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File 146576035742.jpg - (54.69KB , 636x358 , eDyXpSR.jpg )
29121 No. 29121 [Edit]
Do you guys enjoy any non-anime shows?
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>> No. 30852 [Edit]
You mean like all anime?
>> No. 30854 [Edit]
Budget anime. Even then it's just touch-up by South Koreans.
You'd have to delve into super budget anime to see some Vietnamese names.

Also, why have so many of these topics degenerate into semantics?
>> No. 30858 [Edit]
I watch documentaries if they seem interesting, but I can't say that I watch much TV really. I have enough to do without it in between my other hobbies.
>> No. 30861 [Edit]
Nowadays, not really. I do watch a live action movie every now and then.
Anime is, in the most pure sense of the term nowadays, hand- or computer-made animation produced in Japan or by a Japanese company. That's the reason why the current season of Pingu is considered an anime, even if that would seem crazy. They actually call it anime over there.
Depends. If it's made by a Japanese producer, under a Japanese studio name, I think it's safe to call it anime.
>why have so many of these topics degenerate into semantics?
I think it could be because this a site that is heavily deemed close to what it stands for, so having people disclose not knowing (or in this case, not fully understanding, which can be solved quickly be searching online) what anime is or is not might be seem as practically outrageous. I don't necessarily disagree.
>> No. 30863 [Edit]
Is it because of the anon that needs things spelled out for them?
>> No. 30865 [Edit]

I'd say it's more that this site doesn't have a userbase stupid enough to talk about things the way normals would. ie asking stupid questions and receiving opinionated none answers which spur more stupid questions and uneducated opinions. If however the people talking both have enough common sense to not ask those stupid questions, all that's left is semantics. For instance, ignorant people might have a discussion about why the sky is blue, while one might suggest it's the sky reflecting the color of the ocean. But if two people already know why the sky is blue, they'll say nothing about the matter and at best nitpick small details because that's all they've got to work with. This is also essentially why I think TC is as slow moving and dead as it is in general. Not enough loud mouthed opinionated morons to be corrected.

Post edited on 12th Nov 2017, 4:01pm
>> No. 30882 [Edit]
I finished watching Twin Peaks season 2 and Fire Walk with Me and preferred the latter. Not sure why, but I assumed the show would have been more scary or surrealistic. Once characters lost their involvement in solving the murder they just bored me.
>> No. 30963 [Edit]
>I've read it gets more pushy in S2, but don't really want to watch this to confirm. Do share if you get there.
I watched it and it didn't feel that way.
There's one ep which everyone hates that has a character join a gang and goes a bit emo with a punk rocker type, but nothing about that felt sjw like or necessarily pro degenerate. There have been some memes with people calling a boy who got dumped a 'mom'. I don't really get it but in some ways he acts like a single mother by the end while taking care of some kids, so maybe that's what they're referring to?? There's a new girl that prefers to go by the more masculine version of her name and is something of a tomboy, but considering their shitty home life it doesn't feel out of place at all. The only thing I can think of is a single cringey scene in which the kids are arguing about which Ghost Buster they're each dressed as, and the black kid didn't want to be the black ghost buster. The line "is it because I'm black?" was dropped too. This is all just nitpicking though.
>> No. 30977 [Edit]
I rewatch the first season of True Detective every year. Whatever it was that they did with that show, I doubt anyone in western television will replicate it in a long time.
>> No. 31014 [Edit]
I enjoy quite a bit of cartoon series, and few live action series/movies. I've never posted about such shows here, because this isn't exactly the place for that I don't believe.
>> No. 31440 [Edit]
I like watching martial arts movies and "adult" cartoons (the Simpsons, Family Guy, King Of The Hill, etc. ) and cartoons and shows I used to like as a kid
>> No. 31591 [Edit]
I did enjoy some series but the pc-ness has driven me away, I really hate seeing shows with potential going to shit because they need to push their agenda everywhere.
>> No. 31679 [Edit]
For non 2D media, I mostly only watch Game of Thrones and the Marvel movies. I'll occasionally watch some highly acclaimed movies like Memento. My experience with all non 2D media is generally the same. Because of my inability to connect emotionally with 3D people, the main draw of live action media is the plot. A show like Game of Thrones has a lot of moving pieces, and it's interesting to see where they go and how they fall into place. I'm mainly a slice of life guy, so watching something with an engaging plot like Game of Thrones or Memento is a nice change of pace. However as I said earlier, I can't form any emotional connections with 3D people so moments like the Red Wedding don't have their intended emotional impact on me.
>> No. 31699 [Edit]

Would you call Dora the Explorer Anime? stop kidding around, you know what OP meant exactly. Anime is not a synonym of Animation, that's false.
>> No. 31700 [Edit]
>you know what OP meant exactly.
I wouldn't be so sure. Yes sometimes people bring that up to troll or start arguments out of boredom, but there's a lot of people who legitimately have mental issues that prevent them from understanding what might seem like simple concepts to others.
>> No. 31746 [Edit]
>I can't form any emotional connections with 3D people

Maybe you could try reading the books instead.
>> No. 32717 [Edit]
File 156397705389.jpg - (246.39KB , 613x872 , still.jpg )
I watch documentaries and travel shows.
>> No. 33317 [Edit]
In anime form?
>> No. 33318 [Edit]
>> No. 33319 [Edit]
As very occasional timewasters, sure: I'll watch some episodes of better call saul when I'm absolutely bored. But like the other anons in this thread, I don't feel any real emotional connection to the characters so I'm not really compelled to follow that closely. The only non-anime show I've ever really been able to engage in is Star Trek TNG and even then it's not really emotional engagement so much as an interest in the flow and plot.
>> No. 33320 [Edit]
I actually enjoy Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. That's it though. I don't think they've degraded after the first season, but I get why people here would be more critical of 3-d media. I've watched other 3-d shows start to finish, but I think they're all shit in retrospect. I've tried to watch Black Mirror, but I couldn't sit through it. Shallow and uninspired commentary on topical stuff impresses people for some reason.
>> No. 33391 [Edit]
File 15703273875.jpg - (242.60KB , 900x658 , 20191006.jpg )
Star Trek was best before the 2009 Star Trek remake by JJ Abrams.
>> No. 33392 [Edit]
What about 2001's Star Trek: Enterprise?
>> No. 33393 [Edit]
Never liked Star Trek. Too optimistic. Too naive about human nature. The prime usage for a holodeck in reality would be sex, not reenacting literature. The way it presents future humans as so enlightened and so happy with the system and so conflict-free is almost communistic.

Post edited on 5th Oct 2019, 7:10pm
>> No. 33394 [Edit]
>Too optimistic. Too naive about human nature.
That's why the eugenics wars are a thing. It took humanity going to it's breaking point before things could improve.

>The prime usage for a holodeck in reality would be sex, not reenacting literature.
Each captain is a different person who tackles issues differently. Piccard when faced with Q would debate with the entity and try to convince it of humanity's good sides and potential. Cisco when faced with Q, punched him in the face and said "I'm not piccard". Kirk of ToS likely would have responded the same way as cisco.
As for using the holodeck for less dignified things, that happened all the time. Quark was like a pimp who would charge people to use holodecks, usually often programmed with perverted fantasies. That was the civilian useage of holodecks. You gotta remember starfleet is a military organization and military personal are expected to act appropriately when serving on military craft. You wouldn't download porn onto a shared computer while serving on a navy aircraft career would you?

>so conflict-free
tl;dr even they have terrorists groups.
>> No. 33395 [Edit]
>Too optimistic
It's surprising you'd think this since as >>33394 touched upon, ST is one of the few sci-fi shows that I found realistic in that it doesn't swing too far towards apocolyptic themes nor is it perfectly idyllic. Even though physical needs are pretty much taken care of, most episodes highlight that things such moral quandries and conflict in general is going to be an ever-present element of human life.
>> No. 33396 [Edit]
I don't know. It just feels wrong and not familiar enough. Maybe that's because it was made in the 60s for a general, American audience.
>> No. 33399 [Edit]
>It just feels wrong and not familiar enough.
Lot of people at the time thought so too. Remember this was the 60s, here you had a multi racial crew with a black woman (who received many threats during filming ) and a Russian pilot during the height of the cold war. The creators had hope for our future, that we might someday work past our problems for a better tomorrow. I don't think that's such a bad dream, even if it is just a dream.
>> No. 33400 [Edit]
Star Trek it's 50 yo and it feels more advanced than today, in a modern series an scene like that should be impossible.

If you watch an episode like City on the Edge of Forever or others, they aren't optimistic at all but quite sour. Same with some Spock-centered ones, they almost give a Twilight Zone vibe, I think the modern series felt more optimistic.
>> No. 33402 [Edit]
>almost communistic
Not "almost". It's a 100% socialist vision, and that's a good thing.
>> No. 33403 [Edit]
>If you watch an episode like City on the Edge of Forever or others, they aren't optimistic at all but quite sour.
It takes place in the past, before people were so "enlightenend". You guys really don't see the problem with a world where the majority of people conform to some specific version of "elightenment"? Do you really think you a have a place in that kind of world? What if the powers that be decided some interest of yours, or some aspect of your personality, was undesirable or unacceptable along the way? I hate socialism and I hate globalism and that's all I have to say about it. I hope the future doesn't look like that.
>> No. 33404 [Edit]
But the characters aren't enlightened, they are quite flawed. Even Spock who's supposed to be almost perfect and beyond human skills and intelligence is the most flawed of all, they spend a whole episode to show that.
I don't see all that socialist stuff, at least in the original series it's not even clear what's going on in earth. I don't think it's trying to sell any particular political view like more modern fiction does. Besides that "hippie" episode, that one was bad though.
>> No. 33405 [Edit]
Massive countries are a mistake. More than a thousand people in a single community, under a single rule of law, should be avoided at all costs. Even if we have to kill billions to get to that point. People simply cannot and should not live properly under a system that also tries to work with 330 million other people. Crazy to think that even the U.S. has a good third of a billion people now.
>> No. 33417 [Edit]
File 157042800791.jpg - (50.58KB , 600x338 , 20191006.jpg )
Looks like we got an edgelord here...
>> No. 33418 [Edit]
>What if the powers that be decided some interest of yours, or some aspect of your personality, was undesirable or unacceptable along the way?
We already have that.
>> No. 33421 [Edit]
File 157045157420.jpg - (228.96KB , 850x1131 , __hatsune_miku_and_kagamine_rin_vocaloid_drawn_by_.jpg )
This is a site where people reguarly post about how they want to commit suicide and have no hope for the future. I'm feeling mostly fine myself, I just don't like watching stuff with such an earnest utopian outlook. Why don't you think a little before using buzzwords?
>> No. 33423 [Edit]
I never watched Startrek but I feel like Utopianism is not a bad thing to portray, it's an ideal. It's not realistic and becomes less realistic as time goes on but it should be shown. It's that kind of thing that will create a better society, media has the potential to do that. All media is propaganda and has the potential to impact the way society behaves, media should be made that shows an ideal whilst at the same time media should be made to show the opposite but it should be separate media. Kind of like a carrot and a stick affect.
>> No. 33424 [Edit]
>The prime usage for a holodeck in reality would be sex, not reenacting literature
Honestly, I'd love to reenact literature or my favourite films, manga and anime. That seems like a believable and fun usage of it.
>> No. 33428 [Edit]
It really is the truth.
I don't know how or why people actually cope with life. I feel like I am constantly fighting a losing battle. People say that I am a smart / intelligent person but I can never seem to solve my own problems, and other people are constantly making hell of my life. I just want to cope and be a nice & happy wage slave, but I can't even do that.
>> No. 33430 [Edit]
File 15704892565.jpg - (117.39KB , 850x661 , __boko_nishizumi_maho_nishizumi_miho_and_shimada_a.jpg )
I never implied you were lying or an "edgelord", anon. We're all being honest and nobody is trying to impress others with "bad feels".
>> No. 33501 [Edit]
File 157145006813.jpg - (154.93KB , 895x1200 , Ravenacolor.jpg )
I want non-fiction. Mainly documentaries & travel shows. News is ok at small doses.
>> No. 33614 [Edit]
File 157295552522.jpg - (245.53KB , 850x1202 , 20191103.jpg )
Michelin Guide Singapore
>> No. 33628 [Edit]
I'm currently watching these shows.
Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Creepshow, TURN: Washington's Spies, Titans, The Walking Dead, The Good Doctor, and then I watch WWE Raw and Smackdown as well as AEW Dynamite and Dark.
>> No. 33633 [Edit]
I enjoyed Supernatural, but after season 3, my interest for it declined. Apparently it's still going, somehow.
>> No. 33639 [Edit]
I watched like one episode of that. It's definitely a CW show.
>> No. 33696 [Edit]
File 157447838694.jpg - (155.90KB , 1024x667 , s0.jpg )
I like The Tank Museum
>> No. 33699 [Edit]
Same, it's a good channel.
>> No. 33707 [Edit]
theres actually a tank museum near where i live, not the same one as this channel though. its only open a select few times a year but i still managed to go, it was really cool
>> No. 33708 [Edit]
File 157465592365.jpg - (18.66KB , 207x250 , tankface.jpg )
>> No. 33738 [Edit]
File 157520199814.png - (1.10MB , 1280x720 , x.png )
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