (which will probably happen lol). I know a few people from websites like tohno and wizchan (not used wizchan in literal years though) who are in their late 20s or mid 30s and NEET. I hope I don't get banned for saying this either, but I did briefly join the Universities anime club too until I realised a lot of people would just bring up doujins and hentai unprompted and I'm not particularly interested in discussing things. I've learned to be social enough to work with people and communicate but I still don't really care for people strong enough to form real connections, which I wonder if its a consequence of being used to being alone.

But pretty much that's my reason I stopped posting on sites like these, though this isn't a toxic place so I still look here sometimes (unlike wizchan). I also have never used the mainstream chans like 4chan or 8chan so maybe I'm a bit different. I imagine overall people get jobs or school so can't relate as well, kill themselves or just drift away for some reason as they get older as the threads are pretty much the same year on year.

Post edited on 26th Apr 2021, 5:22pm
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