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File 130671562064.jpg - (201.87KB , 900x600 , tamayura.jpg )
6209 No. 6209 [Edit]
I know we're a lazy bunch and we don't go out that much but I'd still like to propose you a photography thread as it can be funny like I'm imagining it.

It's simple. Use any device that let's you take photos and report back with something interesting you found. It can be anything. Outside your window, in your room, in your backyard, in your garage or house. It doesn't have to be any kind of professional stuff, although that's okay of course.

Please limit photos to a maximum resolution of 2560x1920 or something around that area for everyone's viewing pleasure. The photos have to be new and not something you took last year. がんばって!
Expand all images
>> No. 6210 [Edit]
File 130671617946.jpg - (320.59KB , 968x1296 , Coraline doll small.jpg )
>> No. 6211 [Edit]
File 130671628678.jpg - (472.04KB , 1679x1120 , P1000170.jpg )
It's already night so I can't take a good photo if my life depended on it because the light is really bad in my room. Here's how it looks like inside one of my drawers tho.

Find anything interesting?
>> No. 6212 [Edit]

What are those pills/little balls?
>> No. 6213 [Edit]
Those are little plastic pills you use on a softair gun.
>> No. 6214 [Edit]
File 130671898112.jpg - (493.54KB , 1536x1152 , I can see forever.jpg )
A picture of a picture of a picture of a picture of a picture of a picture of a picture of a picture of a picture of my monitor.

Sorry about the crappy cameraphone quality.
>> No. 6215 [Edit]
File 13067201411.png - (309.23KB , 1440x810 , DSC00198.png )
I used to really be into photography, I mean really. I literally have thousands of dollars in cameras and lenses and video cameras I never use anymore. It's a shame.

I suppose I just realized, it's all pointless. I tend to give up on hobbies fast.

So...I just took this now on an old DSLR, it more or less surmises my life at the moment.
>> No. 6216 [Edit]

Wow is that thumbnail fucked up for anyone else? Or just me...
>> No. 6217 [Edit]
Yeah, it's a trainwreck. Not sure why.
>> No. 6218 [Edit]
our software sucks at resizing .png files.
>> No. 6219 [Edit]
File 130673326252.jpg - (327.31KB , 1200x900 , DSC00019.jpg )
Just pictures of my figures that aren't particularly special. My camera is out of batteries; the rarest of substances in my house.
>> No. 6220 [Edit]
Maybe you should get rechargeable batteries.
>> No. 6221 [Edit]
File 130678818628.jpg - (708.58KB , 1824x1368 , DSCF4033.jpg )
killing time waiting for the convention to end.
>> No. 6228 [Edit]
File 130682126910.jpg - (897.25KB , 1200x1600 , S5000050.jpg )
>> No. 6229 [Edit]
File 13068256318.jpg - (80.12KB , 720x540 , Image(003).jpg )
>Outside your window

>> No. 6230 [Edit]
What a delightful view.
>> No. 6231 [Edit]
>> No. 6232 [Edit]
File 130682953465.jpg - (341.77KB , 1440x811 , P1000215.jpg )
It's just a rainy day.
>> No. 6233 [Edit]
you appear to live in s.t.a.l.k.e.r
>> No. 6234 [Edit]
File 130689215151.jpg - (897.82KB , 1280x960 , 0329111301.jpg )
I have an unhealthy obsession with abandoned places, like Hashima, Pripyat, and abandoned villages in Japan and the US.

There is a building near where I live like this. It's been abandoned since 1993. The people who used to live there put a trailer on the property next to the building they once lived in, and when the kids moved out the parent apparently lost all of her money in a lawsuit and hung herself. Never said where. They had to take away the trailer but the building stays here.

Not sure what the building was for. There is a workshop, a hay attic, a horse stable that was made into a bedroom for a while, and the floors are cement except for the three-story area, where the floors are wood. The building was made about mid-sixties. It's been abandoned for going on ten years. Until last year, no kids came here at all, really. It was too spooky. I was the first in a while to go there, mainly because I was seeking other places to live after my mother almost threw me out in the middle of Junior year.
>> No. 6235 [Edit]
File 130689235455.jpg - (681.29KB , 1280x960 , 0329111303.jpg )
These photos are from a month or two ago. It was finally getting warmer, and the only time you can walk through this field in warm weather without getting infested with ticks (I am not exaggerating this, ten on me yesterday halfway through the field).

That's a garage, and the front entrance. Never use it though, supposedly the room next to the garage (where the door goes) was home to a squatter, and before that was the supposed place the suicide took place. It's the brightest room but it's hard to get into. Full of trash.
>> No. 6236 [Edit]
File 130689255541.jpg - (867.37KB , 1280x960 , 0329111304.jpg )
I was going to post these in a thread claiming I was looking for houses with my waifu, but thought it was too damned creepy and depressing and opted out of it.

The accessible entrance is on the side. A rotting door I had to kick in in the winter. Inside was a Wang personal computer, very old. Took it back home but lost it somehow.
>> No. 6237 [Edit]
File 130689270520.jpg - (446.32KB , 1280x960 , 0329111306.jpg )

Graffiti is less than one year old. Airsoft friends came there from a few towns over to see how a game could go. Brought some "recruits" who stole the team's spraypaint and shit up the place. Others from around the neighborhood have also come to add a few tags.

This is the main atrium. No idea what this building was for, again.
>> No. 6238 [Edit]
File 13068929085.jpg - (454.65KB , 1280x960 , 0329111456.jpg )
Another view. Tons of windows. Taught a kid we were airsofting with a year ago how to write Japan in Japanese, since we were part of the "Neo-Imperial Forces" for one op we never got to do. Now he just carved crappy kanji in the wall and it could be pegged on me should there be an investigation and I'm the only person in the neighbourhood with knowledge of the Japanese language.

Also do any of you know what PULP is?
>> No. 6239 [Edit]
I like abandoned places too. When I was a kid I lived down the road from an abandoned public pool and I loved poking around in it (except for the fact it had the biggest spiders I had ever seen in my life). Some guy bought it and all the land over there a long time ago and turned it into his motorcycle garage ;_;
>> No. 6240 [Edit]
File 130689306323.jpg - (396.51KB , 1280x960 , 0329111407.jpg )
Desktop. I set this up as a joke. Was going to make up the place like an apartment, but ended up not doing it because something is living in all the furniture.

Going to go back soon to take more pictures of the place. Much greener. Still the creepiest though.
>> No. 6241 [Edit]
File 130716659796.jpg - (694.49KB , 960x1280 , 0603111637.jpg )
Today's theme is much better, greener, and happier. Got my new Konata Figma today, after much stress and thought.

Say hi to Tohno-Chan, Konata.
>> No. 6242 [Edit]
File 130716671172.jpg - (780.20KB , 960x1280 , 0603111636.jpg )
We decided to go out into my yard. It was a nice day, so adventuring is a fun way of passing the time.

Being very short, she had to get a good vantage point.
>> No. 6243 [Edit]
File 130716684678.jpg - (872.86KB , 960x1280 , 0603111635.jpg )
Oh wow, you got up there fast. Anything interesting you see up there?
>> No. 6244 [Edit]
File 130716691280.jpg - (731.43KB , 960x1280 , 0603111640.jpg )
Oh wow, you see something? Because I don't, with this terrible glare.
>> No. 6245 [Edit]
File 130716696894.jpg - (806.75KB , 1280x960 , 0603111640a.jpg )
Indeed, I think I do see something over there. Wanna go check it out?
>> No. 6246 [Edit]
File 130716710217.jpg - (615.45KB , 1280x960 , 0603111641a.jpg )
It's Yuki Nagato, playing her guitar. Interesting place for it, huh?
>> No. 6247 [Edit]
File 130716731248.jpg - (532.79KB , 960x1280 , 0603111642.jpg )
Her playing is rather good, huh?
>> No. 6248 [Edit]
File 13071674249.jpg - (476.02KB , 1280x960 , 0603111643.jpg )
I hope they get along, they're going to be next to each other on my shelf.
>> No. 6249 [Edit]
I don't like that look on Konata's face.
>> No. 6250 [Edit]
In the woods, nobody can hear you scream~
>> No. 6251 [Edit]
File 130774225447.jpg - (287.45KB , 1080x720 , P1000229.jpg )
My new motherboard is finally kita!! ━━━━(゚∀゚) and so I have been fiddling with computer parts and installing windows updates the last two days.

Windows 7 is a terrible OS. I miss XP.
>> No. 6252 [Edit]
Windows OSs are just going to get worse, if 8 is any indication.
>> No. 6254 [Edit]
File 130775453121.jpg - (627.25KB , 900x675 , back allly.jpg )
was dragged to la a few days ago and thought this looked interesting.. I dunno.. maybe I've spent to much time playing gtasa.. I can't help but think of it and comparing things to it whenever I'm visiting LA.
>> No. 6255 [Edit]
>maybe I've spent to much time playing gtasa.. I can't help but think of it and comparing things to it whenever I'm visiting LA

Haha, I thought the same thing when I went on my western US vacation. It made me replay SA after we got home
>> No. 6256 [Edit]
File 130775505911.jpg - (605.70KB , 675x900 , yummy kids .jpg )
Maybe I was just being dumb, but I found the white sign in the center of the pic rather amusing.

Did you visit los angeles, san francisco or las vegas during the trip?
>> No. 6257 [Edit]
All 3
>> No. 6258 [Edit]
Oh lol. Got a good laugh out of that myself.
>> No. 6259 [Edit]
File 130778766376.jpg - (260.93KB , 1600x1200 , DSC-1880288576.jpg )
a really crowded train, packed with passengers... imagine sitting in such train for eight hours on a 300 km journey...
the good thing is, they offer free sauna service
>> No. 6260 [Edit]
File 130780568747.png - (406.34KB , 2000x1410 , 127865816730.png )
>I have an unhealthy obsession with abandoned places, like Hashima, Pripyat, and abandoned villages in Japan and the US.

Me too. Too bad there aren't any abandoned houses anywhere near me, so I can't go take any pictures. There used to be one, which I explored to death but never took any photos. And there have been a few house fires in the recent years, but they always get torn down in a matter of days so I don't even have the time to explore them. Too bad I don't have a car, because there's an abandoned mill on the old bus route to my old school, and I've always wanted to explore it but the buses don't pass it anymore and it's too far away to go with a bike or by foot.

I've always wanted to check out the city of Pripyat, and a couple abandoned places in Japan too. But I can't afford that stuff.

Here's an interesting site by the way:
It has lots of abandoned places too. I've never really visited any, because of the aforementioned lack of a car, but I found a couple abandoned military bunkers used in WWII etc. around my own country. There are some caches hidden really close to where I live too, but none are abandoned places or such, so I'm not really interested in those...
>> No. 6261 [Edit]
File 130788842512.jpg - (541.45KB , 1824x1368 , DSCF4076.jpg )
there was a fox with kits (I did not manage to get a picture of them) in my backyard this morning.
>> No. 6262 [Edit]
File 130788858653.jpg - (536.30KB , 1824x1368 , DSCF4078.jpg )
>> No. 6263 [Edit]
I wish this thread was made in /cr/..

>> No. 6264 [Edit]
File 130789954333.jpg - (186.12KB , 912x684 , DSCF4076.jpg )
playing around with image editing, never really done this stuff before.
>> No. 6265 [Edit]
It's a little better than the original... maybe a little more contrast?
>> No. 6267 [Edit]
File 130790260443.jpg - (194.05KB , 912x684 , DSCF4076.jpg )
like so?
>> No. 6268 [Edit]
File 130790567958.jpg - (226.73KB , 1024x768 , rabbit.jpg )
My sister's rabbit.
>> No. 6269 [Edit]
File 130793251553.jpg - (579.00KB , 2048x1536 , 2010-09-24 17_39_51.jpg )
Fuck it i'll join in.

Chicago Critical Mass - August 2010. Basically on the last friday of every month random people congregate in Daley Plaza and ride to some random place. Its a nice way to see places some might not otherwise see.

Guy has a electric bike
>> No. 6270 [Edit]
File 130793260719.jpg - (1.04MB , 2048x1536 , 2010-09-24 17_39_59.jpg )
people waiting for the 'beginning'
>> No. 6271 [Edit]
File 130793271335.jpg - (1.09MB , 2048x1536 , 2010-09-24 17_41_51.jpg )
bmxer guys.
>> No. 6272 [Edit]
File 130793278614.jpg - (781.98KB , 2048x1536 , 2010-09-24 17_42_15.jpg )
people buy or make customized bikes. this dude tows a loudspeaker on it. several vehicles have those
>> No. 6273 [Edit]
File 130793286360.jpg - (0.99MB , 2048x1536 , 2010-09-24 17_59_11.jpg )
another onw
>> No. 6274 [Edit]
File 130793293291.jpg - (931.47KB , 2048x1536 , 2010-09-24 17_59_33.jpg )
different angle of aforementioned green vehicle
>> No. 6275 [Edit]
File 130793300217.jpg - (1.18MB , 2048x1536 , 2010-09-24 18_07_02.jpg )
third pic of this device. Note speakers on the rear.
>> No. 6276 [Edit]
File 130793309366.jpg - (0.96MB , 2048x1536 , 2010-09-24 17_59_50.jpg )
green party candidate's bike for a north side district. dunno if she made it but im guesing not
>> No. 6277 [Edit]
File 130793326094.jpg - (1.13MB , 2048x1536 , 2010-09-24 18_10_42.jpg )
Chicago Police Bike Officers. These guye have a reputation apparently for disrupting the early rides but they became too large for them to stop so they just 'assist' in keeping the lines open for the riders (the riders themselves do most of that anyway).

Apparently they've busted some people at the ending point for marijuana and other drugs.
>> No. 6278 [Edit]
File 130793338331.jpg - (839.89KB , 2048x1536 , 2010-09-24 17_44_10.jpg )
i dont know what the hell kind of bikes those are but the colors for the inner rim are nice
>> No. 6279 [Edit]
File 130793343449.jpg - (871.32KB , 2048x1536 , 2010-09-24 17_44_05.jpg )
similar bikes
>> No. 6280 [Edit]
File 130793350281.jpg - (867.42KB , 2048x1536 , 2010-09-24 18_38_17.jpg )
biking into the final destination - no just biking into the setting sun under the el trains
>> No. 6281 [Edit]
File 130793357186.jpg - (838.72KB , 2048x1536 , 2010-09-24 18_38_37.jpg )
>> No. 6282 [Edit]
File 13079336305.jpg - (575.06KB , 2048x1536 , 2010-09-24 18_38_42.jpg )
>> No. 6283 [Edit]
File 130793370458.jpg - (739.92KB , 2048x1536 , 2010-09-24 21_36_07.jpg )
another doo-hickey
>> No. 6284 [Edit]
File 130793376069.jpg - (758.13KB , 2048x1536 , 2010-09-24 21_37_21.jpg )
>> No. 6285 [Edit]
File 130793383414.jpg - (682.81KB , 2048x1536 , 2010-09-24 21_36_01.jpg )
remember the green part candidate? again here
>> No. 6286 [Edit]
File 13079339708.jpg - (836.19KB , 2048x1536 , 2010-09-24 21_37_30.jpg )
another pic of 'tallbike' which is some Rat PAtrol-type shit. ending critical mass dump.
>> No. 6287 [Edit]
File 130803280610.jpg - (121.09KB , 1280x960 , 0603110558.jpg )
Took a random picture of a gas station sign on my shitty cellphone camera.
>> No. 6288 [Edit]
File 130860025879.jpg - (641.92KB , 900x675 , skyline.jpg )
From another trip to LA...
I thought it was an interesting sight, seeing the rooftops covered with cars.
>> No. 6289 [Edit]
Just a friendly reminder: Don't forget to resize your pictures before uploading, then people might bother to look at them. No one wants to see bad camera quality in high resolution.
>> No. 6291 [Edit]
I don't have a camera, the only thing possible for me to take photos is my cellphone, which is old and thus have horrible quality, but I wanted to participate in this thread when I could. There are some photos I would like to share, like the tree that bloomed pink next to my window just this week. If I can find the cable for the cellphone, I'll upload them.

Also wanting to see more from other anonymous.
>> No. 6292 [Edit]
File 131207947256.jpg - (357.74KB , 1136x1611 , mikuru.jpg )
Finally got around to getting a big enough box to make a lightbox out of. I only have one light for it right now, so the lighting in the photos isn't the best, but it's much better than what I had before.

This is probably the best one of the bunch I shot today.
>> No. 6293 [Edit]
File 131210306114.jpg - (283.31KB , 1000x1283 , feena5.jpg )
>> No. 6294 [Edit]
File 131242893290.jpg - (343.34KB , 846x634 , P090711_13_50 ii.jpg )
>> No. 6295 [Edit]
File 131242896894.jpg - (266.88KB , 846x634 , P090711_13_23 uu.jpg )
>> No. 6296 [Edit]
File 13124290029.jpg - (263.66KB , 600x800 , Imagen0977 oo.jpg )
>> No. 6297 [Edit]
File 131242908352.jpg - (308.80KB , 600x800 , Imagen1043 kk.jpg )
>> No. 6299 [Edit]
>> No. 6300 [Edit]
or Lain.gif, yeah
>> No. 6301 [Edit]
File 131300487982.jpg - (554.14KB , 1300x839 , 1.jpg )
>Outside your window

In summer...
>> No. 6302 [Edit]
File 13130049676.jpg - (644.00KB , 1280x759 , 2.jpg )
...and in winter.
>> No. 6303 [Edit]
Wow! that looks really nice.
I really like snow, where i live in England, its always a little too warm/cold in winter for snow, and we end up with rain/hail. I'm guessing you live in the US?
>> No. 6304 [Edit]



It's been a long time since I was in a city that big. Makes me wanna visit Berlin again. I live in a rather small city, so these places are just mindblowing. Can't quite get it into my head how people can live there.
>> No. 6305 [Edit]
File 131347174282.jpg - (757.86KB , 2048x1536 , IMG_20110811_130024.jpg )
Apparently milk contains milk
>> No. 6306 [Edit]
Knowing Mcdonald's I am actually shocked!
>> No. 6307 [Edit]
Most people with "allergies" in the US either have Munchhausen syndrome or developed mild allergies that they can easily develop a tolerance to, but would rather have the allergy in order to make them feel "special." Generally, if someone is either claiming they have an allergy to fruits or lactose, they are either faking it or just don't feel like developing a tolerance. And because of those people, we have labels like this.

Except people with shellfish and nut allergies. If I were allergic to peanut butter, I would kill myself... by eating peanut butter.
>> No. 6308 [Edit]
You sure do know everything!
>> No. 6309 [Edit]
I like melons, but they make the inside of my mouth puff up, I've tried ignoring it and had one the other day, same thing happened, although I don't complain and keep eating the stuff, it keeps happening.
I don't want to be special, I just want to eat a damn melon.
>> No. 6310 [Edit]
I'm allergic to nuts, but not peanuts. I guess because peanuts aren't technically nuts
>> No. 6311 [Edit]
Speaking of allergies, something like an allergy: you know that think called lactose intolerance? It isn't natural, when the milk is pasturized it changes some of molecules, and wa la! Some people are now unable to drink milk. So if your country/state of residence hasn't banned raw milk, you can drink it and never be intolerant again! (if you have lactose intolerance that is)
>> No. 6312 [Edit]
I'm pretty sure you made all that up. Whenever I would mow the lawn I'd get a rash, and I found out years later I'm allergic to grass and pollen. Mowing the lawn is the only chore I actually like doing; I didn't claim to be allergic to get out of it.
>> No. 6313 [Edit]
>> No. 6314 [Edit]
the benefits of raw milk are not supported by evidence
>> No. 6315 [Edit]
I am pretty sure that if people who are lactose intolerant can drink it that is evidence of it being benefitial as they would not be able drink milk other wise.
>> No. 6316 [Edit]
File 131375574361.jpg - (54.26KB , 1037x691 , IMAG0019.jpg )
prove it with science, not anecdote.

Stanford study:

>The data fail to support our hypothesis that Raw Milk confers some benefit over Pasteurized Milk in the form of an improvement in the experience of symptoms of lactose intolerant adults.

the FDA and CDC disagree with you, and insist that raw milk is dangerous to consume.

>Raw milk potentially contains a wide variety of harmful bacteria – including Salmonella, E. coli O157:H7, Listeria, Campylobacter and Brucella – that may cause illness and possibly death.
>> No. 6317 [Edit]
It is not raw milk that is dangerous it is what might be in it, all those things can make their way into pasturized milk too.

"Pasteurization does cause the loss of several vitamins, but only approximately 0-10%" (cites FDA)

Raw Milk is inheritly more nutriutious, 0-10% infact, what is not inherit is the presence of dangerous bacteria. A person drinking raw milk with out bacteria would be better off then a person drinking pasturized milk without bacteria. Logically Raw Milk is healthier.


Pasturized milk infected between 168,791 and 197,581 people:

Drinking Farm Milk Reduces Childhood Asthma And Allergies
>> No. 6318 [Edit]
I knew my fair share of people with "allergies", and 9 times out of ten, they actually ADMITTED that it wasn't anywhere near life threatening, or that they had Munchhausen's. That 1 out of ten was someone with either a shellfish or nut allergy.

Did you know that most widespread allergies, including peanut allergies and gluten allergies, did not even exist 30 years ago? How does one explain that?
>> No. 6319 [Edit]
For the first part of your message:

For the lack of allergy knowledge more than 30 years ago, why are you assuming it's some sort of conspiracy? That's a pretty bold claim, shouldn't you have some proof for that?
Why couldn't it be like every other disease or medical condition that has become more prevalent: a change in diagnostic criteria, increased awareness, or environmental changes (like better sanitation -- same with another immune system issue, asthma)?
>> No. 6320 [Edit]
>Drinking Farm Milk Reduces Childhood Asthma And Allergies

did you actually read the paper?
"The present study does not allow evaluating the effect of pasteurized vs. raw milk consumption because no objective confirmation of the raw milk status of the farm milk samples was available"

"However, raw milk may contain pathogens such as salmonella or EHEC, and its consumption may therefore imply serious health risks"

"At this stage, consumption of raw farm milk cannot be recommended as a preventive measure."

>Pasturized milk infected between 168,791 and 197,581 people
That number is obviously due to the high number of people who drink pasturized milk. Raw milk is still more dangerous.

>Raw Milk is inheritly more nutriutious
Not significantly. see the next sentence from that wikipedia article
"Raw milk contains very little vitamin D, which is added to processed milk."
0-10% is not a big deal, especially when raw milk carries the risk of DEATH and hardly anyone in the developed world should be worries about vitamin deficiencies anyway. To be honest I don't think either type of milk is a particularly healthy thing to drink; its full of fat.
>> No. 6321 [Edit]
Only fucktarded liberal moms would ever care about their child getting a mere allergic reaction.
>> No. 6322 [Edit]
You could add vitamin D to anything, that can not be counted towards pasturized milk being better. Not to mention them adding it is optional, and if I pasturized my own milk it wouldn't have it.
>> No. 6323 [Edit]
It's not well known, but still is a fact that peanut allergies did not exist thirty years ago. Brian Williams did a report on it and if he ever told a lie I would personally remove my liver and serve it to you.

Allergies today come from molly-coddling, being lied to, and inundating the gene pool with kids with allergies to everything.

Culture has changed, and I for one would seriously consider faking an allergy if it got me special treatment. But we have ethics, something most people out there do not. For instance, the growing number of "culturally conscious" teenage girls who get offended by every little thing in a discussion just for the power trip of being able to control someone else. It was hell trying to get through high school with so many girls with "gluten/soy/nitrogen allergies" telling me to stop eating my whole grain sandwich and cold soba in front of them and saying that English is a survival language in the US, or that Palestine should really consider being more organised if they want to become a state.
>> No. 6324 [Edit]
File 131398247964.jpg - (283.20KB , 1280x960 , Approaching night.jpg )
This is a shot of the sky right before a massive thunderstorm caught me off guard. I was walking along abandoned ATV trails, miles from the nearest house or road...

and under high-voltage powerlines and transmission towers/ electric pylons. Which you could hear arcing above your head in the moisture.

This was six minutes before I entered my personal fifteen-minute hell.
>> No. 6325 [Edit]
File 132063476762.jpg - (913.55KB , 2048x1536 , DSCN9036.jpg )
This is what my best (read: only) friend gets to wake up to every morning.
>> No. 6326 [Edit]
>terrible traffic, pollution, crime rate and a high cost of living
I'm sorry, bro.
>> No. 6327 [Edit]
Low pollution, has one of the lowest crime rates in urban centres in the US, just use public transportation, isn't that the case anywhere you go.
>> No. 6328 [Edit]
File 132063922438.jpg - (601.65KB , 1200x797 , zoo1.jpg )
I went to the zoo the other day
>> No. 6329 [Edit]
File 132064587169.jpg - (2.73MB , 3072x2304 , DSC03920.jpg )
From a museum.
>> No. 6330 [Edit]
File 132129692837.jpg - (25.14KB , 384x512 , bxs.jpg )
All the cuteness comes from her right ear
>> No. 6331 [Edit]
That animal is unbelievably cute. What zoo/animal is that?
>> No. 6332 [Edit]
It's an arctic fox
>> No. 6333 [Edit]
File 132225357869.jpg - (598.88KB , 1280x960 , P221111_11_09.jpg )
Had to do a little -but difficult- travel; lost some dear things in the way, but gained some others way more valuable and that I already thought as lost. Anyway, Potte's influence has been strong, so I came back a few photos I have the ocassion to take. Here they are.
>> No. 6334 [Edit]
File 132225363333.jpg - (348.67KB , 1024x768 , P221111_11_18_[01].jpg )
>> No. 6335 [Edit]
File 132225365592.jpg - (201.67KB , 1024x768 , P221111_11_19.jpg )
>> No. 6336 [Edit]
File 132225378627.jpg - (278.17KB , 1024x768 , P221111_11_24.jpg )
>> No. 6337 [Edit]
File 132225382982.jpg - (235.93KB , 768x1024 , P221111_11_26_[01].jpg )
>> No. 6338 [Edit]
File 132225387629.jpg - (299.18KB , 1024x768 , P221111_11_44.jpg )
>> No. 6339 [Edit]
File 132225391765.jpg - (361.82KB , 1024x768 , P221111_11_44_[01].jpg )
>> No. 6340 [Edit]
File 132225395482.jpg - (356.21KB , 1024x768 , P221111_11_44_[02].jpg )
>> No. 6341 [Edit]
File 132225398313.jpg - (439.24KB , 1024x768 , P221111_11_36_[01].jpg )
>> No. 6342 [Edit]
File 13222540093.jpg - (383.66KB , 768x1024 , P221111_11_29_[01].jpg )
>> No. 6343 [Edit]
File 132225404429.jpg - (422.88KB , 768x1024 , P221111_11_30.jpg )
>> No. 6344 [Edit]
File 132225412523.jpg - (315.74KB , 768x1024 , P221111_11_32_[01].jpg )
>> No. 6345 [Edit]
File 132225455386.jpg - (283.56KB , 678x508 , P101111_23_07.jpg )
PLUS I: a rare and wonderful creature...
>> No. 6346 [Edit]
File 132225459132.jpg - (549.77KB , 1008x1516 , Ornithoptera paradisea (arfakensis) MALE [on sprea.jpg )
>> No. 6347 [Edit]
File 13222546549.jpg - (181.94KB , 634x845 , Ornithoptera paradisea (arfakensis) MALE.jpg )
>> No. 6348 [Edit]
File 13222547075.jpg - (88.37KB , 462x615 , Junonia coenia.jpg )
>> No. 6349 [Edit]
Very nice.
>> No. 6350 [Edit]
File 132725153822.jpg - (257.81KB , 1600x1200 , IMG_0010.jpg )
I am reviving this thread with another picture I took of the view out the window. Previous one I took is >>7692, like a year ago.

Also, forgive bad quality. My camera is old and the lens is fucked. I did my best to focus it. For those of you that don't mind the blurry mess, enjoy the picture.
>> No. 6352 [Edit]
File 133284348883.jpg - (257.85KB , 900x720 , hummer.jpg )
Been overhauling my light box, only have nasty yellow lights to work with for the time being so the images aren't perfect, still an improvement over my old stuff though, also got myself a camera for mostly really close up stuff, which my old cam couldn't do worth a crap.
still, it's a web cam, so one can't expect much.
>> No. 6353 [Edit]
I was looking for this thread earlier, I wanted to photograph this badass spider I saw at night but the flash on my phone camera ruined it
>> No. 6354 [Edit]
File 133292602783.jpg - (78.48KB , 855x570 , IMAG0136.jpg )
I hope this spider sticks around for a while. its finally built a pretty strong looking web in a good place (not where I almost walked into it 2 days ago)
>> No. 6355 [Edit]
File 13330645412.jpg - (359.47KB , 1200x900 , brother gtr.jpg )
Hooray! new bulbs showed up today!
Really cuts down on the amount of photo editing needed to be done on each pic.

Post edited on 29th Mar 2012, 4:43pm
>> No. 6356 [Edit]
pretty cool pics
>> No. 6357 [Edit]
Looks like a normal dog.
>> No. 6358 [Edit]
I think that's an arctic fox. They're about extinct in their natural habitat. They rely on the polar bear's leftovers for meat, and we all know how the polar bear is doing - not so fucking great.
>> No. 6359 [Edit]
File 133317984695.jpg - (352.96KB , 1200x900 , more than meets the eye.jpg )
>> No. 6360 [Edit]
File 133335376911.jpg - (425.33KB , 1200x900 , outatime.jpg )
I wonder if the guys who made this model know California state licence plates can have a maximum of seven characters.
>> No. 6361 [Edit]
I guess they were outatime, so they didn't look it up.

I'll go kill myself now.
>> No. 6362 [Edit]
File 133410814812.jpg - (932.56KB , 748x1260 , Ornithoptera tithonus MALE.jpg )
FINALLY this one arrived.
It is now spread, dry and ready.
Proceeding now to upload pics of the entire collection...
>> No. 6363 [Edit]
File 133410838497.jpg - (308.46KB , 1024x768 , room shot 1.jpg )
"Goodbye horses..."
>> No. 6364 [Edit]
File 133410843612.jpg - (211.62KB , 634x845 , room shot 2.jpg )
"I'm flying over you..."
>> No. 6365 [Edit]
File 133410849162.jpg - (883.03KB , 638x3000 , HADALY Butterfly et al_ Collection.jpg )
>> No. 6366 [Edit]
File 133410869222.jpg - (1.17MB , 863x3000 , HADALY Butterfly et al_ Collection 0.jpg )
With this, I think I'm done collecting Lepidoptera (for a while).
>> No. 6367 [Edit]
File 133410876369.jpg - (165.79KB , 634x845 , Ornithoptera urvillanus and croesus lydius FEMALE.jpg )
>> No. 6369 [Edit]
File 133410904472.jpg - (302.01KB , 804x1180 , Daphnis hypothous MALE.jpg )
If I'd be one, I think I'd be something like this. Or so I identify myself with.
>> No. 6370 [Edit]
Awesome car.

Post edited on 10th Apr 2012, 8:47pm
>> No. 6371 [Edit]
That is quite disgusting, in my opinion...

Post edited on 10th Apr 2012, 8:53pm
>> No. 6372 [Edit]
File 133411802624.jpg - (82.97KB , 428x512 , niño.jpg )
No candy for you, then.
>> No. 6373 [Edit]
how so?
butterfly are pretty.
>> No. 6374 [Edit]
flying ones...
>> No. 6375 [Edit]
Do they become ugly when they land?
>> No. 6376 [Edit]
Living ones, but I guess you're making fun of me...
>> No. 6377 [Edit]
File 133413134468.jpg - (180.30KB , 640x480 , En Tomos I.jpg )

Please, don't understand it the wrong way: I do NOT profess any sort of love to nature (whatever that supposed to mean, the "natural"). On the contrary: I cherish this collection as a melancholic (sad but beautiful) memory/rendition to XIX century positivism's broken dream, of science -the good old predatory science- managing to objectively understand the world and the universe, to conquer them both for us human beings.

You see: a collection is beautiful because it's well preserved death. Life is a dirty and cannibalistic bussines, about creatures killing and eating each other in order to keep on going, with no ultimate purpose at all; a mysterious march of bodies corrupting through time, with brief moments of deceptive splendor quickly comming to a pathetic end. Time destroys everything, and Earth always demands back whatever we temporarily borrow from it, as its cycles go on and on until all shall come back to nothing...

So, to keep collections is a subversive act against this: to turn the ephemeral-living into a permanent-inert; the inscrutable nature into the intelligible artificiality of scientific theories. It is also, of course, about turning the accidental and repeated into unique and special: to turn the harsh reality into appropriate ground for beauty; to turn pedestrian things into objects of art, deserving of admiration and love...

It's not that different of having a perfect (non living, nonexistent, and thus eternal) waifu to really love, as opposed to have a decaying 3DPD to merely endure.

Post edited on 11th Apr 2012, 1:14am
>> No. 6378 [Edit]
I admire your dedication.
>> No. 6379 [Edit]
>It's not that different of having a perfect (non living, nonexistent, and thus eternal) waifu to really love, as opposed to have a decaying 3DPD to merely endure.

Did you kill them? Would you kill your waifu were she real to preserve her?
>> No. 6380 [Edit]
File 13341386142.jpg - (298.87KB , 492x2308 , Loveless (on butterflies).jpg )

My point was about aesthetical value existing only in artificiality; i.e. my point implied that waifus cannot ever be -flesh and blood- real, nor killed, thus rendering your question out of aim.

Now: did I killed those butterflies? some of them, yes, with my own hands (fingers, actually; choking them is the most common practice for these matters); but most of them are exotic species, cultivated in farms, from far away lands I've never set foot on (and never may); I bought them with the money I've made doing sc. illustration of, well, butterflies (they were lepidopterologists who teached me most I know about them; including how to relax, spread and preserve my own specimens, bought and not)...

However: don't sweat it; as I told you, is not life, for the mere sake of life, what I value here (let alone nature). The affair is more complex (it always is) and, indeed, it is never, ever, ever innocent, not at all.

Post edited on 11th Apr 2012, 3:07am
>> No. 6381 [Edit]
File 133422208151.jpg - (480.36KB , 1200x895 , DSCF0644.jpg )
Here's a picture I took a couple of days back near Akihabara. I was lead there by a train thread on /jp/ and was quite impressed with the view of the train station and train lines there as well as all the buildings and such. It's a nice place. I can't think of anywhere better than Japan if you had an interest in trains.
I have a few more train pictures around Tokyo if anyone is interested.
>> No. 6382 [Edit]
I am.
>> No. 6383 [Edit]
File 133422881164.jpg - (499.89KB , 1200x895 , DSCF0654.jpg )
Here's another from the same place. There seems to just be a constant stream of trains wherever you look there.
>> No. 6384 [Edit]
File 133422900845.jpg - (249.66KB , 1365x633 , DSCF0702.jpg )
This one was taken a few minutes away from the other two. Although I'm not so sure which train it is in the picture.
>> No. 6385 [Edit]
File 133422927320.jpg - (305.37KB , 1080x806 , DSCF0574.jpg )
And here's a rather sexy train pulling in to Ueno station. Quite frankly I don't know much about trains, but I still think they're pretty cool.
>> No. 6386 [Edit]
I'm sure its a shinkansen train, aka bullet train. the really fast japanese trains
>> No. 6387 [Edit]
File 133439015729.jpg - (95.36KB , 560x339 , A la escucha.jpg )
It is against the thread prerogatives, but: can I post a few OLDER than two years photos? I think some of them can be cute/interesting...
>> No. 6388 [Edit]
I don't see why not.
>> No. 6389 [Edit]
File 133439338769.jpg - (195.05KB , 560x420 , Carmina gregaria III.jpg )
>> No. 6390 [Edit]
File 133439601039.jpg - (132.95KB , 448x336 , Equilibrio poblacional.jpg )
>> No. 6391 [Edit]
File 133439607092.jpg - (210.45KB , 456x608 , Edad I.jpg )
>> No. 6392 [Edit]
File 133439610787.jpg - (168.49KB , 533x399 , Paideia_ La culminación.jpg )
>> No. 6393 [Edit]
File 133439612559.jpg - (176.14KB , 608x456 , Lanzamiento.jpg )
>> No. 6394 [Edit]
File 133439615886.jpg - (243.26KB , 576x432 , Los poetas.jpg )
>> No. 6395 [Edit]
File 133439620389.jpg - (143.85KB , 448x336 , Luddita crepuscularia II.jpg )
>> No. 6396 [Edit]
File 13343962563.jpg - (193.27KB , 560x420 , Puerta norte.jpg )
>> No. 6397 [Edit]
File 133439628684.jpg - (237.17KB , 420x560 , Edad II.jpg )
>> No. 6398 [Edit]
File 133439634110.jpg - (127.86KB , 448x336 , Luddita crepuscularia I.jpg )
>> No. 6399 [Edit]
File 13343963662.jpg - (109.76KB , 480x360 , El llamado.jpg )
>> No. 6400 [Edit]
File 133439639069.jpg - (255.61KB , 560x420 , Estro.jpg )
>> No. 6401 [Edit]
File 133439641865.jpg - (122.32KB , 450x360 , Estaciones y timidez.jpg )
>> No. 6402 [Edit]
File 133439648374.jpg - (115.44KB , 336x448 , Carmina gregaria II.jpg )
>> No. 6403 [Edit]
File 133439651629.jpg - (157.89KB , 378x504 , Carmina gregaria I.jpg )
>> No. 6404 [Edit]
File 133439657483.jpg - (143.50KB , 410x560 , Arribo.jpg )
>> No. 6405 [Edit]
File 133439661190.jpg - (220.52KB , 560x420 , Afuera (de uno)_ Lo otro.jpg )
>> No. 6406 [Edit]
File 133439663668.jpg - (111.24KB , 560x420 , Occidente.jpg )
>> No. 6407 [Edit]
File 133439666330.jpg - (147.67KB , 432x560 , Historia Natural I.jpg )
>> No. 6408 [Edit]
File 133439675333.jpg - (241.84KB , 480x640 , Raito.jpg )
>> No. 6409 [Edit]
File 133439685459.jpg - (191.31KB , 607x450 , Fiesta de otoño V.jpg )
>> No. 6410 [Edit]
I like the daggers.
>> No. 6411 [Edit]
File 133447656353.jpg - (145.95KB , 415x480 , El niño positivo y la metafísica.jpg )
To be honest, they're just letter openers. Like everything else in that pic, it's just kid's stuff: science, in the fashion of the old Natural History Museums, collections and alike, was a beautifuly naive affair. If I remember correctly, Comte once talked about how the kids of the future would have a very different imaginery: totally scientific/positive, free from metaphysical nosenses; in the end, it was the belief in something like a Scientific Method what ended up being childish: nothing but another fantasy... or, like Thono said:

"Man-children at play."

Post edited on 15th Apr 2012, 12:59am
>> No. 6412 [Edit]

Did you take this photo?

I'd love to use it as cover art for some music I'm making..

pls respond
>> No. 6413 [Edit]
yes, I took it... and yes: you can use it (thought I don't have it at higher resolution, anymore).
>> No. 6414 [Edit]
File 133508234724.jpg - (1.58MB , 2667x1000 , plate.jpg )
Came across this plate I thought looked really neat...
>> No. 6415 [Edit]

Thank you. I don't really need a higher res, it's not real cover art or anything just a nice image to go along with it.


That's a pretty plate. I wonder if there was a matching tea cup for it or anything.
>> No. 6416 [Edit]
Do you know if that is an authentic Japanese/Chinese plate? Because it looks like a French or English imitation to me.

But my knowledge of ceramics is rudimentary at best.
>> No. 6417 [Edit]
Looks cool. Is there a stamp in the bottom?
>> No. 6418 [Edit]
File 133523412145.jpg - (339.50KB , 1000x750 , plate2.jpg )
'Imari ware.'
It's nothing particularity special, it's worth around $10 and does seem as if it once had a matching cup.
oh well...

Post edited on 23rd Apr 2012, 7:58pm
>> No. 6419 [Edit]
File 133523441840.jpg - (616.53KB , 1200x900 , ball.jpg )
Now on the other hand, this ball I recently acquired might be worth something...

...but I haven't the slightest clue what, since I don't know jack about baseball and can't read/make out most of the signatures.

Post edited on 24th Apr 2012, 10:03pm
>> No. 6420 [Edit]
Its a mid 1970s LA Dodgers team ball. I don't know what it's worth, that kind of thing usually depends on selling it to the right buyer. Probably worth more if its from 1974 because thats the year the Dodgers were in the world series.
>> No. 6421 [Edit]
File 13355186261.jpg - (195.90KB , 1600x1200 , ИЗОБР_44.jpg )
Took this image while I was on the bus. Poor lighting conditions, but still visible enough.
>> No. 6422 [Edit]
I wish your filename didn't give it away so much.

I wanted to guess that Ceausecu area? Romania and if not Ukraine.
>> No. 6423 [Edit]
Romanians use the latin alphabet, so it's not there. He might be Moldavan, which is related to Romanians and they were cryllicized when USSR separated it from the rest of Romania...
>> No. 6424 [Edit]
File 133616508352.jpg - (448.13KB , 1000x750 , McDo aids.jpg )
Almost like the fast food places in my animes!

Post edited on 4th May 2012, 2:37pm
>> No. 6425 [Edit]
File 133636283371.jpg - (103.28KB , 802x596 , Paideia_ Epílogo.jpg )
Just more of the same, I guess...
>> No. 6426 [Edit]
File 133636288057.jpg - (157.56KB , 634x845 , CL III.jpg )
>> No. 6427 [Edit]
File 133636290355.jpg - (251.73KB , 845x634 , Dynamo I.jpg )
>> No. 6428 [Edit]
File 133636292260.jpg - (199.03KB , 508x676 , WW.jpg )
>> No. 6429 [Edit]
File 133705074453.jpg - (1.33MB , 1200x900 , walk around it.jpg )
Is there any point to a fence like this?
>> No. 6430 [Edit]
you'd have to walk on the rocks then.
>> No. 6431 [Edit]

Maybe there is a giant hole hidden under the stones.
>> No. 6432 [Edit]
File 134392853068.jpg - (357.34KB , 768x1136 , Prepona praeneste [MALE].jpg )
A few new bugs (more to come later, as I prepare the unspread ones)...
>> No. 6433 [Edit]
File 134392862765.jpg - (465.78KB , 1023x1366 , Phyllium pulchrifollium [FEMALE].jpg )
I waited for a quite a while to get the 3 color variations.
>> No. 6434 [Edit]
File 134392873690.jpg - (841.33KB , 779x1266 , Ornithoptera goliathus MALE [on spreading board].jpg )
>> No. 6435 [Edit]
File 134392877667.jpg - (881.84KB , 840x1188 , Ornithoptera victoriae regis MALE [on spreading bo.jpg )
>> No. 6436 [Edit]
File 134392881685.jpg - (764.84KB , 704x1232 , Morpho helenor ssp FEMALE [on spreading board].jpg )
>> No. 6437 [Edit]
File 134392902629.jpg - (303.29KB , 768x1024 , Deroplatys lobata [FEMALE].jpg )
Ohayou! onii-chan
>> No. 6438 [Edit]
I like when you post these.

Very beautiful bugs!
>> No. 6439 [Edit]
Are those different kinds of bugs, or is it one kind that can change color with the seasons and each of those died in a different one?
>> No. 6440 [Edit]
Those bugs are really creepy.

Reminds me of a pokemon.
>> No. 6441 [Edit]
Thanks. Glad you enjoy them.

They are females of the same species, colected here and there over Indonesia.

>is it one kind that can change color with the seasons...?

To be perfectly honest, I'm not sure. But not likely: in general, once an insect has reached his final instar (or imago, when it's finally ready to mate), he can neither grow at all or change all that much; and none that I have knowledge of can perform such a seasonal color changing ability.

Some butterflies, like the Junonia almana (will post mines sometime later), have summer and autumn variations; but that difference is determined during the pupae period extension, as they are still becoming adults; they can also vary regionally and become subespecies or geographical races, but those are adaptative changes which take several generations to occur.

The memebers of the genus Orthoptera can go through further instars during their reproductive period; acridids in particular (e.g. Locusta migratoria, Schistocerca gregaria) can change color and get fully functional wings; but that depends on the density of population, as they go from solitary to gregarious, becoming a swarm.

Seasonal color changes, as mimetic adaptations, are better known in some mammals fur (like the mountain hare, the ermine, and the arctic fox).

That wouldn't be incidental at all.
>> No. 6442 [Edit]
File 134564991242.jpg - (712.65KB , 3264x2448 , p2 001fix.jpg )
I actually do take pictures when I can but I have a odd taste in pictures. I like taking pictures of the insides of places at night. It's hard to do it secretly without everyone questioning why I'm taking pictures of seemingly random things on my way out of places and many people aren't comfortable with people like me taking so much pictures. I can upload everything I've taken to mediafire if anyone wants. Here is one of them. I want the insides of some restaurants I know but I don't know how to go about doing it. I have a love/hate relationship with my strange obsession.
>> No. 6444 [Edit]
Let me guess, people think you're staking the place out for a possible robbery or something?
>> No. 6445 [Edit]

Dude, I'd love see your pictures. That seems pretty interesting compared to your regular: cityscape, landscape, path, work of architecture/design/structure thing that people have already taken 9000 pictures of. It's the most mundane places that makes up most of life. I'd like to hear more about your obsession, I bet it would make for a good blog. I really love empty complexes, especially large open ones, makes me feel like I'm in a video game. Places that seem abandoned, but aren't actually give an awesome surrealness, I know China would have a bunch of those places due to all it's pointless construction, and I always see Asian movies where someone lives in some apartment complex that is mostly vacant.
>> No. 6446 [Edit]
They are mostly of the same place you see in that pic there since I don't got much access to other places sadly(but I think a modern mall at night is perfect.) and my camera is really shit as I was moving quite a bit with a lot of pics but I think the blurriness it gives to some pics gives them a unique feel. Not often enough to start a blog for it so don't get your hopes up too high. I think some of them could make nice wallpaper. A lot of pics are from outside of places. Wish I could have been a little more precise with that post but I was pretty out of it when I typed that and wasn't completely thinking straight. I've uploaded what I think I looks the coolest to mediafire here --> I think everyone interested in this kinda thing would enjoy some of it.
>> No. 6447 [Edit]
File 134725452239.jpg - (47.75KB , 960x720 , Kansas.jpg )
I took this while I was in Kansas this summer.

It was really great, Kansas. I think I'd like to move there eventually. We (me and my stepdad) went through Kansas on the way to Colorado, which I also enjoyed but there were far too many people in CO.

But I got this picture out of driving through Kansas and I'm glad I did.

Very glad I got to go, and all (first time I'd ever been out of my home state for more than 4 hours), but it seemed like I was absolutely enthralled with the trip there and only mildly impressed with the destination. I feel kind of guilty.

But regardless, this is one of the better pictures I took on the whole trip.
>> No. 6448 [Edit]
oh wow

This is actually really good. It'd make a nice album cover.
>> No. 6449 [Edit]
I just got a Nikon Coolpix and the quality isn't the best.

You might be seeing pics by me if I can take anything good enough to post here.
>> No. 6450 [Edit]
File 135399983350.jpg - (681.19KB , 1200x900 , 05.jpg )
Got hold of this pretty neat camera.
I think it's kinda cool looking but I can't see myself ever using it.
>> No. 6451 [Edit]
File 135400989445.jpg - (3.65MB , 2560x1707 , DPP_0004.jpg )
My family's shop crap ink storage.
>> No. 6452 [Edit]
File 135404592547.jpg - (192.76KB , 600x539 , R-2426-1170841263.jpg )
Thanks, I can imagine it or others being the cover for a glitch album. Much like this. Just a modern setting with no real reason it makes sense there besides the music putting focus on the hidden electronic data world flowing under it all constantly through various network connections and such. Always interested me for some reason.
>> No. 6453 [Edit]
File 135767629272.jpg - (584.50KB , 1741x1306 , DSC00248_v1.jpg )
This little alien decided to take a nap on my kitchen door today.
>> No. 6454 [Edit]
File 135767675429.jpg - (177.04KB , 1337x1002 , DSC00264_v1.jpg )
One thing not quite visible on the last pic is that it had four small legs coming out of the back of its wings(not the body, what the fuck?). They also had white tips, but this isn't visible in this photo either.
>> No. 6455 [Edit]
From the thumbnail, I thought it was a ufo outside your window
>> No. 6456 [Edit]
He'd probably kill you if he had the chance.
>> No. 6457 [Edit]
That's racist, what if he just wanted to be his friend?
>> No. 6459 [Edit]
File 135792293138.jpg - (751.40KB , 1922x1273 , sunrise.jpg )
A bit late, but this is the first sunrise of the year. Some crazy lens flare in there but whatever, took it fast and didn't really care.
>> No. 6460 [Edit]
Looks like the San Andreas suburbs...
>> No. 6461 [Edit]
It wouldn't be racist. Statistics are not racist. It is called being racially aware.
>> No. 6462 [Edit]
That's not lens flare, anon, those are Tamayuras on your picture!
>> No. 6463 [Edit]
File 135917101882.jpg - (552.81KB , 1922x1273 , fog.jpg )
I usually don't go for walks but it was very quiet and foggy. I love the fog.
>> No. 6464 [Edit]
Looks really pretty. I wish we had fog around here but it is very rare.
>> No. 6465 [Edit]
File 135925433653.jpg - (209.45KB , 1980x1485 , ddmpU4Z.jpg )
I like the sunset
>> No. 6466 [Edit]
Wow, I had a sunset colored much like yours today, though the lightpost from where you live are different from the ones here so we probably might be far away from each other. How nice how we can get similar pretty sunsets, though.
>> No. 6467 [Edit]
File 135953589780.jpg - (1.08MB , 2560x1920 , 2013-01-14 14_35_10.jpg )
>> No. 6468 [Edit]
Woah, cool. That's flooding, right? Wouldn't seem right to put those electrical towers in water like that.
>> No. 6469 [Edit]
Where was this taken? Were you really that near a flood?
>> No. 6471 [Edit]
No, its actually heavy snowfall, the ground is a plowed field
>> No. 6472 [Edit]
File 136211161714.jpg - (846.62KB , 1200x900 , blue bird.jpg )
This bird was hoping around our backyard yesterday, I couldn't get a better shot...
>> No. 6473 [Edit]
This is a magnificent shot, and I usually don't like pictures of snow.
>> No. 6474 [Edit]
File 136211855838.jpg - (81.90KB , 960x720 , 133.jpg )
More Colorado.
>> No. 6475 [Edit]
thats a scrub jay.
what kind of citrus is that and how well is producing and how old is it?
>> No. 6476 [Edit]
There's a stick that looks like it's the bird's giant pinocchio nose
>> No. 6477 [Edit]
it is. the bird's a Haruhidamn liar
>> No. 6478 [Edit]
Beautiful state. I wouldn't mind moving there, if not for all of the mass shootings.
>> No. 6479 [Edit]
File 13621799038.jpg - (102.26KB , 960x720 , 039.jpg )
Huh, come to think of it...
Columbine, Aurora.

To keep related to the thread, here is Mesa Verde, also in Colorado.
>> No. 6480 [Edit]
File 136218708889.jpg - (3.22MB , 3072x2304 , P1020068.jpg )
Gila Cliff Dwellings, New Mexico
>> No. 6481 [Edit]
I see, thanks.
also, It's not producing anything yet, we bought it from a home depot about a year ago and planted it then. It's a "Yellow Lemon Guava", and I have no clue how old it is.

Post edited on 3rd Mar 2013, 2:20am
>> No. 6482 [Edit]
File 136310252874.jpg - (1.52MB , 1920x2560 , 2013-03-11 09_24_51.jpg )

More snow recently
>> No. 6483 [Edit]
File 136311013684.jpg - (2.05MB , 3264x2448 , stuff 017.jpg )
Let's get some Summer heat in this thread! Took this over last Summer in my backyard.
>> No. 6484 [Edit]
File 136311022852.jpg - (1.87MB , 3264x2448 , stuff 018.jpg )
>> No. 6485 [Edit]
File 136380788659.jpg - (649.12KB , 2560x1920 , 2013-03-05 23_19_04.jpg )
It was also very foggy a few nights ago
>> No. 6486 [Edit]
File 136380799147.jpg - (408.11KB , 2560x1920 , 2013-02-27 20_02_16.jpg )
I also got a snap of Jupiter through my Telescope, i managed to get a really good clear view of it, including 4 of its moons (which were just really dim twinkles), but with my telescope in max zoom its impossible to take a picture as it wobbles around too much, so heres a photo on low zoom
>> No. 6487 [Edit]
File 136478412568.jpg - (402.69KB , 2560x1695 , DSC_0703.jpg )
Konbini in the middle of nowhere
>> No. 6488 [Edit]
Cool photo. I take it you live in Japan?
>> No. 6489 [Edit]
I like pictures of places like that at night too. Don't know what attracts me to them but there's always something so interesting about small shops, gas stations, and other places late at night.
>> No. 6490 [Edit]
File 136535864648.jpg - (190.32KB , 1600x1200 , DSC_0523473476.jpg )
A really nice sunrie from outside my window.
>> No. 6491 [Edit]
File 136535883018.jpg - (107.27KB , 1200x1600 , DSC_236346234.jpg )
>> No. 6492 [Edit]
File 136539792887.png - (1.06MB , 1280x720 , spring.png )
spring is here
>> No. 6493 [Edit]
It's very warm here and I'm loving it but I know the temperatures in a couple days at most are going to dip back down to the mid to upper 50's soon. I don't want to enjoy the outside until the heat is here to stay so I don't get let down.
>> No. 6494 [Edit]

This image is a simple illustration of the coming of spring and the ordinary progression of the seasons.

Please don't expect too much from it.
>> No. 6495 [Edit]
I'm just visiting.
>> No. 6496 [Edit]
File 136640834477.jpg - (643.33KB , 2560x1920 , 2013-04-19 20_43_40.jpg )
I got some photographs of the moon tonight
>> No. 6497 [Edit]
File 136640844051.jpg - (663.99KB , 2560x1920 , 2013-04-19 20_40_56.jpg )
>> No. 6498 [Edit]
File 137702335222.jpg - (822.68KB , 1200x900 , crjr.jpg )
I was at a lose for words when I saw this.
>> No. 6499 [Edit]
I'd buy it.
>> No. 6500 [Edit]
File 13817087495.jpg - (359.22KB , 1280x1280 , DSC00270_v1.jpg )
My sister's cat was playing with this and I took a photo.
>> No. 6501 [Edit]
File 138170983687.jpg - (49.04KB , 389x311 , DSC00303_v1.jpg )
This one was walking around the glass door on the living room. My camera is not good for macro and kept focusing on what was behind the mirror so most pictures suck.
>> No. 6502 [Edit]
File 138170994457.jpg - (31.71KB , 311x389 , DSC00313_v2.jpg )
Pretty bad shot with ridiculously high aperture, but it's the only one where most eyes are nicely visible.
>> No. 6503 [Edit]
File 138171001017.jpg - (125.69KB , 936x749 , DSC00322_v1.jpg )
The underside.
>> No. 6504 [Edit]
File 13817100814.jpg - (51.64KB , 483x386 , DSC00321_v1.jpg )
>> No. 6505 [Edit]
File 138171092738.jpg - (704.23KB , 1024x768 , some bugs.jpg )
That's a Methona sp.

Notice that it seems to have only 4 legs (the first pair is reduced), which is typical of the Ithomiinae family and also help us to tell this one from mimics belonging to other groups (like Patia orise).
>> No. 6506 [Edit]
how you took those?
>> No. 6507 [Edit]
File 138178093995.jpg - (277.33KB , 1600x1200 , double rainbow.jpg )
Warm season just started here and there was a summer rain. A double rainbow formed in front of my window when it was raining, although the second one was quite pale.
>> No. 6508 [Edit]
File 138204556245.jpg - (175.73KB , 972x778 , DSC00325_v1.jpg )
Little alien. Dude was too agitated I could only get one shot before he flew out of sight. Think I'm gonna send the pic for identification later.
Spiders and insects have become my favourite subject, but I still suck at shooting them.

Nice, thanks for the info.
>> No. 6509 [Edit]
File 138333314129.jpg - (157.02KB , 1280x1024 , IMG_6806_v1.jpg )
Pretty lady has been sitting outside my house for a while now.
>> No. 6510 [Edit]
File 138333325360.jpg - (180.30KB , 1698x1358 , IMG_6674_v1.jpg )
>> No. 6511 [Edit]
File 138333334694.jpg - (287.20KB , 1508x1588 , IMG_6874_v1.jpg )
Now I just need some stupid quote written in Helvetica.
>> No. 6512 [Edit]
File 138333353180.jpg - (220.10KB , 1690x1352 , IMG_6931_v1.jpg )
She had just grabbed something from the web when I took this one, thus the scary extended pedipalps.
>> No. 6513 [Edit]
Neat! Do you happen to know what species of orb weaver this is?
>> No. 6514 [Edit]
The person I usually contact for identification said she's mostly probably an Argiope argentata.
>> No. 6515 [Edit]
File 138454998427.jpg - (91.98KB , 800x640 , DSC00452_v1.jpg )

This one was sitting in the garden yesterday. My mother accidentally destroyed her web while cleaning it.

In case anyone was curious, >>23069 is a Jewel Wasp. Those motherfuckers sting cockroaches to paralyze them, then lobotomizes them with a sting in the central nervous system, clips and eats their antennae, lay an egg inside them and finally seal the zombie cockroach inside a nest so the larva has free food when it hatches.
Wasps don't fuck around.
>> No. 6516 [Edit]
File 138455008285.jpg - (140.18KB , 1036x829 , DSC00460_v1.jpg )
Looks more like a squid or some vegetable than a spider.
>> No. 6517 [Edit]
File 138455017746.jpg - (29.99KB , 400x286 , DSC00463_v1.jpg )
I had to slip my camera under her web and shoot blindly to get this one.
>> No. 6518 [Edit]
File 138455027989.jpg - (100.69KB , 1024x819 , DSC00489_v1.jpg )
She was taking refuge in another plant today.
>> No. 6519 [Edit]
File 13845503393.jpg - (86.41KB , 1180x843 , DSC00504_v1.jpg )
Not poor framing at all, you just don't get my art.
>> No. 6520 [Edit]
File 138455067684.jpg - (82.88KB , 1000x800 , DSC00505_v1.jpg )
One more.
>> No. 6521 [Edit]
File 138455075183.jpg - (31.83KB , 500x400 , DSC00498_v1.jpg )
Some weird thing I found in the kitchen.
>> No. 6522 [Edit]
File 138455084871.jpg - (64.59KB , 750x600 , DSC00493_v1.jpg )
It seemed to have a cool reddish spot on each wing, it became quite bland in the photos for some reason.
>> No. 6523 [Edit]
File 138455495097.jpg - (251.52KB , 845x634 , walking leaf.jpg )
I do care. Actually, allow me contribute with a living bug for a change. This fella was in the kitchen and I took it into the garden (I already have some orthoptera, don't have much more space to spare and didn't feel like killing him by freezing this time). It was more lively in my hand but once on the leaf he became amazingly still. Nice camouflage.

Post edited on 15th Nov 2013, 2:40pm
>> No. 6524 [Edit]
I live in a warm place and didn't travel much, so I've never seen the snow. It's like a fairytale thing for me. Maybe someday, if I ever go to the pole to see the aurora.
>> No. 6525 [Edit]
File 13879008363.jpg - (133.00KB , 800x1000 , IMG_7490_v1.jpg )

She's been really quiet lately, not taking the "X stance" the Argiope are famed for but rather sitting shrinked on the corner of the web. Then now I went outside to see her and found her body dead on the floor.

Anyway, this is the only photo I took where most eyes are visible, still had to force my hand on the sharpening mask and levels though.
I'll edit some interesting photos of her feeding and maybe something else later, and then I'll stop flooding the thread, at least with photos of this one spider.
Actually, I guess now is a good time to take some really close-up shots of her corpse, because I'm just that much of a sick fuck.
>> No. 6526 [Edit]
File 138790280895.jpg - (92.81KB , 1000x800 , DSC00678_v1.jpg )
The underside.
>> No. 6527 [Edit]
File 138790308562.jpg - (167.71KB , 1280x1024 , DSC00654_v1.jpg )
Quite menacing.
>> No. 6528 [Edit]
File 138790340948.jpg - (121.86KB , 1000x800 , DSC00570_v1.jpg )
Supper's ready.

The flash made the silkbag look quite plastic.
>> No. 6529 [Edit]
File 138790388219.jpg - (107.16KB , 1000x800 , DSC00591_v1.jpg )
Didn't even remember taking this one. More eyes.
>> No. 6530 [Edit]
File 138790423964.jpg - (142.08KB , 1280x799 , IMG_7453_v1.jpg )
Another prey.
>> No. 6531 [Edit]
File 138851679429.jpg - (274.75KB , 845x634 , Graellsia isabellae (MALE).jpg )
Before the year ends...
>> No. 6532 [Edit]
File 138851697644.jpg - (658.03KB , 841x1268 , Patia orise interposita.jpg )
>> No. 6533 [Edit]
File 138851702976.jpg - (765.23KB , 841x1258 , Dione juno.jpg )
>> No. 6534 [Edit]
File 138851706321.jpg - (1.11MB , 845x1267 , Xylophanes chiron.jpg )
>> No. 6535 [Edit]
File 138851711043.jpg - (344.42KB , 634x845 , Ithomiini.jpg )
>> No. 6536 [Edit]
File 138851716785.jpg - (318.86KB , 833x1266 , gacela.jpg )
at the Natural History museum....
>> No. 6537 [Edit]
File 138851720281.jpg - (391.55KB , 1257x845 , quetzal.jpg )
>> No. 6538 [Edit]
File 138851724733.jpg - (119.28KB , 845x634 , Aguila real.jpg )
>> No. 6539 [Edit]
File 138851731496.jpg - (1.16MB , 1225x851 , ilustración.jpg )
>> No. 6540 [Edit]
File 138851740253.jpg - (660.34KB , 634x845 , Pal Janos (esfinges).jpg )
>> No. 6541 [Edit]
File 138851764093.jpg - (410.66KB , 634x845 , footprint chart.jpg )
>> No. 6542 [Edit]
File 138851792946.jpg - (657.10KB , 845x634 , museum back.jpg )
>> No. 6543 [Edit]
File 138851799520.jpg - (374.69KB , 634x845 , dress.jpg )
/dump (and /year)
>> No. 6544 [Edit]
File 138864519825.jpg - (493.55KB , 1600x1200 , 20131201_074242.jpg )
Took this while waiting for the bus to work.
>> No. 6545 [Edit]
File 138872610739.jpg - (465.26KB , 1836x3264 , IMG_20131230_141008_868.jpg )
A small stove on an island in the middle of a lake near my home.

The island is pretty big. I'd like to live on it someday...
>> No. 6546 [Edit]
It is too bad you took it down, whoever you are.
>> No. 6547 [Edit]
File 138976478446.jpg - (2.73MB , 2592x1936 , 013.jpg )
I went for a walk the other day and took a few pictures on my crappy iphone.
>> No. 6548 [Edit]
File 13897648561.jpg - (2.88MB , 2592x1936 , 015.jpg )
>> No. 6549 [Edit]
File 138976490786.jpg - (2.47MB , 2592x1936 , 026.jpg )
>> No. 6550 [Edit]
File 13897649637.jpg - (1.92MB , 2592x1936 , 031.jpg )
>> No. 6551 [Edit]
File 138976499854.jpg - (2.67MB , 2592x1936 , 029.jpg )
>> No. 6552 [Edit]
File 138976504540.jpg - (2.11MB , 2592x1936 , 033.jpg )
>> No. 6553 [Edit]
File 138976508674.jpg - (2.53MB , 2592x1936 , 034.jpg )
>> No. 6554 [Edit]
Those are some very nice pictures. Must've been a nice walk.
>> No. 6555 [Edit]
you gonna get that one printed in 2600?
>> No. 6556 [Edit]
How does a cognitively functioning adult with access to market information go about willfully choosing to purchase an iphone?
>> No. 6557 [Edit]
Android is shit, WP8 is shit, BB is shit. Unless you're a turbo autist that spends more time installing programs on your phone than actually using it, an iphone is the best choice.
>> No. 6558 [Edit]
>Android is shit, WP8 is shit, BB is shit.

The audacity to state this, then proceed to not address the fact that ios manages to be decidedly inferior to all of these is just perplexing. You actually have the option to install ios on basically any device with the hardware to support it, so its presence as the native os as a reason for product choice is incoherent.

Native hardware on the iphone is inferior or comparable to its competitors, options for software are moot as any technologically literate person can switch between operating systems at their discretion. What you are left with is a wad of plastic and circuitry priced notably higher than the other pointless wads that are just as easily available to you.

For the record, I continue to use a 29$ phone I purchased in like 2008 and sustaining it costs just under 5$ monthly. Portable computational power offered by "smart" devices is redundant as this function is perfectly achieved by the laptop I own, which offers more functionality and cost substantially less.
>> No. 6559 [Edit]
File 139364417848.png - (41.23KB , 600x550 , 58179.png )
You are wrong. iPhone hardware is generally ahead of the curve. Look at how the 5s performs compared to other phones of the time and even an x86 Intel SOC. Apple was also the first to implement a 64-bit processor with their A7 SOC, not terribly important right now but it will be in the near future as memory keeps increasing in phones. Switching this early gives application writers a chance to have their programs ready by the time the switch will be necessary while other competitors are still years behind.

Another good thing about iOS is its support - you can buy an iPhone and know it will be supported for a very long time. 6.1.6 was just released, for a phone from 2009. Compare that to the hundreds of Android phones that have support dropped after a year or two, and then you're left with usually buggy custom ROMs or you have to buy a new phone.

As for installing iOS on any device, I have honestly never heard about that. I imagine most hardware operations would be broken or buggy. The nice thing about iOS on an Apple device is that the architecture and OS are developed in tandem and as such the OS can be completely customized for the hardware inside. There is some degree of this in Android phones, but I don't think any of the Android vendors design their own processors and fabricate them themselves according to their exact needs.

Stating that iOS is 'decidedly inferior' is just an opinion. The general consensus is that Apple is by far the best at HCI design, which I consider to be the most important thing about technology. When I switched from Android I had an OS that had not been updated in two years, which was horribly laggy and crashed several times a week, on the stock ROM. I spent days trying custom ROMs which were all shitty in various ways before I gave up. I opted for a phone with an OS that just works. Customization is not a concern for me, as I would rather have the OS out of my way. I have been able to find a replacement for every single program I used on Android. I don't consider myself technically literate, so for me switching OSes or ROMs is a huge pain and should not be necessary.

I used to carry around a laptop like you, but the convenience of carrying around a single 1/4 pound item with a radio modem that lasts all day without an additional power source outweighed the benefits of additional power a laptop provides. If I need to do anything substantial I can just remote into my desktop from anywhere I like and use that.
>> No. 6560 [Edit]
>iPhone hardware is generally ahead of the curve. Look at how the 5s performs compared to other phones of the time and even an x86 Intel SOC.
Unfortunately, your attendant graphic provides no insight into the conditions, limitations, and methodologies associated with this "metric" or exactly what those fun little bars actually signify. If your assessment is based on standard hardware components, it can be noted that the majority of apple's products are unremarkable in terms of pure computational power, and turgid in any conventional sense.

>Another good thing about iOS is its support - you can buy an iPhone and know it will be supported for a very long time

>I imagine most hardware operations would be broken or buggy.
Not if it's done correctly.

>The nice thing about iOS on an Apple device is that the architecture and OS are developed in tandem and as such the OS can be completely customized for the hardware inside.
Platitudinous nonsense.

>Stating that iOS is 'decidedly inferior' is just an opinion.
As are any remarks or statements that aren't immediately quantifiable and substantiated with technical specifications.

Congratulations. You have emotionally invested yourself in the excrement that happened to leak out of the generic, impartial asshole of some random commercial entity. Perhaps that tends to happen when you exchange almost a monthly proletariat wage for an item whose components are attainable for markedly less.
>> No. 6561 [Edit]
Smart phones are all tracking devices that infringe on your freedom. It doesn't matter how fast it performs in benchmarks, they are all tools of spying.

Arguing about which spiky dildo hurts slightly less seems silly to me. No matter which one you use, you're still getting fucked.

Post edited on 1st Mar 2014, 2:04pm
>> No. 6562 [Edit]

that's why spoofing applications exists, silly.
From GPS to browser/connection cookies, If 'they' want to track us, they can rectally insert a twenty-two inch dragon dilo and give it a firm twist.

Just because they WANT to track you doesn't mean you HAVE to let them. Breaking an EULA isn't a crime, after all.
>> No. 6563 [Edit]
Spoofing applications don't matter when your OS itself is backdoored. iOS, Android, whatever. It doesn't matter. They all have proprietary precompiled binaries. Additionally, you might want to look this up:
"Spoofing" applications just give you a false sense of security.
>> No. 6564 [Edit]
Not that guy, but if you are going to go that far then you may as well not go on the internet.

If I had money, I'd like to get a phone to play all these cute games on it.
>> No. 6565 [Edit]
>> No. 6566 [Edit]
File 13976100427.jpg - (898.10KB , 893x1192 , hail 0.jpg )
Where I live, we never get snow or cherry blossoms...
>> No. 6567 [Edit]
File 139761008615.jpg - (579.97KB , 737x1106 , hail 1.jpg )
Instead, we get heavy hail...
>> No. 6568 [Edit]
File 139761011399.jpg - (1.04MB , 1229x922 , hail 2.jpg )
Poor devils.
>> No. 6569 [Edit]
You seem to live in a pretty nice and good looking place.
>> No. 6572 [Edit]
I do indeed, fortunately (it's very uneven around). The problem with hail and heavy rain is that it damages plants, soil and structures (a ceiling nearby collapsed), sewers plug up and we end up flooded, filled with mud and garbage. In my house we built up some steps years ago to keep us safe from the dirty waters, but before that we had to put bags of sand in the doors; the poor devils out there in the streets certainly get the worst of it.
>> No. 6573 [Edit]
Assuming there isn't already plants there, planting some strong vegetation with deep roots will help a lot with erosion problems. Trees and bushes with grass in between is good.
>> No. 6574 [Edit]
File 140090427173.jpg - (1.33MB , 3264x1836 , IMG_20140523_163930_286.jpg )
>> No. 6575 [Edit]
Ok then.
>> No. 6576 [Edit]
File 140208930352.png - (1.83MB , 1905x968 , 34.png )
Google maps is pretty cool, you can find the exact spot that picture was taken. The coordinates were left in Exif too but they were way off.

Woodsy areas in new england always creep me out, they look really dreary and spooky. Reminds me of death and witch trials.,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.68445247,d.cWc,pv.xjs.s.en_US.hKiVy-E3
>> No. 6577 [Edit]
>> No. 6578 [Edit]
cool. I'll be sure to never post any photos I take ever again.
>> No. 6579 [Edit]
you can scrub EXIF data
>> No. 6580 [Edit]
you can scrub EXIF data
>> No. 6581 [Edit]
You can scrub my EXIF data, if you know what I mean.
>> No. 6582 [Edit]
I always scrub EXIF whenever I post something.
>> No. 6583 [Edit]
Only scrubs don't scrub their scrubby EXIF data from their pictures of scrubs scrubby scrub scrub the srub dub dub.
>> No. 6584 [Edit]
Only scrubs don't scrub their scrubby EXIF data from their pictures of scrubs scrubby scrubly scrub the srub dub dub.
>> No. 6590 [Edit]
File 140944661227.jpg - (1.15MB , 2560x1920 , 2014-08-15 10_50_42.jpg )
How pleasurable it is to see my old picture in this thread from 3 years ago!
>> No. 6591 [Edit]
File 141106509864.jpg - (617.52KB , 1624x1299 , DSC00875_v1.jpg )
Hey butterfly guy, my cat has started collecting dead lepidoptera too!
>> No. 6592 [Edit]
File 141106523591.jpg - (624.25KB , 1422x1600 , DSC00880_v1.jpg )
I only found two, but I'm sure he keeps more of them somewhere else.
>> No. 6593 [Edit]
Good for him. He already has one Opsiphanes invirae and one Eacles masoni (both females; curious taste).
>> No. 6595 [Edit]
File 14116278228.jpg - (644.77KB , 871x1204 , Un Emile 68 (louche).jpg )
Finally got to do this.
Not bad.
>> No. 6596 [Edit]
I guess green fairies don't show up in photos?
>> No. 6598 [Edit]
No, but they do in the form of dreams (or nightmares) afterwards. Geez, what a night.
>> No. 6601 [Edit]
File 141169456622.jpg - (16.60KB , 227x216 , fairies.jpg )
EDIT: Sorry, my mistake. They're right there: the fairies are the louche, that is, the wormwood oils' emulsion that gives absinth its peculiar taste. The intoxicating effects apparently are just due to the high alcohol level, though.
>> No. 6602 [Edit]
File 141368082197.jpg - (349.10KB , 1820x1024 , DSC00891_v1.jpg )
It's that time of the day again.
>> No. 6603 [Edit]
File 141368206196.jpg - (301.67KB , 1600x988 , DSC00895_v1.jpg )
He/she/whatever had a beautiful pattern on the inside of the wings, but it was really hard to photograph. That and she was gone when I was back from formatting my camera's disc.

A bit to the left: a big spider's web. She almost threw herself there fleeing from the camera's flash.
>> No. 6604 [Edit]
File 141368298055.jpg - (92.04KB , 1405x480 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
>> No. 6605 [Edit]
File 141368374981.jpg - (104.91KB , 1092x840 , DSC00920_v1.jpg )
Case in point.

It's really hard to shoot this one due to where her web is placed. Really hard to get in good position, even harder to get the natural illumination to work for you and nighly impossible to keep the flash from doing a mess with the reflections on her body.
Nevertheless, I'm quite happy she's there. Not only she's apparently from the same species as my deceased one(related?), her web is right above where I buried her.
>> No. 6606 [Edit]

I don't know.

Probably a Hypna clytemnestra and some Consul sp., but I can't really tell for sure. Some Charaxinae, in any case.
>> No. 6607 [Edit]
File 141503053977.jpg - (289.97KB , 1340x1092 , spider1.jpg )
Improvised macro lens for my phone.
>> No. 6608 [Edit]
File 141503105769.jpg - (332.85KB , 1456x1092 , spiderbutt.jpg )
>> No. 6611 [Edit]
File 141503176365.jpg - (450.10KB , 1431x1011 , intel.jpg )
Intel D8742 1977 8-Bit Microcontroller
>> No. 6612 [Edit]
File 14150320967.jpg - (241.46KB , 1287x1053 , spider2.jpg )
>> No. 6613 [Edit]
File 141627372530.jpg - (1.40MB , 845x1900 , Chapulín (Tettigoniidae sp).jpg )
Well, that macro works alright. Arachnida will never be my thing, though; I've had to kill several nasty ones lately.

Anyway, I've been doing some garden work with my mom, so I've been watching these others guys again. I normally leave them alone, but I decided to collect one since I watch them flying (looked nice); here it is on the spreading board.
>> No. 6614 [Edit]
File 142717409939.png - (741.17KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Girl Friend Beta - 03 [720p]_mkv_sn.png )
Is bug guy still around?
>> No. 6615 [Edit]
File 142718292284.jpg - (519.07KB , 576x768 , Morpho-Prepona-Saturnidae.jpg )
There are at least two of us, but what is it?
>> No. 6616 [Edit]
File 142724071153.jpg - (1.37MB , 2560x1920 , P1160118.jpg )
I think I met one briefly a while back on a different image board. I collect bugs too but they are wasps instead of butterflies/moths/etc.
Just wondering since this thread looked dead.
>> No. 6617 [Edit]
Did he ask you about a Dolichovespula maculata?
>> No. 6618 [Edit]
File 142738666672.jpg - (328.18KB , 888x927 , P1160951.jpg )
Yes he did. The species is very common and widespread here.
>> No. 6620 [Edit]
Well it could've been me, then.
>> No. 6621 [Edit]
File 144168775318.jpg - (446.93KB , 1200x675 , leet water.jpg )
The place where I work has a filtered water dispenser that I visit here and there during my work day.
Almost missed it.
>> No. 6622 [Edit]
File 144168805226.jpg - (1.17MB , 1200x900 , coincidence much.jpg )
Also someone carved this into our desk, and I swear to god it wasn't me!
>> No. 6624 [Edit]
File 144281753057.jpg - (366.06KB , 1944x2592 , IMG_20150920_204255_0.jpg )
I found a marshmallow on the ground walking home today I was overjoyed with this find, an I wanted to share this with all of you it's these little things that make me happy in life :3
>> No. 6625 [Edit]
Did you eat it? Don't lie to me.

Post edited on 21st Sep 2015, 8:50pm
>> No. 6627 [Edit]
Sorry you just struck me as a person that would.
>> No. 6629 [Edit]

How pleasurable it is to see my post from 2.5 years ago about my post from 3 years ago!
>> No. 6631 [Edit]
File 150462838624.jpg - (238.92KB , 2260x1695 , 1.jpg )
view from my room
>> No. 6632 [Edit]
File 150462840898.jpg - (462.45KB , 2260x1695 , 2.jpg )
>> No. 6633 [Edit]
File 150462846070.jpg - (155.78KB , 2260x1695 , 3.jpg )
>> No. 6636 [Edit]
File 150838535380.jpg - (669.93KB , 2048x1152 , XEB2t2o.jpg )
I stayed at a place for a while that had these scratches behind the shower door.
>> No. 6637 [Edit]
File 150840628764.jpg - (762.80KB , 1125x1500 , Lizard 2.jpg )
A cute lizard I saw today.
>> No. 6640 [Edit]
File 150844300119.jpg - (445.05KB , 1125x1500 , squirrel 2.jpg )
>> No. 6642 [Edit]
File 150976675859.jpg - (539.21KB , 2048x1152 , cVzqnU9.jpg )
While wifi leaching at a near by Carl's jr this bee was trying to get out through the window next to me.
>> No. 6643 [Edit]
File 151262471983.jpg - (247.15KB , 562x750 , burying.jpg )
>> No. 6656 [Edit]
File 151523848441.jpg - (119.30KB , 1196x888 , View.jpg )
The view out my window.
>> No. 6657 [Edit]
File 151525839173.jpg - (250.38KB , 1190x892 , froze.jpg )
>> No. 6660 [Edit]
File 15153773854.jpg - (412.92KB , 1814x1012 , card reader.jpg )
>> No. 6733 [Edit]
File 152297535815.jpg - (293.55KB , 1600x900 , nekomimi.jpg )
>> No. 7119 [Edit]
File 158877760124.jpg - (1.90MB , 2560x1920 , IMG_20200505_174038.jpg )
Been coming to this place for a while now but recently it's been empty since that hotel and the one business next to it have been closed for weeks. Nice having the area to myself.
>> No. 7131 [Edit]
File 160023449241.jpg - (407.26KB , 1000x750 , sunset.jpg )
one of my old /fumo/ pictures
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