Tohno-chan is an anime-themed image board for NEETs, hikikomori, (true) otaku, and other social outcasts. Please take this into consideration when posting.

The following rules apply to ALL parts of this website AND our affiliated IRC channel:
Those that cannot follow the rules shown on this page will be dealt with by our moderators as they they see fit. Don't be surprised if your post gets deleted. Minor infractions may likely result in a warning. Major infractions or multiple warnings will result in a ban with the duration depending on the situation and the judgement of the moderator carrying out the ban.

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Rule No.15
The following are minor infractions. Many of these are just as much for your own good as for the site, akin to friendly advice. Not following these may still result in your post or media being deleted, and repeated infractions may still result in a warning or a ban, length of which to be determined by a moderator.

- Do not use emoticons (e.g. :-), xD). They're obnoxious.
- Do not post political, religious, or gender discussion outside of /tat/.
- Do not discuss nor announce that you're from 4chan or any other imageboard.
- Do not create threads that already exist. Use the catalog to look for a thread related to what you're looking.
- Do not encourage others to commit suicide. This relates to >>/r/1 and >>/r/11
- Do not misuse (trying to hide rule-breaking content) nor abuse (hiding text needlessly) the spoiler tag.
- Do not engage in meta discussion nor complain about the site or its userbase. Take it to IRC.
- Do not post memes, senseless vulgarity, nor mentioning your genitals and what you'd like to do with them.
- Do not post western media, specially entertainment. Exceptions can be made for western games on /vg/.
- Do not pass Go.
- Do not collect $200.

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