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File 16208784098.jpg - (33.68KB , 385x385 , 1617126508528.jpg )
26553 No. 26553 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I really like this board. In fact this may be the best board out of all the imageboards I've seen. You guys are alright. Why does it seem nowhere is as honest as here?
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>> No. 26558 [Edit]
I think it's actually the kid from the sequel.
>> No. 26559 [Edit]
Oh okay, I never completed the sequel. Didn't know there was such a character.
>> No. 26560 [Edit]
Because this is the only board whose users are actually little girls. After all, there's no cuter place to post or lurk!
>> No. 26566 [Edit]
If you look at other imageboards, it seems they usually suffer from two (not necessarily orthogonal issues): loose moderation that lets low-quality discussion fester, and a userbase that cares more about being part of some "in-group" than discussing things.

TC's rules are not only conducive to discussion in general, but also have a slant towards ensuring that the site remains somewhat focused on otaku and tangential interests. when paired with moderators who competently enforce them, these rules help maintain the integrity of the existing userbase. And the userbase is of course probably the most crucial element, since what used to be decent places have been ruined by people treating it as a "dumping ground" – where they care more about the validation from posting some image-macro or inane phrase rather than continuing the discussion. Reddit is the prototypical example of this, and the prevalence of platforms like discord further exacerbates this since it fundamentally changes the nature of discussions, favoring short remarks over well thought out posts.

File 161058147643.jpg - (591.74KB , 1820x2650 , 1607658232267100.jpg )
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Last one (>>23024) hit the bump limit.
It was nice having a thread to casually express those somber thoughts.
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>> No. 26561 [Edit]
File 16209139375.jpg - (293.44KB , 1378x2039 , E0wYCbjVEAAphNi[1].jpg )
>> No. 26562 [Edit]
File 162093861443.png - (1.52MB , 1600x1142 , with_kaos_hana.png )
I think sophie would get along well with Mai (vlad love). Couldn't find any artwork with both of them though.

Depends on how you define "success" but from a strictly monetary point of view I doubt that most people meet this. Nonetheless it's tautologically true that they meet the criteria of success defined as living a normal life, and moreover life does indeed progress seamlessly for them. But I don't think "normalness" by itself is both a necessary and sufficient condition for this seamless progression; a large part of it is that they just blindly go along with it, not thinking about things too much. Thus they don't ever really have the issue of wondering what to do with the "little" time they have.
>> No. 26563 [Edit]
File 162094380272.jpg - (138.37KB , 800x600 , 34811102_p0.jpg )
>> No. 26567 [Edit]
File 162097273963.jpg - (282.36KB , 1378x2039 , E0wX8AxX0AEwAxa[1].jpg )

File 152368952940.jpg - (38.50KB , 640x480 , CCS_12_[O-A][55312834]_Sakura's_Never-Ending_.jpg )
23463 No. 23463 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Is this the only anime/weeb community left that hasn't been over run by children?
Every time I find a new one to join it's the same thing, retarded teenagers who wont shut up about school or spoiled rich kids and their college crap. It's all "dur hur I'm gonna be a doctor I'm gonna be a laywer" fuck you. I feel so fucking old lately and this shit doesn't help one bit. It's just so ackward being in these servers/channels with kids that are half my age. Not that it's uncommon here either. Where the fuck are all the 30+ weebs? Do they just kill themselves when they hit 30 or do they turn into normal fags and quit the internet? What the fuck man.
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>> No. 26549 [Edit]
When you die you can't think. You have no mind whatsoever. Death is total annihilation of the mind from existence. And nobody forgot who they were either. There was no amnesia involved.

Post edited on 3rd May 2021, 9:01am
>> No. 26550 [Edit]
They didn't die they melded into one, it was clearly a metaphor for the red menace.
>> No. 26551 [Edit]
I don't even watch or like Evangelion but Anno was influenced by the ending of Childhood's End. There is also nothing political about it.
>> No. 26552 [Edit]
>Romance and Ecchi lose to hentai
Absolutely not. These are all 3 completely different forms of appeal, and most hentai anime is fucking terrible.
>Moe Anime is declining as V-tubers rise because it's cheaper to produce and more profitable
These are completely unrelated things, and as someone who seeks out moe/iyashikei series every season I can usually find one or two that fit that bill, for instance Super Cub this season.
You realize they rejected instrumentality in the end right?

File 158261586570.png - (191.13KB , 649x358 , yuno room.png )
25306 No. 25306 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I hate having to go outside. I don't want to be around people and exposed to the elements. I hate it out there. I regret even thinking I wanted to go out somewhere.
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>> No. 25359 [Edit]
File 158350773026.jpg - (284.54KB , 1080x1348 , 0001.jpg )
Same, yet I love when a shaft of sunlight manages to get past my curtains and shines some forgotten object on my table or the tiny floating specks of dust and for a second there the entire apartment feels really quiet and beautiful. I also like very much when the evening comes and I can hear people and their vehicles at a distance, all rushing back home under that orange glow the sky gets sometimes. I like to look on a sunday morning through my window and there's absolutely no one on the streets. The outside looks really cool when you're on the inside, well, protected and cozy.
When I have to go outside though it kind of sucks, yeah. I get this feeling I'm prepping to go to a danger zone (which it is for all I know) and I have this mental checkup of all things I'll need to survive the 15 minutes I'll be out to do the groceries. The outside feels huge and clumsy. I can go from one end of my apartment to the other in about 16 steps or so. That's just enough to cross the first street on the outside.
The worst part however is also the most interesting. Inside my apartment I'm in a state of undiluted concentration and I only fully realize that when I'm back from the outside. For example, recently I was at this store and I saw some girl with a bunch of cut scars all across both her arms. I've seen that plenty in pictures online but never irl before. That bothered me for weeks for some reason. I don't like having too much real stuff inside my head, I think that's the source of my dislike for the outside. I like the outside like a painting in front of my window, I like there are people on the outside that makes this isolated life I lead possible but to be part of it is pretty rough and I don't like it.
I think this is a very old feeling, isn't this feeling basically why monks exist in all cultures? I don't know.
>> No. 26539 [Edit]
I like going outside for walks through the forest but I also do not like encountering people so I tend to only go when the weather is really bad, so it feels like I have most of the outside world to myself.
>> No. 26540 [Edit]
File 161999708714.jpg - (682.06KB , 800x533 , 20170910185907[1].jpg )
I don't hate the 'outside', I hate people. I'd go out more if I didn't live in a filthy, dense metropolis. Seems like that's the general consensus in this thread anyway. I wish I'd lived in a quiet countryside.
>> No. 26542 [Edit]
At least in a big city no one notices you. In the countryside every neighbour is going to know you and be inquisitively interested in you.

File 149418623294.jpg - (162.60KB , 1920x1080 , [HorribleSubs] Brave Witches - 08 [1080p]_mkv_snap.jpg )
22622 No. 22622 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [Last 50 posts]
What keeps you from committing suicide?
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>> No. 26535 [Edit]
Wish I could save all the NEETs, hikkis, and depressive types. I swear, if I ever fall into money, I'll do everything in my power to save as many of them as possible.
>> No. 26536 [Edit]
Raised Catholic and I can't help but believe in a God. I don't want to burn in hell forever and ever and ever just because I hate living. I'm trying to think long term about eternity. Even if Christians are wrong, basically every religion ever made looks down on suicide and I fear punishment

In other words, I'm a pussy.
>> No. 26537 [Edit]
>basically every religion ever made looks down on suicide
Not Buddhism, though they pretend it doesn't count as suicide if meditation is involved. The rules are made by the living and the living doesn't want their workers leaving their post too soon. People who commit suicide never get the chance to make their own religion which the living follow.
>> No. 26538 [Edit]
There really isn't much we can do is there? Unfortunate that some of us broke through the barriers of ignorance - the only thing that could make living in places like these bearable. I'm in an almost identical situation except I don't get along well with my mother.

File 149791957878.jpg - (85.94KB , 1520x1080 , 1476500887701.jpg )
22766 No. 22766 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Do you feel empty? Not really happy, not really sad, but alien and different from your surroundings. Only spiced up by the occasional shame brought about by base desire like lust and hunger. Like there's just nothing there at all within you.
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>> No. 26502 [Edit]
I'm an unemployable NEET and I consider engineers to be beneath me.
>> No. 26531 [Edit]
I feel that way a lot. I always wanted to do creative stuff when i was younger and would do it even though i often was limited by my skill.
But now even when i would have the skill i just don't have anything inside me to tell anybody or even myself.
I'd like to write a song, but have nothing to say, i don't know what to draw because nothing engages my imagination, etc. I can only go through the motions to keep me distracted, but that's about it. All i might have had inside me just vanished at some point.
>> No. 26532 [Edit]
That's why you have to try new and varied things. Even if its slight I enjoy powerlifting a lot today and that began after years of being locked up in my room depressed. Home equipment started itfor me
>> No. 26533 [Edit]
That's why you have to try new and varied things. Even if its slight I enjoy powerlifting a lot today and that began after years of being locked up in my room depressed. Home equipment started itfor me

File 156789639619.jpg - (44.39KB , 704x396 , onimageboard.jpg )
24601 No. 24601 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
What happened to all the people who used to inhabit imageboards ~10 years ago? Given how poor the quality of most are now, I find it hard to believe that they are still active in those same places. Did they simply accept the inevitability of change and abandon imageboards for good? (While I find it hard to believe that they'd switch to something like Facebook, it's not unprobable that many just joined discord groups, also simultaneously resulting in the gradual decline of irc). Are they still there in small numbers but just drowned out by the influx of newcomers and low-quality posts? Did they escape to some uber-secret sanctuary?

The recent 8ch exodus led me to browse some of their various spinoff boards; I thought that at least one might recapture the same spirit of old but unfortunately none really come close. Tohno-chan is still perhaps the only place I've found where where post quality remains relatively high and discussion is thoughtful.
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>> No. 26497 [Edit]
Well, that's a really good explanation.
In the other hand when I was young I thought I couldn't be that much of a loser and it was the environment that made me one, but I turned out to be the real thing. There's some irony there, it's like everyone wants to be and pose as something different even if it's not necessarily a good thing.
>> No. 26500 [Edit]
It's like chuunibyou in a way.
>> No. 26501 [Edit]
That would explain their cluelessness when it comes to bullying. All the retarded self satisfied stories of fighting back. "I just punched the meanie one day and then it stopped and then I was friends with everyone and then the bully actually turned out to be a pretty cool guy."
Truth is they were never bullied. They were probably being lightly teased by 1 slightly mean person, not consistently stomped into the ground every day for years by a class of >30 people while the school staff liked the normies and couldn't give less of a shit about you.
The basic fact of bullying is, if you're allowed to fight back you're not being bullied.
>> No. 26530 [Edit]
File 161948171510.jpg - (45.72KB , 500x500 , abcdef.jpg )
I'm 25 and I'm not really sure if I'm too young to be in the examples, but I was neet for years then joined school. Hard to be motivated studying in COVID but all I want to do is try get a job outside where I don't have to interact with people too much.

I'm less depressed than the NEET days (I live like one as everything is closed) but a lot of that was due to physical chronic pain as much as mental (though I was a shutin throughout high school prior to my health declining at 16). I assume the effects of anxiety and avoiding everything in life is probably more severe than a multitude of physical problems though. A lot of my hobbies (piano mainly) were killed as university takes up a lot of time and mental energy because it never feels like I've 'finished' and I also drag my heels with motivation, which is significantly worse in COVID as it's literally how I lived as a NEET minus the job centre. I sorta still would rather dying though and my goals are to try study in Japan just to at leaast have tried a new environment. Websites like this I don't want to bloat if I'm not a NEET as it seems unfair to the proper users, but I still feel it's fine posting here occasionally as I spent 4 years full on NEET and my entire adolesence as a shut-in.

For school it sorta surprised me though, initially I was anxious about things but now I just don't give a hoot anymore, which sucks for my grades and removes any intensity or consequences to my actions almost so there's no genuine motivation. I think living a life of misoortune and then having chronic pain from 16 onwards while NEET and while completely socially retarded is a depth pretty difficult to return to unless I just let my self stagnate entirely (which will probably happen lol). I know a few people from websites like tohno and wizchan (not used wizchan in literal years though) who are in their late 20s or mid 30s and NEET. I hope I don't get banned for saying this either, but I did briefly join the Universities anime club too until I realised a lot of people would just bring up doujins and hentai unprompted and I'm not particularly interested in discussing things. I've learned to be social enough to work with people and communicate but I still don't really care for people strong enough to form real co
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 161909866749.png - (0.97MB , 1521x739 , waasted.png )
26514 No. 26514 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Anybody ever read nay philosophy?
Just so you know, Plato is the truth
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>> No. 26525 [Edit]
Oh my God I'm sure the successful gogetter businessmen who work hard on making powerpoints and spreadsheets day in day out are very critical workers and history will remember them.
>> No. 26526 [Edit]
Other business humanoids might remember them if they did really well, or really fucked up.
>> No. 26527 [Edit]
If the whole point is simply to be remembered there's easier ways that don't require that much effort. Recent history have proved even two dumb depressed kids could figure how to do that, with astonishing success. You couldn't even say they are remembered in a particular bad way considering the number of admirers and imitators.

The classic ancient example of inmortality in history was Achilles. Ours is Steve Jobs. We don't care about moral examples, heroic deeds and beauty. But worse than that, we also don't care about who invents, innovates , creates. We only care about who makes the better business for himself, more money and better marketing.
Maybe that's why we idolize mass killers in the other hand, something's not right and we know it.
>> No. 26528 [Edit]
Not without looking them up. Nobody knows the guy that founded Coca Cola off the top of his head, and it's one of the biggest corporations around. Bezos, Gates, Jobs, and the rest will all be forgotten a generation after their death.
If you want everyone to remember you, you need to either forge a new country, significantly extend an existing country or start a religion. If people being able to look up your name easily is good enough, the most expedient way would probably be to get chisel your name half a meter deep into a granite mountainside somewhere. Future archeologists will stumble across it at some point.
Then again, what's the point of being remembered? There's nothing that makes a life goal of being remembered more worthwhile than a lifegoal of collecting a million empty cans of beer. Once you're dead, you either cease to exist and are therefore incapable of caring, in oblivion/heaven/hell for eternity and therefore don't care because it doesn't affect you, get reborn without memories, in which case you're again incapable of caring, or reborn with memories, in which case you don't care because you've had ten thousand names already.

As for philosophy, I've read Evola and Neoplatonists for the most part. Stoics too, but they seem lacking in my opinion.

File 161574272993.jpg - (125.52KB , 926x813 , fc0719b92791a3c262e9cef69f72d022.jpg )
26400 No. 26400 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Do you ever feel like hurting other people, physically or emotionally? Would that give you any sense of catharsis? I feel increasingly like I can't relate to or trust anybody. People constantly disappoint me in real life and online, but I can't stop myself from interacting with them because like an awful addiction, I can't live without it.

Hurting other people is a way of interacting with others that could make you feel good and protect you from disappoint and alienation. It doesn't matter what the other person thinks of you, because you can enjoy yourself regardless of their opinion if you're causing them pain.

I read an article once that sadistic people have a low baseline level of happiness, and that sadism is not only something they like, but something they require to uplift their mood.
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>> No. 26453 [Edit]
I used to be more quiet but nowadays I feel like I want to break something or beat up someone. Everytime I cry or feel frustrated about anything I punch and kick anything in my sight. There are way too many people in this planet who should have never been born.
>> No. 26457 [Edit]
sounds like you weren't a punk but really want to be one now.
>> No. 26458 [Edit]
Sometimes I wish I was in the oppressor side, not because I find enjoyment in oppression, but because it's miles better than being among the oppressed, and I suspect there could be no room for anything else.
>> No. 26513 [Edit]
File 161909841176.gif - (245.93KB , 544x632 , 1619018136389.gif )
would the devil be homosexual? a homosexual spirit

to answer your q, no, but i used to, kind of. it won't do anything good for you

File 158281180079.jpg - (92.17KB , 850x850 , __chroniko_kaiba_drawn_by_amiyakinyu__sample-ee356.jpg )
25323 No. 25323 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Post random things you remember. Little things that left an impression on you.

I was driving with my mom somewhere around the time I was in middle school. It was a long ride. I summarised the plots of eva and saya no uta to her. She seemed bored and a little put-off, but I think she was listening. Then she started talking about how Japanese people have a genetic propensity for cruelness which explained why they would make such things. I thought it was an interesting theory.
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>> No. 26306 [Edit]
File 161000177615.jpg - (164.11KB , 849x1200 , 85b56d3815f60d588dd06771c57bd2cc.jpg )
>And yet society idolizes and promotes outspoken people.
It's selective with this. The only promoted ones are the people who state the "correct" opinion, the opinion most agree with that is considered the most socially acceptable.
>The "free-thinking" outspoken man is revered in the media as a symbol of the American spirit
This might be true of what some people think but in practice if the free-thinking outspoken man disagrees with the masses, even if his opinion is as American and logical as it gets, he will be absolutely despised. This kind of archetype just makes an interesting character but not always a well-liked person, especially now.
But you probably already know this.
>> No. 26507 [Edit]
File 161902697379.jpg - (457.16KB , 1217x777 , c5ad196485fbffc906e62a2100c31cf6.jpg )
I was at my middle school graduation, walking in a straight line with the others in my grade to the gym. This girl I talked to a few times in math class who was behind me suddenly said "Anon, nobody likes you". Not in a loud voice, but enough from me to hear. My initial reaction was confused disbelief. At that point, I remembered hearing she had done something similar before to another girl. I guess was that that's her "bullying strategy", waiting until the last moment to insult somebody so she wouldn't be reprimanded. The entire rest of the ceremony was left, so I decided to emotionally numb myself and disassociate from my surroundings.

We sat in rows in the center of the gym and would get called up one by one. We then had to walk to the front onto a stage, say our name in a microphone, and receive a t-shirt from the principal. Everybody that went up got an overly loud applause, mostly from their friends. I just waited and waited, totally out of it until they called on me. I went up and said my name. A lot of people didn't clap and the applause was noticeably quieter than other peoples'. I got the stupid t-shirt and went back to my seat.

Few years later, my highschool graduation was coming up. I decided not to go to it because of my previous experience, and this one would require us to go to school an extra day and do a whole rehearsal. Strangely enough, I was kind of friendly with the highschool gym teachers. I wasn't athletic or did any sports, but I talked with them fairly regularly. Maybe it was out of pity or something, but I don't know for sure.

While we were signing something for the graduation in our gym, I went up to them and explained I wouldn't be doing it and hadn't bought the gown and shit. They were genuinely upset. Like I was committing sacrilege. One of them basically ordered me go to the office and tell the people there I wanted to buy a gown. I did go there, but instead told them I wouldn't be doing it and they needed to mark me as being absent or something.

I let the guy know I did this via email later that day. He responded that he wanted to see me, which got me a bit nervous. So I went to the gym teachers' office and he was sitting there alone. Instead of getting mad, he got weirdly sentimental and started going o
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 26508 [Edit]
I had someone at a job say something similar to my face. Didn't mean much though, her opinion meant nothing to me anyway. Besides, this person wasn't exactly popular at this work site, I've had to listen to others endlessly complain about them while not giving two shits then either. Popularity means nothing if these people can't or wont do anything for you anyway. Might as well be told an ant doesn't like you.
>> No. 26511 [Edit]
To contrast the thoughtful posts, today I remembered the night where my dad hurriedly walked into my room as I was enjoying a nukige. There was the typical awkwardness and embarrassment, but that's expected and uninteresting. Instead, what impressed upon me was his remark (paraphrased): "Why do they look like aliens?" Later that night we watched a movie about aliens. I'm not sure if it was on purpose or not.

File 161794835320.jpg - (472.63KB , 596x1200 , 88634141_p0_master1200.jpg )
26469 No. 26469 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
What are little things the average person takes for granted that you wish you could have or experience yourself, but that you know in all likelihood you probably never will?
2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 26472 [Edit]
Not occasionally going on auto-pilot in conversations and saying stuff you know is stupid but being unable to stop yourself. In short, being autism free.
Having people that care how your life is going.
Not knowing for a fact that most people laugh at you behind your back.
>> No. 26473 [Edit]
I can understand this. I probably don't have it as bad as you do but my family is also dysfunctional, my brother in particular is the most obnoxious asshole on the planet. I shouldn't wake up every other day wishing he were dead, and that I were the one who killed him, but I do.
In that case, I suppose I covet having a brother who isn't a less than worthless piece of garbage.
>> No. 26474 [Edit]
Terseness. Instant messaging bothers me because it seems everyone knows how to replying saying the least possible, while I have to get out at least a couple sentences just to say the same thing.

I also wish I actually had the ability to cry when I need to. My grandparents died of COVID around this time last year, but I couldn't muster any tears at all. It made me feel really hollow, as if I never loved them. It's not like I don't feel sad or anything -- I'm not a sociopath -- I just can't cry at all, which causes a very subtle sort of emotional guilt and pent-up feeling without any catharsis or release.

>going on auto-pilot in conversations
I wish I didn't do this as well. I also take fairly long pauses after being asked something or if I get hung up about not knowing the correct word to use or how to properly express something which I'm self conscious about.
>> No. 26477 [Edit]
Just being able to speak properly. Anything longer than one or two sentences and I start fumbling words. It feels like my ability to "think ahead" is only about a sentence or so and once I exhaust that buffer things become disjointed.

>their confidence, self esteem, courage
I think that's summed up with their "ignorance". That very inability for self-reflection and thinking about things is what allows them to blissfully go on about their day unaware.

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