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The following rules apply to ALL parts of this website AND our affiliated IRC channel:
Those that cannot follow the rules shown on this page will be dealt with by our moderators as they they see fit. Don't be surprised if your post gets deleted. Minor infractions may likely result in a warning. Major infractions or multiple warnings will result in a ban with the duration depending on the situation and the judgement of the moderator carrying out the ban.

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File 151547192023.png - (109B , 1x1 , 15.png )
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Rule No.15
The following are minor infractions. Many of these are just as much for your own good as for the site, akin to friendly advice. Not following these may still result in your post or media being deleted, and repeated infractions may still result in a warning or a ban, length of which to be determined by a moderator.

- Do not use emoticons (e.g. :-), xD). They're obnoxious.
- Do not post political, religious, or gender discussion outside of /tat/.
- Do not discuss nor announce that you're from 4chan or any other imageboard.
- Do not create threads that already exist. Use the catalog to look for a thread related to what you're looking.
- Do not encourage others to commit suicide. This relates to >>/r/1 and >>/r/11
- Do not misuse (trying to hide rule-breaking content) nor abuse (hiding text needlessly) the spoiler tag.
- Do not engage in meta discussion nor complain about the site or its userbase. Take it to IRC.
- Do not post memes, senseless vulgarity, nor mentioning your genitals and what you'd like to do with them.
- Do not post western media, specially entertainment. Exceptions can be made for western games on /vg/.
- Do not pass Go.
- Do not collect $200.

File 151547131523.png - (109B , 1x1 , 14.png )
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Rule No.14
- Reserved for posterity.

File 151547104698.png - (109B , 1x1 , 13.png )
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Rule No.13
- Do not discuss drugs or their usage outside of /420/.
- Even while there, do not discuss their sale or purchasing.

- Strictly to be kept on
- Refers to any and all posts related to illegal narcotics or controlled substances.
- Do not share links on where to buy or acquire them. Additionally forbidden under >>/r/1

File 151547072572.png - (109B , 1x1 , 12.png )
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Rule No.12
- Do not announce you or another user is female.
- Do not draw attention to someone being female.

- For the record: We don't have a ban on women, which would be impossible to enforce anyway.
- We do not allow people openly stating or implying to be female, which is usually for attention.
- This is to avoid orbiting, circle-jerking, and overall disgusting behavior this site veers away from.

File 151547044020.png - (109B , 1x1 , 11.png )
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Rule No.11
- Do not excessively flame, troll, nor harass other users.

- Avoid going out of your way to upset and bother other posters.
- Avoid behavior that involves deliberately attacking or insulting others.
- Someone disagreeing with any of your opinions is not a violation of this rule.
- Neither is someone finding your posts offensive without obvious intent on your part.
- Be aware that, outside of /mai/, Tohno-chan is not your personal SJW hug-box. Act accordingly.

File 151547010523.png - (109B , 1x1 , 10.png )
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Rule No.10
- Do not engage in disrespectful behavior on /mai/.

- This goes for both someone's waifu or a particular poster.
- If you have a problem with someone's waifu, keep it to yourself.
- This includes, but is not limited to: name-calling, insulting, making fun of, or trash talking.

File 151546980561.png - (109B , 1x1 , 09.png )
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Rule No.(9)
- Do not be a baka.
- C Cirno 2 no moar

File 151546950573.png - (109B , 1x1 , 08.png )
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Rule No.08
- Do not behave like a moronic weeaboo.
- Do not mention anything related to Funimation.
- Do not defend or argue in favour of dubbing, ever.

- This rule pertains particularly to the /an/ and /ma/ boards.
- Moronic weeaboo refers to an entry-level anime fan that deals in conventions and anime clubs.
- It also includes an obsessive fixation towards select mainstream anime (e.g. Naruto, Dragon Ball).

File 151546920587.png - (109B , 1x1 , 07.png )
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Rule No.07
- Do not make worthless or inane posts (i.e. "shitposting").
- Do not misuse the quoting function (i.e. "greentexting").
- Do not post about or acknowledge "GETs".
- Do not misuse reaction images, specially without accompanying text.

- This section in particular and its enforcing falls to the judgement of the moderating team.
- Reaction images should be used, if ever, to set a mood or emotion the poster is trying to convey.
- GETs refers to pointing out having multiple instances of the same number in your post (e.g. no.5555).
- Shitposting refers to posts that fails to be constructive, informative, or entertaining, within context.
- Shitposting may also refer to posts that only have 1 or 2 words without media attachment, unless on-topic.

File 151546891025.png - (109B , 1x1 , 06.png )
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Rule No.06
- Do not mention your loved ones (e.g. wife, girlfriend, children).
- Do not blog excessively, especially about your romantic life, or anyone else's.

- /so/ is exempted to a degree, as the board deals heavily in personal issues.
- Blogging refers to writing about oneself or one's daily events, usually ignoring relevance.
- Excessively refers to doing it repeatedly in a short time span and/or in long-winded posts (150+ words).

File 151546860555.png - (109B , 1x1 , 05.png )
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Rule No.05
- Do not post content related to the furry fandom.
- Do not post anything related to "My Little Pony".

- This site is not meant as a haven for bronies nor furries. Take it somewhere else.
- Exempted in /mai/ on a case by case basis for those that may have anthropomorphic waifus.
- Oriental anthropomorphism is not included and is safe to post (e.g. kemonomimi, monster girls).

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