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File 15719500899.png - (3.84MB , 2697x1050 , 4KKwDMA.png )
33536 No. 33536 [Edit]
How was your day? Did you do anything nice? Post about it here.
It looks like the old one is on autosage so here's a new one.
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>> No. 37688 [Edit]
I wish our new overlords didn't have such an ear sour of a language.
>> No. 37690 [Edit]
They've been doing Steam Lunar New Year sales for a while now.
>> No. 37692 [Edit]
I disagree about the Chinese taking over. Its likely there is just a racial enclave nearby you. There are plenty of Koreans and Indians living here and similar things happen with that.
Stop saving samples.
>> No. 37693 [Edit]
I have a small drive, so no.
>> No. 37694 [Edit]
Sex drive? Hard drive?
>> No. 37696 [Edit]
Solid state drive.
>> No. 37698 [Edit]
>I disagree about the Chinese taking over. Its likely there is just a racial enclave nearby you. There are plenty of Koreans and Indians living here and similar things happen with that.
It looks like a glowie found us.
>> No. 37699 [Edit]
File 161351784382.jpg - (47.87KB , 400x500 , 1568299628052.jpg )
I listened to political talk today. I feel nauseous. How do people live like this?
>> No. 37700 [Edit]
Different anon. There used to be a large Chinese supermarket near me that closed. I know somebody who's a teacher and they've noticed that as the indian student body grows, the east asian body shrinks. I think that's how things go.
>> No. 37701 [Edit]
File 161352214142.png - (161.29KB , 1141x829 , __houraisan_kaguya_and_teruyof_touhou_drawn_by_hos.png )
Why subject yourself to that?
>> No. 37702 [Edit]
Well we only accept Chinese as students for money and if Indians are willing to pay then no need for Chinese. And we have all of the talk going around of Chinese infiltration of the education system so even more incentive not to have them.
>> No. 37704 [Edit]
File 161353973583.png - (2.14MB , 3028x2000 , aa67505d123611cc9aa7ba04c319960d.png )
The only reason I can think of is that maybe they fell for the "these times" meme and feel the urgency that motivates them to keep up with the news. Of course, they're always misinformed and what they think boils down to replacing jews and chinks with trump supporters and incels for scapegoating.
>> No. 37705 [Edit]
File 161357145732.jpg - (53.65KB , 761x699 , LEAP7975.jpg )
I have noticed the imageboard crowd is moving to textboards.
>> No. 37706 [Edit]
What is the point of a text board? It's just an imageboard with less features.
>> No. 37707 [Edit]
It forces people to make slightly less shitty posts and prevents spam a bit. They can't use the power of images to communicate emotions responsibly, so they either over rely on or abuse it and make awful posts. On a textboards that's not an option. They can still make awful posts, but there's less incentive to.

Post edited on 17th Feb 2021, 6:28am
>> No. 37708 [Edit]
It self-selects the audience to people willing to read for one. Text-boards also have the benefit of being easier and safer to run (no CP spam at 3am and a call to the FBI right after).
Another benefit is that they can be fully accessed with text browsers like lynx or w3m, which makes it trivial to read at work for the more techy crowd (managers don't read terminal text as a general rule).
The vibe is just different. People tend to put more effort into what they write because there's no shortcut available. To try to be funny on an imageboard, you can post a meme (ancient or new), to be funny on a textboard you actually have to write funny text.
>> No. 37709 [Edit]
I don't the like the idea of people putting in more effort because they're forced to through absent features. The "vibe" being better doesn't make up for not having pictures. Techy anons tend to be snobbish too in my experience.
>> No. 37710 [Edit]
It replaced religion. I assume it gives people a sense of belonging and hope and all that jazz. Thankfully a lot of people dropped it when the election ended.
>> No. 37713 [Edit]
>less shitty posts and prevents spam a bit
Ironic considering how much DQN culture pervades many of the textboards.
>> No. 37720 [Edit]
Then I'm just glad to have assurance that the filter is working as intended.
>> No. 37721 [Edit]
Yes, and pigs are glad not to have humans rolling around in the muck with them too. If text boards are so superior, why would people who like them ever bother with imageboards? They can just stay in their pen and circle jerk about bloat and text editors or whatever.

Post edited on 18th Feb 2021, 4:40pm
>> No. 37722 [Edit]
Where are these supposed textboards with high quality content? Tinychan/FSF has low quality conten; schemebbs is meh (/prog/ is ok I guess but I don't care much for lisp in particular; I get enough of that on the orange bar site); savoq and spin-offs are as terrible as you'd expect for actual discussion. In fact the only textboards with occasional good posts I've managed to find are 4-ch and letterbox, but even the latter has lost some luster lately.

Overall unless I'm missing something textboards in the western sphere are no better than imageboards quality of content-wise. I suppose you could say that the worst textboards are better than the worst imageboards, but considering that all you've really done is swap images for ascii art that's not saying much.

I do agree that in general allowing too many images can derail threads though. It's for this reason that I hate all the lynxchan clones since the ability to attach multiple images per post means that every thread becomes more of an image dump.
>> No. 37729 [Edit]
I hope you're doing okay.
I have deep anxiety about getting a vaccine, specifically the long term effects, if I die I want a brain hemmorage.
>> No. 37730 [Edit]
It annoys me that people always dismiss vaccine skeptics as some sort of "anti-science" hillbillies, as if "science" was some sort of religious of absolute truth. I personally don't question the efficacies and benefits of vaccines, but modern vaccines aren't just the weakened/inactivated viruses that they originally were. You have to worry about cross interactions with the body's own proteins (many of which we probably don't even fully understand yet), and there's a fine line between stimulating the immune response and overstimulating it.

Similarly I don't know why people make fun of those who believe harmful effects of cell phone radiation/wifi/5G. Yes it's non-ionizing, but that alone doesn't guarantee safety; for instance, hypothetically if the body/brain made use of weak low-frequency signals for signaling/etc. then it's possible that an externally imposed EM field could either interfere or resonate with it. It hasn't even been a generation since the widespread prevalence of these things.
>> No. 37734 [Edit]
>It annoys me that people always dismiss vaccine skeptics as some sort of "anti-science" hillbillies, as if "science" was some sort of religious of absolute truth.
To avoid getting into /tat/ territory, all i'll say is "believe in science!" is the new "Because God said so!"
>> No. 37758 [Edit]
one other side effect that seemed to happen a week later was neck pain right below my jaw (inflamed lymph nodes possibly?) which went away in a day.
>> No. 37783 [Edit]
The text/imageboard split is real: disallowing something, like imageposting, can be a feature. In more recent times, people pushing gemini/gopher also claim that and I see it as a parallel to early 2000s "textboard" purism. Complete with gopher being old and unintentionally primitive.
The phpBB vs. forced anonymous "shiichans" also differ in more than a registration. Not only did phpBB instances encouraged registration, but also early from the start building a personality: various badges & stars, titles ("this person is a supreme expert / veteran member / Orc captain") etc. - this goes far beyond "tripfagging".
While it is true that all these software is of one general type, that doesn't completely refute the "medium is the message" type of theory.
>> No. 37837 [Edit]
File 161466475254.png - (127.41KB , 489x424 , 1565019816326.png )
>Where are these supposed textboards with high quality content? Tinychan/FSF has low quality conten; schemebbs is meh (/prog/ is ok I guess but I don't care much for lisp in particular; I get enough of that on the orange bar site); savoq and spin-offs are as terrible as you'd expect for actual discussion.
Textboards pop up every day, there seems to be a bit of a buzz about them with the small userbase left for these sort of sites, there are things like txtchan and overtext that attempt to catalog them. They are popping up on different protocols too. Tinychan and boards of that ilk are considered talkboards and not textboards.
>In fact the only textboards with occasional good posts I've managed to find are 4-ch and letterbox, but even the latter has lost some luster lately.
letterbox, unfortunately, had most of its userbase scared off by a spammer, that's probably why the userbase has gotten worse.
>> No. 37854 [Edit]
took the second dose of the vaccine , side effect: felt like i had the flu with a low grade fever, went away the next day though arm soreness persisted for a day longer.
>> No. 37856 [Edit]
Apparently that's a common issue (some say Moderna vaccine is more likely to elicit pain after second shot). Not even close to a medical researcher but in general second shots are known to trigger stronger immune responses (spiking serum antibody levels)), and I'm guessing that's what is eliciting the adverse reaction. The same would probably happen if a previously infected person took the vaccine.
>> No. 37858 [Edit]
I have a heart condition and qualified to get the vaccine early but was too much of an anxious wreck to actually go there. I don't know if I regret it or not. I mean I already get the flu shot every year because of said heart condition. When my doctor finds out I didn't get this thing he's going to have a field day lecturing me like I'm fucking 6.
>> No. 37927 [Edit]
My monitor has reached the point where it is burning images into the middle of the screen, not permanently yet but still. It annoys me even more as this was not a cheap monitor and I have already had issues with them. It's a 1440p gaming monitor that I got about 3 years ago, I actually got a different model 1440p fist but the corners had such white light that I sent it back for a refund, even this one is not ideal in that regard but better. I also don't like the anti-reflective coating on modern monitors, it makes images grainy. Oh yeah, two pixels are dead on it too, one died early on and the other maybe after a year.
>> No. 37928 [Edit]
I only ever had the cheapest, small LG and Acer ones and they all lasted without issues way longer than that. That sucks. Do you have money to replace it? That always seem to be the most important thing at the end of the day.
>> No. 37929 [Edit]
Before this one I used to have one made in 2007 that was not even 1080p but the screen was glass and it never had any major faults.

It seems that monitor costs have gone down quite a bit now with monitors of the same spec being half the price(well slightly better even, mine was 144hz these are 165hz) and there are non-gaming 1440ps in the market too(there wasn't before really) so getting a new monitor won't be an issue I'll just have to hope it lasts longer than this one.
>> No. 37947 [Edit]
Just found out that you can buy self-heating sex robots with Alexa-style AI now, for a price that I could afford if I wanted to:

It can only move its head though. My point still stands that I won't get a sex robot until they're mobile and intelligent enough to clean themselves.
>> No. 37950 [Edit]
Two of my Siblings got tattoos on the weekend. I expected better from them, I always expect more from my family and then they let me down and yet I still somehow never see them for what they are. I guess this at least should stop now that they have permanent reminders of what they are attached to them.

Post edited on 22nd Mar 2021, 7:35am
>> No. 37951 [Edit]
Not that isn't disgusting, but like 100% of normals have tattos today.
>> No. 38004 [Edit]
what kind of tattoos did they get? I hope it's not something stupid like the name of a band or a Rick&Morty character.
>> No. 38005 [Edit]
It's mind boggling that people would willingly pay to have their bodies permanently defaced and look like a walking graffiti tagged building straight out a ghetto.
>> No. 38030 [Edit]
I could never afford that. Seeing rich people everywhere is so tiresome.
>> No. 38031 [Edit]
I feel like my body is decaying away.
>> No. 38109 [Edit]
I recently went down the rabbit hole of homeopathy, trying to read both sides of the matter. It's interesting that like you mentioned, the group against it is rabidly, fervently against even considering the possibility that it could work – the same who people who call anyone against vaccines misconstrue arguments to blindly label people as "anti-vaxxers."

That aside, here's a summary of the things I found

* Most randomized/blinded trials have used the same homeopathic "prescription" for all people in the test group. These studies have failed to find any evidence that homeopathy is better than placebo, and so the anti-group feels justified to scathe anyone who even mentions the word. However, this is completely disingenuous: "classical" homeopathy is explicitly about an individualized treatment; i.e. a "remedy" that is chosen individually according to "traits" of each person (after a psychiatric-like consulting session). There have been very few studies on so-called "classical/individualized homeopathic treatment," so at best what you can conclude from the body of existing randomized trials is that the over-the-counter "homeopathic pills" that they for some reason sell at e.g. Whole Foods are bunk. It's disingenuous to extend this to the individually prescribed version.

* The few studies that do consider individualized treatments show a mild benefit over placebo; the most famous of this was [1], and even the annoying "skeptic" groups don't fault the design of the study but instead proclaim that it just can't work with our current understanding, and so the study must clearly be bunk. Indeed, they even admit
>Somehow, homeopathy works when it's individualized, but it falls apart when it's consistent throughout the board
Considering that the whole point of "classical homeopathy" is the individualized treatment, then under their criteria no study would ever be able to convince them. (For the sake of completeness, I also found [2] which a review paper [3] considered "was a well constructed RCT (albeit slightly underpowered) which scored highly on methodological quality" and admits "interesting differences between groups were observed which suggests that homoeopathic remedies were affecting FM symptoms over and above the non-specific placebo effects." yet in the conclusion/abstract state that all had "serious flaws."). People should focus on trying to replicate these sorts of studies, but I doubt anyone will due to lack of funding and the fact that no one would risk their reputation for a positive result.

* On the flipside, the homeopaths don't do themselves any favors by clinging to the "water memory" explanation, which is luckily something that can indeed be experimentally checked and replicated. They'd be better off just explaining it away as an unknown cause. There are also some interesting parallels to the recent EmDrive experiments (which ended up being just measurement error); both are in seeming violation of our current understanding, yet no one threw stones at the EmDrive team for publishing their results.

* Interestingly, the types of conditions homeopathy seems to work the best for are psychosomatic ones, usually related to chronic pain. I'm reminded very closely of the work by John Sarno [4] whose theories about RSI/chronic pain likewise have various anecdotal proponents but which run contrary to the conventional understanding. This is probably fertile area for research, but again it's an area that no one would be willing to touch with a ten foot pole.

>> No. 38141 [Edit]
File 16197501726.jpg - (206.62KB , 1092x1200 , 8de531d1e7b1d0941c2fae5bfb3e5a0d.jpg )
It's getting hot. How do you deal with it?
>> No. 38142 [Edit]
That's what I'm a bit concerned about. We're supposed to start our cross country RV trip in a few days, and the locations we're heading to get extremely hot this time of year. I'm not overly confident in the ac units this rv has, they seem like they might break down any day.
>> No. 38146 [Edit]
Week back I picked up some busted joycons for like $10 or so, thought I'd try repairing them. Opened them up and found they were toast, water damage or something. they seemed practically unfixable with the motherboards being very corroded.
For the hell of it I sent them in to nintendo's repair center since they do free repairs on joycons with drift and similar issues. Wasn't until after sending them out that I saw their ToS say they don't cover water damage.
Today however I got a brand new set in the mail from them. So that was pretty rad I gotta say.
>> No. 38151 [Edit]
so where the fuck do we draw the line?
do we take flat earthers seriously?
do we take otherkins seriously? are we suppose drop all common sense on the astronomically small chance that maybe the guy actually is a dragon?
>> No. 38152 [Edit]
Well they symptom of a disease is the same for all so the cure according to the homeopathic method would be the same. The problem with individualised treatment is that it could lead to the treater cycling through different treatments until one works and saying that was due to the individual nature of it when it was actually some other ingredient in the treatment that benefited the patient but had no bearing on homeopathy.

The individual nature of the treatment itself would also have positive effects on the patient, the feeling that the patient is being treated individually and the attention the patient will get are beneficial to the patient, studies have shown this as well.
>> No. 38153 [Edit]
Well belief in homeopathy would be equivalent to belief in the fact that some sort of extra-material "energetic/etheric" component of the body exists (see also >>/tat/1262) [since if you assume that, then the assumption that it can be manipulated by water that's been shaken (and stirred?) which presumably also has some sort of "energetic" component isn't too far of a leap].

>so where the fuck do we draw the line
Since you're dealing with extra-material phenomenon, it's in the same class of things as "paranormal" or "magick". Some people swear it's real and that they've experienced it themselves, attempts to reliably replicate it fail, it doesn't have any purely material explanations, etc. But the interesting thing about homeopathy is that with a properly designed large-enough trial it should be possible to actually see an effect (or lack of effect). As I've mentioned before almost all the trials performed so far are on non-individualized treatments which isn't the issue at hand, and the few trials on individualized treatment have all had methodological issues, casting their conclusions of it being more effective than placebo as questionable.

>symptom of a disease is the same for all
I think "individualized homeopathy" doesn't consider only the physical symptoms but also the entire emotional/mental characteristics of the person, closer to a psychiatric evaluation. And a lot of issues such as RSI don't all manifest in the same symptoms (nor do they even have defined physical causes).

But yes applying the notion of homeopathy to acute physical illnesses (e.g. infections, cancer, etc.) is asinine (at best it does nothing since mild infections go away on their own; at worst you've killed the patient). And if there is indeed any value to be had in homeopathy for less defined chronic illnesses (e.g. "brain fog", chronic fatigue syndrome) then it'd be completely unrelated to its original "uses" of "curing" diseases in the 18th century.

>feeling that the patient is being treated individually
Yeah I strongly believe that the "personal attention" afforded by indivdualized treatment (a stark contrast to the cold, clinical treatment you traditionally receive in hospitals) itself is responsible for some positive effects (especially in psychosomatic cases). And studies have indeed shown that things like calling a patient post-surgery reduces the perceived pain levels.

>problem with individualised treatmeent... it was actually some other ingredient in the treatment
Well considering that their dilutions don't have any other ingredient I guess in that case it'd just be regression to the mean.

But either way, a properly designed study could mitigate this: have a large pool of people with some condition that homeopaths generally agree is a good fit for treatment (I've read chronic skin conditions like eczema are a good one, and this allows for quantitative measurement of improvement). Have your control (placebo) group and two treatments groups, (of course blinding as much as possible). Allow the "homeopathic" doctor to consult each person and decide on a remedy, and based on the group the person will either be given a placebo, the remedy that was chosen, or some other random remedy.

To reduce the number of variables, people would be prevented from going in for a "re-assesment", but to compensate I guess you could try to get some homeopath who has a track record in the community of choosing good remedies first-time around. Then at the end of the trial you compare the groups.

So while it should be theoretically possible to conduct such a trial, in order for it to be effective you need a large number of people – because due to the indivdualized nature of this it can't be replicated independently. I wish someone would do this to finally settle the question, but the homeopaths probably don't care since they're convinced of it anyway and the non-homeopaths don't care since they're convinced it can't work.
>> No. 38176 [Edit]
My grotesque blister finally popped around midnight, but cleaning it while moderating my cat's curiosity was quite the challenge.
Tangentially related, it's a shame night's reign isn't longer as my productivity is significantly higher when the sun is sleeping. Even as a NEET with relatively few distractions, merely the comfort derived from knowing that nobody will try to interact with you is like a warm blanket warding off the Winter's gelid embrace.
>> No. 38181 [Edit]
I'd like to see before/after pics, but I understand pictures of that would be against site rules.
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