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File 160978357784.jpg - (108.38KB , 879x1267 , b8db3932f68dcf996caceb589451ba63.jpg )
37253 No. 37253 [Edit]
What are some things that really bug you?
Things that genuinely piss you off?

I thought it would be nice to have a thread to vent about any little annoyance, no mater how big or small.
Any and all complains about the world around you are welcome here!
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>> No. 38131 [Edit]
>Every definition you get for "phenomenon" or "existence" ultimately hinges on perception.
Because humans are limited to take in and process information via our perception. We have no other means of doing so. Your options are to work with those limitations, give up, or make shit up.
>the notion of "physical stuff" is absolute nonsense without consciousness
We reliably perceive atoms, therefore atoms exist. Either you assume perception is accurate, or you decide not to trust perception as an accurate means of gaining information about the universe. Trusting perception means believing that what we perceive would exist without anything to perceive it, and if something that could perceive spontaneously came into existence, they would perceive the exact same thing. There is no valid third option.

Trusting perception has proven to be more useful than making shit up("intuition").

Post edited on 29th Apr 2021, 4:42pm
>> No. 38132 [Edit]
You seem to be looking in the wrong place. The idea is mostly explored in applied metaphysics aka magick, and I don't mean the new age stuff, but stuff from centuries BC right up to today.
To give a theoretical start, the Corpus Hermeticum is good, along with Plotinus, followed by learning the basics of theurgy with something like The Practical Art of Divine Magic (admittedly modern, but based on ancient sources and far less obscure) along with something to give a grounding in the basics of magick practice in general, like The Sorcerer's Secrets (again, modern, but the ancient sources are either vague or consist mostly of bashing your head against a wall until it gives). Chthonic theurgy, what some might call necromancy, is what you're looking for. Or at least the theory behind it, if it is to remain a thought experiment.
If you wish to deduce the theory from the practical, Greek and Roman Necromancy might be what you're looking for.
>> No. 38133 [Edit]
Has literally anything been accomplished with this "knowledge"?
>> No. 38134 [Edit]
File 161974177268.png - (62.69KB , 806x424 , sshotintuition.png )
As I said, I'm as sure as you can get. As in, more sure of my existence beyond being a human than the chair I'm sitting on or any atoms it or this body may be composed of, because I reliably perceive this existence through both inference and intuition(direct insight, like understanding that 2+2=4), unlike atoms which I only perceive through abstract theory and a collection of memories. (atoms)matter may outlive and influence consciousness beyond this physical body, that does not restrict consciousness to existing only in atoms though.
Oh I see what you mean, I've read some of the enneads and some of the corpus hermeticum. Nothing on necromancy or the other 2 books. I'll give it a try. Honestly I hesitate from wanting to know more to not wanting to read much because I don't want it to pollute and add other people's illusory material to my experience, most of what I know or think I know comes from direct practice.
>> No. 38135 [Edit]
>I reliably perceive this existence through both inference and intuition
To me, this looks like a coping mechanism for reality as it is right in front of you being too cruel and scary.
>> No. 38136 [Edit]
It'd be far more reassuring to be sure that nonexistence follows, I don't know what form existence without this body will take, it's quite scary.
If I assume that you do have an inner experience, I don't understand your position at all though. You place the existence of that experience as dependent on a theoretical universe that you only know of because of a collection of experience, and you say that the matter in that universe can give rise to your experience. Even within that assumed universe you also know that we know very little of the matter in it, a tiny, tiny percentage, the standard model isn't even complete, but yet you are sure that it can only give rise to your inner experience once. Why?
>> No. 38137 [Edit]
File 161974563092.png - (1.43MB , 957x1237 , 63651183_p0.png )
>To me, this looks like a coping mechanism for reality as it is right in front of you being too cruel and scary.
I think people who say this are cruel and scary people projecting themselves on their environment. Must our lives be terrifying?
>> No. 38138 [Edit]
File 161974669284.jpg - (171.60KB , 674x993 , 4967de31136254cfc35dd00e896f3cef.jpg )
>If I assume that you do have an inner experience
My inner experience is a stream of thought, and impulses derived from my temperament and stimuli that occurred in the long and short term. I do things because I feel compelled to. I think things because something or another(external or internal) triggers that thought. That's why I'm writing this post, because I feel the impulse to. I often feel like I don't control my own actions and am a puppet to impulses.
>the standard model isn't even complete, but yet you are sure that it can only give rise to your inner experience
Because there's nothing completely original about myself(or anybody else). I'm a derivative product of external, material things, and so are you. My parents, my surroundings, my experiences. Those are material things. It builds on itself so quickly and in such a complex way, the illusion of free-will is created.
I'd love to worship a deity if I was sure it existed and would benefit from it. I didn't choose the way things are.
>> No. 38139 [Edit]
That always makes me think that it is not inconceivable for AIs to achieve a similar level of awareness/consciousness as we do, though probably not with current technologies. Neuroscience is a relatively recent discipline but they are making huge progress in researches into these as well.
>> No. 38140 [Edit]
>>/tat/1262 is a good place to continue the thread of discussion on consciousness/afterlife. To avoid cluttering this thread, I posted my thoughts in there.
>> No. 38143 [Edit]
File 16198063375.png - (41.96KB , 400x500 , 7ddfe9a59da9da0fc252dffc10a721e6.png )
Sleep procrastination. It's like a strange addiction. Everyday I tell myself I'll go to bed at some reasonable hour, but once that time rolls around, I get this strong feeling of dissatisfaction that holds me back. Like "I haven't had enough. I still need something first". When I get into good habits, that means resisting that feeling, but it doesn't go away. Depression? Loneliness? I'm not sure what it is.
>> No. 38144 [Edit]
I really like this image for some reason, can't stop looking at it. Makes me want to cuddle a caterpillar. I'm also quite similar with regards to sleep schedules, I wonder if it's a common thing among people like us.
>> No. 38145 [Edit]
The lack of headphone jacks in modern day smart phones. Not because I'm bothered by the thread of stripping features out of phones, but because this encourages a culture of shitty behavior. Ever since headphone jacks went away, people have since started playing music on their phones in speaker mode. Needless to say, they're cunts. I think they're using the lack of headphone jacks as an excuse for not using headphones to listen to their garbage that they're forcing everyone else to listen to too.
Bluetooth headphones exist, but they're a lot more expensive than the wired versions so people likely can't afford them or don't want to spend the extra cash.

You might say; "but they're spending up to $1,000 on these phones, surely they can spend $100 for the headphones". Keep in mind, people who get those shitty over priced phones aren't likely dropping $1000+ for them right then and there. I can't speak for other countries/areas, but this one is a materialistic one in which no one owns any said materials. The norm here is to rent/lease pretty much everything. Debt is a standard thing, people make payments on houses they don't own, cars they don't own, phones they down own, education, furniture, you name it. They're probably paying $50 a month to show off their $1000 iphone that isn't really theirs, and bluetooth headphones probably aren't going to be included in these plans. The kind of low class dipshit that plays music in speaker mode in public likely sees $100 as a ton of money, two months of payments worth, so they take a pass and make everyone suffer instead.

Further more, I really hate how the culture here not only tolerates, but encourages loud obnoxious behavior. It's not just speaker phone music, but people blasting their horrible taste in music from their car stereos, cars around here are often modified to be extremely loud and heard from many blocks away. I can even hear a motorcycle off in the distance while typing this, and now someone's music. It comes across as pathetic and immature. These people have done nothing with their lives, they have nothing to make them respectable members of society, so they take pride and fun in more sub human practices, seeing who can make the most noise. This is the kind of behavior you'd expect from animals, not a civilized person. Far be it for me to call people losers, being one myself, but at least I keep to myself and don't go out of my way to bother other people. Is that really so much to ask for of others?

Post edited on 2nd May 2021, 7:02pm
>> No. 38147 [Edit]
I'm sorry you live in a shit hole and don't have enough money to isolate yourself from the riff raff.
>> No. 38148 [Edit]
> I'm bothered by the thread of stripping features out of phones
I'm bothered by that. Apparently companies don't even include chargers in the box these days. I'd be perfectly fine using some generic (albeit bootloader unlocked and rooted) android phone but all carriers are discontinuing traditional 3g services and lower LTE bands in their move to 5g.
>> No. 38149 [Edit]
That bugs me a lot too, it's just it's own separate rant is all.
When shopping for my last phone I was shocked to find that not only have headphone jacks been stripped away, but they're also doing away with micro SD card support. The very idea seemed insane to me, but they're all doing it. They want you to upload all your content to the cloud. Putting aside privacy issues with that, it has a number of practicality issues. My main reason for upgrading in the first place was because my old phone with it's 16gb of internal memory just couldn't keep up with new games. I couldn't keep more than 1-2 games on it, which with every update only increases in size. At least with SD cards, you can transfer content to said card and in some cases run apps off the cards too. You've got extendibility there. That cloud storage tends to come with a monthly fee, and even if it doesn't, what happens if you're not on an unlimited data plan and uploading your content ends up screwing up your bill or using up all your data for a cycle? Then there's not being able to access any of your content if you have no reception, which was the case for where I worked. I like storing anime and manga on my SD card. I couldn't stream content (even if I wanted to) where I was working when I upgraded. I brought this up with a salesmen who was trying to sell me on these new phones, he was at a loss. Far as I'm concerned, they're useless without some form of storage card support.
The other thing I noticed was curved screens. I doubt the average person ever notices or thinks about this one, but most modern phones have curved front glass screens. This is a problem for screen protectors. Glass screen protectors can't attach properly to a curved screen, and the other option is screen protectors made of flexible soft materials, but from what I've seen those almost always yellow and peel at the edges. I'm just guessing here but I think phone makers do this intentionally to discourage the use of screen protectors. Manufactured obsolescence is a proven fact in the phone world, so it stands to reason they wouldn't want you extending the life of your phone or it's components. They're probably banking on the idea of people smashing their screens and deciding to trade in their phone for an upgrade, or in the case of apple pay ridiculously marked up prices for repairs at their shops. Apple after all 'tries' to discourage third party repair services.
Not a big deal but loops for keychains pretty much disappeared from all phones too, and I don't think anyone noticed. Mine still has one but I don't honestly use it because my case blocks it anyway.
It's funny they do these things, while at the same time raising prices.
>> No. 38150 [Edit]
I'm not sure where he's from but it's funny how shitholes are generally the same no matter which corner of the world they are in. Whatever he said applies here as well.
>> No. 38156 [Edit]
I hate the format that most books use. So often even though the title is about a very specific thing, books intersperse the relevant information in between "it was london 1993 when I met dave and blah blah blah".
I understand context is important but leave it at the preface for god's sake
>> No. 38157 [Edit]
Are you reading fiction or non-fiction? Isn't all the extra details the whole point of fiction (which is why I've never liked it that much)? Otherwise you'd just be left with a factual list of events
>> No. 38158 [Edit]
Non-fiction, yeah I avoid fiction for the same reason.
Anything but strictly technical papers has this problem.
>> No. 38159 [Edit]
>leave it at the preface
Nobody wants an exposition dump in the beginning before they have any reason to care. Information should be introduced gradually and with the story.

Post edited on 4th May 2021, 2:03pm
>> No. 38160 [Edit]
I'm just saying, if I'm reading a book about growing plants, I'd really prefer if the author stopped babbling about their personal life.
As to factual stories, they should at least have the decency to have the commentary on context labelled in its own paragraph.
>> No. 38169 [Edit]
File 162018500156.jpg - (29.48KB , 486x604 , 1620052803246-0.jpg )
The latest pale moon update doesn't support legacy firefox extensions, which was like half-the point of the project. Palemoon hardly has any of its own too. I don't know what to do.
>> No. 38170 [Edit]
Waterfox classic? Otherwise there's always seamonkey.
>> No. 38171 [Edit]
I've thought about waterfox. Heard it was bought by an advertising company, but I don't really have the luxury to give a shit. Rikaisama, or something like it, is an essential, and now palemoon doesn't have it.
>> No. 38172 [Edit]
Out of curiosity, is Yomichan lacking in comparison to Rikaisama?
>> No. 38173 [Edit]
Never used Yomichan.
>> No. 38174 [Edit]
Go check it out, my friend:
>> No. 38175 [Edit]
After trying waterfox, my bookmarks, of which I have hundreds, would not import. In fact, trying broke the library, seemingly permanently as even after reinstalling multiple times it stayed broken. So now I'm using firefox and it works. Kind of depressing, but whatever.
Looks nice, but I don't use most of those features. rikai saves me the trouble of looking things up which is all I'm after at this point.
>> No. 38178 [Edit]
Oh my god, I looked to see how hard forking the rikaisama extension would be. I had heard rumors that the dev was a furry and a complete cunt, never looked into it. Regardless of the furry thing, he makes a post practically begging people to help with the porting of extensions and then refuses to post even the most simplified guide on how to do so, while calling the users entitled for wanting to help.
I think I'll stop using palemoon now, nothing good can come out of this.
>> No. 38179 [Edit]
As a long time Pale Moon user, this saddens me.
>> No. 38180 [Edit]
>I think I'll stop using palemoon now
What will you use now?
>I had heard rumors that the dev was a furry and a complete cunt
I think he has an overly idealistic image of a "community" where everybody is totally self-sufficient and sees their browser as a hobby rather than a tool they rely on. The few interactions I had with him were unpleasant.
>> No. 38182 [Edit]
I've used it for years too.
I don't know what I'll use, I tried Falkon, it has really bad extension support. I tried installing icecat but it's a really unwieldy process. Right now I'm on "ungoogled chromium", which has all the add ons of the chrome store, it's alright, hopefully safe. Rikaikun on it works. There's really no good choice.
Honestly this is getting tiring, keeping up with the web is like trying to climb an ever falling ladder that gets worse and worse as you climb.

Post edited on 5th May 2021, 9:07am
>> No. 38183 [Edit]
Do you have a really good reason to not just give up and use current firefox? I've been battling against browsers for years too until finally I said fuck and gave up. Turns out just using whatever recent version of chrome or firefox is little less annoying than the alternative. Then again, I only use rikaichamp and uBlock pretty much, so I didn't have to deal with addon problems.
>> No. 38184 [Edit]
Practical reason? Only that even though it runs fine on my desktop, last time I tried it really slowed down my old laptop and I like to use the same browser everywhere I can.
But mostly I refuse to out of principle and disgust with the people behind the big 3 mainstream browsers.
I'll probably give up on the internet before I give up on trying to use it in a manner I like.
>> No. 38185 [Edit]
File 16202339185.jpg - (1.17MB , 2819x3099 , 43ee1ec3f5a19d76320b109502962156.jpg )
>I tried installing icecat
From what I've heard, icecat is more about conforming to an ideological ideal than being functional. Having a special, pre-installed extension that breaks sites and reinstalls every update only makes sense in that context. If you're on linux and firefox isn't something you want to use, I've heard "librewolf" is okay(take it with a grain of salt).
>Right now I'm on "ungoogled chromium"
I used to use that. Do you know it automatically deletes history older than three months? Bookmarks also have no date added field or tags. I'm surprised it got as popular as it did, but I guess the majority doesn't care about those things much. Extensions are useful, but I don't think they should be responsible for core browser features since the result is usually slower, uglier and less stable. There's limits to what extensions can do too. "Thin-tabs" aren't possible on chromium extension or not.
>> No. 38186 [Edit]
Believe me I know what you mean. While I would prefer to have a browser just the way I want it, getting used to use whatever is quickly available turned out to be a better tactic for me.
>> No. 38187 [Edit]
>icecat is more about conforming to an ideological ideal than being functional
Definitely noticeable.
And librewolf seems to be killing the ram on my old laptop.
>Do you know it automatically deletes history older than three months?
No, thanks for the warning, that's absurd.
As I said, no good choice left it seems.
>whatever is quickly available-
Fine.(posted from links browser, it works!)
No, but seriously, I understand the temptation and I might do it one day, when my browsing is greatly reduced. Not now though.
>> No. 38188 [Edit]
If you like links, you should try elinks or w3m. It's good enough to be used as the main browser for text-only sites.
>> No. 38189 [Edit]
>I had heard rumors that the dev was a furry and a complete cunt
The open-bsd issue is still infamous as the example of how to not build a community:
Quite an attitude to take against someone who's doing you a favor by trying to get palemoon into the package repos – especially considering 90% of palemoon is just mozilla's stuff

I've never used either of these before – I'm curious, on a technical level do they actually do any parsing/segmentation of JP text (like kuromoji or mecab does) or is it strictly dictionary based-lookup for the highlighted portion?

Edit: I tried it out: it uses a "longest dictionary match" scanning rightward from the cursor. This actually seems to be implemented in the naive way where it executes a dictionary lookup for each possible prefix of the word, then takes the longest matching prefix. (See the "_getAllDeinflections" function). Although it seems yomichan also supports optional integration with mecab via a native extension

Post edited on 5th May 2021, 11:45am
>> No. 38190 [Edit]
Thanks, w3m seems interesting with its (kinda broken) image support.
Jesus what a power trip
>> No. 38191 [Edit]
I'm using Firefox with a custom user.js to block tracking as well as possible while not degrading functionality I care about.
At least sites work 99% of the time.
Graphical browsers are terrible and all sites should have be compatible with text-based browsers. It's not a solution, but it's as good as it gets with the modern internet. For better systems, try gemini or gopher. There's less sites, but at least they aren't actively trying to spy on you in every way possible while needing gigabytes of RAM.
>> No. 38192 [Edit]
Seamonkey still seems to be maintained and from what i can tell is basically forked from the old XUL-based firefox. I haven't read about very many people using it though; I wonder why?
>> No. 38193 [Edit]
Seamonkey is a "browser suite" with built-in email client and other stuff. Maybe that concept alone puts off people since it seems antiquated and excessive. There's better programs for those separate functions, so people assume there is for the browser too. Mediocre email client and browser put together loses to separate good versions of those. Never used it though.
>> No. 38194 [Edit]
>The open-bsd issue is still infamous as the example of how to not build a community:
OSS drama is always delicious. I've seen the ibara guy around in other places, and he's a nice guy. The fact the Pale Moon people acted the way they did with him is a little disgusting.
>> No. 38195 [Edit]
>Mediocre email client
If it's based on thunderbird, calling it "mediocre" is doing it a disservice. You'd be hard-pressed to find another extensible mail client. Plus it also does rss!
>> No. 38196 [Edit]
File 162025036448.jpg - (175.54KB , 850x637 , mozilla.jpg )
>If it's based on thunderbird, calling it "mediocre" is doing it a disservice.
I use thunderbird myself. I don't know how good seamonkey's email client is. Just the impression someone might get from it being included with the browser.
>> No. 38197 [Edit]
>You will revise your mozconfig
>You must comply with the directive
Resistance is futile?

Given all the chromium forks that exist you'd think that someone could at least pair blink + v8 with some shell that provides more extensibility. But for some reason even Brave basically just copies the existing UI wholesale. (Although I guess given how integrated Google's codebases are, you can't "just" replace the UI layer with a more extensible alternative without having to deal with the underlying sandboxing and process separation.)
>> No. 38198 [Edit]
Alright I'm trying seamonkey now.
It's pretty weird and really slow. I can't even tell whether I am on a private window or not. I think the location bar changes color? Also I'm getting no audio from youtube.
Strange, strange browser.
It's interesting though, and even though it is stuttering it's really not using much ram at all.
>> No. 38205 [Edit]
File 162053661575.jpg - (302.82KB , 744x905 , eeae628802573c1bb69ab15bde316f9c.jpg )
I still can't believe there's actually people who use a motorcycle.
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