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File 132644911135.jpg - (2.89MB , 2502x3500 , d46191e6482739ee0b4b3e6987e38b9c.jpg )
12292 No. 12292 [Edit]
what are some things that really bug you?
things that genuinely piss you off?

I thought it would be nice to have a thread to vent about any little annoyance, no mater how big or small.
Any and all complains about the world around you are welcome here!
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>> No. 12296 [Edit]
I wish the local classical music station would actually play classical music more. Does anyone care about whatever minutia about such-and-such composer or concert or piece they talk about in the spotlight sections? Why do they still need to announce the time when you can get the time practically everywhere else?
>> No. 12298 [Edit]
A lot of the things that used to bother me don't anymore.

I guess when one grows beyond hating people and things then hate seems meaningless.
>> No. 12299 [Edit]
I don't like to go down to the street, because it really irritates me when people walk, talk to themselves and each other, use their telephone, shout, whistle, throw away trash, search trash cans, tap with their hands and feet, stink, mouthbreathe, cry, laugh, complain, boast, drive their car, smoke, eat, drink, etc. Which is just about everything.

Post edited on 13th Jan 2012, 10:34am
>> No. 12300 [Edit]
4chan shit. There's been times I've started to watch a game video on youtube and I'll see they used the word "lulz" or whatever in the description and I'll just sigh and close the video.
>> No. 12302 [Edit]
File 132648702464.jpg - (34.80KB , 250x250 , 1325403610069.jpg )
Having to work.
>> No. 12304 [Edit]
Eating. Such a pain in the ass. Every day. Stomach grumbling. I eat and eat and then eat some more but it's never enough. I look through the fridge but I never find anything I like. It's all such a hassle.
>> No. 12305 [Edit]
Yeah. It sucks. Most of the time, I go back and forth from the pantry to the fridge like an Alzheimer's patient, trying to find something I want to eat.
>> No. 12306 [Edit]
File 132649151450.png - (531.20KB , 429x595 , 1326226477747.png )
Bug me? Red nail polish, and nail polish colours in general that doesn't even remotely match what the person is wearing.

Things that genuinely piss me off? Anything that comes from the retarded userbases of 4chan and Reddit, and all of 9gag and FunnyJunk. You know, the rage faces shit, "memes" like business cat and hipster dog, recycling shit from years ago that's already old and unfunny, and genuinely thinking that they're the internet, and have made all the content on the internet.
>> No. 12307 [Edit]
this. people who spew the same exact unfunny garbage at each other and everyone else as if it's the funniest thing ever. like the "arrow to the knee" picture was funny when i saw it once. Once. then people said it fucking constantly about everything, youtube comments that mention it get thousands of likes, people get tattoos of it.

it's like internet humor has terminal cancer
>> No. 12308 [Edit]
The stupidity of the general population and my own inability to become a better person. I can't even be nice to others for a day because I get so caught up in how they act.
>> No. 12309 [Edit]
4chan shit that gets posted on tc and memes in subs.
>> No. 12310 [Edit]
People who use a different mug/glass every time they have a drink.

People who think anime is a genre, they watch stuff like dumb shonen shows just because theyre anime.

People who only watch fansubs even when there is a free legal stream.

People who drive cars, eat meat and do whatever else without a thought for the environmental implications. The attitude of "I cant make a difference so why should I bother?".

I feel u but doesnt the older 4chan generation have to pass the torch eventually?

I just woke up and I feel like I'm starving. Even though I had a big meal last night, wtf.
>> No. 12311 [Edit]
>I feel u

people who type like this
>> No. 12312 [Edit]
cry me a river dude. its just shorthand.
>> No. 12313 [Edit]
i hope the milliseconds you saved by not typing "yo" were well spent
>> No. 12314 [Edit]
>People who only watch fansubs even when there is a free legal stream.

>I feel u

Woah, what
>> No. 12315 [Edit]
>People who only watch fansubs even when there is a free legal stream.

Oh wow I didn't read that part. Get out >>12310
>> No. 12316 [Edit]
lol ya tht iz rite! XD jus savin time typin y u guyz gettn so butthurt!? :/
>> No. 12317 [Edit]

Learn the difference interwebs!
>> No. 12318 [Edit]
>People who drive cars, eat meat and do whatever else without a thought for the environmental implications. The attitude of "I cant make a difference so why should I bother?"
Most people right now are too busy thinking of how to stay out of poverty to consider getting a hybrid to feel good about the placebo they bought.

And meat? Really? What the fuck is wrong with eating meat? I'm against the fact that a lot of places where they raise cattle for meat have awfully unsanitary conditions, but still.
>> No. 12320 [Edit]
It's amazing how much in common I have with most of the people in this thread. Except >>12310­.
>> No. 12321 [Edit]
hey now, ironic shitposting is still shitposting

also where/were and there/their
>> No. 12322 [Edit]
are you me?
>> No. 12325 [Edit]
Sour rice breath. I usually have to put up with it when male international students talk to me.

When people say 'fml'. I don't want to hear you complain about how your life is shit. Go do something about it, passively complaining isn't going to change shit.

Touching greasy/dirty public surfaces like fast food tables, mouses and keyboards, those straps and poles you're meant to hold when on the bus, doorknobs (especially those of toilets).

Post edited on 13th Jan 2012, 5:22pm
>> No. 12326 [Edit]
The people who type "could of" instead of "could have" annoy me
>> No. 12327 [Edit]
Money. It corrupts and complicates everything.
>> No. 12329 [Edit]
I hate listening to people speak. Like, whenever I hear someone speak, I think of how to phonetically spell what they are saying, and come up with things like

"Awgh, thaets awfaw, yeu shid gyet thet chikd owt."

I then want to punch these people in the face, and it makes me end up minding my own diction and speaking very carefully and accentuate my syllables, and make sure vowels stay with their selected readings. O seems to become A a lot in the US... Also T and D mix a lot. Really, lazy mouth is a huge issue I notice and it bugs me. So does vocal fry, and for christs sake, 3DPD here actually WANT to sound like C3P0 being drowned in lime jello.

Basically people talking makes me mad.

Also, watching how audiences act on talk shows sometimes makes me think the only things that separate chimpanzees on crack and humans is clothes, and even that wall is being torn down...

Websites like Memegenerator, Know Your Meme, and others that use copyright-free entertainment and profit off of it, and also kill it. I feel ashamed of myself for liking lolcats and reaction images now. It's all the property of fourteen year old kids making family guy references now.

Children who watch (western) cartoons and think they should be overly rambunctious and overanimate their expressions because of it. Once in a restaurant, a kid tried his father's curry, and he ran around the table making loud siren noises with his mouth open, waving his hands, and asking if fire is coming out of his mouth. Haruhidamn, if my kid did that, I'd backhand him and destroy every Disney DVD he ever owned, and block all the cartoon channels on the cable and make him watch Ponyo.

People who are always insincere or speak without reason. It's worse than lying to me.

People accepting the easily preventable. People throwing away perfectly good clothes because going to a goodwill bin is too much effort, even if it's on the way to the dump.

Not being able to do something because I lack motivation, and feel fatigued by just the thought of it, even if I really want to do something, and I end up not doing it.

People not caring about their outward appearances. Like how people wear pajamas in public now. What the fuck is this? Stay home if you're that reluctant to interact with society. I can't wait to see what people wear twenty years from now. Will it be depends and a Bud Light box?

Finding things in Walmart. Go to Walmart and try to find 1: a red bandanna, 2: a box of original Oreos, not double stuf or inside out, and 3: Original Twizzlers. Of note, I found out that the price match guarantee works like this: "Oh, you found an item that is cheaper somewhere else? Well, we're going to strike this item from our inventory and carry either an obscure, useless variant or a competetor's brand of it. We only match prices on items with matching UPCs, anyways!" I hate Walmart and it is the only store I condone, and even encourage, shoplifting from.

Using internet terminology in regular speaking.

I think I may be done.
>> No. 12330 [Edit]
>Children who watch (western) cartoons and think they should be overly rambunctious and overanimate their expressions because of it.
Pretty sure plenty of weeabos do this as well. Like, gaia kids and that sort of people.
>> No. 12335 [Edit]
They do, but it's a bit different.

People get pissed at the weeaboos (good) but when a kid does the whole Wile E Coyote bit they just laugh and say "cute." Not okay.
>> No. 12337 [Edit]
Store workers saying "Hello!" whenever a customer walks in. Especially when they have one person stationed at the doorway just for that reason. It's so fake it hurts.

Being bugged with "Can I help you, sir?" when I'm just looking around or trying to find something on my own.

Hairy women. More so than other 3DPD women.

The way fat people grunt and groan when going about everyday tasks. It's not that I hate fat people, in fact I quite like the "jolly" look some of the older ones have to them. But this particular thing really pisses me off for some reason.

People who claim to be gay or have some kind of mental condition in an attempt to add something unique to their bland, boring personalities.

Old-fashioned people. Asking a legitimate question about something that makes little sense and being told "that's just the way it's always been, just do it."

People who force their definitions of "doing the right thing," "being a good person" and "becoming a better person" on others, as if they are some unspoken rule that must be followed, rather than individual morals and opinions. Especially when the person fails to realize that they do what they believe to be "the right thing" only for their own satisfaction, acting like they're some kind of Haruhidamn saint.

Modern 4chan culture (and what it has created) in general.

People who start games and never finish them. Not because of lack of fun, but they just sort of drift off onto something else and leave it abandoned forever.

Vegetarians by choice. The ones who preach to everybody else about how great their lifestyle is and how everybody else is a murderous savage.

People who get upset over very small things. I'm not meaning the kinds of things in this thread, but things such as the way you look at somebody, they way you stand, your tone of voice. The way they point these things out to you as if you should constantly be considering whatever they may be thinking about you and how you can tip-toe around them, changing yourself for the sake of every little stranger you come across.

People who only scrape the very surface of a medium of entertainment rather than digging deeper and finding the true gems, enabling them to form a unique and interesting opinion.

The worst, for me, is people/society still being controlled by "human nature." Come on, we're past that. Enough obeying "instincts" and screwing some drunken whore in an attempt to carry on the human race while not even understanding what it is that's driving you to do such a disgusting thing. Enough feeling as if you need to form a group and take safety in numbers, to fit in. I'm sick of people claiming that being "human" is the best way to live. Taking pride in being human, something you put no effort into yourself. I believe the world would be a better place if we all acted a little less human.

This post came out longer than I thought it would.
>> No. 12338 [Edit]
Drive up windows and food service in general, when they say incorrect variants of "How may I help you?" Most often it's "Can I help you?" No, I just came up to this window to chat. Of course you can, you're qualified and I have no other reason to be in contact with you.
>> No. 12339 [Edit]
what bugs me about drive throughs, is that most of the time, the first thing they say is asking you if you want a blahblahblah.
feels almost wired to say no, and rude to ignore it and just place your order.
>> No. 12340 [Edit]
The sound of people chewing.

I absolutely hate it. It's unbearable for me.
>> No. 12341 [Edit]
I'm always thinking of my chewing volume when I'm eating around other people.
Even my breathing volume is a concern for me, since my nose got broken I feel like its pretty loud. I know it sounds dumb but this is a big deal for me when I'm on the train and I have my ipod plugged in.
>> No. 12342 [Edit]
Oh Haruhi, my dad ALWAYS chews with his mouth open and it bugs the shit out of me.
>> No. 12343 [Edit]
This is probably my biggest annoyance. I can't eat downstairs at all because of the sound of eating or other people breathing close to me.

My mum likes to have the TV on, pretty much all the time, with the volume at crazy enough levels that she can't hear anything I say if I come downstairs. Alternatively she'll be blasting music from shitty laptop speakers with it sitting on her lap, completely unaware of the existence of headphones.

Unnecessary noise in general bugs me. She has some of her friends over about once a month and from what I tell they practically shout throughout the evening. People don't seem to appreciate quietness. It's the main reason I like to stay up all night and sleep through the day.
>> No. 12344 [Edit]
I said that to a guy the other day. He called me a crackhead.
You'd be surprised how many people really do just stand around the counter that don't need anything. So it was a valid question. In drivethru I usually say 'What can I get for ya'
you're supposed to greet people no matter what, supposed to help em feel welcome. also it helps to deter thieves. It's like saying, hi, I see you. don't take our crap.

What annoys me is people who care more about animals than humans.

And people who leave their trash on the table as opposed to throwing it away.
Littering in general pisses me off. I've kept trash in my pockets all day just to not litter.

People blaring shitty music in their car. I don't want to hear your music. Turn it the eff down.
People trying to talk to you, while on the cell phone. Cell phone games. I think they're retarded wastes of time.
>> No. 12345 [Edit]
Reminds me, I heard a story on the news yesterday about these parents who didn't take their cancer-ridden 8 year old son to the hospital because they didn't have the money, in their words, but did take the trouble to get their dog un-fleaed (?) at the vet's office. I raged pretty badly at that.

It's not even like they went to the hospital and were turned away, they didn't even try to do anything and just let the kid basically rot to death. But oh Haruhi forbid their precious dog has fleas. Thankfully, they are now in prison.
>> No. 12349 [Edit]
Lies. Including fiction of all kinds.

Post edited on 14th Jan 2012, 10:21am
>> No. 12356 [Edit]
Once I was asked if I wanted the new sandwich they came out with at some place. I said no thank you (out of habit) and promptly asked... for the new sandwich they came out with.

I am the bestest at ordering.
>> No. 12357 [Edit]
You champion.
>> No. 12361 [Edit]
People who think religion is hereditary.
>I'm Protestant
>but I don't believe in Haruhi.
Then you aren't a Christian! What kind of stupidity is that!?
>> No. 12362 [Edit]
Thank you Fox News, for making the ignorant masses believe that religion works in this fashion.
>> No. 12364 [Edit]
Last 2 months I've been trying to buy one dakimakura made by one specific doujin circle. Seller who I've been contacting types really bad English and time to answer my emails usually takes very long(weeks). Two weeks ago I got his paypal and I sent the payment but I still haven't received any answer. I am so annoyed but I hope all of this is worth of it.
>> No. 12365 [Edit]
Cosplaying and conventions.
It makes me very angry to see people dress up as characters they've seen only a few times and declare they're huge fans of wherever the character is from. To top it off, the people who take part in these things are the lowest of the low, doing it for attention or sex at said conventions.

The fighting game community, or any "Hardcore" gaming community for that matter.
A bunch of assholes who latch on to anything they can find to make a shitty meme so they can say that they have some kind of "in" jokes. The starcraft deal is something like this as well.
>> No. 12369 [Edit]

This. 3D trying to impersonate perfect 2D disgusts me.
>> No. 12370 [Edit]
Oh Haruhi, I hate cosplay. It's nothing but an insult to that character when some disgusting 3D tries to appear like that character. If it's a really good cosplay, I accept it grudgingly.
>> No. 12371 [Edit]
People trying to be witty and funny.
Even worse: trying the same via spewing clichés.
Still worse: *chan memes.
>> No. 12373 [Edit]

That's why I use sound isolating headphones all the time
>> No. 12376 [Edit]
>> No. 12377 [Edit]
>things that genuinely piss you off?

Those self-proclaimed activists (hipsters from Reddit) who are at Occupy, waving signs demanding other people pay for their worthless "liberal arts" degrees and their healthcare. Those of them who are from the "ANONYMOUS IS LEEJUN" crowd are the worst. I grind my teeth whenever I see news reports about them.
>> No. 12379 [Edit]
Emoticons annoy me greatly. Every time I see them used I have an urge to tell that person to stop using them.
>> No. 12380 [Edit]
CNN had a story about them yesterday and it made me feel sick almost. What's also funny is when they try to claim responsibility for the arab spring
>> No. 12383 [Edit]
I fucking hate people. I wish the world would freeze over and kill everything.
>> No. 12384 [Edit]
cross your fingers for WW3
>> No. 12385 [Edit]
Even us?
>> No. 12386 [Edit]
a lot of us wish we were dead anyway!
>> No. 12387 [Edit]
That's what I always wonder when people here say they wish everyone were dead.
>> No. 12391 [Edit]
I don't. I have too many video games to play, too much manga to read, too many movies to watch.

Anyway, getting kind of off topic here.
>> No. 12396 [Edit]
I note your word choice and must ask a question:

Do you hate the occupy movement or what it has become? 

I simply hate what it has become. People arguing against the abuse of the capitalism structure and economic inequality (when the words had meaning) have been outnumbered by self-proclaimed communists and anarchists reading anarchists_cookbook.PDF on their MacBook Air and poor kids who majored in philosophy complaining about tuition and not getting a job, again, typing out angry letters and blog posts on their iPhones and MacBook Air. 

There are people with legitimate issues and problems, who cannot afford to be lobbyists so they are not represented in the government, which continues to bail out some of the most privileged banks and corporations in the world, and continues to irresponsibly spend money and pass useless legislation. However, they are also joined by pieces of shit, and the media did not report on Occupy until the pieces of shit arrived, and then intentionally made the entire movement look like the nation's collective bowel movement. And you know it was intentional. Plus, it wasn't that popular on Reddit until about the sixth day if I recall correctly and my sources are trusted. You can tell Reddit was the source of the shits because the terminal decline of Occupy started after it hit big on social media. The same thing basically happened to the Tea Party. OWS's original design was out of necessity in today's world, it just needs to be refurbished and turned into a nameless movement that isn't taken over by fucks and that more people can agree with while not thinking it is a political party or "were making history guise #iminthemovement" crap. 

The economy is shit, and the culture is shit, and if any semblance of stability is to exist past 2020 there needs to be drastic nationwide and global changes within the next four or so years. 

For one thing, tuition and the existing structure of education, the main point I will make to make sure this thread isn't derailed again into political shit.

Since college now is basically a necessity if you don't want a union job in a post-industrial society, you would think tuition would be more affordable. However, because student loans and scholarships are given out on a much more lenient basis, schools take advantage of this and profit. Adjusted for inflation, a Harvard grad in 1960 would have spent as much for his four years at Harvard as a freshman there this year is spending on his first year alone. Yet very little of that money goes to professors, most goes to grandiose gymnasiums and six performance halls and three cafeterias selling unlimited hommus and Tibetan mince yak pudding, most of these things being unneeded and half of them not even being used by students who are there for LECTURES and STUDYING. When was the last time you saw a college student with enough time to take up aikido while studying computer science and getting his general education requirements out of the way?

Colleges are a business you have to buy into, and not get any customer's rights. That's an issue and I hate that. You spend $100,000 (much more or a little less) for a piece of paper saying you know things and spent five times more than you should have spent. 

Also some of that is for living in a cramped box with some kid who won't clean the fucking toilet or bring out the trash, farts a lot, and brings seven girls over at 11:30 PM on the night before exams so he can show them Human Centipede on full blast volume as the girls scream "EEEEEW!" every six minutes. 

Also some is for textbooks with a monopoly on a certain subject so they charge you $700 for one volume. 

Another thing is general education requirements (read: high school 2.0). This exists because America can't be assed to standardise high school curriculums in core subjects on a federal level and make free domain textbooks. Instead, if you don't want to take the same course over again for $20,000 a year, you have to buy into a $150 AP™ course in high school. Either way, someone makes bank for making you learn the same useless shit over again. 

The reason advanced math is taught in high school is so you can build reasoning and logic skills, and if taught properly, you can learn any language, program anything, and basically make a lot of money and solve a lot of problems for a lot of people instead of having to sweat your balls off over a blowtorch until you're laid off or injured. Learning math is not for memorising how to solve a problem, then promptly forgetting about it in six to eight months, like Spanish classes. However, math teachers rarely, if ever, teach math to reinforce critical logic as much as they tell you a prescribed way to get an answer and not tell you WHY each step is taken and what it actually does. If you do use your logic and reasoning to find a more efficient way of reaching the outcome, you are punished with a failing grade instead of rewarded for learning what the class is existing to teach you. This is so bad that many teachers actually think that the curriculum is needed in everyday life. Nobody ever multiplies a matrix in everyday life, for christ's sake. Nobody puts a meal on the table by drawing a parabola. If math only existed to teach you life math skills, where is the tax form chapter? Where is the checkbook balancing chapter? Where is the "Your wages will be sapped out by taxes, so your net pay can be significantly less than what you are being told you are being paid" chapter? None of this is preparing kids for the world!

High school is basically a useless time where you are "prepared" for college with lies and overstatements and given infinite opportunities to fuck up the rest of your life by stepping off the path once. No life knowledge or skills are given to you during high school, and many, many people are conditioned to hate learning, and remain ignorant because of it, and hate recreational learning as a result. Commas aren't taught correctly in school, it was something I had to learn on my own accord, in ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. Because so many hate recreational learning, you will notice pretty much a vast majority of people do not use commas, or don't use them within the rules of any prescribed grammar codes. The same can be said about knowledge of the world. Most people don't know anything about countries but what they see in a Michael Bay film. 

The only thing high school does is be a time placeholder that puts people in danger of being demoralised, unmotivated, and even killed, by their own hands or by the hands of someone who sees the futility of the existing system and in a deranged, hateful, thoughtless rampage, kills his fellow victims. 

TL;DR: Capitalism and education should be separate as hell and the moon, schools should exist to educate, not make cafeterias with Mongolian Hipster Wheat Dip in biodegradable packaging, the reason tuition is so high is because of ravenous supercapitalist sharks taking bites off of the lenient loan-giving and scholarships, general education is a crock of shit because high schools won't (or can't) do their jobs, math is taught for all the wrong reasons, and the government could solve all of this if it just standardised education and made high schools into places for education, not for putting yourself in daily danger of bomb threats and being shot by some kid whose dad abused him and blamed video games for his violent outbursts, and all this institution does now is prevent people from fighting their own ignorance by destroying our inherent urge to educate ourselves. 

Maybe this could go in Tohno U (/mt/) but it has a better place in this thread. 
>> No. 12397 [Edit]
File 132682694690.png - (454.02KB , 800x600 , screenshot0029.png )

I think the guys who wrote KS thought a bit like that as well. It's more indoctrination than learning.
The pro's for private higher education is a lack of that, in opposition to whatever government agenda may be in place. However, it's easy to see where this would just be the same but in favor of whatever corporation backs that institution of learning.
My experience with teachers has been nothing more than glorified daycare. Even at the university level, it's been short lectures where I hardly learn 10% of what is needed, and the rest in self study or in laboratory work. Maybe that's just because I'm at the undergraduate level though.

Tuition may be very high, but it is affordable if you qualify for scholarships. This I see as a sort of filter for those who would not make it anyways. The problem here is as you said, this is taken advantage of again for profit. Something I have also seen is that general education does not grade you on how well you learn, but how well you follow directions. So the guy pushing out a 3.5GPA with worksheets and standardized tests will fail at higher levels, but the one with latent talent that was hammered down can't advance with a 2.3 or so.

As for general life skills, what helped me deal with household finances and other life skills like buying a vehicle, was my family. Western culture doesn't have a family model anymore as I see it, and with no support it is no surprise all these kids fail.

It'll be interesting to see how the future will come about when no one is investing in human capital through education and everything is milked for short term profits to fit a bare capitalist model.

I guess I also agree with you there on hating a crumbling system as well.
At least we have the internet free for a while longer. If it does get on lockdown, we can always go through a "quality control" phase and those that can will regress back to HAM geeks with packet radio and such.

Hope this wasn't a bother.
>> No. 12399 [Edit]
You reminded me of another thing that really pisses me off. Here in New Zealand, we have this terrible testing/marking system in high school. It's called "NCEA."

The gist of it is there are four grades, Not Achieved, Achieved, Achieved with Merit, and Achieved with Excellence. You receive individual marks for each question on the paper, which are then counted and averaged out to see what you get for the whole thing. 90% of the time this "averaging" causes a drop in grade. For example, one paper I've done: even if you get Merit or Excellence for all other questions, if an earlier question was marked achieved or not achieved, you get that mark instead. For the entire paper. It's ridiculously easy to achieve, but often ridiculously difficult to achieve with merit or excellence. What qualifies you for each grade IS written on the papers of the examiners, but they often manage to just twist it or misinterpret it, giving you the result they believe you deserve, because they're overworked and likely understaffed.

Basically, New Zealand realized that their education system was insufficient, that few were actually passing anything. So, did they improve their teaching or disciplinary systems? Haha, no way, that'd require money, time or effort! So instead, they "average" out the system like so. Now, sure, we have plenty of idiots passing. But they do the same garbage they would've done if they'd gotten no education whatsoever. A lot of intelligent people are screwed over because of this bullshit system knocking them down grades, simply because they don't understand what the requirements for passing with excellence or merit are. We're not told that before we enter, we're told what's required to pass, and that's it. That's all they want from us.

Funny thing is, we stole this system from Scotland. Then THEY dropped it, but we're still using it.

One more year. One more year till I'm in University and, at the very least, away from this garbage system.

Post edited on 17th Jan 2012, 2:19pm
>> No. 12401 [Edit]
I think I agree with that. College is just a fantastic way to produce entitled little shits who think they know everything, and for the most part on their parents' bill (though there are definitely exceptions to that, especially students coming from poor and/or military backgrounds.) College itself isn't a bad thing. It can be extremely useful to the resourceful, clever student who knows exactly how to play the system and make key contacts. But those sorts of people are in the minority, and for all the rest, primary and secondary education doesn't do a fucking thing to prepare them for that reality.

So it's hard to blame the students themselves. The ones at bad schools are generally there because of their low economic status, and the ones at "good" schools often get told that they're all special snowflakes etc., so that once they go off to college they think they already own the whole world. The lies we're told in our youth to make us feel better only hurt us, and it's the adults who are to blame for it. It's also one of the many reasons the US is going to be in the shitter (even more I mean) in the next 5-10-20 years unless something really incredibly dramatic happens.

We shouldn't be too quick to generalize about the Occupy people, though. Yeah, some of them are definitely dipshits, but many more probably have done their best and are understandably upset that they haven't gotten what they feel would be a fair break. Occupy needs to find a focus outside of the vague "fuck capitalism" thing they've been on for the last few months. If they actually want to get somewhere, they need to focus on electoral reform. As long as the Republicans and Democrats hold a monopoly on power, they'll never have to be held accountable for their actions. Just look at the coming presidential election: the choice will be between Barack Obama and someone either the same (if it's Romney) or worse (if it's Gingrich or Santorum.) He can pretty much get away with anything he wants and his base will still support him. It is a load of shit.

This whole conversation should really be on /mt/, I guess.

Post edited on 17th Jan 2012, 7:22pm
>> No. 12408 [Edit]
Haruhi damn it, 4chan posters are incredibly annoying. Not only do they think their ``jokes'' and style of posting to be the standard on every textboard/imageboard, they then act in an even more obnoxious manner whenever somebody points it out to them. And I'm not just talking about your typical ``/b/-tard'', I'm talking about every single board on 4chan, that place is infected. Just look at the textboards, they used to be a decent place to post on but look at them now.

That place posters just can't adapt, they want to shove their ``memes'' and ``clever'' jokes in every place they go to and when told to stop they resort to insults, ``U MAD'' and even spamming. In other words, they annoy me, not because they exist, but because they can't keep to themselves.
>> No. 12411 [Edit]
File 13269419531.png - (216.01KB , 1402x555 , ZZFW4.png )
It is what it has become, and you realise, unfourchanitely, the website is nothing but fourteen year olds and misguided neckbeards now, with the occasional person who puts up with shit because they don't know there are better places to go.

They do have some 1 in 5,000,000 good insight posts. Someone sent me this screen shot. But this kind of good insight can be found on a lot of much better sites, like, say, this one here.
>> No. 12412 [Edit]
I could tolerate them if they just kept to themselves, but no, they must take that attitude wherever they go and insult the posters of other communities.
>> No. 12414 [Edit]
The thing that bugs me the most has to be when they get mad about Reddit and emoticons. Meanwhile, they're using MSPaint (and regular) reaction images, greentext stories and other meme garbage.

Oh, but it was FUNNY when THEY did it. Pieces of shit. I only recently discovered Tohno-chan after it was mentioned on /jp/ at some point.

>with the occasional person who puts up with shit because they don't know there are better places to go.

I could never find anywhere better, before the above happened. What sites are you talking about? I'm curious.
>> No. 12415 [Edit]
I think he's talking about this site. I also found Tohno-chan through /jp/, maybe one/one and a half years ago. It really is a haven. Slow sometimes, but that suits me a lot better now than seeing the same fucking threads over and over again every day.
>> No. 12422 [Edit]
You can adapt. Begin browsing quality boards like tc and bunbunmaru. Use the catalog to quickly scan threads and find ones you find interesting: http://catalog.nee v/a/

Also recognise that while poor quality posts has increased, so has the number of posts created with the implicit intention of creating quality. Quality posts on that site used to come about naturally and spontaneously, but nowadays there are more people who deliberately try to write and share good things.
>> No. 12423 [Edit]
Go ahead and pretend your "secret" clubs aren't mainly populated by people with a history on 4chan. Often even active posters.

Your definitions of quality are arbitrary, your claims of superiority aren't fully justified, and when you write your emotional posts on how 4chan is shit (Which it is) and how X is so much better, you sound like a child subconsciously justifying your choice of console because you can't have all of them.

Keep in mind I left like many others, but the people who can't let go and accept what happened annoy me more than the 4chan people of today.
>> No. 12424 [Edit]
Why does it seem the whole internet has been bitching about 4chan the past week?

It's a shit board, deal with it. It's not the only place on the internet you know.
>> No. 12425 [Edit]
We also shit our pants daily many years ago, it's nothing to be proud of.
>> No. 12427 [Edit]
I can't help but find your first line to be highly ignorant.
what difference does it make if people have a history there?
people can grow up and move on you know.
just becuase you used to shit yourself and cry about it as a baby, doesn't mean you do it anymore right?
I'd think it rather petty to make fun of someone for the childish things they used to do and forever hold it over them long after they've stopped, especially when they're trying to better themselves.
I can't speak for everyone, but many here have grown tired of 4chan and moved past it.
I myself haven't frequented the site in years.

people who still go to 4chan on the other hand and still complain about it, yeah... they're something else alright.
>> No. 12428 [Edit]
The point isn't that people who use/used 4chan are somehow inferior. That's stupid, and I don't really care, I lost interest in the site some years back and I gradually stopped going, nothing more, nothing less. Holding grudges only gives you a temper and makes you stressed and go bald.

The point was that some people hold on to the delusion that they've somehow escaped the 4chan users they so vehemently despise by coming to smaller sites, take your pick which one.

"Oh, 4-ch has wonderful boards", "/bun/ has some great serious discussion", "Krautchan /int/ is full of personalities!", "Boy, these #X-LANGUANGE-ONLY boards are great because it gives a more close-knit community!"

No, it's all the same shit by the same people. And that's fine, just realize that no board is an island, no matter how much you like to pretend this is the case.
>> No. 12430 [Edit]
This is a gay thread.

Shitposting is all over TC lately.
>> No. 12431 [Edit]
Something isn't shitposting just because you don't like it.
>> No. 12432 [Edit]
When I complain about typical 4chan users I'm talking about the 16 year old kids that go about parroting memes left and right wherever they go. Like you said, and like I said in my original post, I have no interest in what happens on 4chan, but it's when they go to different places (despite what you say 4-ch and the like are NOT like 4chan in the least bit)and don't respect the rules that I get angry, there needs to be an adaptation period whenever you go to a different board or website.
You can't expect to go to the SAoVQ with a /b/ like mentality and expect acceptance, you'll be banned on the spot. Hell, you don't need to go that far, a user on world2ch made a post on the SAoVQ; now, those are two pretty similar textboards but the community is so different that the thread on the SAoVQ was just left to die after having been classified as un-VIP, I myself politely said to stop bumping the thread.

Now yes, you are right, all of us were once 4channers, most of us anyway. But we know how to switch mentalities for whatever board we are posting on, at least I do. e.g; I don't post on tohno-chan in the same way I post on SAoVQ, they're different places no matter what you think. Is there an overlap in the userbase, yes; do they behave the same way, no. If you think there isn't a difference then obviously you're not paying enough attention. Here's another example; there are people on /bun/ that browse and post on /v/, yes you read right, /v/. And do you see him posting ``>spaghetti falling from pockets'' and ``FUCKING GAMESTOP'' everywhere? NO! Because he is in a different place. And that is the problem I have with most 4chan poster, the 16 year old obnoxious idiots that don't respect the communities of the places they go to.

Another example; a long time ago I was posting on /lounge/, now, that's hardly an example of a quality place to browse, mostly because it's a part of 4chan, when it was on w4ch it was much better but that's another story, but anyway this ``kid'' comes up and starts posting about a particular board so I kindly tell him: nobody cares. Simple as that, no one on the textboards cares about the imageboards, but he was offended see, he wanted us to care, so he continued to bump his shit thread, thus pushing the other ``good'' threads back, it didn't stop us from having conversations but it was mighty annoying having to see that silly little thread, and you can forget about reporting because MrVacBob-sama doesn't care in the least bit. That's why /prog/ is the way it is today, idiots from /g/ ruined it.

But anyway, I don't get that angry, like you said they're there and we are here. As long as they stay there, fine by me.
>> No. 12443 [Edit]
I hate how elementary school teachers have destroyed the meaning of the word "inappropriate", especially for my generation. 

Inappropriate means not apropos, not relevant, and not suited for discussion in a certain environment or topic of conversation. For instance, when two people are talking about their research in pine tree growth in warmer climate, and another person bumps in to the conversation to talk about his favourite tuna, that is inappropriate. 

However, teachers selectively use, and abuse, the word and incorrectly teach children through contextual learning that inappropriate means lewd, obscene, sexual in nature. Yes, that nature of conversation is ill suited for discussion in a classroom, but they never say "that's inappropriate" when a child interrupts long division to ask where the native Americans were relocated when Andrew Jackson was president, or if two kids get into a fight during geography, when both are highly irrelevant to the activity the schedule has set aside for them. 

So basically, we have an entire set of generations saying things like "that's inappropriate" on phone sex hotlines. What, did the landwhale with the deep voice on the other end start talking about the role of Prussia as a state in the Weimar Republic or the nature of architecture in ancient China and whether it was early evidence that humans could make structures that were earthquake resistant? 
Or using the line in the bedroom (I know this from middle school, and sleeping over my friends house as his promiscuous mother brought home another man half her age). Well, did he ask her what she thought of the monthlong Ezo Republic and what kind of implications it had on the thoughts of citizens in the early Meiji era?

I have had bad experiences using the word in conversation, like 
>"I saved up thirty dollars in a pickle jar, and I also put a 5000 won banknote and a stick of bubblegum in it. "
"Gum and foreign currency in your savings jar? Isn't that inappropriate?"
>"Jesus, what's so sexual about that, you prude?!"
Which then escalates to me trying to tell the person the real meaning of the word, and them telling me I am stupid and "teacher said x so she must be right," and them still not believing me even after I show them the definition in both the Webster's and Oxford dictionary of the English language, as they prefer the dictionary of Mrs. Backwater-teacher-who-always-wore-custom-made-dresses-sewn-together-from-1960's-sofa-upholstry-and-punished-kids-for-using-"they"-as-a-gender-neutral-pronoun. 

To avoid getting into arguments with people who refuse to accept citation, facts and evidence because "they feel like it isn't correct", I replace it with "not apropos." This makes sure the smart people know what I am saying and the dumb ones just smile and nod, instead of showing off their (dead wrong) repertoire of knowledge. 
>> No. 12447 [Edit]
-Pacific Islanders leaving trash strewn all over the park and drunk singing at 2AM, also in the park

-Pacific Islanders riding ridiculously loud motorbikes all over the neighborhood

-Lebanese guys tearing down the neighborhood roads in their turbocharged cars at 2AM, waking everyone up

-Lebanese guys walking around wearing nike and adidas with ridiculous looking greasy mullets and insibile lats syndrome

Haruhi damn it man i dont want to be racist but thse guys sure make it look appealing
>> No. 12448 [Edit]

Being racist only proves how much of a dumbass you probably are.

You just happen to have some trashy neighbours.
>> No. 12449 [Edit]
I understand this.

As a kid, I actually had more of an interest in Korea than Japan.

The more I was exposed to Korean culture and Korean people, though... well, you know where that lead me.

It's funny, usually fighting your own ignorance breaks down racism, not encourages it...
>> No. 12451 [Edit]
Is it racismor just an observation of true facts?

Lebanese and islanders seem to have an ingrained culture of trying to be as much of an asshole as possible. Whites, asians and indians don't drive loud vehicles. Even the africans here are just trying to make an honest buck like everyone else.
>> No. 12454 [Edit]
It certainly might be a true observation for the people that live in your area, but I'm sure you can't legitimately argue (or at the very least, it'd be quite difficult) that people of culture x are inherently loud, annoying, faggots.
>> No. 12455 [Edit]
To be honest, I don't blame you. As a Korean myself, there's a lot of shit I don't like about my culture. I do hope your views haven't been permanently skewed, however, though if it has, I suppose that's not entirely your fault...
>> No. 12456 [Edit]
>but I'm sure you can't legitimately argue (or at the very least, it'd be quite difficult) that people of culture x are inherently loud, annoying, faggots.
you can but it would make for a terrible thread
>> No. 12457 [Edit]
>As a Korean myself


>> No. 12460 [Edit]
No, guys like you prevent me from being really bad, like hating Koreans for being Korean (genetic). I cannot find anything that would warrant that kind of feeling, and I won't try to look for anything. 

In fact, the least biased (pro or con) views of Korea seem to come from the people who have Korean blood but were born and raised outside Korea. They see the world perspective and when either looking at Koreans or visiting relatives in Korea, they see how childish and skewed they can be, and recognise that. 

My one friend in college, Lux, has a room mate who is half-Korean. I call him Wileom. I make jokes to him like buying him kimchi noodle bowls from WalMart and calling him a race traitor for going to ramen restaurants and liking anime and Perfume. That's beside the point though. 

He absolutely hates being Korean not because of the genetic or cultural parts, but from learning firsthand the mentality of born and raised Koreans. He absolutely could not stand his relatives when he visited Korea, and their extreme ass-headedness towards anything non-Korean, like the Miguk and jjokbari. 

I mean, for christ's sake, they have an Internet campaign to spell Korea with a "C" in the English language so they can come before Japan in alphabetical order. The last time I saw that mentality in a person, he was making a glitter pen card for mothers' day and had to go to the nurse's office because he was wiggling his tooth and it fell out, because he wanted money to buy a yoyo from the school store the next day. 

They go all over the Internet trying to make English-language websites look like so many people like K-pop, altering polls (in a similar fashion to /b/), 

There are so many Korean-descended people who knew nothing about the kinds of things that these people do and think. I remember reading several blogs about "Korean American Life" written by halfers and Korean-descended teens and young people, saying "holy shit, the things my mother said about Japanese people after the disaster in March... I never knew she could be this awful! Are there that many Koreans who think this?

I don't hate Koreans. I just hate the "What Japan did to us seventy years ago is terrible! Even though the Russians, Chinese and Mongols did worse. Since Japan is so terrible you should drop Anime and read Manhwa and listen to SNDK nida!" Koreans. And you know who is to blame the most? The government. Latent anti-Japanese sentiment is actually not a part of Korean culture. 

The government in South Korea is so restrictive and ignorant, the only difference I see with North and South Korea is that South Korea has more lights and food. Children are taught from a young age to hate their neighbours, especially Japan. For instance, "Dokdo artwork" crayon drawings from children were hanged in a train station, and the shit they drew... It's as bad as the Dear Leader hailing to the north. This sentiment is actually relatively recent in Korea, and even during the annexation period, aside from some fringe groups, the view of most Koreans of Japan was more like the views of Hawaiians to the US, until around 1940. "Yeah, it sucks that we we were colonised, and we want to be free, but let's face the facts. We were a shitty backwater the past 300 years, and it would be worse if Russia annexed us."

Also. The government has little pride in Korea's merits and more pride in how to make Korea look cool abroad. They claim other cultures' practices were Korean made (samurai, tea ceremonies, katanas, most asian martial arts, fireworks, Chinese hanzi, manga, even airplanes and pizza, Phonetians and the Aztecs) and important Asian people are of Korean decent. They are called "uriginals" (uri [our] originals) And it works for a few people, even abroad. 

For instance. A comic artist from Denmark that makes a web comic about anthro countries made her Japan a nerdy stereotypical Asian with squinty eyes and a bowl cut while South Korea is some sort of cool dude manga character with European-esque eyes. 

Koreaboos are just trying to distance themselves from annoying cosplayers who don't bathe, when they could just ignore them and like what they fucking want to like. 

I find it hilarious how some people discover "hey, when I was a narutard I really was retarded! So to distance myself from that awful time in my life I will be a K-pop hipster and talk about how bad Japan is! I totally am not a Weeaboo now guise!" not knowing it is the same shit, different fandom, being a Koreaboo. 

It's especially funny when Koreaboos talk about racism. 
"When I was in Tokyo, all of them were such racists, some stared at me! When I asked a guy for directions in English he ignored me! One kid asked if I was from Africa or America! Another held up a pen to me and told me "this is pen!" Do these kids think black people are all stupid! I'm really light for a black man! Then some cop came and told me to stop smoking in the street. Another yelled at me for talking on the phone on the subway, and all the other Japs were recording me with their cell phones! Japs are racist whale munchers!"
Versus, same people,
"I went to a shopping centre in Seoul today, listening to some SNDK(smokin hot Korean babes) on my Samsung Galaxy on the train. Koreans stare at people a lot, but that's the culture! Anyways, walking past the little kids playground in the middle of the place the mothers panicked and were all hiding their children and saying things like "dearde maenkee gyeo heom!" under their breath. Korean moms are so protective! When I bought a jar of kimchi at one of the stores, the man sent a new hire to follow me around, saying "NO DACH IF NOT BAE!" They must be really helpful here! I was frisked afterwards, in traditional Korean custom. Then I went out to a restaurant that was selling dog meat. It's just the culture, don't be so ignorant! I heard that another mall went into a full panic and lockdown because a Nigerian woman tried to buy some fabric. They just don't see many black people in Korea, it can't be helped!"

This is exactly the same as the Weeaboos who go to Japan and get lambasted for saying they are Otaku to normals, and in some masochistic flurry they talk about how nice the Japanese are to them, but when they are mean, "it's just the culture!"

Things that annoy me, then:
Korean protesters
Both Korean governments
People who think in liking something, you automatically are part of the annoying fanbase and are just like them. 
Myself, for not eloquating myself enough and therefore looking like I hate all Koreans, and losing the potential to have a good conversation and not look like an ass.;_;
>> No. 12461 [Edit]
>you can but it would make for a terrible thread

>> No. 12463 [Edit]
Damn, that is a long wall of text. Don't get me wrong, I read it all and agree wholeheartedly, I'm just thinking that, maybe, you could've made your point in less paragraphs.
>> No. 12466 [Edit]
>Whites, asians and indians don't drive loud vehicles
yeah they do. its more a problem with men aged 18-25 than any race in particular.
>you can't legitimately argue (or at the very least, it'd be quite difficult) that people of culture x are inherently loud, annoying, faggots.
There are differences between cultures/races, agreed? Therefore it follows that some will be louder than others. Of course you would need some kind of data to back this up, not just "My neighbours are loud".
>> No. 12469 [Edit]
I'm sorry, I typed that out on my mobile this morning and I couldn't (or didn't) think about length.

Haruhi damn, it is a novel though...
>> No. 12471 [Edit]
Koreans puzzle me.
They really do seem keep to themselves and have no interest at all in outsiders. I live in the South, home of the redneck yet there is a very large Korean population here now. Why? I have no idea.

They build little strip malls, and buy up closed businesses, and cater only to other Koreans. What they sell in these shops is beyond me as I can't read Korean. That doesn't seem like the best business model, as it highly restricts their clientele to just those that have not been fully assimilated.

Back on topic about things that annoy me.
How people dress themselves. I could go on and on, but here are a couple of examples.

People that wear flip-flops and sandals outside of the beach or the pool. Put some fucking shoes on. I see this year round. Even winter time there will be those in shorts and flip-flops. It doesn't snow much here, but it does get cold.

Women dressing like men annoys me too. I mean wearing boot-cut jeans, boots, and a flannel shirt. That is fine attire for hopping in a Subaru and driving to the nearest gay bar. Are men going to have to wear frilly dresses to be masculine soon? I bet some here hope so
>> No. 12472 [Edit]
yeah it bugs the hell out of me too.
I've also seen people wearing those things in winter while it's pouring rain out.
I wish they'd get frost bite or something, they deserve it.

specking of how people dress, I hate how guys walk around without shirts on.
It's at least 100 miles from the nearest beach.
It's especially bad when they have baggy pants that show off their underwear.
there should be indecent exposure laws against this shit.
>> No. 12474 [Edit]
you guys are really into fashion huh
>> No. 12475 [Edit]
I don't think it's that we're into fashion, but that the things people commonly wear are disgusting.
as someone said before, people are wearing sleepwear in public now.

I honestly find popular fasion to be complet shit, as in what celbertys promote.
they're pushing trash, I mean litraly, it's trash, the shit these people pass off as fasion, it all looks like they stole it from a homeless faimly, and charge hundreds of thoesnds of dollers for this crap.
I'm sure there are kids in chinese sweat shops making fun of the retards over here paying $500 for ripped up jeans purposefully made to look like old shit.
>> No. 12477 [Edit]
About the sandals, sometimes people wear them when its raining because they don't have any waterproof shoes, and their socks would just get wet. Then again, its probably more likely that what you said was the reason behind it.
>> No. 12478 [Edit]
On the subject of fashion; I hate the kind of nerds who wear fedoras or other stupid nonsense to compensate for their unremarkable self.
>> No. 12480 [Edit]
File 132717184061.jpg - (45.17KB , 180x479 , goonhat.jpg )
>> No. 12482 [Edit]
My neighbors are rattling my windows with car stereos as I type. My mother says we can't call in on them unless it's past 11 at night (then it is disturbing the peace). I'm really surprised since two of them got arrested last month for burglary and driving a car into a house (being chased by cops), so you'd think the remaining ones would try to keep a low profile. Expecting them to have sense is too much, I suppose.

Post edited on 21st Jan 2012, 1:10pm
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